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Mogul Productions Welcomes Acclaimed Producers Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat and Ben Lu from Electric Panda Entertainment

Miami, FLA – January 25th, 2024 – Mogul Productions, the pioneering company at the intersection of blockchain technology and the entertainment industry, is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its growing team of industry experts. Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat, and Ben Lu renowned producers from Electric Panda Entertainment, are joining forces with Mogul Productions to bring their creative vision and expertise to the world of film and television funded through NFTs.

Gabriel Napora
Yas Taalat
Ben Lu

Electric Panda Entertainment, known for its exceptional track record in producing award-winning and blockbuster films, is now set to amplify the impact of Mogul Productions in the entertainment industry. Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat, and Ben Lu with their proven success, will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in Mogul’s journey towards transforming the way films and TV series are financed and created.

Notable achievements of Electric Panda Entertainment include “The Kindergarten Teacher,” which received the Best Director Award at the Sundance Film Festival, and “Skin,” which was honored with the Critic’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Their impressive portfolio also includes blockbuster hits like “The Informer,” starring Joel Kinnamen, and “Bandit,” starring Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson.

Electric Panda is bringing new slate of quality film production to Mogul platform this year.

Mogul Productions’ unique approach to film and TV funding through NFTs has been gaining significant traction in the entertainment industry. With this new partnership, the company is poised to achieve even greater heights, combining the innovation of blockchain technology with the creative prowess of Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat and Ben Lu.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gabriel Napora and Yas Taalat and Ben Lu to the Mogul Productions family,” said Matt Gigault, CEO at Mogul Productions. “Their extensive experience and remarkable achievements in the world of filmmaking align perfectly with our mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Together, we look forward to bringing exciting and groundbreaking projects to audiences worldwide.”

Yas Taalat says:

The new Mogul is going to be a complete powerhouse in the Industry. I believe we will become one of the top players in the world for funding creative projects on the net

Gabriel Napora says 

Super excited to make Mogul the powerhouse it was meant to be.

Ben Lu says

Mogul’s technology and approach is unlike any other company on earth.  They are the only Web 3 Film Finance company and are light years ahead of everyone else.  We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible company.

This partnership marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of Mogul Productions and reaffirms its commitment to supporting visionary creators and artists in the world of film and television.

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The Transcendence of Mogul

Dear Mogul Community, 

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I will be stepping down as the President of Mogul Productions, but I am incredibly excited for the future prospects of the company and what my resignation means in terms of bringing Mogul to the next level. 

Since Mogul’s inception in 2018 I have had the pleasure of founding, launching, and growing the product and business. The accomplishments in the last five years include: 

  • First ever DeFiFi project 
  • Building best in class product 
  • Assembling the best team 
  • One of first-ever NFT projects 
  • Multiple firsts in NFT movie launches 
  • Partnerships with world-class businesses and individuals 

The most pride comes with the product that we have built to bridge Web3 and filmmaking. The Mogul product has a true product-market-fit with filmmakers around the world who want to monetize their NFT rights on their film to get their stories told. Over the course of the last 5 years we have heard over and over again from Hollywood that the most difficult part of making a movie is the financing and community building; and that is exactly what Mogul helps filmmakers do. 

As I wrote in my 2022 Year in Review, Mogul’s next step is to become ingrained into the Hollywood fabric as a mainstream tool for filmmakers to use when taking their projects from ideation to distribution, where STARS, NFTs, and Mogul Metaverse products are used for film financing, fan engagement, and distribution. 

To become a multi-billion dollar company Mogul needs to transcend from a niche Web3 community to a world-wide film community using our Web3 products. Mogul needs to grow mainstream users who are using our film Web3 products every day for the betterment of making their movies. 

Over the last 9 months I have been working with the Web3 Venture Studio, Aventus Ventures, to make a strategic investment in Mogul and place the proper C-Suite level team members within leadership positions in Mogul to take it to the next level. Early on in our discussions, it was clear that we would need a seasoned Hollywood team that has access to a large catalog of movies and talent. This is something that, to date, we have not done well with Mogul. We have excelled at Web3 development, business relationships, and community building, but have lacked mainstream adoption. 

Aventus Ventures has created a Joint Venture partnership between Mogul Productions and Electric Panda Entertainment, whereby Electric Panda’s esteemed team will take over C-Level management of Mogul Productions to operate the film side of the business and Aventus Ventures’ internal team of Web3 professionals will oversee Web3 strategy and development. 

