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Mogies Collection & Rarity Information

Mogies were made in partnership and designed by Erick Tran and his team at CHAVVO Studios. The award-winning, transmedia production team has worked with major Hollywood studios including Disney, Universal, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Animation, Cartoon Network, Fox, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and EA. 

The team has been involved in the production of major box office hits including The Simpsons Movie and series, Kung Fu Panda, The Avengers and many more.

CHAVVO is committed to the Mogieland NFT community and new animated series.

“Mogieland is a homage to Hollywood, to our favorite characters, actors, and movies that have made us. Mogul is set out to make this the very first NFT animated series and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them. Mogul has given us creative freedom to develop something original and special in this space. It’s great to see Mogul supporting creators and the animation community like very few others have. We are committed to this project and the NFT community. As a NFT producer we want to be a major player in the NFT space. Working with Mogul, I can see that really coming to fruition.” says Erick Tran. 

What are Mogies?

The Hollywood sign is turning 100, and the Mogies are celebrating! 😎

​​Mogies are a NFT collection of 1923 NFTs inspired by the last 100 years of Hollywood characters and personalities in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Hollywood sign being erected. This parody collection is to pay homage to the top entertainers and creators that helped Hollywood become what it is today, and create a standard for the next 100 years of filmmaking that will occur within Film3 – a movement spearheaded by Mogul and our community to empower creators to create movies and content in more fan exclusive ways using blockchain technology in the Metaverse. Mogul is where movies meet blockchain through DeFi, NFTs – and now, the Metaverse through Mogies and Mogieland.

Enter Mogies – the characters of the Metaverse. Enter Mogieland. The Metaverse for Movies. 

Mogies in Mogieland - Characters of the Metaverse

Mogies are aliens that feed on entertainment. They love it! They have come to Earth because it’s the biggest source of entertainment in the universe. Humans are humans until they enter Mogieland, and then, when they enter, they become a Mogie.

Mogies are the citizens of Mogieland. They look and act like all our favorite film and TV characters and Hollywood icons from the past 100 years. In actuality, they are aliens from an advanced race that use “lasers” to transform the landscape in the blink of an eye. They feed off entertainment as energy, and travel across the Universe absorbing this vital resource, sucking intelligent worlds dry and moving along to the next. Earth stands to be the biggest source of entertainment and salvation because when our little Mogies get bored, they die. Ultimately, they’re passionate cosplayers and the biggest fans in the galaxy. Mogieland is their Comic-Con, and they have every intention to ensure it lasts forever.

Mogies - Citizens of Mogieland - NFT collection

What is Mogieland?


Population: 1923.

Amidst scrub brush and desert dunes, a UFO landed and then obscured 10 sq. miles in a region now known as THE BLUR —- a shrouded forcefield that has taken the shape of an old tube television laid on its back. What goes on behind its opaque borders has remained a mystery…until now.

Mogieland is where Mogies live, and is a Metaverse inspired by the traditional landmarks of Hollywood. Hollywood is a larger-than-life characterization of the entertainment industry and has become a top place in the world for tourism – but not everyone across the world can experience the glamor and excitement of Tinseltown… 

Enter Mogieland. It’s the Metaverse for film, where cultural attractions, movie premieres, red carpet events, concerts, and even celebrity sightings are brought to the world of Film3.   A place where the Greek Theatre, TCL Chinese Theatre, and even Studio City are represented by their transitory counterpart in Mogieland – powered by STARS tokens. Mogies can spend the morning playing-to-earn in Studio City,  the afternoon catching celebrities at Runyon Canyon, and the evening at the Hollywood sign overlooking the energy of Mogieland’s latest film premiere. 

Mogies in Mogieland - STAR on the Walk of Fame - Mogul

Own your own STAR on the Walk of Fame!

In Mogieland, users will be able to buy their own land, build, take their Mogies to film premieres, movie theaters, red carpet events, concerts, fashion shows, and even play games to earn in Studio City. It’s a virtual place where Mogul partners with movies, celebrities, entertainers, fashion icons and other star studded individuals globally to do Metaverse movie premieres at traditionally iconic Hollywood locations, and sell tickets in STARS  where holders will be able to virtually meet and socialize with all these industry Moguls. Mogieland breaks geographical barriers to access exclusive events and brings them global in a universe where brands, fans, movies, and celebrities can meet, collaborate, and create where movies meet blockchain.

Hollywood in Mogieland - Powered by STARS tokens - NFTs

What will I be able to do in Mogieland?

Mogieland visitors will be able to visit the walkaround environment. Hollywood is one of the most highly trafficked tourist destinations in the world… and soon… Mogieland will be too. All powered by STARS tokens.

Within Mogieland, visitors will be able to: 

  • Attend movie premieres 
  • Mingle with creators and get behind-the-scenes looks 
  • Attend first screening viewings of films partnered with Mogul 
  • Watch movies with tickets paid for in STARS tokens 
  • Enjoy hangout areas with other cinema lovers in VR environments to discuss all things entertainment and Mogul 
  • Attend meet and greets with the STARS
  • Attend concerts
  • Attend fashion shows
  • Buy NFT’s from virtual stores
  • Build your own place in Mogieland and show off all your NFT’s
  • Own iconic pieces of Hollywood transformed in Mogieland
  • Show off your virtual style by wearing your own NFT fashions
  • Play to earn in Studio City 

Much more utility and many more features are being added in Mogieland over time as Mogul expands its rapidly growing list of partners.

