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AMA with Erick Tran of Chavvo Studios Recap

This post recaps the AMA with Erick Tran, Founder of Chavvo Studios that took place on the Mogul Official Discord Server on Wednesday, November 24th.

I’d like to welcome (Erick Tran) to the channel. It would be great if you could introduce yourself to the community. 🌟

Erick Tran: Absolutely, so basically worked on The Simpsons since 1996. I started as an animator and was then promoted to assistant director in 2002. I supervised on the Simpsons Movie and then worked with Universal Studios Simpsons Ride. Hopefully, have some fans here? Lol

Thanks for that, great to have you here! I’m a huge fan! Spider piiiig! LOL

Erick Tran: Now, I dedicate my time at CHAVVO animation as CEO, director & producer. We have creative teams in 5 countries so it’s pretty cool.

I also produce live-action content, feature films, reality shows, documentaries, and most recently Anime projects with Universal Studios Japan

Question 1 (@MageFrost): How did your relationship with Mogul begin and what aspects of Mogul made you decide to work together?

Erick Tran: Well, it all started with my good friend Cindy Cowan who is an amazing producer here in Hollywood. But seeing what MOGUL was doing I knew it was definitely the right move. I think raising money to produce films and shows through crypto is the future

Question 2 (@Buzzmogie): Did you literally create Bart?!

Erick Tran: No lol, I was like 12yrs old

Question 3 (@Buzzmogie): Please tell us some cool stories about what you may have had a big role in bringing to the show

Erick Tran: Well as you know the character model designs have changed since early years. I was asked to update the Simpsons family model designs to what they are now. It was def a BIG DEAL and honor that they wanted me to do it. That was a loooooong time ago lol

Question 4 (@Barcell1):  It’s your first work in the metaverse, how do you feel working with Mogul in such pioneering industry?

Erick Tran:Absolutely  A M A Z I N G !!!

It’s like in animation. We are creating things that will be released 6-12 months in the future. Though this is our first project in the metaverse, it’s interesting that our years of experience in animation/VR/CG etc has prepped us for this

The MOGUL team has been amazing. I hope to visit soon in their fancy private jet haha

Question 5 (@Sol): Can you give more detail on the rendering process for Mogies that makes them unique?

Erick Tran: Absolutely

Well.. it is a long process where each MOGIE is digitally sculpted. We start off with our 2D design team, once designs are approved then in goes to CG. We apply textures and other magical stuff to bring them to life

It’s an 8 step process. They aren’t automated through AI by any means so it’s special

Question 6 (@Sol): Which Mogie is on your personal wishlist?

Erick Tran: Ohhhh boy! if I say will I jinx it? LOL

But… if this is the place to spill the beans and get real insight (so) here’s a lil secret… Fresh Prince was the first Mogie created. SHhhhhhhh 🤫

2nd created was Leonardo – Wolf Wallstreet and 3rd Marlyn Monroe. So there you have it.

Queston 7 (@MageFrost): Can you tell us 1-2 things that non-designers do not understand about the complexities of animation? Or what are some things you wished others will appreciate?

Erick Tran: Well, FYI it takes approx 5mins to draw a good simpsons character pose. Sometimes it requires about 5-10 key poses for just a few sec of animation. There have been scenes that would take an animator up to 1 week for maybe 10sec of screen time depending on complexity.

Not easy on the body for sure but we do it because we love our job.

Question 8 (@jiayi): Can you tell us more about potential future plans for an animated movie / series featuring Mogies?

Erick Tran: OMG! BIG! So FYI, our team comprises of artist & animators that work (not only on Simpsons) but also at Disney, Dreamworks, WB, Cartoon Network, Nick etc… and Universal.

We are ready to go all in with Mogul to produce produce produce. Let’s just say it will be all hands on deck. We have 2 top level concept artists that work on Mandalorian, Avengers films, Star Wars awakens; just to give you an idea.

Question 9 (@Sol): What other projects are you involved with beyond the Mogies?

