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AI and Web3 are a Match Made in Heaven… or Hell!?!?

It’s hard to say. The way some people talk about these innovations is like humanity is mid-shake with the devil. Other’s act like technology has turned us all into Super Bowl winners. I like to take a more measured approach with these things. Both of these technologies are nothing more than a hammer and a nail. If someone wacks a bunch of people in the head with a hammer no one writes an article saying hammers are on the loose attacking people. That being said, in this clickbait era, someone might actually write that headline. Excuse the digression.

Why do I believe AI and Web3 are the best combo since peanut butter and chocolate?

AI represents an opportunity to eliminate monotonous tasks. This allows people to spend more time on intellectual and creatively stimulating tasks. Imagine what we can accomplish if we are collectively given more time to solve humanity’s greatest issues. We can explore more and discover things we couldn’t even imagine.

Web3 represents access. Access to opportunities and resources that have notoriously been the domain of the rich and powerful. This next evolution of the internet promises to return control and ownership of data back to individuals, enabling more secure, private, and permissionless online interactions. By facilitating direct peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries, Web3 has the potential to democratize access to information, financial services, and global markets, reducing barriers for entry and fostering economic inclusion.

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Web3 embodies an incredibly important duo for the future of humanity, intertwining the liberation of human potential with equitable access to global resources and opportunities. AI’s capacity to automate mundane tasks liberates human intellect and creativity, opening vast horizons for tackling complex global challenges and fostering innovation. This liberation is significantly amplified by Web3’s transformative approach to the internet, ensuring that the fruits of digital evolution are not confined to the privileged few. Web3’s promise to decentralize control, coupled with AI’s efficiency, paves the way for a more inclusive, secure, and innovative digital future. Together, AI and Web3 are not just technological advancements; they are catalysts for societal transformation, offering a blueprint for a world where technology serves as a foundation for equity, creativity, and unprecedented human progress.

Mogul Productions understands the vast opportunity presented by combining the Mogul Web3 platform and AI. Collectively this will put Mogul into a position that will make it very difficult to compete with.

In the spirit of incredible duo’s here’s Mogul Production teams list of best duos; Spongebob and Patrick, Bacon and Eggs, Jimi Hendrix and Fender Stratocaster, Eric B & Rakim, and the list goes on. Who or what do you think is the best duo ever?

Some people say the only thing holding us back is our imagination. I say, the only thing holding us back is the time we have to use our imagination.

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The Role of AI in Filmmaking: How Mogul Productions Aims to Revolutionize Screenwriting

It may seem like film production is rapidly evolving, it isn’t. This blog writer thinks it’s uncomfortably stagnant. But why Mr. Nameless blog writer do you think that? I’ll give you a few reasons; The 3 act structure in script writing, the theatrical release as the benchmark of success, the role of major studios, and the fear of change from the established filmmakers. You can go back as far as the 1920’s and find Directors who were staunch advocates against “talkies”. For those of you that don’t know, talkies are films where the actors… talked. With all that being said it’s no wonder modern filmmakers are terrified of A.I. and its potential role in the filmmaking process. Mark my words, their fear will not stop A.I. from participating.


Among the most intriguing applications of AI is its potential to assist in the creative processes of filmmaking, particularly in screenwriting. Mogul Productions, a pioneering company at the intersection of blockchain technology and entertainment, is at the forefront of this innovation. Their goal is to build an AI platform specifically designed to help writers stay inspired and productive throughout the scriptwriting process. This initiative could not only enhance the creativity and efficiency of individual writers but also have far-reaching benefits for the entire film industry.


Bridging Creativity and Technology

The process of writing a screenplay is often romanticized as a solitary and purely creative endeavor. However, it’s also a complex, challenging task that can be fraught with writer’s block and periods of stagnation. This is where Mogul Productions steps in with its AI-driven solution. By providing prompts and suggestions at different stages of the scriptwriting process, this AI tool aims to keep the creative juices flowing, offering a blend of inspiration and practical support that is often needed to push a project forward.


This AI platform is designed to understand the context and nuances of the writer’s work, offering tailored prompts that can spark new ideas, suggest plot developments, or even propose dialogue. It’s not about the AI writing the script but rather acting as a collaborative partner that can offer fresh perspectives and inspire the human writer to explore new directions.


Enhancing Productivity and Creativity

One of the key advantages of integrating AI into scriptwriting is the potential for increased productivity. Writers can spend less time grappling with writer’s block and more time refining their stories, leading to higher quality scripts being completed in shorter time frames. Moreover, the AI’s ability to suggest diverse perspectives and ideas can enhance the creativity of scripts, pushing boundaries and introducing innovative storytelling techniques that may not have been considered otherwise.


Democratizing Screenwriting

Mogul Productions’ AI tool also has the potential to democratize the screenwriting process. By providing access to this technology, aspiring writers who may not have the same resources or connections as established professionals can receive guidance and support, leveling the playing field in an industry that is often criticized for its lack of diversity and inclusion. This could lead to a broader range of stories being told, from voices that have historically been underrepresented in film.


Streamlining the Development Process

For the film industry as a whole, the benefits of an AI-enhanced screenwriting process are significant. The development phase of film production is notoriously lengthy and complex, with scripts undergoing numerous revisions before they are considered ready for production. An AI tool like the one Mogul Productions is developing could streamline this process, offering suggestions that help writers and development executives quickly overcome creative impasses and refine scripts to their full potential.