All Mogie holders will receive a piece of land in Mogieland. If a purchaser owns a Mogie and an Access Pass they will receive two plots of land in Mogieland. If a purchaser owns a Mogie, Access Pass, and a certain threshold of STARS tokens to be announced at a later date, they will receive 3 plots of land in Mogieland. These plots of land are randomly distributed according to the type of Mogie and Access Pass.

Rarer Mogies and Access Passes will have a higher weighting to receive more coveted locations of land.

How do I purchase a Mogie?

Mogies are ERC721 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and can only be purchased through the Mogul NFT marketplace in the primary market. In the secondary market, Mogies will be available on the Mogul Marketplace, OpenSea, Rarible, and LooksRare. The Mogie that a purchaser will receive is verifiably random

There are 1923 total NFTs which will be issued in the following phases. Mogies are sold in ETH, but can be purchased in ERC20 STARS tokens at a 10% discount to reward our holders.

Four phases of the sale:

  • Phase 1: Dutch Auction
    • A dutch auction for the general public starting at 1 ETH that includes 800 Mogies. This is available for everyone globally and will have 24 hour tiers
      • 1 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.8 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.6 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.4 ETH tier lasts 24 hours
      • 0.2 ETH tier lasts 24 hours 
    • The pricing for the next phase will equal the price paid for the last NFT sold during the dutch auction
      • If all 800 NFTs sell at the 1 ETH level, then the price of the next phase will be 1 ETH
      • If the 800 NFTs do not sell during the dutch auction, the remainder will be allocated to the public sale 
  • Phase 2: Whitelist Sale for Access Pass holders only 
  • Phase 3: Public Sale – 72 hours
  • Phase 3.5: Bonus Mint
    • Any unsold NFTs will be allocated to the first purchasers from the dutch auction
    • This phase will only occur in the unlikely event that the Mogies allocated for public sale do not sell out within a 72 hour period
  • Phase 4: Rebate + Reveal

If the total number of NFTs allocated for public and whitelist sale do not sell out, then the first purchasers of Mogies through the Dutch auction will have the opportunity to mint the remaining Mogies for free (aside from the gas fee required) after 72 hours of the public sale has passed. For example, if there are 15 Mogies left unsold, then the first 15 purchasers through the dutch auction will have their wallet address whitelisted to mint 1 Mogie each for free after the public sale. 

How does the Whitelist work?

Owners of Mogul Access Passes will be the only people eligible for the whitelist. Access Passes can be purchased here: 

There are 5 tiers of Access Passes that are granted the utility to mint a Mogie in the whitelist phase. The benefit of the whitelist phase is that you are guaranteed to be able to mint a Mogie at the lowest price offered through the dutch auction during a specific window. 

There are 1,073 NFTs allocated for whitelist spots, and addresses are whitelisted according to the tier of Access Pass they own on a first-come-first-serve basis. Access Pass holders can mint any number of Mogies they wish at the lowest price of the dutch auction. 

In the event that the 1,073 Mogies do not sell out, then the sale will enter the next stage – the public sale. In the event they do sell out, then there will be no public sale and the sale will enter the phase of Rebate & Reveal

What utility comes with Mogies ownership?

Extra perks and bonuses come to the primary purchaser of a Mogie based on how early they have purchased.

Tier Purchased:  1 ETH

  • 1.5x STARS rebate when purchased in ETH
    • 1x STARS rebate when purchased in STARS
  • First 5 unique sales (unique addresses) receive a complimentary Backstage Access Pass
  • Next 5 unique sales (unique addresses) receive a complimentary VIP Access Pass
  • Next 200 unique sales receive a complimentary All Access Pass
  • All purchasers at this tier receive a gold embossed derivative of their Mogie that is part of the exclusive Mogie Derivative Collection

Tier Purchased:  0.8 ETH

  • 1.3x STARS rebate when purchased in ETH
    • 1x STARS rebate when purchased in STARS
  • All purchasers at this tier receive a silver embossed derivative of their Mogie

Tier Purchased:  0.6 ETH

  • 1x STARS rebate when purchased in ETH or STARS 

All Purchasers:  