Erick Tran: Doraemon, Attack on Titan, and this other anime called Demon Slayer. Not sure if you’ve heard of it? It was only the highest grossing anime of all time. 😉

Question 10 (@Buzzmogie): Can you tell us about the Easter eggs hidden in each Mogie?

Erick Tran: Yes, each Mogie has a Mogul Star. Some are apparent some are much more hidden… but it’s there.

Question 11 (@Buzzmogie): What was your perception of NFTs prior to working with Mogul?

Erick Tran: NFT is the future and VERY thankful that there’s more awareness.

Question 12 (@Buzzmogie): What is MogieLand

Erick Tran: Mogieland will be the digital world of the Mogies. I’m not sure how much we can say but there isn’t anything like it from what we’ve seen so far.

Question 13 (@Buzzmogie): Do you own crypto or NFTs?

Erick Tran: Yes

Question 14 (@Buzzmogie): STARS is your fav token? 🙂

Erick Tran: Let me think… lol

Question 15 (@Buzzmogie): What other nft projects are catching your eye these days?

Erick Tran: We are so slammed on Mogies that I haven’t had the time to look.

Thanks so much for all your questions everybody, and it’s a pleasure doing this AMA with you (Erick Tran). Can you please share your socials so our community can be updated with all your latest projects?

Erick Tran: IG @chavvostudios! Thanks for having us! our pleasure!! 2022 is going to be BIG

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Beginners Guide to Buying Stars

Welcome everyone to Mogul’s ecosystem.  We are the NFT marketplace platform for the film and entertainment industry.  Over the years Mogul has cultivated its team and technology to give you the best experience.  Each day Mogul develops exciting products infused with a strong community spirit.

With so many exciting products from film and entertainment in Mogul’s marketplace, new fans and collectors join our ecosystem daily.

The STARS token is our native cryptocurrency.  STARS allows users to take part in our NFT drops and get involved in the community.  Fans and collectors who wish to buy NFTs on the Mogul platform will need STARS to do so.   It’s used for staking, voting, governance and ownership.

STARS is acquired in two ways. First, by buying/swapping them. Second is by earning them in your smart wallet for staking during voting periods.

This guide to help get you on your way to attaining STARS so you can participate in upcoming NFT drops.

For these walkthroughs, we are using a web browser, not a smart phone.

Go to Mogul’s Marketplace page. The button is located on the top right hand of the Mogul Productions home page.

Here is the link.

Click on Connect Wallet on the top left hand corner

First, you need a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, or have a stored account on MEXC or BitMart, part of the approved exchanges on Mogul’s website.

Setting up your MetaMask Wallet

Go to Mogul’s STARS page

After clicking on Connect Wallet on the top left hand corner, select MetaMask and connect our wallet.

This video will explain briefly what MetMask is and how it works.

If you do not have a MetaMask wallet already then you must install it.

To do that, go to  and select the option that applies to you and follow the instructions.

The instructions are different, yet easy to understand for each installation option. For Chrome users in this example the installation will automatically begin after clicking the “Install MetaMask for Chrome” buttom.

During the installation process Chrome extensions will ask you whether to import an existing wallet or create a wallet.

Deciding to create a new wallet will prompt you to accept or decline data collection information.

Create a new password and agree to the Terms of Use.

Squirrel will prompt you to watch a security video Before getting started, watch this short video to learn about your Secret Recovery Phrase and how to keep your wallet safe.

Your secret recovery phrase is your master key.  Don’t lose it. It’s a series of 12 words which are generated when you first set up MetaMask.  It allows you to recover your wallet and funds if you ever lose access.  It’s important that you secure your wallet by keeping your secret recovery phrase very safe and secret.  If anyone gets access to it they will have the master key to your wallet and can freely access and take all of your funds.

To secure your MetaMask wallet you’ll want to safely save your secret recovery phrase. Nobody including the team at MetaMask can help you recover your wallet if you lose your secret recovery phrase. If you haven’t written down your secret recovery phrase and stored it somewhere safe, do it ASAP.  Do not share your recovery phrase with anyone, including MetaMask.  If anyone ever asks you for it, they are trying to scam you.