Future-Proofing the Industry

As the film industry continues to evolve, embracing technology like AI is essential for staying relevant and competitive. The use of AI in scriptwriting is just one example of how technology can augment creative processes, offering tools that complement human creativity rather than replace it. By adopting these innovations, the industry can future-proof itself, ensuring that it remains dynamic, diverse, and capable of telling captivating stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.



This nameless blog writer thinks it’s perfectly human to fear change. You work for your entire career to develop a skill set and then technology comes around and makes it easier for other people to do. That’s frustrating and it feels like it takes away your advantage. It doesn’t, it only enhances your potential. If you are a great storyteller, you will be even better with Moguls AI platform. Mogul Productions’ initiative to build an AI platform for screenwriters is a testament to the potential of technology to enhance and support creative endeavors. By leveraging AI to inspire and assist writers throughout the scriptwriting process, the company is not only providing a valuable tool for individuals but also contributing to the broader transformation of the film industry. This move towards integrating technology and creativity is not just about making the scriptwriting process more efficient; it’s about opening up new possibilities for storytelling, democratizing the creative process, and ensuring that the film industry remains at the forefront of innovation. In doing so, Mogul Productions is setting the stage for a new era of filmmaking, where technology and human creativity work hand in hand to create the movies of the future.

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The Transcendence of Mogul

Dear Mogul Community, 

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I will be stepping down as the President of Mogul Productions, but I am incredibly excited for the future prospects of the company and what my resignation means in terms of bringing Mogul to the next level. 

Since Mogul’s inception in 2018 I have had the pleasure of founding, launching, and growing the product and business. The accomplishments in the last five years include: 

  • First ever DeFiFi project 
  • Building best in class product 
  • Assembling the best team 
  • One of first-ever NFT projects 
  • Multiple firsts in NFT movie launches 
  • Partnerships with world-class businesses and individuals 

The most pride comes with the product that we have built to bridge Web3 and filmmaking. The Mogul product has a true product-market-fit with filmmakers around the world who want to monetize their NFT rights on their film to get their stories told. Over the course of the last 5 years we have heard over and over again from Hollywood that the most difficult part of making a movie is the financing and community building; and that is exactly what Mogul helps filmmakers do. 

As I wrote in my 2022 Year in Review, Mogul’s next step is to become ingrained into the Hollywood fabric as a mainstream tool for filmmakers to use when taking their projects from ideation to distribution, where STARS, NFTs, and Mogul Metaverse products are used for film financing, fan engagement, and distribution. 

To become a multi-billion dollar company Mogul needs to transcend from a niche Web3 community to a world-wide film community using our Web3 products. Mogul needs to grow mainstream users who are using our film Web3 products every day for the betterment of making their movies. 

Over the last 9 months I have been working with the Web3 Venture Studio, Aventus Ventures, to make a strategic investment in Mogul and place the proper C-Suite level team members within leadership positions in Mogul to take it to the next level. Early on in our discussions, it was clear that we would need a seasoned Hollywood team that has access to a large catalog of movies and talent. This is something that, to date, we have not done well with Mogul. We have excelled at Web3 development, business relationships, and community building, but have lacked mainstream adoption. 

Aventus Ventures has created a Joint Venture partnership between Mogul Productions and Electric Panda Entertainment, whereby Electric Panda’s esteemed team will take over C-Level management of Mogul Productions to operate the film side of the business and Aventus Ventures’ internal team of Web3 professionals will oversee Web3 strategy and development. 

With the addition of Matt Gigault as CEO I’m confident under his leadership he will take Mogul to new heights

Electric Panda’s accolades and team members include: 

EP’s on the film that took Best Director Award at Sundance – Kindergarten Teacher in 2018.  KT also played in Berlin and Tribeca and Hampton’s.

Gabriel Napora and Yas Taalat have been EP’s on some of the most critically acclaimed films of the last 5 years Including:

The Kindergarten Teacher

  • Skin
  • Driveways
  • A Mouthful of Air
  • The Informer
  • Ms Purple
  • And many others.

I have the utmost faith and have done incredible due diligence on this deal to ensure that Mogul is in the right hands to bring the business to the next level. I will remain on the Advisory Board for Mogul and do not see this as a good-bye forever, but rather a transition to put the business into the hands of the right people who have the capability to bring Mogul the notoriety and recognition in Web3 and Hollywood that it deserves

You will hear from the new Leadership next. 

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New Beginning, New Era: Mogul Productions Aims for Hollywood Dominance

Mogul Productions Inc. Announces New CEO Matt Gigault, 

Miami, FLA – January 24th, 2024 – Mogul Productions Inc., a pioneering film finance company revolutionizing the industry through blockchain and NFT technology, is thrilled to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Matt Gigault. With an illustrious career in the finance sector and a track record of securing significant funding for a diverse array of companies, Gigault is poised to steer Mogul towards unprecedented growth and success in the Web 3.0 era.

Under Gigault’s leadership, Mogul is set to expand its innovative approach to film financing. The company’s unique model uses NFTs to democratize the funding process, allowing individuals to purchase these digital assets to support and finance exciting film and television projects. This not only generates the necessary capital but also fosters a community of film enthusiasts and investors who have a stake in the success of the projects they choose to support.  

Mr. Gigault says

This is a brand new beginning for Mogul.  A reset.  I’m very enthusiastic about the transformative synergy between movie production and blockchain technology. The film industry’s cultural impact is immense, shaping the way we perceive and engage with the world. As we contemplate this intersection, blockchain introduces unprecedented possibilities for innovation.

Imagine a future where blockchain secures every stage of film production, from funding to distribution. This not only ensures transparent financial transactions but also facilitates efficient, secure, and creative collaboration among stakeholders.

