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Mogul Partners with Acclaimed Filmmaker Anthony Hayes to Launch a Limited NFT Series for Upcoming Sci-Fi Trilogy “Retrogression”

Multi-award-winning filmmaker and actor Anthony Hayes is launching an NFT Series in partnership with Mogul Productions. The proceeds from these NFT sales will finance the new sci-fi film trilogy, “Retrogression.”

Retrogression is a feature film that is part of a three part Sci-Fi trilogy directed by highly acclaimed Australian Filmmaker Anthony Hayes. Hayes is the Producer/Director of GOLD starring Zac Efron, which is out around the World now. As an actor he has starred in WAR MACHINE with Brad Pitt, THE ROVER with Robert Pattinson, LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS with Michael Fassbender and ANIMAL KINGDOM with Joel Edgerton.

Retrogression is another big step forward for Mogul as they look to drive positive change in the entertainment industry by leveraging their platform to empower incredible filmmakers to maintain more financial and creative autonomy. This in conjunction with getting passionate film fans involved in the script to screen process enables a community driven approach to getting the next blockbuster made. The NFT collection will be used as a vehicle to help drive financing and launch the film into production.

The Dark Army is a limited edition mint of an exclusive NFT collection of film-based character NFTs drawn from the sci-fi world of Retrogression – a blockbuster, Hollywood film franchise in development set 300 years in the future. The Dark Army are the enforcers of the law on the desperate island of Omega – one of the few habitable land masses left after the devastation of rising seas caused by climate change. The Dark Army police the Slave Factories, where the poor are forced to work, making “green” products for the rich, who live in massive, luxurious floating cities.

The Dark Army NFT collection is one-of-a-kind, incorporating a limited number of random, super-rare NFTs that entitle the holder/s to perks such as an Executive Producer credit on the first Retrogression feature film. Other rare NFTs will entitle the holder to an exclusive on-set visit during filming, while others will entitle the holder to an appearance as a featured player in the film. Each NFT will as a minimum include: Beta testing passes to play the Retrogression game​, a digital image of a costume from the film, location Scout Shots​ NFT, Exclusive access to Behind the Scenes Shots and Interviews​ on, Storyboard Art​ NFT, Access to Exclusive Clips​ on The collection ecompasses more than 15 types of holder utility across both physical and virtual.

The collection will be launched on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and purchasable in either Ethereum or ERC-20 STARS tokens. The minting process will be a “Lazy Mint” which is where each NFT minted is completely randomized using Chainlink’s provably fair minting system which is integrated into the Mogul platform, giving each buyer an equal opportunity to land a super-rare NFT.

The NFTs will be individually numbered, divided into military ranks and come in gold, chrome and hologram – all in full 3D designs which are displayed in GLB files that enable the holder to get a full 360 degree view of their NFT.

The super-rare NFT of the Dark Army’s leader – General McKinsky – will have a limited mint of only 10 in each color. The total collection size will be 1,530 units. Each NFT will have further utility built in, enabling future integration as character Avatars into various Metaverses where the Retrogression P2E Gaming experience will be hosted.