Once you have successfully stored your recovery phrase click “Next.”

MetaMask ask you to drag and drop the list of 12 keywords from your recovery phrase into the correct order by clicking on them in the correct order.  If you accidentally put then in the wrong order, you can drag and drop them in the proper order.

Click the Confirm button when ready.  If everything is done correctly, you should get a Congratulations message.

Now let’s go set up your wallet to buy STARS.

Go to Mogul’s NFT Marketplace and click

Click on Connect Wallet on the top left hand corner

Click on MetaMask which will open a separate MetaMask program.

Click Next and then Click Connect and your wallet is ready.

STARS is compatible with ETH and BNB. If you’re new to ETH and BNB you need to purchase your very first token using fiat money from a bank account or credit card.

You can also have  ETH and BNB  sent to your new wallet from another source.  Once this is in order, you’re ready to buy STARS.

Let’s go buy STARS!

Go to Mogul’s STARS page

Buy STARS with BNB on ApeSwap

  • Begin by navigating to the STARS webpage on Mogul and click on the ApeSwap option.
  • Next, connect your wallet by clicking on the yellow “Connect to a wallet” button on the top right.
  • Select and verify the wallet account you would like to connect, click “Next” and then “Connect”. If done successfully, you should see your wallet address alongside a small ape on the top right of the screen.
  • Make sure you’re on the “Swap” option. Then enter the amount of BNB you’d like to swap for STARS. Make sure your wallet is adequately funded with BNB to process this transaction.
  • Next, click the yellow “Swap” button.  Preview and verify that the transaction is correct, and hit “Confirm Swap”. This will prompt your wallet to open to confirm the transaction.
  • Lastly, close the transaction submitted window. We recommend waiting for the transaction to go through completely.
  • You now have STARS tokens in your wallet!

Buying STARS with BNB on PancakeSwap

  • Begin by navigating to the STARS webpage  on Mogul and click on the PancakeSwap option.
  • If you don’t have the STARS token already added on Pancake Swap, click on “View on BscScan” on the top right and copy the contract address before continuing back on PancakeSwap. Here is  the BEP20 contract address here for your convenience: 0xbD83010eB60F12112908774998F65761cf9f6f9a. You’ll need to add the token manually, by going back to the token page, hitting the teal “Trade” button on the top right. Once on the exchange page, hit “Select a currency” and choose BNB. Then, when selecting the second currency option, hit the existing token (which is most likely CAKE), click “Manage Tokens” at the bottom, hit “Tokens” on the top right, and paste the contract address to add the token.
  • If you already have the STARS token added on PancakeSwap, hit the teal “Trade” button on the top right, which will bring you to the “Exchange” page.
  • Here, you are swapping the top currency for the bottom currency. Begin by clicking “Select a currency” and choose BNB. Repeat this process with the bottom currency, but change this one to STARS.
  • Enter how much BNB you’d like to swap, then click the teal “Swap” button on the bottom. Adjust slippage if needed. (Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed.)
  • Double check that the transaction is correct and press “Confirm Swap”. This will prompt your wallet to open, where you will have to confirm the transaction again.
  • Lastly, close the transaction submitted window. We recommend waiting for the transaction to go through completely.
  • You now have STARS tokens in your wallet!

Buying STARS with ETH on UniSwap

  • Begin by navigating to the STARS webpage  on Mogul and click on the UniSwap option. You’ll then be guided to the UniSwap page.
  • Second, click “Connect Wallet” on the top right of the page and select the wallet you would like to use.
  • Verify you are using the correct account, hit “Next” and then “Connect”.
  • If you’ve done the previous step correctly, your wallet address should show up on the top right corner of the page.
  • Next, ensure that the currency on the top is set to ETH and the bottom currency is set to STARS. Here, you will be swapping the top currency for the bottom currency.
  • If you don’t already have STARS on your UniSwap tokens list, press “Select a token” and search STARS. Make sure you select the one that has “Mogul Productions” next to it, and hit the blue “Import” button. For verification, the contract address for the ERC20 STARS token should be: 0xc55c2175E90A46602fD42e931f62B3Acc1A013Ca.
  • Verify that you are importing the correct token, and hit the blue “Import” button again.
  • Enter the amount of ETH you would like to swap for STARS. Make sure you have more ETH than you are swapping for to ensure gas fees are covered. A gas fee is something all users must pay to perform any function on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Next, click the blue “Swap” button on the bottom, followed by “Confirm Swap”.
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet, which should then show “Transaction submitted” on the main page.
  • You can then click on “View on Etherscan” to verify the transaction
  • You now have STARS tokens in your wallet!