In embracing this collaboration, we’re not just redefining industry standards; we’re ushering in a new era of cinematic storytelling. Blockchain’s decentralized nature empowers creators and audiences alike, offering a more inclusive and engaging cinematic experience.

In embracing this collaboration, we’re not just redefining industry standards; we’re ushering in a new era of cinematic storytelling. Blockchain’s decentralized nature empowers creators and audiences alike, offering a more inclusive and engaging cinematic experience.”

 About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing through decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing a global audience of film fans to directly participate in the movies and entertainment industry. It’s a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

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100th Year Anniversary of the Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, symbolizing the glamour and excitement of the entertainment industry. Erected in 1923, it has become an iconic symbol of Hollywood, attracting millions of visitors each year. As the sign celebrates its 100th year anniversary, it is worth looking back at the history of this famous landmark.

In the early 1920s, the film industry was just starting to take off in Hollywood. The area was still mostly undeveloped, with a few small towns and ranches scattered around. At that time, a real estate developer named Harry Chandler had bought up a large parcel of land in the Hollywood Hills with the intention of building a luxury housing development.

Chandler knew that he needed a way to attract buyers to his development, and he hit on the idea of building a giant sign on the hillside above Hollywood. The sign would spell out the name of the new development, Hollywoodland, and would be visible from all over the Los Angeles basin.

The Sign Takes Shape

The sign was designed by the artist and illustrator, John Roche, and constructed by the Crescent Sign Company. It was originally intended to be a temporary structure, and was built from wood and sheet metal.

The sign was erected in 1923 and stood 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Each letter was 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide, and was made up of thousands of light bulbs. The sign was lit up at night, and could be seen from miles around.

The sign was an instant success, and became a symbol of the glamour and excitement of Hollywood. It was used in movies and television shows, and was a popular tourist attraction.

The Decline and Restoration

As time went on, the sign started to fall into disrepair. By the 1940s, the sign was in a state of disrepair, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which had taken over ownership of the sign, decided to remove the last four letters and restore the remaining ones.

In 1949, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce contracted the Los Angeles Parks Department to rebuild the sign using concrete and steel. The new sign was 45 feet tall and 350 feet wide, and was supported by a steel frame. The new letters were made of metal and covered with sheet metal.

The new sign was unveiled on November 11, 1978, and quickly became an iconic symbol of Hollywood once again. Over the years, the sign has been modified several times, with changes to the letters, the lighting, and the surrounding area.

Preservation and Security

The sign has been the target of numerous pranks and vandalism over the years. In 1976, the sign was altered to read “Hollyweed” as a prank by a group of college students. In 2017, the sign was altered again to read “Hollyboob,” in support of breast cancer awareness.

To protect the sign, security measures have been put in place, including surveillance cameras and fencing around the perimeter. The sign is also regularly maintained by a team of volunteers who repaint and repair the letters as needed.

As the Hollywood sign celebrates its 100th year anniversary, it remains a beloved landmark and a symbol of the entertainment industry. From its humble beginnings as a real estate marketing tool, to its status as an iconic symbol of Hollywood, the Hollywood sign has come to represent the glamour, excitement, and allure of show business.

As we look back on the history of the Hollywood sign, we are reminded of the importance of preserving our cultural landmarks and symbols. The Hollywood sign is not just a sign, but a piece of history and a part of our collective memory. As we celebrate its 100th year anniversary, we should take a look and pay homage to the characters and personalities who brought us to where we are today.

Mogul Presents: Mogies. Celebrating 100 years of the Hollywood sign.

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Mogul 2022 Year in Review & 2023 Outlook

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone! As a team, we have been ideating and building Mogul since 2016 and have seen many different market cycles and narratives. As we look back on 2022, there were certainly plenty of ups and downs to learn from and share our insights with the community. From major world events, to a looming recession, to major product developments, and successes, 2022 was a year of change. 

Some of the biggest headlines of the year included: 

  • The war in Ukraine
  • Celsius, Voyageur, 3AC, & FTX bankruptcies
  • Increasing interest rate hikes across major economies 
  • Netflix share price down 50%
  • The successful ETH Merge
  • The abundance of layoffs in tech and crypto

As we reflect on the past year, it’s important to remember both the highs and the lows; evaluating each to see how we can improve our business and community. It is through these experiences that we grow and learn, and it’s what will help us to succeed together in 2023.

Mogul Accomplishments in 2022

  • Showcased Mogul at ETH Denver with prominent artists 
  • MEXC exchange listed STARS on their platform
  • Partnered with Bybit NFT
  • Showcased Mogul and the upcoming Mogies launch in Dubai at 3 different crypto conferences
  • Sold the first-ever NFT at Art Dubai
  • Launched our NFT marketplace contracts across ETH and BSC and integrated them into the Mogul platform
  • Alongside Netflix, Mogul headlined the CMPA Prime Time 2022 digital conference
  • Launched Mogul quadratic voting on BSC (already on ETH) to support more cost-effective governance and voting across the Mogul platform for STARS holders
  • Showcased Mogul at Crypto Bahamas and invited Access Pass holders to the events 
  • Integrated fiat to crypto purchasing on the Mogul platform to allow users to purchase crypto directly on their Mogul dashboard with a credit card 
  • Launched the new Mogul website with an emphasis on attracting more creators and moviemakers to use the Mogul platform 
  • Sold out the Gowns for Good NFT collection auction for an average of 7 ETH per NFT; featuring Mogul on an Oscars commercial on national television
  • Successfully monitored the ETH merge and stabilized the Mogul platform
  • Improved the project submission process on the Mogul platform with the integration of DocuSign for creators to directly submit their projects on Mogul for consideration to be listed on the Mogul Movie Launchpad
  • Partnered with the Steve Harvey Foundation and showcased Mogul at their annual golf tournament in the Bahamas 
  • Ascendex exchange listed STARS on their platform
  • Partnered with FalconX, a premiere market maker in the industry, to support the STARS token ecosystem
  • Had business development team members attend Bitcoin Miami to create partnerships 
  • Unveiled our Mogies collection at the ETH Toronto / Futurist Conference in Toronto; selling out the Mogies pre-sale in the process

