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Benefits of STARS Tokens

Mogul Productions - Benefits of STARS Tokens - NFT Marketplace

Welcome everyone to Mogul’s ecosystem.  We are the NFT marketplace platform for the movie industry.  Over the years Mogul has cultivated its team and technology to give you the best experience.  Each day Mogul develops exciting products infused with a strong community spirit.

With so many exciting products from film and entertainment entering Mogul’s marketplace, new fans and collectors are joining our ecosystem daily.  Mogul creates processes to interact with and reward its community.  This also includes working with its cross-community partners to provide utility in the form of games, tokens and other rewards.   

The STARS token is our native cryptocurrency that opens the world of Film3 wide open.   It’s used for staking, voting, governance and ownership.  STARS allows users to take part in our NFT drops, watch movies and fashion shows in our Mogieland metaverse, and get involved in the community.  Fans and collectors who wish to buy NFTs on the Mogul platform,  or participate in the P2E games and land sales in Mogieland, will need STARS to do so. 

Buying NFTs with STARS rewards buyers with discounts and lower gas rates.  Occasionally, drops and other sales can be purchased with both STARS and ETH.  In such cases, products bought with STARS will receive a significant discount on their purchase as compared to using ETH.  This is our way of saying thank you for supporting the utility and benefits of our native cryptocurrency.

Aside from staking STARS in film projects, which we will get to shortly,  Mogul Productions runs its own staking programs.  Staking means locking your tokens in a staking pool to earn rewards  in the form of more STARS tokens.   Participants have the opportunity to lock their tokens for specified periods of time to receive a STARS reward rate defined by the pool they are entering.  The longer the lockup, the more rewards!    

Mogul Productions -Voting is Back - NFT Marketplace
Let’s Make A Film Together!  VOTING IS BACK

Stars is used for green lighting film projects

Mogul Productions is a decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) and NFT platform that connects creators, movie fans, and film financiers in one space to ensure the best films get made by giving everyone a voice. 

By leveraging blockchain technology and a tokenized system, Mogul incentivizes participation and rewards engagement. Through the use of STARS tokens, users can vote on, greenlight and participate in key decision-making aspects of production. 

Up to 50% rewards from Mogul-produced movies goes back to the Stars voting stakers

Quadratic voting promotes active participation in voting from all of the STARS token holders, regardless of their size, because each holder has a voice in the process. Small holders have a proportionally large voice; which in turn allows Mogul to gauge the sentiment across our entire community, and not just a few large holders!

That’s the premise of Mogul. Bringing power back to the crowd

Mogul’s production team and advisors are award-winning Hollywood veterans who have written, directed, acted in, and produced a wide range of films and TV shows. Our team reviews film submissions. 

Mogul then comes up with a shortlist of films to vote on based on the producer’s recommendations and expertise.   We’d present those films to the community. Then the community votes on what film they want to see turned into a cinematic release. 

NFTs campaigns are then custom-built for each movie.

Are you an indie filmmaker with a vision? Submit a project proposal for a chance to have your idea funded.  When you submit a project, our panel reviews it and the successful projects will be put into the showcase.

Fund Your Project

More Utility

Mogul is constantly building ways to add more utility to the STARS. This includes but is not limited to usage in new film and crypto projects, mores ways to spend the token on other platforms, and getting the token listed on other exchanges.

Supernovas reward STARS token holders

Mogul is always thinking of ways to give more utility to STARS.  Each time STARS are used for in-app activities, Mogul destroys a portion of the STARS used to complete the action.  

That includes:

  • Purchasing limited-edition NFTs that are only made available to STARS holders
  • Purchasing rewards with STARS
  • Submitting scripts for Mogul’s review

Here at Mogul, we call it a Supernova when a portion of STARS are permanently taken out of circulation, or burned.  Supernovas allow users to buy more NFTs with their STARS, as well as protect and reward our community of token holders. Supernovas are scheduled to occur on the third Friday of every month and more may be added as circumstances allow.

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