With the addition of Matt Gigault as CEO I’m confident under his leadership he will take Mogul to new heights

Electric Panda’s accolades and team members include: 

EP’s on the film that took Best Director Award at Sundance – Kindergarten Teacher in 2018.  KT also played in Berlin and Tribeca and Hampton’s.

Gabriel Napora and Yas Taalat have been EP’s on some of the most critically acclaimed films of the last 5 years Including:

The Kindergarten Teacher

  • Skin
  • Driveways
  • A Mouthful of Air
  • The Informer
  • Ms Purple
  • And many others.

I have the utmost faith and have done incredible due diligence on this deal to ensure that Mogul is in the right hands to bring the business to the next level. I will remain on the Advisory Board for Mogul and do not see this as a good-bye forever, but rather a transition to put the business into the hands of the right people who have the capability to bring Mogul the notoriety and recognition in Web3 and Hollywood that it deserves

You will hear from the new Leadership next. 

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New Beginning, New Era: Mogul Productions Aims for Hollywood Dominance

Mogul Productions Inc. Announces New CEO Matt Gigault, 

Miami, FLA – January 24th, 2024 – Mogul Productions Inc., a pioneering film finance company revolutionizing the industry through blockchain and NFT technology, is thrilled to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Matt Gigault. With an illustrious career in the finance sector and a track record of securing significant funding for a diverse array of companies, Gigault is poised to steer Mogul towards unprecedented growth and success in the Web 3.0 era.

Under Gigault’s leadership, Mogul is set to expand its innovative approach to film financing. The company’s unique model uses NFTs to democratize the funding process, allowing individuals to purchase these digital assets to support and finance exciting film and television projects. This not only generates the necessary capital but also fosters a community of film enthusiasts and investors who have a stake in the success of the projects they choose to support.  

Mr. Gigault says

This is a brand new beginning for Mogul.  A reset.  I’m very enthusiastic about the transformative synergy between movie production and blockchain technology. The film industry’s cultural impact is immense, shaping the way we perceive and engage with the world. As we contemplate this intersection, blockchain introduces unprecedented possibilities for innovation.

Imagine a future where blockchain secures every stage of film production, from funding to distribution. This not only ensures transparent financial transactions but also facilitates efficient, secure, and creative collaboration among stakeholders.

In embracing this collaboration, we’re not just redefining industry standards; we’re ushering in a new era of cinematic storytelling. Blockchain’s decentralized nature empowers creators and audiences alike, offering a more inclusive and engaging cinematic experience.

In embracing this collaboration, we’re not just redefining industry standards; we’re ushering in a new era of cinematic storytelling. Blockchain’s decentralized nature empowers creators and audiences alike, offering a more inclusive and engaging cinematic experience.”

 About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing through decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing a global audience of film fans to directly participate in the movies and entertainment industry. It’s a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

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Mogul 2022 Year in Review & 2023 Outlook

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone! As a team, we have been ideating and building Mogul since 2016 and have seen many different market cycles and narratives. As we look back on 2022, there were certainly plenty of ups and downs to learn from and share our insights with the community. From major world events, to a looming recession, to major product developments, and successes, 2022 was a year of change. 

Some of the biggest headlines of the year included: 

  • The war in Ukraine
  • Celsius, Voyageur, 3AC, & FTX bankruptcies
  • Increasing interest rate hikes across major economies 
  • Netflix share price down 50%
  • The successful ETH Merge
  • The abundance of layoffs in tech and crypto

As we reflect on the past year, it’s important to remember both the highs and the lows; evaluating each to see how we can improve our business and community. It is through these experiences that we grow and learn, and it’s what will help us to succeed together in 2023.

