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MOGUL x TRACE Metaverse Campaign

This campaign with our new partners, Trace Network Labs is specifically designed for the Mogul Productions Community with the aim to create awareness about the partnership and to make the Mogul community ready for upcoming Metaverse Events. The Trace Network Labs Team has decided to give away $25k + USD worth of rewards for this campaign via their BUDDY NFT Passes! These NFTs will enable you to create real look-alike virtual characters based off your own Avatar and also grant you access to a plethora of virtual events such as Metaverse attending film premieres.

The campaign will have the following 3 stages:

Stage 1: Whitelisting for BUDDY MINT Pass. 1000 Buddy Mint Pass NFTs to be given to the whitelist addresses who complete the gleam campaign. BUDDY Mint pass NFT winners will use it to mint BUDDY Avatar NFTs. The winner’s addresses will be selected at random. (The campaign will be open for 2 weeks). The whitelisted addresses should be ERC 20 polygon (Non exchange) 

Click here to learn how to Mint a BUDDY NFT.

Follow the steps to get started on the Gleam campaign and win your free NFT!

Stage 2: For those who complete a BUDDY Mint Pass, they will have access to receive a free mint for an animation NFT which can be minted from the Trace website. (This will be open for one week after Stage 1 finishes)

Stage 3: Holders will receive digital wearable NFTs for the those who post their BUDDY Avatar GIFs on their Twitter Handle and tag @trace_network & use the hashtag #BUDDY (1 week duration for submission).

How to get involved:

  1. The Whitelisting Process will be based on completion of the following simple steps:

Retweet the Trace & Mogul Productions partnership tweet.

*Winner will be contacted via email within 2 weeks of the campaign commencing. Steps to complete Stage 2 and 3 will also be included via email*

Mogies in Mogieland - Mogul Logo - NFTs Collection - Film3
NFT Drops

Mogies Collection & Rarity Information

Mogies were made in partnership and designed by Erick Tran and his team at CHAVVO Studios. The award-winning, transmedia production team has worked with major Hollywood studios including Disney, Universal, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Animation, Cartoon Network, Fox, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and EA. 

The team has been involved in the production of major box office hits including The Simpsons Movie and series, Kung Fu Panda, The Avengers and many more.

CHAVVO is committed to the Mogieland NFT community and new animated series.

“Mogieland is a homage to Hollywood, to our favorite characters, actors, and movies that have made us. Mogul is set out to make this the very first NFT animated series and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them. Mogul has given us creative freedom to develop something original and special in this space. It’s great to see Mogul supporting creators and the animation community like very few others have. We are committed to this project and the NFT community. As a NFT producer we want to be a major player in the NFT space. Working with Mogul, I can see that really coming to fruition.” says Erick Tran. 

What are Mogies?

The Hollywood sign is turning 100, and the Mogies are celebrating! 😎

​​Mogies are a NFT collection of 1923 NFTs inspired by the last 100 years of Hollywood characters and personalities in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Hollywood sign being erected. This parody collection is to pay homage to the top entertainers and creators that helped Hollywood become what it is today, and create a standard for the next 100 years of filmmaking that will occur within Film3 – a movement spearheaded by Mogul and our community to empower creators to create movies and content in more fan exclusive ways using blockchain technology in the Metaverse. Mogul is where movies meet blockchain through DeFi, NFTs – and now, the Metaverse through Mogies and Mogieland.

Enter Mogies – the characters of the Metaverse. Enter Mogieland. The Metaverse for Movies. 

Mogies in Mogieland - Characters of the Metaverse

Mogies are aliens that feed on entertainment. They love it! They have come to Earth because it’s the biggest source of entertainment in the universe. Humans are humans until they enter Mogieland, and then, when they enter, they become a Mogie.

Mogies are the citizens of Mogieland. They look and act like all our favorite film and TV characters and Hollywood icons from the past 100 years. In actuality, they are aliens from an advanced race that use “lasers” to transform the landscape in the blink of an eye. They feed off entertainment as energy, and travel across the Universe absorbing this vital resource, sucking intelligent worlds dry and moving along to the next. Earth stands to be the biggest source of entertainment and salvation because when our little Mogies get bored, they die. Ultimately, they’re passionate cosplayers and the biggest fans in the galaxy. Mogieland is their Comic-Con, and they have every intention to ensure it lasts forever.

Mogies - Citizens of Mogieland - NFT collection

What is Mogieland?


Population: 1923.

Amidst scrub brush and desert dunes, a UFO landed and then obscured 10 sq. miles in a region now known as THE BLUR —- a shrouded forcefield that has taken the shape of an old tube television laid on its back. What goes on behind its opaque borders has remained a mystery…until now.

Mogieland is where Mogies live, and is a Metaverse inspired by the traditional landmarks of Hollywood. Hollywood is a larger-than-life characterization of the entertainment industry and has become a top place in the world for tourism – but not everyone across the world can experience the glamor and excitement of Tinseltown… 

Enter Mogieland. It’s the Metaverse for film, where cultural attractions, movie premieres, red carpet events, concerts, and even celebrity sightings are brought to the world of Film3.   A place where the Greek Theatre, TCL Chinese Theatre, and even Studio City are represented by their transitory counterpart in Mogieland – powered by STARS tokens. Mogies can spend the morning playing-to-earn in Studio City,  the afternoon catching celebrities at Runyon Canyon, and the evening at the Hollywood sign overlooking the energy of Mogieland’s latest film premiere. 

Mogies in Mogieland - STAR on the Walk of Fame - Mogul

Own your own STAR on the Walk of Fame!