  • Private Discord channel only for Mogies holders
  • Tickets to all future Mogies IRL events, including the first-ever event at Futurist Conference with exclusive IRL experiences for Mogies holders (bonus VIP experiences for those who hold an Access Pass and a Mogie)
  • Whitelist to all future Mogie derivative drops 
  • Holders will receive an NFT of the first episode of the Mogies animated series for an exclusive copy of the episode 
  • Select holders may receive Thank You credits at the end of the Mogies animated series episodes
  • Holders will be able to purchase a 3D figurine of their Mogie (only owners) in STARS tokens 
  • Access to exclusive Mogie virtual meetups and events hosted in Mogieland
  • 50% of all 7.5% secondary market royalties will go directly towards growing the Mogies and Mogieland ecosystem for further STARS holder utility 
  • 10% of all future rewards accruing from the Mogies animated series, wearables, collectibles, or line of figurines will be distributed to holders as rewards quarterly
  • Invites to virtual events with the creators of Mogies to see behind-the-scenes with world-class animators of the Simpsons and King of the Hill
  • Exclusive access to future premieres in Mogieland and other metaverses (red carpets, launch concerts, exclusive pilots and screenings of the Mogies animated series)
  • Exclusive first-access to meet and greets
  • Backstage access to behind-the-scenes content from the creation of the Mogies animated series
  • Discounts on wearables and experiences in Mogieland
  • Free allocation of 1 randomized plot of land in Mogieland
  • First access to purchase land at a 20% discount in Mogieland

Remember: All purchases on the Mogul platform can be done in STARS tokens and the purchaser will receive a 10% discount on their purchase for purchasing in STARS

Mogie Holders in Mogieland - ERC20 STARS tokens - Mogie and Access Pass

How does the STARS rebate work?

A rebate is a bonus given to a purchaser to reward them for purchasing early. 


  • Let’s say a user purchases a Mogie for 1 ETH and the dutch auction closes at 0.6 ETH
  • 1 ETH minus 0.6 ETH is 0.4 ETH. This is the amount of ETH that will be eligible for a rebate
  • Let’s assume the price of STARS is 5 cents and the price of ETH is $3000
  • 0.4 ETH therefore is $1200, which is the amount eligible for the STARS rebate
  • Since the user purchased at 1 ETH, the $1200 delta between their purchase price and the lowest price in the dutch auction is multiplied by 1.5x. Therefore, the user gets an $1800 rebate in STARS tokens 
  • Since STARS tokens are valued at 5 cents, the user will receive 36,000 STARS as a rebate

The rebate coupled with other bonuses make it more advantageous for a user to purchase a Mogie early.

What is the Mogies derivative collection?

Mogies derivatives are part of a separate NFT collection and contract separate, but linked, to the official Mogies collection to maintain the provenance and collectibility of the original Mogies. Derivatives of Mogies, such as the gold embossed and silver embossed Mogies, will live in this collection to reward Mogies holders.

The gold embossed Mogies, which are gifted to the first purchasers of Mogies in the dutch auction, will forever be stamped in the Mogieland Hall of Fame. 

This collection is meant for rare spinoffs, fashion items, and event-driven NFTs related to Mogies and Mogieland for collectors, fans, and users. 

Mogies in Mogieland - NFT Collection - Chavvo Studios The Simpsons

The Artists

Mogies were created by Erick Tran and his team at Chavvo Studios in partnership with Mogul Productions. 

Erick Tran and his team at Chavvo are the animators of the Simpsons and King of the Hill. He and his team have won Telly, Emmy, and Peabody awards for their work. They were responsible for the design of the Simpsons ride at Universal Studios, have consulted with Electronic Arts on the Simpsons video games, and played an integral role in the development of the virtual reality roller coaster rides at Universal Studios Japan; including Doraemon, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and more. Their experience in licensing, merchandising, animation, and video games for multi-billion dollar franchises will help propel Mogieland and Mogies to the next level as Mogul’s co-partners.

How were Mogies made?

Mogies are all 1/1 NFTs that are sculpted individually using computer generated imagery (CGI). There was no programming used to copy characteristics from one Mogie to another – each was hand sculpted. 

The first step in creating a Mogie was to have the design team create character references and hand-drawn 2D sketches of the character. Then, each character goes through a rigging process to create the 3D skeletal model of the character. This allows the character to easily be transformed into animated versions of themselves. The last step is to bring the characters to life with the Mogies animators.

If Mogies were 2D characters, and did not go through this process, they could not exist in a 3D space like the Metaverse. Mogies, due to this rigorous design process, can easily walk through the space and live in Mogieland.

How are Mogies rarities determined? 

Mogies have 7 different facial expressions that are based on the 7 universal emotions that humans wear on their face. These facial expressions will play a role in how their characters will interact in future Mogies series’ and creative concepts.

Mogies have 5 tiers of rarity, which are denoted from the background in the NFT.

  1. Anger
  2. Fear
  3. Disgust 
  4. Happy
  5. Sad
  6. Surprise
  7. Contempt

These expressions were assigned custom to each Mogie based on their perceived personality.

Mogies also have a STAR Ranking in their metadata, which is a score out of 100 denoting the popularity of the Mogie in Mogieland.

There are a select number of Mogies that have angel wings. If the actor that played the Mogie character passed away outside of Mogieland at the time of the mint, their Mogie character has been represented with angel wings. 

There are several different colors of flat backgrounds in Tier 5 Mogies. These were chosen on an aesthetic basis by the animators of the Mogies and colors were grouped together with families of Mogie characters. 

For more information please visit the Mogies NFT Utility page.

Mogies in Mogieland - Mogul Logo - NFTs Collection - Film3