Mogul Accomplishments in 2022

  • Showcased Mogul at ETH Denver with prominent artists 
  • MEXC exchange listed STARS on their platform
  • Partnered with Bybit NFT
  • Showcased Mogul and the upcoming Mogies launch in Dubai at 3 different crypto conferences
  • Sold the first-ever NFT at Art Dubai
  • Launched our NFT marketplace contracts across ETH and BSC and integrated them into the Mogul platform
  • Alongside Netflix, Mogul headlined the CMPA Prime Time 2022 digital conference
  • Launched Mogul quadratic voting on BSC (already on ETH) to support more cost-effective governance and voting across the Mogul platform for STARS holders
  • Showcased Mogul at Crypto Bahamas and invited Access Pass holders to the events 
  • Integrated fiat to crypto purchasing on the Mogul platform to allow users to purchase crypto directly on their Mogul dashboard with a credit card 
  • Launched the new Mogul website with an emphasis on attracting more creators and moviemakers to use the Mogul platform 
  • Sold out the Gowns for Good NFT collection auction for an average of 7 ETH per NFT; featuring Mogul on an Oscars commercial on national television
  • Successfully monitored the ETH merge and stabilized the Mogul platform
  • Improved the project submission process on the Mogul platform with the integration of DocuSign for creators to directly submit their projects on Mogul for consideration to be listed on the Mogul Movie Launchpad
  • Partnered with the Steve Harvey Foundation and showcased Mogul at their annual golf tournament in the Bahamas 
  • Ascendex exchange listed STARS on their platform
  • Partnered with FalconX, a premiere market maker in the industry, to support the STARS token ecosystem
  • Had business development team members attend Bitcoin Miami to create partnerships 
  • Unveiled our Mogies collection at the ETH Toronto / Futurist Conference in Toronto; selling out the Mogies pre-sale in the process

  • Released the Mogies trailer
  • Sold out of Mogies collection via a unique dutch auction process
  • Announced the creation of the Mogies animated series and released the animatic trailer to our Mogies holders
  • Twitter verified the Mogul account on their platform
  • Mogul team members spoke at NFT Seattle to showcase Mogul and our Mogies collection
  • Made significant UX/UI upgrades to the Mogul platform dashboard to allow users to see all of the activity across Mogul
  • Partnered with over 20 different companies, including: CryptoCart (to use STARS to purchase gift cards), Ism Toys, Nearverse, Darkhorse Films, Earn Craft, Beem, Trace Network, Bubble Maps, and many more
  • Launched a 12-month STARS staking program for our holders directly on the Mogul platform with custom smart contracts
  • Launched 6 movies through the Mogul Movie Showcase (most of which will be launching their NFT movie collections exclusively on Mogul this year). These movies include: Babel, Billionaire Bunnies, Jancroon, Retrogression, Lazarus, My Father’s Son, Revival, and Antara
  • In an effort to streamline the Mogul product and have more movies launched on our platform, we launched the Mogul Creator Portal product. This product allows movies partnering with Mogul to create movie-based NFT campaigns with no code using the Mogul administration system
  • Produced over 15 episodes of Mogul Live with industry experts such as Jordan Ver Hoeve, Erick Tran, and other Hollywood experts
  • Conducted over 35 Twitter Spaces with industry experts such as Mario Nawfal
  • Presented the Malibu Crush premiere in Los Angeles and Australia; inviting our NFT holders to attend this exclusive event
  • Burned nearly 3.5M STARS tokens through Supernova events
  • Integrated Wallet Connect to the Mogul platform to allow all self-custody wallets to use the Mogul platform
  • Moderation of our communities, specifically in Telegram, has been taken on by community members passionate about the project, which is an amazing sign for the growth of our communities and shows that Mogul is stronger than just the internal talent working day-to-day on the project 

Our efforts in 2022 have been to support the following goals: 

  • Reward our NFT holders with in-real-life (IRL) events close to Hollywood
  • Scale the Mogul platform to launch more movies and thus pass on more rewards and benefits to our NFT holders and STARS holders
  • Make STARS more accessible globally and give more use cases within the Mogul platform
  • Advertise Mogul across the world in a cost-effective manner to grow in users and the size of our community 
  • Improve the Mogul platform to increase revenue for the Mogul ecosystem to pass on these rewards to our community 

What’s in store for 2023?

Mogul’s mission is to reimagine film production, distribution and fan participation using the power of the crowd through blockchain technology. The benefits of using blockchain include transparency, tracking, security, and stakeholder ownership.

Our vision is to be the future of film through the power of the crowd. 

The core Mogul platform has been over-developed in 2022 in a great way – we now have the tools to accomplish these goals in a more efficient manner and the dashboard experience to support a growing user base. We expect, with the exception of Mogieland, that development time on the core Mogul platform will be significantly reduced and more time can be spent improving the product.

The Mogul product has made major strides in this mission, launching a film financing portal where filmmakers can raise funds and exploit NFT rights on their film through NFTs, creating partnerships with networks of over 6 Metaverses with film studios for films launching on Mogul to stream and premiere their films in Metaverse locations to engage their NFT holders, and re-engineering the Mogul quadratic voting portal, where fans can vote on key aspects of the production process. 

Our goals are in scaling and becoming the premiere place where Film3 lives and projects come to to leverage NFT technology to exploit movie rights and engage fanbases. In addition, a big focus will be in the creation of protocol revenue for the community. When we analyze successful products and tokens in tangential niches to movies (music, sports, etc.) they are all excellent at creating protocol revenue and passing those rewards on to their supporters to continue growing.