In Mogieland, users will be able to buy their own land, build, take their Mogies to film premieres, movie theaters, red carpet events, concerts, fashion shows, and even play games to earn in Studio City. It’s a virtual place where Mogul partners with movies, celebrities, entertainers, fashion icons and other star studded individuals globally to do Metaverse movie premieres at traditionally iconic Hollywood locations, and sell tickets in STARS  where holders will be able to virtually meet and socialize with all these industry Moguls. Mogieland breaks geographical barriers to access exclusive events and brings them global in a universe where brands, fans, movies, and celebrities can meet, collaborate, and create where movies meet blockchain.

Hollywood in Mogieland - Powered by STARS tokens - NFTs

What will I be able to do in Mogieland?

Mogieland visitors will be able to visit the walkaround environment. Hollywood is one of the most highly trafficked tourist destinations in the world… and soon… Mogieland will be too. All powered by STARS tokens.

Within Mogieland, visitors will be able to: 

  • Attend movie premieres 
  • Mingle with creators and get behind-the-scenes looks 
  • Attend first screening viewings of films partnered with Mogul 
  • Watch movies with tickets paid for in STARS tokens 
  • Enjoy hangout areas with other cinema lovers in VR environments to discuss all things entertainment and Mogul 
  • Attend meet and greets with the STARS
  • Attend concerts
  • Attend fashion shows
  • Buy NFT’s from virtual stores
  • Build your own place in Mogieland and show off all your NFT’s
  • Own iconic pieces of Hollywood transformed in Mogieland
  • Show off your virtual style by wearing your own NFT fashions
  • Play to earn in Studio City 

Much more utility and many more features are being added in Mogieland over time as Mogul expands its rapidly growing list of partners.

All Mogie holders will receive a piece of land in Mogieland. If a purchaser owns a Mogie and an Access Pass they will receive two plots of land in Mogieland. If a purchaser owns a Mogie, Access Pass, and a certain threshold of STARS tokens to be announced at a later date, they will receive 3 plots of land in Mogieland. These plots of land are randomly distributed according to the type of Mogie and Access Pass.

Rarer Mogies and Access Passes will have a higher weighting to receive more coveted locations of land.

How do I purchase a Mogie?

Mogies are ERC721 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and can only be purchased through the Mogul NFT marketplace in the primary market. In the secondary market, Mogies will be available on the Mogul Marketplace, OpenSea, Rarible, and LooksRare. The Mogie that a purchaser will receive is verifiably random

There are 1923 total NFTs which will be issued in the following phases. Mogies are sold in ETH, but can be purchased in ERC20 STARS tokens at a 10% discount to reward our holders.

Four phases of the sale:

  • Phase 1: Dutch Auction
    • A dutch auction for the general public starting at 1 ETH that includes 800 Mogies. This is available for everyone globally and will have 24 hour tiers
      • 1 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.8 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.6 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.4 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.2 ETH tier lasts 24 hours 
    • The pricing for the next phase will equal the price paid for the last NFT sold during the dutch auction
      • If all 800 NFTs sell at the 1 ETH level, then the price of the next phase will be 1 ETH
      • If the 800 NFTs do not sell during the dutch auction, the remainder will be allocated to the public sale 
  • Phase 2: Whitelist Sale for Access Pass holders only 
  • Phase 3: Public Sale – 72 hours
  • Phase 3.5: Bonus Mint
    • Any unsold NFTs will be allocated to the first purchasers from the dutch auction
    • This phase will only occur in the unlikely event that the Mogies allocated for public sale do not sell out within a 72 hour period
  • Phase 4: Rebate + Reveal

If the total number of NFTs allocated for public and whitelist sale do not sell out, then the first purchasers of Mogies through the Dutch auction will have the opportunity to mint the remaining Mogies for free (aside from the gas fee required) after 72 hours of the public sale has passed. For example, if there are 15 Mogies left unsold, then the first 15 purchasers through the dutch auction will have their wallet address whitelisted to mint 1 Mogie each for free after the public sale. 

How does the Whitelist work?

Owners of Mogul Access Passes will be the only people eligible for the whitelist. Access Passes can be purchased here: 

There are 5 tiers of Access Passes that are granted the utility to mint a Mogie in the whitelist phase. The benefit of the whitelist phase is that you are guaranteed to be able to mint a Mogie at the lowest price offered through the dutch auction during a specific window. 

There are 1,073 NFTs allocated for whitelist spots, and addresses are whitelisted according to the tier of Access Pass they own on a first-come-first-serve basis. Access Pass holders can mint any number of Mogies they wish at the lowest price of the dutch auction. 

In the event that the 1,073 Mogies do not sell out, then the sale will enter the next stage – the public sale. In the event they do sell out, then there will be no public sale and the sale will enter the phase of Rebate & Reveal

What utility comes with Mogies ownership?

Extra perks and bonuses come to the primary purchaser of a Mogie based on how early they have purchased.