  • Released the Mogies trailer
  • Sold out of Mogies collection via a unique dutch auction process
  • Announced the creation of the Mogies animated series and released the animatic trailer to our Mogies holders
  • Twitter verified the Mogul account on their platform
  • Mogul team members spoke at NFT Seattle to showcase Mogul and our Mogies collection
  • Made significant UX/UI upgrades to the Mogul platform dashboard to allow users to see all of the activity across Mogul
  • Partnered with over 20 different companies, including: CryptoCart (to use STARS to purchase gift cards), Ism Toys, Nearverse, Darkhorse Films, Earn Craft, Beem, Trace Network, Bubble Maps, and many more
  • Launched a 12-month STARS staking program for our holders directly on the Mogul platform with custom smart contracts
  • Launched 6 movies through the Mogul Movie Showcase (most of which will be launching their NFT movie collections exclusively on Mogul this year). These movies include: Babel, Billionaire Bunnies, Jancroon, Retrogression, Lazarus, My Father’s Son, Revival, and Antara
  • In an effort to streamline the Mogul product and have more movies launched on our platform, we launched the Mogul Creator Portal product. This product allows movies partnering with Mogul to create movie-based NFT campaigns with no code using the Mogul administration system
  • Produced over 15 episodes of Mogul Live with industry experts such as Jordan Ver Hoeve, Erick Tran, and other Hollywood experts
  • Conducted over 35 Twitter Spaces with industry experts such as Mario Nawfal
  • Presented the Malibu Crush premiere in Los Angeles and Australia; inviting our NFT holders to attend this exclusive event
  • Burned nearly 3.5M STARS tokens through Supernova events
  • Integrated Wallet Connect to the Mogul platform to allow all self-custody wallets to use the Mogul platform
  • Moderation of our communities, specifically in Telegram, has been taken on by community members passionate about the project, which is an amazing sign for the growth of our communities and shows that Mogul is stronger than just the internal talent working day-to-day on the project 

Our efforts in 2022 have been to support the following goals: 

  • Reward our NFT holders with in-real-life (IRL) events close to Hollywood
  • Scale the Mogul platform to launch more movies and thus pass on more rewards and benefits to our NFT holders and STARS holders
  • Make STARS more accessible globally and give more use cases within the Mogul platform
  • Advertise Mogul across the world in a cost-effective manner to grow in users and the size of our community 
  • Improve the Mogul platform to increase revenue for the Mogul ecosystem to pass on these rewards to our community 

What’s in store for 2023?

Mogul’s mission is to reimagine film production, distribution and fan participation using the power of the crowd through blockchain technology. The benefits of using blockchain include transparency, tracking, security, and stakeholder ownership.

Our vision is to be the future of film through the power of the crowd. 

The core Mogul platform has been over-developed in 2022 in a great way – we now have the tools to accomplish these goals in a more efficient manner and the dashboard experience to support a growing user base. We expect, with the exception of Mogieland, that development time on the core Mogul platform will be significantly reduced and more time can be spent improving the product.

The Mogul product has made major strides in this mission, launching a film financing portal where filmmakers can raise funds and exploit NFT rights on their film through NFTs, creating partnerships with networks of over 6 Metaverses with film studios for films launching on Mogul to stream and premiere their films in Metaverse locations to engage their NFT holders, and re-engineering the Mogul quadratic voting portal, where fans can vote on key aspects of the production process. 

Our goals are in scaling and becoming the premiere place where Film3 lives and projects come to to leverage NFT technology to exploit movie rights and engage fanbases. In addition, a big focus will be in the creation of protocol revenue for the community. When we analyze successful products and tokens in tangential niches to movies (music, sports, etc.) they are all excellent at creating protocol revenue and passing those rewards on to their supporters to continue growing.

We want to be introspective while listening to the community, partners, and industry titans in entertainment in how they can best leverage Mogul. This will help us to grow, scale, and align with top partners. 

From Mogul, expect: 

  • More movie launches
  • Progress on the Mogieland launch
  • Progress on the Mogies animated series
  • Metaverse collaborations
  • STARS accessibility partnerships & integrations
  • More IRL utility for Mogies & Access Passes
  • More multi-language communities being grown and built 
  • Bear market marketing strategies to grow the community
  • Premiere partnerships 

In regards to Mogieland, which many of our community members are very excited about, Mogul President Lisa Sun posted an introspective explanation of Mogul’s thought process and timelines that you can read here

In summary, Mogul’s thesis has never been more true. Studios are learning and becoming more inclined to use NFTs for their movies. With the Metaverse, the short-term hype has died down since the rebranding of Facebook and the subsequent run-up, but fans and moviegoers are still showing that they want a way to deeply connect globally to their favourite films. Mogul is not simply launching Mogieland to increase hype, but to build a connected ecosystem of content consumers and content creators. Right now, metaverses across the industry are lacking users, posing barriers to meaningful partnerships to be made with top studios. We are continuing to build and strategize a proper rollout for Mogieland so that the launch meets expectations across the industry. 

