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One token to rule them all!

Migration Tokenomics

Total Creation and Inflation: 1 billion tokens with a 4% annual inflation rate, updated monthly and minted based on internal votes and needs.

Reward Redemptions from NFT Marketplace Profits: MOGUL token holders can participate in profit redemptions from sales in the Mogul NFT marketplace, with 25% of the profits available in various forms.

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New Staking Initiative:
  1. Existing staked tokens will be automatically migrated and restaked for better APY.
  2. Additional APY benefits for tokens staked within the first 10 days post-migration.

Allocation for Operations and Development: 25% of the remaining balance after swap tokens are allocated for operations and development. Tokens are locked for 3 months then vest monthly over 9 months equally

HODL HANDS: Details on this protocol coming soonly…

Marketing and Community Growth: 50% of the remaining tokens after swap tokens are dedicated to marketing initiatives, Staking,  incentivization campaigns, community growth, and incentivizing new projects. 50% unlocked 50% locked for 3 months then vest month over 9 months equally

Further Marketing of Mogul Products: 25% of secondary market profits go towards marketing Mogul products.


Purchase $MOGUL directly from the Mogul dashboard, or from a number of other trusted DeFi marketplaces.

To purchase $MOGUL on the Ethereum network,

To Purchase $MOGUL on the Binance Smart Chain,

For a full listing of available trading platforms,

Once you’ve purchased $MOGUL, simply connect your MetaMask wallet, or any other wallet via WalletConnect, and begin shopping the Mogul Marketplace.

Smart Contract

Security is a top priority for our smart contracts and we’re proud that these contracts have transacted over $50 million in total value and we’ve experienced no vulnerabilities.

Access Pass NFT, the Golden Ticket

For a limited time (March 25th to April 15th, 2021), Mogul sold a number of tiered Access Pass packages. Each package consisted of a non-fungible token (NFT), $MOGUL, and for the three higher tiers, a range of physical merchandise. This means that if you are able to acquire an Access Pass NFT today, you will become the beneficiary of these ongoing rewards.

If you’d like to get hold of an Access Pass NFT now, you can purchase it on the open market at OpenSea. You’ll also be able to eventually purchase/trade these natively (and without gas fees) once the Mogul Productions NFT marketplace has been released.

Tier 1

Access Pass

Tier 2
star star

Access Pass

Tier 3
star star star

Access Pass

Tier 4
star star star star

Red carpet
Access Pass

Why $MOGUL token?

Stake $MOGUL

Stake your $MOGUL to earn rewards from Mogul movies. The longer you stake, the more rewards you’ll earn. Claim your rewards over time to continue purchasing NFT’s on the Mogul platform!

Redeem @MOGULS for rewards

Access Pass holders are eligible to redeem rewards that include; physical assets and digital items.
*signed posters, event tickets, walk-on roles, producer credits, etc…


Make moves in movies!