We want to be introspective while listening to the community, partners, and industry titans in entertainment in how they can best leverage Mogul. This will help us to grow, scale, and align with top partners. 

From Mogul, expect: 

  • More movie launches
  • Progress on the Mogieland launch
  • Progress on the Mogies animated series
  • Metaverse collaborations
  • STARS accessibility partnerships & integrations
  • More IRL utility for Mogies & Access Passes
  • More multi-language communities being grown and built 
  • Bear market marketing strategies to grow the community
  • Premiere partnerships 

In regards to Mogieland, which many of our community members are very excited about, Mogul President Lisa Sun posted an introspective explanation of Mogul’s thought process and timelines that you can read here

In summary, Mogul’s thesis has never been more true. Studios are learning and becoming more inclined to use NFTs for their movies. With the Metaverse, the short-term hype has died down since the rebranding of Facebook and the subsequent run-up, but fans and moviegoers are still showing that they want a way to deeply connect globally to their favourite films. Mogul is not simply launching Mogieland to increase hype, but to build a connected ecosystem of content consumers and content creators. Right now, metaverses across the industry are lacking users, posing barriers to meaningful partnerships to be made with top studios. We are continuing to build and strategize a proper rollout for Mogieland so that the launch meets expectations across the industry. 

The lack of consumer interest in metaverses throughout the back half of 2022 is illustrated by the Google Trends analysis, showing the search volume from consumers for the word “Metaverse” across the last 5 years.

Where are we looking to improve? 

We want more movies to launch on Mogul now that we have the best platform in the world to support FIlm3.

Other goals to improve on are: 

  • Launching more voting opportunities for our community to vote on aspects of movie production in partnership with the films launching on Mogul; whereby giving more use cases for STARS on the Mogul platform and including our community more in the script-to-screen process
  • Qualify, close, and launch more mainstream movies to launch on Mogul that have global appeal
  • Streamline our business development process to decrease the time to market for films 
  • Decentralize and involve the community of token holders more in the decision-making processes through voting
  • Growing our leadership team to bring in esteemed professionals in entertainment to help bring Mogul to the next level 
  • Partnering with public film investment vehicles to bring more capital to the Mogul platform

To accomplish these goals we have revamped our business development process and coupled it with our technology to operate at a better scale. 

We have improved our movie vetting process, have decreased our time-to-market for NFT campaigns by months, and have adjusted our onboarding documentation for filmmakers to make it clear on how they can succeed using Mogul.

We will be putting these to action in 2023 and evaluating how we can continue improving these processes.

How does value accrue to our community?

We want Mogul to become a circular protocol, where Mogul is striving to achieve goals that benefit our community, and vice versa. This can be done with small tweaks to operations to make sure that we’re providing circular value. 

As you know, as part of STARS token economics, STARS are removed from circulation via supernovas when STARS are used on Mogul. Mogul movie profits are also used to reward holders and vote on where the funding will go. Thus far, the movies launched on Mogul have not yet reached profitability due to delayed distribution and production on the filmmakers. These are variables that Mogul does not control and was a primary reason why we, in 2022, embarked on producing our own animated series (Mogies) where we could control more variables to reward our holders. 

In order to create larger supernovas, provide more perks to our holders from movies, and have protocol revenue to allow holders to vote on, we need to launch more films via the Mogul platform. 

More films launching means that more STARS will be spent on the platform, more movies will offer rewards to our community, and more movies will have a chance at reaching profitability. 

We expect Q1 2023 to bring our community more leadership to the Mogul team, more capital partners, and partnerships with premiere exchanges.

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AscendEX Exchange to List STARS ERC20 & BEP20

Starting September 2022, Mogul Productions’ native crypto token STARS will be listed on AscendEX, the global cryptocurrency exchange.  Mogul is a decentralized marketplace platform for film and entertainment. 

Acceptance of STARS ERC20 and BEP20 on the AscendEX trading platform ensures Mogul  further develops its disruptive role in the DeFi and NFT space for Film3. 

Deposits and withdrawals will open August 31st at 9am EST. STARS token trading will commence September 1st at 9am EST. Both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain STARS tokens will be supported.

AscendEX is a full-stack cryptocurrency platform with over 1,000,000 registered users that have amassed over $150B accumulated trade volume. AscendEX provides prospective Mogul users another avenue to purchase STARS tokens. 