The lack of consumer interest in metaverses throughout the back half of 2022 is illustrated by the Google Trends analysis, showing the search volume from consumers for the word “Metaverse” across the last 5 years.

Where are we looking to improve? 

We want more movies to launch on Mogul now that we have the best platform in the world to support FIlm3.

Other goals to improve on are: 

  • Launching more voting opportunities for our community to vote on aspects of movie production in partnership with the films launching on Mogul; whereby giving more use cases for STARS on the Mogul platform and including our community more in the script-to-screen process
  • Qualify, close, and launch more mainstream movies to launch on Mogul that have global appeal
  • Streamline our business development process to decrease the time to market for films 
  • Decentralize and involve the community of token holders more in the decision-making processes through voting
  • Growing our leadership team to bring in esteemed professionals in entertainment to help bring Mogul to the next level 
  • Partnering with public film investment vehicles to bring more capital to the Mogul platform

To accomplish these goals we have revamped our business development process and coupled it with our technology to operate at a better scale. 

We have improved our movie vetting process, have decreased our time-to-market for NFT campaigns by months, and have adjusted our onboarding documentation for filmmakers to make it clear on how they can succeed using Mogul.

We will be putting these to action in 2023 and evaluating how we can continue improving these processes.

How does value accrue to our community?

We want Mogul to become a circular protocol, where Mogul is striving to achieve goals that benefit our community, and vice versa. This can be done with small tweaks to operations to make sure that we’re providing circular value. 

As you know, as part of STARS token economics, STARS are removed from circulation via supernovas when STARS are used on Mogul. Mogul movie profits are also used to reward holders and vote on where the funding will go. Thus far, the movies launched on Mogul have not yet reached profitability due to delayed distribution and production on the filmmakers. These are variables that Mogul does not control and was a primary reason why we, in 2022, embarked on producing our own animated series (Mogies) where we could control more variables to reward our holders. 

In order to create larger supernovas, provide more perks to our holders from movies, and have protocol revenue to allow holders to vote on, we need to launch more films via the Mogul platform. 

More films launching means that more STARS will be spent on the platform, more movies will offer rewards to our community, and more movies will have a chance at reaching profitability. 

We expect Q1 2023 to bring our community more leadership to the Mogul team, more capital partners, and partnerships with premiere exchanges.

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Web3 is the Future of Film

The film industry is no stranger to technological innovation. From the invention of motion pictures to the proliferation of streaming platforms, the industry has always found ways to adapt and utilize new technologies to reach and engage audiences.

In recent years, Web3 technologies have emerged as a promising new tool for the film industry to consider. Web3 refers to the third generation of the World Wide Web, which is characterized by the use of decentralized technologies like blockchain and peer-to-peer networks.

There are several ways in which the film industry can benefit from using Web3 technologies, and in this blog post, we’ll explore a few of the most significant ones.

One of the most compelling reasons for the film industry to consider Web3 technologies is the potential for increased efficiency and cost savings. In the traditional film industry, there are often multiple intermediaries involved in the distribution and monetization of films. These intermediaries can include distribution companies, licensing agencies, and streaming platforms, all of which take a cut of the profits.

With Web3 technologies, it’s possible to create more direct and transparent relationships between filmmakers and their audiences. For example, filmmakers could use blockchain-based platforms to distribute their films directly to audiences, bypassing traditional intermediaries and retaining a larger share of the profits.

Web3 technologies could also enable filmmakers to more easily monetize their work through micropayments and other innovative payment models. For example, a filmmaker could use a blockchain-based platform to offer their film for streaming on a pay-per-view basis, allowing audiences to pay a small fee to watch the film on demand. This model could be especially beneficial for independent filmmakers who may struggle to get their work distributed through traditional channels.

Another way in which Web3 technologies could benefit the film industry is through the creation of new business models and revenue streams. For example, filmmakers could use blockchain-based platforms to sell exclusive content or merchandise directly to their fans. They could also use these platforms to offer “smart contracts” that allow fans to financially support their work on a recurring basis, similar to the way that Patreon works for content creators.

Web3 technologies could also enable the film industry to better manage and protect intellectual property. The use of blockchain-based platforms could make it easier to track and enforce copyright licenses, reducing the risk of piracy and enabling filmmakers to more fairly monetize their work.

In addition to the practical benefits outlined above, Web3 technologies also have the potential to foster greater creativity and innovation within the film industry. By enabling more direct relationships between filmmakers and audiences, Web3 technologies could encourage the development of new and more diverse forms of storytelling. Filmmakers could use these technologies to experiment with new distribution and monetization models, leading to a more vibrant and diverse film industry.

Of course, the adoption of Web3 technologies is not without its challenges. One of the main challenges is the need for infrastructure and support to enable the use of these technologies. This includes the development of user-friendly blockchain-based platforms and the creation of educational resources to help filmmakers understand and utilize these technologies effectively.

Another challenge is the need for greater understanding and awareness of Web3 technologies among filmmakers and industry professionals. Many in the film industry may be unfamiliar with these technologies and may need help understanding their potential benefits and drawbacks.

Despite these challenges, the film industry has the potential to significantly benefit from the adoption of Web3 technologies. By enabling increased efficiency, cost savings, and new business models, these technologies could help filmmakers to reach and engage with audiences in new and innovative ways.

