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Film3: Where DeFi meets Film.

A unified ecosystem for filmmakers, supporters, and financiers to collaborate.

A place where filmmakers and crypto enthusiasts can collaborate.

Mogul is a platform for filmmakers looking for funding and film fans looking to participate in the movie business.

One token to rule them all.

Through $STARS members can directly impact the film making process, unlock special content, and join a community of MOGULS-IN-THE-MAKING.

A platform for filmmakers.

Sell NFTs

It’s simple, you have a project but you need funding. You are in the right place. Post your project NFT’s here and get $STARS holders excited to buy.

Enter Showcase

Here’s the setup: Filmmakers post movies here and you get to choose whether or not you want to trade $STARS for special member benefits and perks.  

Invest and get involved.

Earn Perks

  • Meet and Greet with Actors and Filmmakers
  • Exclusive Red Carpet Events
  • Be an Extra in a Movie
  • Producer Credits 

And More

  • Day on Set
  • Exclusive Merch
  • Free Advanced Download
  •  And Much More

Build your collection in the Mogul Marketplace.

Mogul is where movie lovers can collect, trade, and create NFTs inspired by their favorite films. Discover, buy, and bid for rare NFT collectibles and unique pieces of film and entertainment history you won’t find anywhere but here.

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