Buying STARS with USDT on MEXC

  • For this option, you will need an account with MEXC and be logged in.
  • Begin by navigating to the STARS webpage  on Mogul  and click on the MEXC option. This will bring you to the token page with charts and token details.
  • Click on the green “Buy” button located underneath the STARS price chart. The default pairing (or token if you’re selling for STARS) will be USDT. However you can change this to any compatible token.
  • If you want to purchase STARS  at the most recent token price, set the buying option to “Market” and enter the quantity you’d like to purchase.
  • Your available STARS balance should increase, and you now have STARS tokens in your wallet!

Buying STARS with USDT on BitMart

  • For this option, you will need an account with BitMart and be logged in.
  • Begin by navigating to the STARS webpage  on Mogul and click on the BitMart option. This will bring you to the token page along with charts and token details.
  • Click on the green “Buy” button located underneath the STARS price chart. The default pairing (or token you’re selling for STARS) will be USDT.  However you can change this to any compatible token.
  • If you want to purchase STARS at the most recent token price, set the buying option to “Market” and enter the quantity you’d like to purchase.
  • Your available STARS balance should increase, and you now have STARS tokens in your wallet!

For additional information on our STARS token, visit our gitbook at

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The Rise of Comics in Crypto

What defines the true worth of a comic book? To some, a comic book is worth nothing more than its ink and bound pieces of paper. But comic lovers, just like cryptocurrency enthusiasts, understand that the value of something isn’t derived from what can be touched and held, but rather, what brings joy.

This is exactly why our team at Mogul Productions is working to bridge the gap between comics, entertainment collectibles and cryptocurrency. By bringing these worlds together comic lovers will get exclusive, new content, and a new breed of comic enthusiasts will emerge. 

Especially with our latest NFT collection in collaboration with Rob Prior, which can be viewed here.

From paper books to NFTs

For decades, comics have been stuck in a loop. While comic creators have ventured into new characters and content, the art has been limited by its distribution on paper. While other areas of art have modernized into the digital world, comics remain a relic of the past. And while that nostalgia is what many comic book fans enjoy, it’s a net negative for the entire industry. In today’s digital world, comic book lovers are looking for something to replace the paper comics of their youth. Fortunately, that’s where Mogul can step in and provide new ways to engage fans through meaningful collectibles in film, entertainment, and even comics!

Non-fungible tokens — or NFTs — are unique digital assets that exist on blockchain networks. NFTs can represent everything from digital art to real-world assets like real estate. The blockchain holds the underlying ownership information for an NFT which can be used as a pseudo-certificate of authenticity.  

Turning comics into NFTs allows the distribution of comic books (and their collective derivatives) to be wider and more vast than ever imaginable. 

Immense benefits for comics

In the old world of comics, innovation and creativity were limited to what could be put to paper, mass-produced, and easily sold. But in today’s digital world of comics, innovation is limitless, and NFTs can drive the industry to even bigger heights.

Merging real world and digital

The lines between the real and digital worlds continue to be blurred. So much so that real-world objects are being digitized and made available as NFT collectibles on blockchain networks. This is exactly what renowned artist Rob Prior did when he partnered with us at Mogul on an ingenious way to display the merging of these two worlds.

The painter created a Wolf of Wall Street-inspired painting, digitized it on the Ethereum blockchain, and burned the original in a public display. The result was a digital collectible that is based on a real-world creation. And lest you think this idea wasn’t seen as revolutionary, the NFT sold for $182,050 in an auction on the Mogul platform. But this was only the first in the beginning of more digital collectibles, with the next two to be inspired by Star Wars and the Marvel Universe. 