AscendEX is a platform for crypto users of all experience levels and will help make STARS more accessible globally.

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing, allowing a global audience of fans to participate in the financing of movies and other forms of entertainment through NFT sales. Mogul’s NFT marketplace serves as a bridge between the NFT arena and the world of entertainment financing. It’s a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

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Benefits of STARS Tokens

Welcome everyone to Mogul’s ecosystem.  We are the NFT marketplace platform for the movie industry.  Over the years Mogul has cultivated its team and technology to give you the best experience.  Each day Mogul develops exciting products infused with a strong community spirit.

With so many exciting products from film and entertainment entering Mogul’s marketplace, new fans and collectors are joining our ecosystem daily.  Mogul creates processes to interact with and reward its community.  This also includes working with its cross-community partners to provide utility in the form of games, tokens and other rewards.   

The STARS token is our native cryptocurrency that opens the world of Film3 wide open.   It’s used for staking, voting, governance and ownership.  STARS allows users to take part in our NFT drops, watch movies and fashion shows in our Mogieland metaverse, and get involved in the community.  Fans and collectors who wish to buy NFTs on the Mogul platform,  or participate in the P2E games and land sales in Mogieland, will need STARS to do so. 

Buying NFTs with STARS rewards buyers with discounts and lower gas rates.  Occasionally, drops and other sales can be purchased with both STARS and ETH.  In such cases, products bought with STARS will receive a significant discount on their purchase as compared to using ETH.  This is our way of saying thank you for supporting the utility and benefits of our native cryptocurrency.

Aside from staking STARS in film projects, which we will get to shortly,  Mogul Productions runs its own staking programs.  Staking means locking your tokens in a staking pool to earn rewards  in the form of more STARS tokens.   Participants have the opportunity to lock their tokens for specified periods of time to receive a STARS reward rate defined by the pool they are entering.  The longer the lockup, the more rewards!    

Mogul Productions -Voting is Back - NFT Marketplace
Let’s Make A Film Together!  VOTING IS BACK

Stars is used for green lighting film projects

Mogul Productions is a decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) and NFT platform that connects creators, movie fans, and film financiers in one space to ensure the best films get made by giving everyone a voice. 

By leveraging blockchain technology and a tokenized system, Mogul incentivizes participation and rewards engagement. Through the use of STARS tokens, users can vote on, greenlight and participate in key decision-making aspects of production. 

Up to 50% rewards from Mogul-produced movies goes back to the Stars voting stakers

Quadratic voting promotes active participation in voting from all of the STARS token holders, regardless of their size, because each holder has a voice in the process. Small holders have a proportionally large voice; which in turn allows Mogul to gauge the sentiment across our entire community, and not just a few large holders!

That’s the premise of Mogul. Bringing power back to the crowd

Mogul’s production team and advisors are award-winning Hollywood veterans who have written, directed, acted in, and produced a wide range of films and TV shows. Our team reviews film submissions. 

Mogul then comes up with a shortlist of films to vote on based on the producer’s recommendations and expertise.   We’d present those films to the community. Then the community votes on what film they want to see turned into a cinematic release. 

NFTs campaigns are then custom-built for each movie.

Are you an indie filmmaker with a vision? Submit a project proposal for a chance to have your idea funded.  When you submit a project, our panel reviews it and the successful projects will be put into the showcase.

Fund Your Project

More Utility

Mogul is constantly building ways to add more utility to the STARS. This includes but is not limited to usage in new film and crypto projects, mores ways to spend the token on other platforms, and getting the token listed on other exchanges.

Supernovas reward STARS token holders

Mogul is always thinking of ways to give more utility to STARS.  Each time STARS are used for in-app activities, Mogul destroys a portion of the STARS used to complete the action.  

That includes:

  • Purchasing limited-edition NFTs that are only made available to STARS holders
  • Purchasing rewards with STARS
  • Submitting scripts for Mogul’s review

Here at Mogul, we call it a Supernova when a portion of STARS are permanently taken out of circulation, or burned.  Supernovas allow users to buy more NFTs with their STARS, as well as protect and reward our community of token holders. Supernovas are scheduled to occur on the third Friday of every month and more may be added as circumstances allow.