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War Drama “Revival” Partners with Mogul to Launch Movie NFTs

“Revival” is helmed by Award Winning Director Jivan Avetisyan, with the full length feature film to be shot in Armenia/Artsakh, Iceland, Lithuania, Israel, and France

Revival tells the story of one Woman’s secret that forces three destinies to intertwine when a young robotics student living in France is determined to root out the truth of his father’s wartime death in Armenia / Artsakh… his girlfriend, a young French woman sets out to reunite with her estranged volcanologist father in Iceland to trace her indigenous Canadian roots… his esteemed French professor, a descendent of a Holocaust survivor, reclaims his abandoned Jewish roots in Israel in search of the meaning of life. Along the way, an artificial intelligence system evolves via their hardships and forced sacrifices that bring them closer to their true identity. 

Director Jivan Avetisyan spent 38 days in Artsakh during the brutal September 2020 Artsakh War, which lasted until November 9, 2020. Avetisyan also spent a substantial amount of time documenting all the atrocities and war crimes committed against the Armenian population of Artsakh, including his family. He will integrate these photos and videos in Revival and his future film projects.

In the film, Avetisyan has presented fragments and glimpses of the stories that he has heard, read, witnessed, and memorized at different times. In a sense, the film is based on actual, lived stories and historical events. The narratives are intertwined in an interesting way and become a part of a completed single continuous chain. These stories are presented, for example, as the protagonist’s storyline, or as elements or episodes in the stories of other characters. Revival also adds a key element of Artificial Intelligence development to the story as AI plays a prominent role especially since it is meant to change the face of warfare. The AI component appears in the film with the character of ORCHID (ORganizer of CHaotic Input Data), which has some “water-like” characteristics. The film is not a sci-fi movie but will beautifully show the evolution of the ORCHID, an AI system, and how the final step of it is self-consciousness.

Peace is one of the main messages of the film project Revival. “I try to show the route leading to peace that I long so much for. The war overwhelmed my thoughts when I was nine to ten years old. At that time, I didn’t understand all the tragedy, but being at the center of the events, I felt its upcoming danger every day. And now, each and every day, I wake up with a hope that my children will never see and feel such horrors. In order to have that peace, I believe self-knowledge is necessary to gain peace of mind. Therefore, what occupies an important place in the film is the retrieval and preservation of the identity of generations who suffered from wars and disasters at different times. The question always haunting the characters is, “Who am I?” This is the driving force of their quests.” – Jivan Avetisyan

The NFT collection launching on Mogul will be designed to give Indie Film Fans the ability to get closer to the action and filmmaking process through a variety of different utilities such as; access to the Premier and After Party, Gated content with BTS footage, Visits to the shooting set, Digital film poster with Director’s autograph & more. The support of the film via the NFTs will also directly contribute to the financing of the film and expedite the production.

Revival gained international interest in 2020 by the selection committee of Berlinale Talents, at the Berlin International Film Festival. Avetisyan was selected amongst 3,400 applicants to attend Berlinale Talents 2020. Within the talent program, he became the subject of a documentary by German international Broadcaster Deutsche Welle, DW Documentary.

You can learn more about the Revival NFTs on the Mogul Platform and stay up to date with the Revival film developments via their Twitter and Instagram pages..

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Chang Fangs NFT AMA

Jake: Hey everyone! We are about to kick off our AMA with Aubrey from the Chain Fangs team.

Chain Fangs: Hey Everyone!

Jake: How are you doing today @Chain Fangs?

Chain Fangs: We are doing great over here! 

Jake: Nice to hear! So for those tuning in – Chain Fangs have an NFT collection dropping on Mogul this coming Monday. We’re excited to discuss the collection and how people can get involved. Firstly, can you please explain what Chain Fangs is and what was the inspiration behind starting this?

Chain Fangs: So basically during COVID our founder spent a lot of time hiking and out in the limited nature space within Hollywood…and she began to notice that developers have started to come in and build mega-mansions that are being used to host parties for the rich and famous. They aren’t even being lived in! So she found out that there is one plot left in this area that a developer is trying to squeeze a giant house onto. We realized it was such a shame and a terrible use of the natural resources and homes of many animals, so we decided to do something to stop them and that’s when we launched this project.

The house being built would completely cut off an entire corridor and a very clear deer trail. It’s such a shame so we are hoping to start with this piece of land and then once we finish this piece, we want our community to bring more ideas, more pieces of land we can save, or even different resources we can begin to tackle.

Jake: Thanks for providing that context and background info! I think when most people think of Hollywood it reminds them of all the entertainment and development although it is interesting to hear it is also a diverse place for a bunch of different animal species that live there too.

What are some of the Animals you can typically find within Hollywood?

Chain Fangs: Its actually super interesting! LA is actually one of the most diverse areas in all of the United states. The main animals around here are deer, squirrels, and a lot of big cats!

Jake: So cool! Although definitely wouldn’t want to run into a big mountain Lion lol!

Chain Fangs: For our collection, we have actually had photos donated by our partners at Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife. They have had trailcams set up on the land right next to the piece of property we are looking to purchase and they have captures images of all these animals out in the wild.

Yeah definitely! There are so many types of big cats living in and around the Hollywood area. There are a lot of stories of them grabbing fish out of people ponds in their back yards or rolling around in the grass. They are really the kings out here and we want to do everything we can to protect them.

Jake: That’s fantastic that you have aligned with other conservancy groups to shine a light on the work you guys are doing! Quite clever creatively how you can tie in the actual images of the Animals that are living on the land you are helping save.

What has been the reaction from Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife and other conservancy groups that you have been chatting or partnering with?

Chain Fangs: Yeah it was a really great opportunity for us to boost other organizations who work so hard day-in and day-out doing this work.

So we have actually also partnered with the official Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy and we will be allowing them an easement onto this land from their adjoining lot. For those not familiar- that basically means that this land is always going to be protected by the conservancy and no one will be able to build on it without their permission.