Tier Purchased:  1 ETH

  • 1.5x STARS rebate when purchased in ETH
    • 1x STARS rebate when purchased in STARS
  • First 5 unique sales (unique addresses) receive a complimentary Backstage Access Pass
  • Next 5 unique sales (unique addresses) receive a complimentary VIP Access Pass
  • Next 200 unique sales receive a complimentary All Access Pass
  • All purchasers at this tier receive a gold embossed derivative of their Mogie that is part of the exclusive Mogie Derivative Collection

Tier Purchased:  0.8 ETH

  • 1.3x STARS rebate when purchased in ETH
    • 1x STARS rebate when purchased in STARS
  • All purchasers at this tier receive a silver embossed derivative of their Mogie

Tier Purchased:  0.6 ETH

  • 1x STARS rebate when purchased in ETH or STARS 

All Purchasers:  

  • Private Discord channel only for Mogies holders
  • Tickets to all future Mogies IRL events, including the first-ever event at Futurist Conference with exclusive IRL experiences for Mogies holders (bonus VIP experiences for those who hold an Access Pass and a Mogie)
  • Whitelist to all future Mogie derivative drops 
  • Holders will receive an NFT of the first episode of the Mogies animated series for an exclusive copy of the episode 
  • Select holders may receive Thank You credits at the end of the Mogies animated series episodes
  • Holders will be able to purchase a 3D figurine of their Mogie (only owners) in STARS tokens 
  • Access to exclusive Mogie virtual meetups and events hosted in Mogieland
  • 50% of all 7.5% secondary market royalties will go directly towards growing the Mogies and Mogieland ecosystem for further STARS holder utility 
  • 10% of all future rewards accruing from the Mogies animated series, wearables, collectibles, or line of figurines will be distributed to holders as rewards quarterly
  • Invites to virtual events with the creators of Mogies to see behind-the-scenes with world-class animators of the Simpsons and King of the Hill
  • Exclusive access to future premieres in Mogieland and other metaverses (red carpets, launch concerts, exclusive pilots and screenings of the Mogies animated series)
  • Exclusive first-access to meet and greets
  • Backstage access to behind-the-scenes content from the creation of the Mogies animated series
  • Discounts on wearables and experiences in Mogieland
  • Free allocation of 1 randomized plot of land in Mogieland
  • First access to purchase land at a 20% discount in Mogieland

Remember: All purchases on the Mogul platform can be done in STARS tokens and the purchaser will receive a 10% discount on their purchase for purchasing in STARS

Mogie Holders in Mogieland - ERC20 STARS tokens - Mogie and Access Pass

How does the STARS rebate work?

A rebate is a bonus given to a purchaser to reward them for purchasing early. 


  • Let’s say a user purchases a Mogie for 1 ETH and the dutch auction closes at 0.6 ETH
  • 1 ETH minus 0.6 ETH is 0.4 ETH. This is the amount of ETH that will be eligible for a rebate
  • Let’s assume the price of STARS is 5 cents and the price of ETH is $3000
  • 0.4 ETH therefore is $1200, which is the amount eligible for the STARS rebate
  • Since the user purchased at 1 ETH, the $1200 delta between their purchase price and the lowest price in the dutch auction is multiplied by 1.5x. Therefore, the user gets an $1800 rebate in STARS tokens 
  • Since STARS tokens are valued at 5 cents, the user will receive 36,000 STARS as a rebate

The rebate coupled with other bonuses make it more advantageous for a user to purchase a Mogie early.

What is the Mogies derivative collection?

Mogies derivatives are part of a separate NFT collection and contract separate, but linked, to the official Mogies collection to maintain the provenance and collectibility of the original Mogies. Derivatives of Mogies, such as the gold embossed and silver embossed Mogies, will live in this collection to reward Mogies holders.

The gold embossed Mogies, which are gifted to the first purchasers of Mogies in the dutch auction, will forever be stamped in the Mogieland Hall of Fame. 

This collection is meant for rare spinoffs, fashion items, and event-driven NFTs related to Mogies and Mogieland for collectors, fans, and users. 

Mogies in Mogieland - NFT Collection - Chavvo Studios The Simpsons

The Artists

Mogies were created by Erick Tran and his team at Chavvo Studios in partnership with Mogul Productions. 

Erick Tran and his team at Chavvo are the animators of the Simpsons and King of the Hill. He and his team have won Telly, Emmy, and Peabody awards for their work. They were responsible for the design of the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios, have consulted with Electronic Arts on the Simpsons video games, and played an integral role in the development of the virtual reality roller coaster rides at Universal Studios Japan; including Doraemon, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and more. Their experience in licensing, merchandising, animation, and video games for multi-billion dollar franchises will help propel Mogieland and Mogies to the next level as Mogul’s co-partners.

How were Mogies made?

Mogies are all 1/1 NFTs that are sculpted individually using computer generated imagery (CGI). There was no programming used to copy characteristics from one Mogie to another – each was hand sculpted. 

The first step in creating a Mogie was to have the design team create character references and hand-drawn 2D sketches of the character. Then, each character goes through a rigging process to create the 3D skeletal model of the character. This allows the character to easily be transformed into animated versions of themselves. The last step is to bring the characters to life with the Mogies animators.

If Mogies were 2D characters, and did not go through this process, they could not exist in a 3D space like the Metaverse. Mogies, due to this rigorous design process, can easily walk through the space and live in Mogieland.

How are Mogies rarities determined? 

Mogies have 7 different facial expressions that are based on the 7 universal emotions that humans wear on their face. These facial expressions will play a role in how their characters will interact in future Mogies series’ and creative concepts.

Mogies have 5 tiers of rarity, which are denoted from the background in the NFT:

Mogies in Mogieland - 5 Tiers of Rarity - NFT
  1. Anger
  2. Fear
  3. Disgust 
  4. Happy
  5. Sad
  6. Surprise
  7. Contempt

These expressions were assigned custom to each Mogie based on their perceived personality.

Mogies also have a STAR Ranking in their metadata, which is a score out of 100 denoting the popularity of the Mogie in Mogieland.

