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AI and Web3 are a Match Made in Heaven… or Hell!?!?

It’s hard to say. The way some people talk about these innovations is like humanity is mid-shake with the devil. Other’s act like technology has turned us all into Super Bowl winners. I like to take a more measured approach with these things. Both of these technologies are nothing more than a hammer and a nail. If someone wacks a bunch of people in the head with a hammer no one writes an article saying hammers are on the loose attacking people. That being said, in this clickbait era, someone might actually write that headline. Excuse the digression.

Why do I believe AI and Web3 are the best combo since peanut butter and chocolate?

AI represents an opportunity to eliminate monotonous tasks. This allows people to spend more time on intellectual and creatively stimulating tasks. Imagine what we can accomplish if we are collectively given more time to solve humanity’s greatest issues. We can explore more and discover things we couldn’t even imagine.

Web3 represents access. Access to opportunities and resources that have notoriously been the domain of the rich and powerful. This next evolution of the internet promises to return control and ownership of data back to individuals, enabling more secure, private, and permissionless online interactions. By facilitating direct peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries, Web3 has the potential to democratize access to information, financial services, and global markets, reducing barriers for entry and fostering economic inclusion.

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web3 embodies an incredibly important duo for the future of humanity, intertwining the liberation of human potential with equitable access to global resources and opportunities. AI’s capacity to automate mundane tasks liberates human intellect and creativity, opening vast horizons for tackling complex global challenges and fostering innovation. This liberation is significantly amplified by Web3’s transformative approach to the internet, ensuring that the fruits of digital evolution are not confined to the privileged few. Web3’s promise to decentralize control, coupled with AI’s efficiency, paves the way for a more inclusive, secure, and innovative digital future. Together, AI and Web3 are not just technological advancements; they are catalysts for societal transformation, offering a blueprint for a world where technology serves as a foundation for equity, creativity, and unprecedented human progress.

Mogul Productions understands the vast opportunity presented by combining the Mogul Web3 platform and AI. Collectively this will put Mogul into a position that will make it very difficult to compete with.

In the spirit of incredible duo’s here’s Mogul Production teams list of best duos; Spongebob and Patrick, Bacon and Eggs, Jimi Hendrix and Fender Stratocaster, Eric B & Rakim, and the list goes on. Who or what do you think is the best duo ever?

Some people say the only thing holding us back is our imagination. I say, the only thing holding us back is the time we have to use our imagination.

Blog Posts

The Role of AI in Filmmaking: How Mogul Productions Aims to Revolutionize Screenwriting

It may seem like film production is rapidly evolving, it isn’t. This blog writer thinks it’s uncomfortably stagnant. But why Mr. Nameless blog writer do you think that? I’ll give you a few reasons; The 3 act structure in script writing, the theatrical release as the benchmark of success, the role of major studios, and the fear of change from the established filmmakers. You can go back as far as the 1920’s and find Directors who were staunch advocates against “talkies”. For those of you that don’t know, talkies are films where the actors… talked. With all that being said it’s no wonder modern filmmakers are terrified of A.I. and its potential role in the filmmaking process. Mark my words, their fear will not stop A.I. from participating.


Among the most intriguing applications of AI is its potential to assist in the creative processes of filmmaking, particularly in screenwriting. Mogul Productions, a pioneering company at the intersection of blockchain technology and entertainment, is at the forefront of this innovation. Their goal is to build an AI platform specifically designed to help writers stay inspired and productive throughout the scriptwriting process. This initiative could not only enhance the creativity and efficiency of individual writers but also have far-reaching benefits for the entire film industry.


Bridging Creativity and Technology

The process of writing a screenplay is often romanticized as a solitary and purely creative endeavor. However, it’s also a complex, challenging task that can be fraught with writer’s block and periods of stagnation. This is where Mogul Productions steps in with its AI-driven solution. By providing prompts and suggestions at different stages of the scriptwriting process, this AI tool aims to keep the creative juices flowing, offering a blend of inspiration and practical support that is often needed to push a project forward.