Beginners Guide to Buying STARS

Guide to Buying STARS on MEXC

Guide to Buying STARS on MEXC (Video)

How to buy STARS on ApeSwap (Video)

How to buy STARS on BitMart (Video)

How to buy STARS on UniSwap (Video)

How to buy STARS on PancakeSwap (Video)


Mogul Productions - NFT Marketplace - STARS

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Mogul Partners with Beem to Drive Exclusive Content & STARS Adoption

Mogul Productions, a DeFi and NFT marketplace platform for the film and entertainment industry, is collaborating with Beem, which offers a web3 video live streaming and distribution solution.

The partnership will see Mogul’s native token, STARS, be integrated into Beem’s ecosystem. Beem users will be able to pay with STARS to consume Web3 content directly on the platform. 

STARS is the utility and governance token that fuels the Mogul ecosystem. It enables Mogul users to buy NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on its marketplace, vote on which film projects to get funded, receive discounts on purchases, earn returns for staking, and redeem exclusive rewards.

Beem is the place where content creators use advanced video and NFT tools to meet with their communities. For Mogul creators, the partnership will bring new monetization and community utility opportunities. Producers, artists and creators on Mogul can use Beem to partake in token-gated events, live experiences, and screenings. The collaboration will enable Mogul to monetize add-ons or charge streaming fees, including to users who don’t own NFTs.

Beem is fueled by its native token $Beem.  The platform supports a new generation of emerging creators, which focus on the ownership economy and value independence. Creators build real communities through direct relationships instead of renting audiences from social media platforms. The latter can be used to funnel new followers into a customized space that is fully controlled and owned by creators. NFTs empower creators by offering transparent and customizable monetization options.

With Beem, Mogul will further be able to meet the demands of the new generation of Web3 content creators, giving them the opportunity to leverage some of the best blockchain and NFT tools in the industry. One of the key achievements of the partnership is that NFT holders on Mogul can partake in token-gated events. For example, if a film that partnered with Mogul had a virtual meet and greet or BTS screening, NFT holders could verify their NFT on the Beem App and then interact with that content. 

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing, allowing a global audience of fans to participate in the financing of movies and other forms of entertainment through NFT sales. Mogul’s NFT marketplace serves as a bridge between the NFT arena and the world of entertainment financing. It’s a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Telegram | Medium

About Beem

Beem is a video live streaming and distribution solution designed to foster direct relationships between creators and communities. Leveraging Web3 unique monetization and access technologies including NFT token gated content and events, Beem offers a first of its kind innovative toolbox for diverse creators. 

Website | Twitter | Instagram 

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How can DAOs involve fans in filmmaking? Expert answers

Jake Fraser believes that DAOs can let fans get involved from the scriptwriting process to the selection of actors who will play in a film.

As more people begin to integrate Web3 technologies into entertainment and production, the use case for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in filmmaking has been highlighted in a Cointelegraph interview with Jake Fraser, the head of business development at the film-focused blockchain project Mogul Productions.

When it comes to DAO usage in films, a deeper level of fan engagement was highlighted by Fraser. As an example, the executive pointed out the involvement of fans in the production process, such as in creating the script, choosing stories and picking the location. He explained that: 

“DAOs come into play within the film industry by enabling the fans to become more involved with decision making through the whole script to screen process of making a film.”


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Fungible Vs. Non Fungible Tokens: What is the Difference?

Some time ago, most people were not interested in non-fungible tokens and didn’t even care to know what they meant and what they stood for. 

It is quite another story today because the internet is filled with different stories about NFT projects, how to invest in NFT, and many similar topics. 

Because of how complex NFTs are, it can be challenging to explain to people how these tokens work and how contrasting it is with fungible tokens. 

Continue reading as we explore together the major differences that are shared by fungible and non-fungible tokens both in technologies and use cases. 

What Are Fungible And Non Fungible Tokens? 

You may not understand to a good extent the little or no similarities that are found when fungible and non-fungible tokens are examined. 

Fungible tokens are items that can easily be interchanged with another similar one; they are not unique. An excellent example of fungible tokens is the US dollar, which is more relatable. 

When you pick a 100-dollar bill, and then you meet another person who has another 100-dollar bill, the two of you can easily exchange them without any reduction in value or design. For fungible tokens, they are more known because of the value they have and not because of their rarity since they are interchangeable. 

Another angle to look at fungible tokens is that they don’t have an original owner; currently, have you seen a dollar that has a traceable original owner? 

All this is quite the opposite of non-fungible tokens; they exhibit the quality of uniqueness, and another NFT cannot interchange them. Unlike fungible tokens, the original owner and the current owner of a non-fungible token can be traced using the blockchain. 