There are a select number of Mogies that have angel wings. If the actor that played the Mogie character passed away outside of Mogieland at the time of the mint, their Mogie character has been represented with angel wings. 

There are several different colors of flat backgrounds in Tier 5 Mogies. These were chosen on an aesthetic basis by the animators of the Mogies and colors were grouped together with families of Mogie characters. 

For more information please visit the Mogies NFT Utility page.

Mogies in Mogieland - Mogul Logo - NFTs Collection - Film3
Mogul Press

‘The Simpsons’ Animator Erick Tran Working Up NFT-Financed Hollywood Toon Series ‘The Mogies’ With Digital Marketplace And Financier Mogul Productions


EXCLUSIVE: The Simpsons animator Erick Tran has teamed with film and TV-focused NFT and DeFi marketplace Mogul Productions to create what’s believed to be the world’s first animated NFT series — with Hollywood the inspiration.

The Mogies will be a a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Hollywood sign being erected and comprises a collection of 1,923 NFTs, inspired by the last 100 years of Hollywood characters and personalities. These are being developed into an animated series and an expanded Mogieland metaverse, which include famous landmarks such as Sunset Boulevard and the Hollywood Hills.

Read more at Deadline…

NFT Drops

From The Simpsons to Mogies: The Journey of Erick Tran & Chavvo Animation Studios 

The journey of the animators that brought The Simpsons series, The Simpsons Movie and VR attractions at Universal Studios Japan, to its first ever NFT animated series and metaverse is filled with adventure and curiosity.

CHAVVO Animation Studios is a tight-knit international family of creative storytellers, animators, and artists based in five countries. They embrace new challenges and use their collective experience to create meaningful and compelling content.

That collective experience harnessed a passion for TV and film production as well as merchandising spanning two decades.  These years of experience, which also includes video game and theme park design, has prepared the team for the NFT and metaverse revolution. 

Erick Tran who founded CHAVVO, with the animation team, put their collective experiences together with Mogul Productions to create the Mogies animated series, featuring 1,923 unique Hollywood inspired NFT characters that interact inside the Mogieland metaverse. 

Erick played a key role in building the digital pipeline for The Simpsons. In the process he also created and developed the training program for artists migrating from traditional paper animation to newer technology.  

That process helped start his collaboration with Toon Boom, the software company known for creating award-winning software for animation and story boarding to bring TV series and feature films from ideation to screen. This collaboration was pivotal because it allowed him to participate in various venues in the US and Canada where he was able to expand the CHAVVO brand. It was the opportunity for CHAVVO to scale as a “100% digital pipeline studio”.  

Erick shared his thoughts and journey from the success of Simpsons to the Mogies, the first real NFT animated series.  

“I’m an 80’s kid and grew up with new emerging technology and the start of the video gaming revolution. I was instantly hooked and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I started programming in high school and learned Photoshop quite early. As I started my career on The Simpsons I didn’t realize that having technological knowledge would give me an edge. I remember giving Final Cut Pro classes to staff members as well as developing a training program for The Simpsons Movie to help artists transition from traditional to digital workflow. When I founded CHAVVO we were already ahead of the game with the pandemic because our team had been working remotely since 2015. So when artists were figuring out how to be at home and work remotely, we had already mastered our pipeline and workflow.  We were essentially pandemic ready. 2020 ended up being a very good year (workwise) despite unfortunate events happening around the world.”  

Towards final delivery of the Simpsons Movie,  Erick worked with Universal Creative and Fox to co-design the Simpsons Ride attraction which developed his relationship with Universal.  Additionally, he worked on video gaming projects for The Simpsons available on major consoles such as PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo Wii.

Artists from CHAVVO have worked on projects such as the Batman series, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Kung Fu Panda, Frozen and other feature films. “We are bringing our decades worth of experience from working on hit shows and award winning films to the Mogies NFT animation project. We’re so thankful that the Mogul team recognizes the need for high quality content in this space. Together we are stepping into new territory and it’s very exciting for what’s in the works.” said Tran. 

 One of Erick’s personal career high points was winning a Peabody Award.  Peabody Awards honor excellence in storytelling that reflect the social issues and the emerging voices of our day.

Erick Tran:  “Never in my life did I ever think I’d win a Peabody Award.”

“To me it’s kind of like winning a Nobel Prize. It’s the combination of what the Simpsons has signified in the entertainment industry and the decades of hard work we put into the show that makes this recognition a big deal for us all. It’s a great thing to have received awards through the work I’ve done thru FOX but it’s more special to me when we win thru CHAVVO. To say we are an award winning studio is a dream come true”

Erick Tran: “The Simpsons really helped me understand how to build the multi-billion dollar franchise.

“From development to the big screen, from licensing to merchandising, theme park and video games, Fox has given me the opportunity to understand so many aspects of the animation business.  With that knowledge I was ready to build CHAVVO into the studio it has become now. We have been able to recruit top talented artists in the industry, many who are close friends of mine.”

“We have a special working relationship with Universal Studios Japan.  It’s a treat to be able to work on big anime titles which fans can experience while being on a physical roller coaster, with VR headsets! When you put on the VR headset, you’re basically in this whole new world with awesome anime characters. We believe that VR, metaverse and NFTs are the future and so important to understand, and be a part of history.”

The Mogies NFT Animated Series

“We are committed to the NFT community. As an NFT producer we want to be a major player in the NFT space. Working with Mogul, I can see that really coming to fruition.”