This AI platform is designed to understand the context and nuances of the writer’s work, offering tailored prompts that can spark new ideas, suggest plot developments, or even propose dialogue. It’s not about the AI writing the script but rather acting as a collaborative partner that can offer fresh perspectives and inspire the human writer to explore new directions.


Enhancing Productivity and Creativity

One of the key advantages of integrating AI into scriptwriting is the potential for increased productivity. Writers can spend less time grappling with writer’s block and more time refining their stories, leading to higher quality scripts being completed in shorter time frames. Moreover, the AI’s ability to suggest diverse perspectives and ideas can enhance the creativity of scripts, pushing boundaries and introducing innovative storytelling techniques that may not have been considered otherwise.


Democratizing Screenwriting

Mogul Productions’ AI tool also has the potential to democratize the screenwriting process. By providing access to this technology, aspiring writers who may not have the same resources or connections as established professionals can receive guidance and support, leveling the playing field in an industry that is often criticized for its lack of diversity and inclusion. This could lead to a broader range of stories being told, from voices that have historically been underrepresented in film.


Streamlining the Development Process

For the film industry as a whole, the benefits of an AI-enhanced screenwriting process are significant. The development phase of film production is notoriously lengthy and complex, with scripts undergoing numerous revisions before they are considered ready for production. An AI tool like the one Mogul Productions is developing could streamline this process, offering suggestions that help writers and development executives quickly overcome creative impasses and refine scripts to their full potential.


Future-Proofing the Industry

As the film industry continues to evolve, embracing technology like AI is essential for staying relevant and competitive. The use of AI in scriptwriting is just one example of how technology can augment creative processes, offering tools that complement human creativity rather than replace it. By adopting these innovations, the industry can future-proof itself, ensuring that it remains dynamic, diverse, and capable of telling captivating stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.



This nameless blog writer thinks it’s perfectly human to fear change. You work for your entire career to develop a skill set and then technology comes around and makes it easier for other people to do. That’s frustrating and it feels like it takes away your advantage. It doesn’t, it only enhances your potential. If you are a great storyteller, you will be even better with Moguls AI platform. Mogul Productions’ initiative to build an AI platform for screenwriters is a testament to the potential of technology to enhance and support creative endeavors. By leveraging AI to inspire and assist writers throughout the scriptwriting process, the company is not only providing a valuable tool for individuals but also contributing to the broader transformation of the film industry. This move towards integrating technology and creativity is not just about making the scriptwriting process more efficient; it’s about opening up new possibilities for storytelling, democratizing the creative process, and ensuring that the film industry remains at the forefront of innovation. In doing so, Mogul Productions is setting the stage for a new era of filmmaking, where technology and human creativity work hand in hand to create the movies of the future.

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Mogul & Funky Matas Collab to Prove Film3 is the Future of Film Financing

Los Angeles, CA – Mogul Productions, the cutting-edge Web3 platform has inked a new deal with a legend in the tattoo and social media world. Mogul Productions latest collaboration with social media sensation, Funky Matas, on his new documentary project [Why].

Funky is a walking, talking modern take on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Celebrities love this guy for his unfiltered attitude and how he is the embodiment of his own creativity. His art form has turned him into a viral sensation and now he is going to bring his fans even closer through his upcoming docuseries.

But here’s the kicker – Funky Matas is not just stopping at making a documentary. He’s also launching a fundraising initiative on Mogul Productions’ platform, giving fans and film buffs alike the unique opportunity to be a part of this cinematic journey.

“We created a platform for people just like Funky. Creators want to create but not all of them have the financial support needed to build these bigger projects. This is why we created the Mogul Platform.” – Matt Gigault CEO

“This is so dope. I get to work with my community to fund and participate in my tv show. We are in this together folks.” – Funky Matas

Mogul Productions is all about empowering creators and giving the audience a front-row seat to the filmmaking process, and this partnership with Funky Matas is a testament to that mission. “We’re beyond excited to work with Funky,” said Gigault CEO. “His energy, creativity, and unparalleled knack for engaging with the public are exactly what the world of Web3 entertainment needs.”

