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STARS token provides greater access to the Mogul platform and is used for staking, governance and community ownership over the success of our NFT Marketplace


projects for consideration


for the next big blockbuster


exclusive rewards


through staking


on the platform

Access Pass

As a limited time promotion, Mogul offered a fixed number of exclusive Access Passes that included a bonus amount of STARS, an NFT badge that will provide the holder with greater access, and physical merchandise only available in this limited time offer.

Access Pass NFTs give the holder advanced access to exclusive rewards and attending future VIP events Mogul will host. Select rewards and events will be curated specifically for badge holders of their respective tier. The higher the tier the greater the reward and access.

Available Supply:
2375 Access Passes
Access Pass Tiers:
All, VIP, Backstage, Red Carpet
Token Type:
Start Date:
March 25th
Smart Contract Audit:
Completed by Zokyo Labs

Access Pass

The Access Pass sale has ended and the associated NFTs have been delivered
These limited edition passes give access to exclusive events, rewards, contests & more.

tier 1
Access Pass
5,000 STARS ★
Lifetime All Access Status
Redeem Tier 1 Rewards
Limited VIP Access NFT
tier 2
Access Pass
100,000 STARS ★
Lifetime VIP Access Status
Redeem Tier 1 & 2 Rewards
VIP Access NFT badge
Limited Mogul Hat
tier 3
Access Pass
500,000 STARS ★
Lifetime Backstage Access Status
Redeem Tier 1, 2 and 3 Rewards
Backstage Access NFT badge
Limited Mogul Hat
Limited Mogul Clapper Board
tier 4
Red Carpet
Access Pass
2,000,000 STARS ★
Lifetime Red Carpet Access Status
Redeem All Rewards
Red Carpet Access NFT badge
Limited Mogul Hat
Limited Mogul Clapper Board
Limited Mogul Director’s Chair
stake your sTARS. get to vote

Voting & Staking

Mogul's team of producers, directors, and financiers review the projects that are submitted for consideration in the Showcase. In the Showcase, Mogul members can view the films poster, trailer, cast, proposed budget, and potential financial projections to make an educated vote on which film they want to see get produced. In order to cast a vote, users must stake STARS.

You earn more STARS for staking  during the voting period in your Smart Wallet. If you unlock your STARS (i.e. unstake), you also withdraw your vote. Votes must be locked until the end of the voting round in order to count.

Benefits of Quadratic Voting:
Prevents “Vote-Buying”
Decreases Voter Apathy
Encourages Community-Based Governance
Restricts Wealth Dominance

Redeemable Rewards

Rewards range from physical and digital items like signed posters, blu-rays, event tickets, and other memorabilia, to opportunities to participate deeper in the entertainment experience, such as gaining a producer's credit. The more STARS, the greater the opportunities for rewards.

* Rewards subject to change based on availability.

tier 1
Access Pass
Digital Film Copies
Tickets to Events
Non-Fungible Tokens
Gift Cards
Movie Posters
tier 2
Access Pass
Virtual Meetings with Producers
Video Shoutout from Cast Member
Props from On Set
Hard Copy of Scripts
Autographed Memorabilia
Facetime with Cast
tier 3
Access Pass
On Set Visit
Dinner with Cast Members
Special Thanks Credits
Background Role
Early Screening Access
Attend Cast Read Through
tier 4
Red Carpet
Access Pass
Associate Producer Credit
Tickets to World Premiere Screenings
Film Wrap-Up Party Invitation
Red Carpet Ticket
Speaking Role
Private Local Screening

Mogul Company Roadmap

Mogul has been building its team and technology for over two years.