“It’s the first ever NFT Animated series that’s a real legit series.   It’s a homage to Hollywood, to our favorite characters, actors, and movies that have made us. Mogul has given us creative freedom to develop something original and special in this space. It’s great to see Mogul supporting creators and the animation community like very few others have.”

Erick Tran:  “Mogieland is a play on reality which is what the metaverse is.  It’s a place where we can interact, connect and roleplay. We wanted to create a show that eventually could intertwine, or have the ability to intertwine every single character at one moment in time.”

“Probably the one exciting thing that everyone is expecting out of The Mogies is cross mixing characters from other universes and becoming a melting pot of unlimited possibilities.”

“That’s one of the scenes from our trailer where we had Mogie characters from a classic novel and movie series  fighting an evil wizard from another series.

Another is when we crossed one superhero with the alien in the trailer. The idea is that we are mixing different characters into different universes. That will be pretty interesting. I think that’s where the fun starts.” 

“The thing that is really cool about the Mogies concept are the NFT characters themselves.  If you happen to own a special character, let’s say the white wizard.  If and when he appears in an episode and plays a pivotal role, it has the ability to gain rank and increase in value over time. 

The derivatives market is an opportunity we cannot ignore and have to hit out of the park.”

“We are currently developing ideas that have never been done before in the entertainment world with direct-to-consumer applications. We can’t get into details at the moment but we know these concepts haven’t been done before and Mogul’s platform is fully capable to execute.” 

Animating The Mogie NFTs

Erick explained parts of how CHAVVO designed the Mogie NFTs using CG (Computer Graphics).  

“The design team researched, created and designed the NFT characters based off of Mogul’s original concept ideas.  Our 2D design team would digitally hand sketch each drawing. That goes through an approval process through one of our supervisors.  

Afterwards, our supervisor would send designs for me to review. I only see things that are filtered through her. Afterwards, I make my own final notes before it goes on to the CG design team.  The CG design team would go ahead and build based off that design and would start basically CG sculpting the characters. 

Once it goes to the design process we start rigging characters for the animation.  With a rigged character it allows animators to move them around and add the proper acting for each scene. 

The decision between 2D or CG  was more for visual aesthetics for the brand. If we were to have designed the Mogies in 2D, it would be difficult to exist in a 3D metaverse space.

That is why going CG was more visually appealing and practical. It looks more polished. Our goal is that owners can actually walk in a 3D Mogieland metaverse space that’s functional and interactive. I’m excited to see the characters move through the streets of Mogieland.”

“This is a fun and great opportunity for everyone who hasn’t had the chance to visit Hollywood to explore it through Mogieland. Things like going to a nightclub, visiting a recording studio, gift shops and buying digital memorabilia. How about winning a Mogie award for your short film that users can watch at the Mogie theater!  

 I think there’s huge potential for that in the marketplace.”

“There’s so much potential for creating more Mogies. I think it’s great to think about other celebrities from other countries with a fanbase. That becomes a whole other drop to represent other celebrities around the world, like having Latin Grammys after having the Grammys. And we haven’t tapped into the sports world. Yes, the potential is endless.”

“The future of Mogieland is about bringing the most entertaining experience to our community and creating monetary value. Mogieland becomes this fantasy place where our community can plug in and play.”

And then lastly, I’m excited about digital real estate within Mogieland.  

“I think anybody and everybody here who appreciates real estate can understand the value of digital real estate.  We have plans to have the ability to put your own star on the Mogie Walk of Fame. Also, buying digital storefronts, restaurants, museums are just a few things that will be available for purchase.”

Mogies pays homage to the top entertainers and creators that helped make Hollywood what it is today, and create a standard for the next 100 years of filmmaking that will occur within Film3.

Film3 is a movement spearheaded by Mogul Productions and our community to empower film and content creators to create movies and content in better fan exclusive ways using blockchain technology. 

Mogul is where movies meet blockchain through DeFi and NFTs, and now, the Metaverse through Mogies and their new home, Mogieland.

Mogul Press

What’s moving and shaking in Film3 heading into Summer 2022?

The Summer projects and partnerships in Film3 spaces are heating up.  

Mogies! just announced the first ever fully legit NFT Animated Series in partnership with the animators that brought The Simpsons series, The Simpsons Movie and VR attractions at Universal Studios Japan. 

Deadline broke the story in an exclusive that focusses on Erick Tran and his animation team at Chavvo plus Mogieland, the new Hollywood metaverse.

The Simpsons’ Animator Erick Tran Working Up NFT-Financed Hollywood Toon Series ‘The Mogies’ With Digital Marketplace And Financier Mogul Productions.

Trace Network Labs enables the creation of lifestyle products for any multichain metaverse. Their innovative technology has the ability for users to create real lookalike “BUDDY” avatars for individuals that are represented in the form of a NFT.  In addition to the “BUDDY” avatars, there is also the option to elevate your character’s style via digital wearables such as jackets and accessories.

Mogul Productions partnered with Trace Network Labs to drive engagement within the entertainment industry and drive quality experiences within their Mogieland Metaversecofr Hollywood.

The Mogul community will soon be able to mint their own NFT and bring that avatar into a variety of virtual experiences such as film premieres and events in Mogul’s Metaverse cinemas. There will also be the opportunity for users to obtain Mogul branded wearables that will unlock certain utility aspects and special “Behind The Scenes” experiences.

Actor/filmmaker, David Bianchi has over 100 professional credits and can be seen in studio films and major network TV. His work in front of the camera has earned him membership into the very prestigious Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Mogul Productions Partners with Globally Acclaimed Actor, Filmmaker & Poet David Bianchi on his latest collections.  “SENSES”, is centered around 100 philosophical poems (written by David) on the human experience inspired by the five human senses. 