“The fundraising campaign kicks off March 12th, with plenty of surprises in store for backers, including exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, even a chance to get inked by Funky himself. Also, it’s audiences chance to add to his record breaking tattoo of signatures”

So, get ready to dive into the life of one of social media’s most intriguing figures. With Funky Matas and Mogul Productions at the helm, “Funky Matas: [Why]” is set to be a docuseries that leaves a permanent mark on the industry.

Mogul Press

Mogul Productions Welcomes Acclaimed Producers Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat and Ben Lu from Electric Panda Entertainment

Miami, FLA – January 25th, 2024 – Mogul Productions, the pioneering company at the intersection of blockchain technology and the entertainment industry, is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its growing team of industry experts. Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat, and Ben Lu renowned producers from Electric Panda Entertainment, are joining forces with Mogul Productions to bring their creative vision and expertise to the world of film and television funded through NFTs.

Gabriel Napora
Yas Taalat
Ben Lu

Electric Panda Entertainment, known for its exceptional track record in producing award-winning and blockbuster films, is now set to amplify the impact of Mogul Productions in the entertainment industry. Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat, and Ben Lu with their proven success, will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in Mogul’s journey towards transforming the way films and TV series are financed and created.

Notable achievements of Electric Panda Entertainment include “The Kindergarten Teacher,” which received the Best Director Award at the Sundance Film Festival, and “Skin,” which was honored with the Critic’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Their impressive portfolio also includes blockbuster hits like “The Informer,” starring Joel Kinnamen, and “Bandit,” starring Josh Duhamel and Mel Gibson.

Electric Panda is bringing new slate of quality film production to Mogul platform this year.

Mogul Productions’ unique approach to film and TV funding through NFTs has been gaining significant traction in the entertainment industry. With this new partnership, the company is poised to achieve even greater heights, combining the innovation of blockchain technology with the creative prowess of Gabriel Napora, Yas Taalat and Ben Lu.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gabriel Napora and Yas Taalat and Ben Lu to the Mogul Productions family,” said Matt Gigault, CEO at Mogul Productions. “Their extensive experience and remarkable achievements in the world of filmmaking align perfectly with our mission to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Together, we look forward to bringing exciting and groundbreaking projects to audiences worldwide.”

Yas Taalat says:

The new Mogul is going to be a complete powerhouse in the Industry. I believe we will become one of the top players in the world for funding creative projects on the net

Gabriel Napora says 

Super excited to make Mogul the powerhouse it was meant to be.

Ben Lu says

Mogul’s technology and approach is unlike any other company on earth.  They are the only Web 3 Film Finance company and are light years ahead of everyone else.  We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible company.

This partnership marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of Mogul Productions and reaffirms its commitment to supporting visionary creators and artists in the world of film and television.

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The Transcendence of Mogul

Dear Mogul Community, 

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I will be stepping down as the President of Mogul Productions, but I am incredibly excited for the future prospects of the company and what my resignation means in terms of bringing Mogul to the next level. 

Since Mogul’s inception in 2018 I have had the pleasure of founding, launching, and growing the product and business. The accomplishments in the last five years include: 

  • First ever DeFiFi project 
  • Building best in class product 
  • Assembling the best team 
  • One of first-ever NFT projects 
  • Multiple firsts in NFT movie launches 
  • Partnerships with world-class businesses and individuals 

The most pride comes with the product that we have built to bridge Web3 and filmmaking. The Mogul product has a true product-market-fit with filmmakers around the world who want to monetize their NFT rights on their film to get their stories told. Over the course of the last 5 years we have heard over and over again from Hollywood that the most difficult part of making a movie is the financing and community building; and that is exactly what Mogul helps filmmakers do. 