The creation, existence, and issuance of NFTs rely on the blockchain, and some of the most popular networks for NFTs are ERC-721 and ERC – 1155. The Ethereum network is not a monotonous blockchain where NFTs exist; NFTs can be created and issued on Polygon and Binance blockchains. 

NFT Blockchain Networks 


Ethereum blockchain is the leading platform where the existence and issuance of NFTs thrive very well; more than half of the NFT market lies on the Ethereum network. 

The Ethereum blockchain is not a closed-source network; its governance token (ETH) is the largest asset in the crypto market by market cap after Bitcoin. Because of its ability to provide a platform for blockchain developers to develop services and applications, NFTs are minted in large numbers on the Ethereum blockchain. 


The Polygon network is another blockchain that accommodates the existence and creation of non-fungible tokens. 

The framework offered by this network is compatible with developers to create scaling solutions and financial services. 


Dubbed as one of the fastest programming blockchains, Solana uses a combination of proof of stake and evidence of history to ensure simplicity on the blockchain. 

Although Solana isn’t widely used as Ethereum, its POS and POH mechanisms create a platform where NFTs are made and sold with reduced gas fees and transaction time. 

Difference Between Fungible And Non-Fungible Tokens 


Features are the leading difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens; the two of them go in parallel lines in terms of features. 

Fungible tokens are divisible, meaning you can take a 100-dollar bill and then divide it into two to give you a 50-dollar bill each. In the same way, you can also take one Bitcoin and then divide it into two to give 0.5 Bitcoin each. 

This is very different from non-fungible tokens; Bored Ape Yacht Club cannot be divided into two to give Crypto Kitties

Fungible tokens are also interchangeable because you can easily exchange 200 dollars with another person with the same 200 dollars without noticing differences. Another instance is that you can easily convert your Ethereum to Solana or another cryptocurrency without any problem. 

This doesn’t apply to non-fungible tokens because you can’t interchange Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs with Crypto Kitties; they are not interchangeable. 

Rarity is another difference between NFTs and fungible tokens; NFTs are unique while there are so many similar fungible tokens. The details in every US 100 dollar note are the same: the images and the symbols on the dollar note. For NFTs, the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT has its differences and is unique from other NFTs. 

Use cases 

Non Fungible tokens and fungible tokens do not perform the same purposes or solve similar problems in the real world. 

Fungible tokens are primarily used as a form of payment for services and products, just as the US dollar is used as a yardstick while performing financial transactions. Most of the time, the trades and transactions that occur in real-world scenarios are made using fungible tokens such as cryptocurrencies and fiat

Fungible tokens also act as a store of value whereby the token maintains its value instead of having constant volatility and depreciation. The currency of a nation, like the US dollar, functions as some store of value to the economy of the United States. 

Non-fungible Tokens, on the other hand, primarily function as a way of maintaining the intellectual rights and property of artwork and other things. Those who have intellectual properties that are in the form of music, videos, files, and even old tweets can easily convert them to NFT and claim the right as the owner. 

Non Fungible Tokens are also used in the gaming industry to ensure that players are well compensated and rewarded for their activity on gaming platforms. Some gaming platforms such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox use non-fungible tokens to reward their users as in-game collectibles. 

Another feature NFTs have that does not exist for fungible tokens is that they are used in the healthcare sector to create lifelong identity verification. 

Isn’t that awesome? The birth certificates of a baby can easily be converted to an NFT, making it impossible for the data on the NFT to be tampered with or destroyed. 

Types Of NFTs And Fungible Tokens 

The varieties of NFTs that are in existence are pretty different from fungible tokens; in some cases, they are not related in any way. 

For fungible tokens, the types are broken down into utility tokens, governance tokens, and security tokens. 

Utility tokens are fungible tokens that help to grant users access to a particular platform or service on the blockchain. The primary function of these utility tokens is to serve as a reward for performing some activities in a platform or ecosystem. 

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, governance tokens function as some form of voting right for users of an ecosystem to dictate how the ecosystem should be operated. 

Unlike other fungible tokens, security tokens don’t often get recognition on social media and the internet because they don’t serve many purposes. The primary purpose served by security tokens is that it functions as a way of getting some form of ownership in a company. 

There are many kinds of non-fungible tokens, too, including video, collectibles, music, art, and game NFTs. 

Video NFTs are a kind of non-fungibles made using moving pictures through blockchain technology to create and issue NFTs. Video NFTs are closely related to music NFTs; the only difference is that while the first may be moving pictures, the latter is organized sounds. 

Game NFTs are in-game items in the form of NFTs that are used by gaming companies such as The Sandbox to reward their players. 