First dropped in 2021, the Arabian Camels collection helped lay the foundation for IP from the upcoming feature film Antara.  

NFT holders can get acting parts in the film, access to the film’s premiere, and part-ownership of the movie. The community is also eligible to earn a yield on their NFTs during production. 

The vision behind Arabian Camels is to create a whole new platform and ecosystem where creators, producers, digital artists, and communities can collaborate to create something special for movie lovers. 

Arabian Camels NFT Partnered With  Mogul Production to help launch the $50M Feature Film. is focused on empowering artists, and provides the ability for every player to earn through exploration, by giving options to create epic lands and interactions thus enabling users to embark on a new journey within a thriving metacommunity. It is built on Eco friendly NEAR Protocol, and is empowered by human guild, the video game development arm of near foundation.

NEARVERSE partnered with Mogul Productions to Launch Virtual Hollywood Experience

There will be events such as film premieres, shows, meet ups and users will be able to play to interact with the wider NEARVERSE ecosystem. Partnering with NEARVERSE allows both communities together to scale Metaverse development and user engagement.

MoonPay is the leading global crypto payments infrastructure provider. The company was created with the mission of onboarding the world to Web3 by creating tools that make it easy to buy cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

MoonPay’s partnered with Mogul Productions to offer a simplified credit card payment interface and process that film fans can use to buy NFTs. 

Mogul partnered with Bubble Maps, a crypto data company. To help the DeFi ecosystem become a safer place for token holders. 

By listing STARS on Bubble Maps, Mogul is becoming more transparent and helping users access deeper information on the health and security of the ecosystem.

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing, allowing a global audience of fans to participate in the financing of movies and other forms of entertainment through NFT sales. Mogul’s NFT marketplace serves as a bridge between the NFT arena and the world of entertainment financing. It’s a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

More Film3 announcements and updates are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Mogul Press

Global Web3 metaverse and tax initiatives continue in the face of a market meltdown


Web3 developers, institutional investors and regulators preparing to tax metaverse profits remain stable despite all the turbulence in the digital assets market.

Immune to the digital asset market’s manic depressive volatility, Web3 developers, institutional investors, and regulators preparing to tax metaverse profits are calmly continuing with business as usual across the world.

The NFT bear market might have cautioned high-level financiers at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as central banks start to tighten monetary policy against a backdrop of slowing economic activity. And gone are the days when central bankers fretted hedge fund managers — they are more concerned about the new crowd at the door, the “Metaversians,” who are digitizing various aspects of life in 3D with artificial intelligence.

Read more at CoinTelegraph …

Mogul Press NFT Drops

Mogul Productions Partners with Globally Acclaimed Actor, Filmmaker & Poet David Bianchi

Mogul Community to be given early access to David Bianchi’s latest NFT drop “SENSES”

Mogul Productions partners with David Bianchi and his new NFT collection, SENSES, to help shine a light on his latest masterpiece which bridges spoken word poetry and generative fine art. This will allow Mogul’s core community of film lovers the chance to get early access to one of the most anticipated NFT drops of 2022.

David Bianchi is a multi-hyphenate artist. Globally known as an actor, filmmaker, and spoken word poet. He seamlessly blends together these passions in his very own art genre he calls Spinema™ (Spinning cinema through spoken word).  These poetic-cinematic experiences are currently taking the NFT art space by storm, leading to tens of thousands of dollars being donated to charity.

As an actor/filmmaker, David has over 100 professional credits and can be seen in studio films and major network TV. His work in front of the camera has earned him membership into the very prestigious Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

His latest collection, SENSES, is centered around 100 philosophical poems (written by David) on the human experience inspired by the five human senses. PLS&TY strategically produced the music to fit the Solfeggio frequencies, (Hz frequencies that are proven to heal the mind-body and elevate the chakras). The generative psychedelic art by technologist Dogan Demir is coded from mathematical data informed by recordings of David’s voice.  Each NFT layer is owned by the collector including a hidden layer of the poetry signed by David including global sales and publishing rights of the written poetry.

David says, “The work has a cinematic energy about it, through massive collaboration of over 20 people, original score, conceptual art and epic sound scapes. Holders will have access to an exclusive sound bath experience in Spatial plus IRL activations in major markets.”

The Mogul community will be granted 60 “Allow list” spots which will enable them to secure the SENSES NFT prior to the public sale on June 9th for 0.15 ETH, with one mint per wallet. Full info on the collection can be found here.

The allow list spots will be on a first come basis and the Mogul community will need to do the following to secure a spot:

Send a DM on Twitter to the official SENSES account and include the following information

  1. Write “Mogul List”
  2. Provide ETH wallet address
  3. Provide Name
  4. Provide Email 

The SENSES team will then be in touch to arrange mint information for the NFT.

“Mogul stands for more than just cinema in Film3. They stand for good art and a strong community with bold intentions. Which is why we’re certain SENSES will speak to the Mogul Community! It is my pleasure to collaborate with such trailblazers, now and in the future to come.” – David Bianchi

We are excited to align with David to help support his amazing new collection SENSES, and provide our community access to some really unique NFTs. David is one of the leaders within the Film3 movement and this is an exciting first step as we continue to develop our partnership with him moving forward! Jake Fraser, Head of Business Development, Mogul Productions

As Mogul and David Bianchi continue to help pioneer the Film3 movement and bring entertainment fans into the world of Crypto, there will no doubt be some more exciting news between both parties in the near future.