As I wrote in my 2022 Year in Review, Mogul’s next step is to become ingrained into the Hollywood fabric as a mainstream tool for filmmakers to use when taking their projects from ideation to distribution, where STARS, NFTs, and Mogul Metaverse products are used for film financing, fan engagement, and distribution. 

To become a multi-billion dollar company Mogul needs to transcend from a niche Web3 community to a world-wide film community using our Web3 products. Mogul needs to grow mainstream users who are using our film Web3 products every day for the betterment of making their movies. 

Over the last 9 months I have been working with the Web3 Venture Studio, Aventus Ventures, to make a strategic investment in Mogul and place the proper C-Suite level team members within leadership positions in Mogul to take it to the next level. Early on in our discussions, it was clear that we would need a seasoned Hollywood team that has access to a large catalog of movies and talent. This is something that, to date, we have not done well with Mogul. We have excelled at Web3 development, business relationships, and community building, but have lacked mainstream adoption. 

Aventus Ventures has created a Joint Venture partnership between Mogul Productions and Electric Panda Entertainment, whereby Electric Panda’s esteemed team will take over C-Level management of Mogul Productions to operate the film side of the business and Aventus Ventures’ internal team of Web3 professionals will oversee Web3 strategy and development. 

With the addition of Matt Gigault as CEO I’m confident under his leadership he will take Mogul to new heights

Electric Panda’s accolades and team members include: 

EP’s on the film that took Best Director Award at Sundance – Kindergarten Teacher in 2018.  KT also played in Berlin and Tribeca and Hampton’s.

Gabriel Napora and Yas Taalat have been EP’s on some of the most critically acclaimed films of the last 5 years Including:

The Kindergarten Teacher

  • Skin
  • Driveways
  • A Mouthful of Air
  • The Informer
  • Ms Purple
  • And many others.

I have the utmost faith and have done incredible due diligence on this deal to ensure that Mogul is in the right hands to bring the business to the next level. I will remain on the Advisory Board for Mogul and do not see this as a good-bye forever, but rather a transition to put the business into the hands of the right people who have the capability to bring Mogul the notoriety and recognition in Web3 and Hollywood that it deserves

You will hear from the new Leadership next. 

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New Beginning, New Era: Mogul Productions Aims for Hollywood Dominance

Mogul Productions Inc. Announces New CEO Matt Gigault, 

Miami, FLA – January 24th, 2024 – Mogul Productions Inc., a pioneering film finance company revolutionizing the industry through blockchain and NFT technology, is thrilled to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Matt Gigault. With an illustrious career in the finance sector and a track record of securing significant funding for a diverse array of companies, Gigault is poised to steer Mogul towards unprecedented growth and success in the Web 3.0 era.

Under Gigault’s leadership, Mogul is set to expand its innovative approach to film financing. The company’s unique model uses NFTs to democratize the funding process, allowing individuals to purchase these digital assets to support and finance exciting film and television projects. This not only generates the necessary capital but also fosters a community of film enthusiasts and investors who have a stake in the success of the projects they choose to support.  

Mr. Gigault says

This is a brand new beginning for Mogul.  A reset.  I’m very enthusiastic about the transformative synergy between movie production and blockchain technology. The film industry’s cultural impact is immense, shaping the way we perceive and engage with the world. As we contemplate this intersection, blockchain introduces unprecedented possibilities for innovation.

Imagine a future where blockchain secures every stage of film production, from funding to distribution. This not only ensures transparent financial transactions but also facilitates efficient, secure, and creative collaboration among stakeholders.

In embracing this collaboration, we’re not just redefining industry standards; we’re ushering in a new era of cinematic storytelling. Blockchain’s decentralized nature empowers creators and audiences alike, offering a more inclusive and engaging cinematic experience.

In embracing this collaboration, we’re not just redefining industry standards; we’re ushering in a new era of cinematic storytelling. Blockchain’s decentralized nature empowers creators and audiences alike, offering a more inclusive and engaging cinematic experience.”

 About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing through decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing a global audience of film fans to directly participate in the movies and entertainment industry. It’s a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.