We have also had some great fireside chats with others in this space over on our Youtube channel as well:

Jake: That sounds like you have put a lot of thought into how to establish this for a long term strategy to ensure the land remains not developed. Thanks for sharing the fireside chats video.

Chain Fangs: Yeah we definitely want to keep this going and launch more drops and do our part in the conservation space.

Jake: I’m sure when you are chatting to your partners, NFTs and blockchain must seem quite foreign to most of them. What are you guys most excited about with leveraging NFTs to drive your mission and why did you pick that as the vehicle to help drive your fundraising?

Chain Fangs: Definitely very foreign to many in the conservation space. What excites us most is being able to really start a movement here. We have a fireside chat with a really interesting project called on our Youtube channel….and “tldr” obviously means “too long. didn’t read ” which I think is so fitting for the conservation face. Sadly it’s almost comical how long it takes for “official” conservation organizations to drudge through red tape and bureaucracy in order to get one tiny thing done. We don’t need to do all of that! We are cutting out all of that stuff and saving physical land and real animals way faster than any of these other projects could do by using the power of crypto. The power of community really.

Jake: Love that answer. Definitely speed and efficiency is crucial to getting things done before things get worse – i.e someone buying this vacant land to build on and destroying more local habitat. It’s great seeing NFTs being used as a force for good with all these new use cases.

Chain Fangs: Yeah we are really battling a clock at pretty much all times! 

Jake: In terms of the NFT collection – How is this constructed? I know you guys have created puzzle pieces, would you be able to expand on why you chose to do this? 

Chain Fangs: So basically, we have taken the full trail cam shots that were donated to us by CLAW and we have broken those images up into various sizes of puzzle pieces. So the buyer’s goal is to collect all they can of the pieces in the same puzzle to create the full image. Additionally, we would really love all of our members to display their piece in all of their profiles as a badge of honor as being a part of the project.

Once you have a piece, you will be a part of our community and be able to vote on anything we would like to do with the land and even bring suggestions of ways we can improve our project. For example: if we wanted to put up a bird feeder with a live stream and what kinds of seed we would like to use to attach which birds.

Jake: Awesome – Thanks for that info. For those wanting to know the exact # of pieces in the collection etc, here it is:

Tier 2: 25 images x 140 individual pieces in each = 3,500 pieces.

Tier 1: 5 images x 36 individual pieces in each = 180 pieces. 

Total = 3,680 pieces.

I understand you guys are doing a “Lazy Mint” structure, which is where everyone who buys an NFT, it is done completely at random – so no one knows what piece they will have until after the reveal (Similar to how we ran our Mogies sale)

Chain Fangs: Yes! So our members will get to mix and match and trade amongst other users to get the pieces they would like. 

Jake: Fantastic! 

And the drop will take place on the Ethereum blockchain with the price being 0.07ETH per NFT (Also purchasable in ERC-20 STARS)

For those wanting to check out some more info, here is the landing page on Mogul: 

Chain Fangs: We are very excited to be launching! All profits are going towards the purchase and maintenance of a real piece of property in the Hollywood Hills.

Jake: So exciting! Are there any other pieces of info you would like to share with the community or additional reasons for them to get involved etc? Also any additional links you would like to share?

Chain Fangs: All of our socials are @Chain_Fangs. We are most active on twitter so feel free to contact us on there whenever. We have a discord here: where we are going to be keeping our community updated. Always feel free to reach out to us whenever! 

Jake: Perfect – thanks for sharing that info. Appreciate you coming in to talk with us and looking forward to mint day. Chat soon!

Chain Fangs: Of course! We are really excited about being able to launch!

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Billionaire Bunnies Club AMA

Jake: Hey guys, Julian Bonilla  is now joining us for a text AMA here from the Billionaire Bunnies Club which is a NFT collection dropping on Mogul soon. Hey Julian, welcome! How’s it going?

Julian: Hello Everyone! Pleasure to meet you all

Jake: Thanks for joining and excited to have you here today! Firstly, can you please give the audience a snapshot into what TBBC is and what you are looking to achieve with the NFT collection?

Julian: Yes, of course! We are currently in pre production of an animated crime drama series that will be utilizing NFT art and Blockchain Technology. We also hope to spread awareness in the Emotional Support Animal therapy community as we believe in proven fundamentals of therapy methods that work! The series is currently being produced in-house by our team here at Bunny Labs 

Jake: Very cool! Love the aspect of you tying in the animated series and philanthropic side too! Take us back to the idea of the IP and what spurred you to want to use NFTs from the start?

Julian: For sure! Thanks Jake we appreciate that. We believe in fundamental methods and programs when it comes to the recovery phase of mental health and mental disabilities. 

The idea of the IP came from the artist of the project as we both believed Bunnies were animals that everyone loves! We also saw a correlation where Bunnies are one of the animals used as Emotional support animals. Both the artist and I are crypto enthusiasts and saw the NFT market become a great way to reach consumers for new and upcoming brands or collections!

Jake: I personally haven’t seen any Bunny PFP collections, so it is nice to see something unique and creative! Plus who can not like bunnies lol. Would you be able to give the audience some insight into the storyline of TBBC and how this is tied into the animated series?

Julian: Yes! Lol that was our thought exactly. But of course! We are super excited to introduce everyone to the main family of the series very soon but,

The Billionaire Bunnies Club is a visionary animated crime drama that straddles the glamorous South Beach (Bunny Island) lifestyles of the rich and infamous and the underworld international drug (Karats) trade.