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing, allowing a global audience of fans to participate in the financing of movies and other forms of entertainment through NFT sales. Mogul’s NFT marketplace serves as a bridge between the NFT arena and the world of entertainment financing. It’s a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Telegram 

Mogul Press

MoonPay Partners with Mogul Productions To Drive Crypto Adoption Payments For The Entertainment Industry

Mogul Productions, the leading DeFi and NFT platform for the entertainment industry, is pleased to announce a partnership with crypto payment solution with MoonPay, a world-leading digital asset infrastructure provider and exchange. 

What is MoonPay?

MoonPay is the leading global crypto payments infrastructure provider. The company was created with the mission of onboarding the world to Web3 by creating tools that make it easy to buy cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

MoonPay’s partnership with Mogul Productions offers a simplified credit card payment interface and process that film fans can use to buy NFTs. 

“In the same way the internet became a means to democratize information, cryptocurrency is becoming a means to democratize financial participation at scale,” said Laura Gomez Rojas, Business Development Manager at MoonPay. “We are delighted to be partnering with the team at Mogul to help onboard more people from the world of entertainment into the world of Web3.”  

What is Mogul Productions?

​​Mogul Productions is a platform for film fans, by film fans, driven by a community that is empowered to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Mogul Productions provides fans access to intellectual property of world-class entertainment via utility-based-NFTs and film financing.

The MoonPay partnership can help get film fans excited and more involved with digital assets. Licensing agreements allows our community of movie lovers to get access to digital memorabilia from some of their favorite motion pictures. 

“As we are continually building our ecosystem at Mogul, a big part of this is strategically aligning with companies that provide value for our community. We are really excited to be partnering with the team at MoonPay to help the next wave of film and entertainment fans get involved with our suite of products and experiences,” Jake Fraser, Mogul Productions’ Head of Business Development, said. 

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing, allowing a global audience of fans to participate in the financing of movies and other forms of entertainment through NFT sales. Mogul’s NFT marketplace serves as a bridge between the NFT arena and the world of entertainment financing. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Telegram 

About MoonPay

MoonPay is a financial technology company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto. Leading marketplaces around the world are providing their users with a simpler way to buy and sell NFTs using MoonPay’s industry-first NFT Checkout solution, which allows the purchase of NFTs instantly with a credit or debit card. The company is active in more than 160 countries and is trusted by 450+ partners, including leading wallets, websites, and applications.

For more information visit: 

Mogul Press

Mogul Partners with Bubble Maps to Offer STARS Holders Unique Data Visualization Experience

Mogul Productions, a DeFi and NFT marketplace platform for the entertainment industry, has partnered with Bubble Maps, a crypto data company. Bubble Maps helps the DeFi ecosystem become a safer place for token holders. Bubble Maps, their flagship product, provides users with an interactive way to explore on-chain data, including transfers and wallet connections. As of today, Bubble Maps supports over 200 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

By listing STARS on Bubble Maps, Mogul is becoming more transparent and helping users access deeper information on the health of the ecosystem. Mogul will enable its community to conduct deeper research on STARS, which can be staked again, beginning from May.

Bubble Maps data analytics tool is compatible with BSC, letting BEP20 STARS holders better visualize transactions.

On Bubble Maps, each token has a unique map that displays the way top holders interact with each other, revealing deeper connections between wallets. Specifically, every wallet is represented by a bubble, whose size is proportionate to its holdings. Only the top wallets are displayed, and every interaction between them is shown on the map.

For example, here is what the map of MoonLight’s native token looks like:

While Bubble Maps lets users visualize wallet interactions in a fun way, the data analytics tool is more than just about visualizing transactions. It highlights any potential red flags related to price manipulations, suspicious large transactions, and attacks.

As a rule, the simpler the map, the healthier is the token distribution. If there are large clusters of interactions, it can be related to private sales, centralized exchanges, or suspicious activities.

Bubblemaps is a new way of exploring on-chain data through accessible and playful visuals. “Thank you Mogul for getting listed, you are showing a high level of transparency to your community.  Everyone can now analyze the distribution for your $STARS tokens!” Said Nick, CEO of Bubble Maps

The service is trusted by high-profile entities in the crypto industry, including Coinmarketcap, Coinbase, CoinGecko, and TechRate, among others.

Mogul Launches Longest Staking Program

The partnership with MoonLight comes at the right time, as Mogul launched a staking program starting on May 15. According to the program, 14 million STARS tokens will be rewarded to the community until May 2023. The staking program supports BEP20 tokens only, and users are encouraged to swap their STARS from Ethereum to BSC if they want to take part in it.

Token holders can lock their STARS for specified periods of time in order to earn a STARS reward rate, which is defined by the pool they are entering. Specifically, the rewards increase with the lockup period.

For DeFi enthusiasts, this enables token holders to lock an amount of their tokens to accumulate rewards. This creates liquidity within the ecosystem, while providing yield opportunities for stakers. On Mogul, staking rewards are received in the form of STARS tokens, and users can withdraw their rewards at any given point in time. However, if withdrawals are conducted before the predetermined lockup period requirement, users will not be eligible to claim the rewards.