Art NFTs are created mainly by digital artists who do not want their art or intellectual property pirated by other people without well-deserved credits. By converting their art to NFTs, they will forever remain the original owners of that art, whether the ownership rights are transferred or not. 

Value Transfer 

Value transfer differs between fungible and non-fungible tokens; one is based on the number of tokens involved, and the other is based on uniqueness. 

The value transfer of fungible tokens is determined by the number of tokens in the owner’s wallet. Assuming you are transferring Ethereum or 100 dollars to another wallet or account, the value primarily depends on the amount you will be moving. 

In the case of non-fungible tokens, the value transfer of the tokens relies more on the uniqueness of the token. You should know that the more an NFT has rare or unique features, the more the value of the NFT will likely increase. 

It is the uniqueness of the NFT that helps to drive the number of expectations that community members have for an NFT and the excitement behind the project. 

However, one should note that the rarity and value of an NFT are not only determined by its number of traits. The traits of an NFT should be so uncommon that they should not be found in another NFT; this will help drive up the price and evaluation of the NFT. 

Wrapping up 

Fungible and non-fungible tokens have little or no similarities but have significant differences, making them so contrasting. 

While fungible tokens can easily be divided and interchanged with other fungible tokens, NFTs are unique and don’t have a replacement. 

Currently, most fungible tokens are used as a store of value and for financial services, while non-fungible tokens are mainly used for rewards on gaming platforms. 

NFT Drops

Mogul Partners with Acclaimed Filmmaker Anthony Hayes to Launch a Limited NFT Series for Upcoming Sci-Fi Trilogy “Retrogression”

Multi-award-winning filmmaker and actor Anthony Hayes is launching an NFT Series in partnership with Mogul Productions. The proceeds from these NFT sales will finance the new sci-fi film trilogy, “Retrogression.”

Retrogression is a feature film that is part of a three part Sci-Fi trilogy directed by highly acclaimed Australian Filmmaker Anthony Hayes. Hayes is the Producer/Director of GOLD starring Zac Efron, which is out around the World now. As an actor he has starred in WAR MACHINE with Brad Pitt, THE ROVER with Robert Pattinson, LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS with Michael Fassbender and ANIMAL KINGDOM with Joel Edgerton.

Retrogression is another big step forward for Mogul as they look to drive positive change in the entertainment industry by leveraging their platform to empower incredible filmmakers to maintain more financial and creative autonomy. This in conjunction with getting passionate film fans involved in the script to screen process enables a community driven approach to getting the next blockbuster made. The NFT collection will be used as a vehicle to help drive financing and launch the film into production.

The Dark Army is a limited edition mint of an exclusive NFT collection of film-based character NFTs drawn from the sci-fi world of Retrogression – a blockbuster, Hollywood film franchise in development set 300 years in the future. The Dark Army are the enforcers of the law on the desperate island of Omega – one of the few habitable land masses left after the devastation of rising seas caused by climate change. The Dark Army police the Slave Factories, where the poor are forced to work, making “green” products for the rich, who live in massive, luxurious floating cities.

The Dark Army NFT collection is one-of-a-kind, incorporating a limited number of random, super-rare NFTs that entitle the holder/s to perks such as an Executive Producer credit on the first Retrogression feature film. Other rare NFTs will entitle the holder to an exclusive on-set visit during filming, while others will entitle the holder to an appearance as a featured player in the film. Each NFT will as a minimum include: Beta testing passes to play the Retrogression game​, a digital image of a costume from the film, location Scout Shots​ NFT, Exclusive access to Behind the Scenes Shots and Interviews​ on, Storyboard Art​ NFT, Access to Exclusive Clips​ on The collection ecompasses more than 15 types of holder utility across both physical and virtual.

The collection will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and purchasable in either Ethereum or ERC-20 STARS tokens. The minting process will be a “Lazy Mint” which is where each NFT minted is completely randomized using Chainlink’s provably fair minting system which is integrated into the Mogul platform, giving each buyer an equal opportunity to land a super-rare NFT.

The NFTs will be individually numbered, divided into military ranks and come in gold, chrome and hologram – all in full 3D designs which are displayed in GLB files that enable the holder to get a full 360 degree view of their NFT.

The super-rare NFT of the Dark Army’s leader – General McKinsky – will have a limited mint of only 10 in each color. The total collection size will be 1,530 units. Each NFT will have further utility built in, enabling future integration as character Avatars into various Metaverses where the Retrogression P2E Gaming experience will be hosted.