Bottom line? The Billionaire Bunnies Club is about La Familia and the quest for territorial control of other Billionaire Bunnies on Bunny Island. What makes it interesting and compelling for viewers is that there is no road to redemption. Everyone’s like a stranger on the subway, just trying to find their way home…

Jake: Sounds like an interesting storyline! The trailer you guys put together to showcase the look and feel of the brand was pretty cool. Will have to post that in the channel for the community soon.

Are you able to tell us more about the charity component you guys are working on around Emotional support animals and why you chose to go this route?

Here is a link to the trailer: 

Julian: Thank you! Our series opening scene will relate to that team trailer we shot so definitely give that a look so you can feel the mood we are chasing for our series!

I would love to dive a little deeper into that. We are driven by bringing awareness to Emotional Support Animal therapy. We got the idea to focus on a method of therapy that can serve and help a large mass of people. More than half of people in America own at least one dog in their household. And the number for pets outside of dogs is even higher than that, almost in the 70% range. 

There are steps in order to qualify for an ESA:

First, you must see a certified psychologist, psychotherapist, or social worker who has the proper mental health credentials.

Secondly, you must undergo a detailed mental health diagnosis.

Lastly, ASKING for an ESA Letter that certifies an emotional disability.

There is no special training required for an ESA. That means that if you already have a pet, you can get it certified as an ESA. Any domesticated animal may be considered as an ESA and they can be any age. If you don’t already have a pet, getting an ESA is pretty much the same as getting any other pet! You’ll need to decide what kind of pet is best for you and look up local places to adopt. 

Of course, before getting any kind of pet, it is important to seriously consider the responsibilities that come along with it.

We know the ESA community is large with different categories so we want to really focus a lot of our support efforts on mental health, mental disabilities, and stroke recovery. 

That’s our team and our community’s mission is to really offer helping hands to those in need through dialing in on methods of therapy that statistically prove they work. Again, we believe in the fundamentals as we believe it is the main foundation of therapy programs.

Jake: That’s fantastic – thanks for providing that context and info around why you went into the ESA route. Shows you guys have done a lot of research and are here for the right reasons!

How did you go about getting Marcus your artist attached? What was the creative process like creating a PFP collection?

Julian: Marcus and I were actually old college roommates as well as football teammates at Pace University for a semester. Marcus displayed his art abilities to me by helping me pass my college art class with flying colors, no pun intended. Marcus and I had a barter system that worked in both of our favors but, it was on two specific pieces he did for me that I knew he was on a different kind of level with Art. It was an amazing replica Picasso piece and a Bob Marley portrait. Fast forward to now, it was about a year ago that I reached out to him with this idea of bringing his art skills into blockchain technology. What made us go down the Bunny hole in our creative process was that we saw cute harmless animals that we can give a cool edge to and turn them into Billionaires.

Jake: Love the backstory! Nice how you guys can come together and provide your own skill sets to develop the project. Interesting dichotomy around the Bunnies too

Can you explain the collection composition, rarity, traits etc?

Julian: Yes! Marcus is a sweetheart and it has been nothing but an absolute pleasure for me to say the least to have the opportunity to come back together and work with an artist as talented as him. 

And yes!

The collection composition is based on a soft and simplistic style but, still keeping the integrity of Billionaires in regards to the Bunnies clothing and characteristics. We really wanted to pick a variety of different Billionaires from celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, different artists, etc.

Jake: Awesome! Can’t wait to see them all 🙂 

Do you have any favorite animated series you’ve seen produced so far whether through mainstream distribution or in the NFT world? 

Julian: Yes! Our artist is a huge fan of a variety of different anime ranging from bleach, yu-yu haku show and American classics like Boondocks and Rick & Morty. We also share passion for gangster films where we know the crime drama will be great to see in full animation.

Jake: Awesome! Interesting to see how the different creative influences inspire you to help craft your own stories 

What’s your take on the NFT market at the moment and how do Billionaire bunnies intend on growing their brand and users? What are you most excited about?

Julian: Yes we have a great running storyline in our episodes coming for our club members! 

But, to be honest I am really excited for the future of the NFT market even though we are weathering this current bear market. The opportunities are what we are most excited about as we know NFTs are a great way to grow a community that is proud of the brand they are involved with. We intend to lead with a community-driven development approach and transparency so we know that our members firstly know what they are buying which is the art and are ultimately satisfied with their purchase. We are excited to build through the bear market and see it fully through to the next bull run!

Jake: Awesome! Nice to see you guys have a long term viewpoint and are approaching this to develop the IP from a few different angles. 

Lastly, Are you able to explain the project roadmap and some of the main perks/utility offered to holders? 

Julian: Our roadmap will give holders access to member perks only. Holders can look forward to us creating and developing items that will offer them luxury and once in a lifetime experiences. We believe the current NFT market is one where we can be open and transparent about the different obstacles creators can face but collectively there are opportunities to grow and create a safe and secure environment for those who may be new or those who do have a passion for Art & NFTs. It is exciting to be able to share knowledge with others and also deliver impactful art to a global audience. We look forward to collaborating and partnering with those who can see our team’s vision.

Jake: Amazing – thanks for providing that detailed insight and appreciate your time joining us today to explain what you guys are doing! 

Link to Official Channels: 

Link to NFT page on Mogul: 

Julian: Thank you so much Jake and the entire Mogul Productions Family! We will be launching on their Marketplace soon. Be on the lookout for The Billionaire Bunnies Club Collection and while you’re here.. Go and grab a few Mogies while you can! 

Jake: Thanks again! Chat with you soon 🙂
Julian: Talk soon! Have a great day everyone