Mogul hosts four reward pools for its staking program, each having a different number of STARS allocated for rewards. The reward rate per pool will vary over time. The pools are as follows: ‍

  • VIP Pool (accepted tokens: STARS) – 1,000,000 STARS are allocated for rewards. The minimum lockup period is one month, and the reward benefits will go on for three months.
  • Backstage Pool (accepted tokens: STARS) – 3,000,000 STARS are put aside for rewards. Users have to lock their STARS for no less than two months in order to be eligible for rewards, which will be given for six months.
  • Oscar’s Pool (accepted tokens: Pancake Swap STARS_BNB LP Tokens) – this pool accepts Pancake Swap LP tokens only. It has 4 million STARS allocated for rewards. The minimum lockup period is three months, and the rewards will be given for nine months.
  • Red Carpet Pool (A-List Pool; accepted tokens: STARS) – 6,000,000 STARS are reserved for this pool, which has a lockup requirement of three months at least. The rewards will be given for a period of one year.

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is where movies meet blockchain. They offer DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse product lines to help bring fans closer to the big screen. It is currently the only global NFT marketplace and DeFi platform focused on the film and entertainment industry. Mogul accelerates NFTs adoption in film, music, and television, providing unique experiences to fans and helping artists leverage the best features of blockchain.

The platform is backed by a professional team of producers who have created 95 feature films that have generated $425+ million in box office revenue.

Blog Posts

The Power of Community and Utility in the Current Crypto Market

Since launching, Mogul has developed one of the world’s most influential NFT marketplaces. Our platform is off to a strong start with 50,000 active NFT Marketplace users in the first three months after it came online and $50M in value sent through Mogul smart contracts. Part of this success is due to the magnetization toward our community. Additionally, the amount of utility that Mogul offers to token holders through staking and other benefits is vital to the long term sustainability of the ecosystem. 

Mogul has led the charge into NFTs and DeFi for artists, fans, and filmmakers everywhere by creating a crypto community around the entertainment industry. Our diverse community’s strength is apparent through collaborations with the likes of $50M feature film Antara, Grammy Award Winning Rapper Ja Rule, Academy Award winning Actress Julianne Moore, and The Simpsons Animator Erick Tran on the entertainment side, and Polygon, Chainlink, and ApeSwap on the blockchain side. 

Additionally, Mogul’s new staking program is another example of how we’re building our platform with a group of people who believe in what we’re building and a community of people who are committed to building with us. Our new staking pools are an added utility that offers members of our community an incentive to hold STARS long term. We’re starting a 1-year campaign that will reward our STARS token holders who meet the holding requirements with more tokens than ever before. 

The Power of Crypto Communities 

The camaraderie that crypto communities offer has the potential to extend beyond kinship felt by sports enthusiasts, fans of the same musical band, or even compatriots. 

Crypto communities are more empowering than other communities because they allow and incentivize actual community governance – that means the community’s constituents can make decisions that truly impact the group and themselves. In crypto communities, people can put “skin in the game” to participate in an economy where their voices are heard. Furthermore, incentivizing crypto communities with added utility can create stronger communities. Many examples of crypto communities have grown by offering added utility to token holders.

Community Examples: 

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: The company hosts real-life parties with concerts for its members that enjoy the networking as well as airdrop utility of being part of its community. Members include Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton. Bored Ape Yacht Club token holders stay connected through a tokengated chat and other virtual and token-holder-only events in the metaverse.
  • Permies: Crypto media company Blockworks created a collection of 555 Permie NFTs for VIP access to their 2022 Permissionless conference, lifetime access to all future Permissionless events, access to the $2,500 per year Blockworks Research platform, and a token-holder Discord with people from some of the most influential companies in Web2, Web3, and traditional finance. Business deals, job hirings, and high-level market information happen through this small crypto community that is loaded with utility. 

These are just two examples of thriving crypto communities. They demonstrate that if token holders have a strong community with utility, the token can succeed. However, other ways to add utility to a community extend beyond IRL events and token airdrops. Staking is another example of added utility that can positively impact a token community. 

Staking STARS and Mogul’s Film3 Community 

Crypto-connected communities advance the current idea of fraternity and what it means to connect to others around a shared interest. By design, crypto communities use game theory to encourage players in a system to interact rationally. These players, the community itself, make decisions together to govern the community. They all have a shared interest because they own tokens in the community, make decisions in the community, and want to see it succeed. A bond of this magnitude is powerful. 

As we execute our 2022/2023 roadmap, we are rewarding our community for staking by giving them STARS tokens in our largest staking pool yet! Users must fulfill the requirements for the minimum lockup threshold to be eligible for rewards at the specified ending time. We have 14M STARS tokens we will be rewarding our pool participants with. This program will last for an entire year to celebrate our 1st anniversary of the STARS token, a milestone we reached in May 2022! 

In total, there are four different staking pools that vary based on the amount of rewards that are given, the amount of STARS tokens that are required to be staked, and the duration of time the STARS need to be staked to receive the reward. (Please note, since the reward pools are issued on every BSC block, the pool’s actual end dates are approximated to BSC’s average block time. These dates may not be exact for the end times for the pools): 

  • VIP: 1M STARS | 1-Month Minimum Lockup 
  • Backstage: 3M STARS | 2-Month Minimum Lockup 
  • Oscar’s: 4M STARS | 3-Month Minimum Lockup 
  • A-List:  6M STARS | 3-Month Minimum Lockup 

Mogul empowers its community by offering a place where its community can vote on projects they want to see coming online to the market. By offering a way for the community to vote on which projects they want to see come to life, Mogul creates a diverse, incentivized platform around a shared artistic interest and shared vision. Then, Mogul incentivizes long-term participation in this community through rewards. 

Mogul’s platform attracts different networks of people across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Different protocols and their corresponding communities have their own unique flare.  

Reference this blog post to learn more about Mogul’s staking reward pool: Introducing $STARS Staking