NFT creativity

Mogul has teamed up with painter Rob Prior once again to release portraits of the great comic book creator Stan Lee signed by Lee himself. This set of 95 portraits will only exist as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Prior views this opportunity to create a new type of art as revolutionary. “It’s incredible that we can now make art immortal by giving it a permanent digital life on the blockchain. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working with the Mogul team to share my creations with the members of the entertainment community, who have always been big supporters of my work.”

Fractional ownership

Imagine owning a piece of the 1938 release of Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Superman. In its current form, the comic and its $4+ million price tag are all but a pipedream for most. But converted into an NFT and ownership of this, and other highly sought-after comics becomes a reality. That’s because NFTs can be broken down into fractional ownership, with multiple people owning a piece of a highly valuable and desired digital asset. Allowing for fractional ownership 

Crypto is growing the comic world

In many ways, comic book creators like Stan Lee were at the forefront of innovation. They saw the future before anyone else was able to conceive of it. Today. Lee would likely be proud to know that companies like Mogul Productions are partnering with artists like Rob Prior to take contributions to the comic book world and immortalize them in new ways using cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. With NFTs serving as the backbone to create new ideas, generate community-driven content, and sell fractional shares of new and old work alike, Mogul can give the comic book industry a new lease on life.

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The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee by Rob Prior

Every great superhero has a great backstory. So too does this collection, the result of years of collaboration between artist Rob Prior and his friend Stan Lee.

Rob met Stan in the 90s on the comic book convention scene, but it wasn’t until their mutual friend David Gold suggested that he paint Stan that the Legacy Collection took shape. Stan was a key part of the creative process, and despite busy schedules, they found time over the years to collide and talk about his favorite characters and vision for the future.

The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee uniquely captures the life and work of Stan, memorializing his likeness on some of the most iconic Marvel covers ever drawn. A tribute to his friend Stan and the icons he helped forge, this collection is one of Rob’s proudest works. For the initial sale, each NFT will come with the accompanying physical artwork signed by Stan. His hope is that on blockchain, these pieces will live forever.

10 1/1  NFTs Signed by Stan Lee before his passing in 2018 will be sold exclusively on Mogul during a 48 hour auction period starting on October 27th at 5pm Pacific Time (UTC -7). All of the NFTs can be viewed on the Mogul platform.

Each auction winner will also have the option to receive the physical piece of art, which can be as large as over 6 feet tall! The purchaser will work with Rob and his team to get the piece shipped to them. Each purchaser needs to show proof of purchase and the Mogul team will connect them with Rob to make sure you get your piece!

The auction will be held in Ethereum (ETH) so make sure you have your ETH ready!

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Telegram AMA with David Lipper and Ivo Raza of Reboot Camp

Telegram: u/brenodiassn1

Question 1: What was it like to shoot a mockumentary taking into account the balance between the script and the improvising scenes, and what were the other challenges you faced when shooting a film like this?

Answer: Ivo Raza – I’ll take this one. It’s a wonderful way of working. The whole film was scripted to ensure that there’s a solid structure in the story. But then both Dave and I are big fans of improv and we have many scenes we decided to play around with after we shot the script materials and just roof on the topic, especially doing the exercises. And then on top of it with a variety of the campers who came in and didn’t have written rules such as Ja Rule and David Koechner and Eric Roberts and his wife we came up with specific exercises for them for the camp and just improved all of it.

David Lipper – Yeah, the real challenge is in trying to figure out where the scene is going. Our DP – Derrick Cohan was brilliant in instinctively knowing when to zoom in on someone and when to zoom out.

Telegram: u/jbarcel
Question 2: How did this partnership start and can we expect more from it (like future films collaboration) going forward?

David Lipper – So, I first learned about Mogul from Rob Prior.

Ivo Raza – Who was also in Reboot Camp

David Lipper – Who (was) not only is in Reboot Camp but also directed me in a film called Painted Beauty.

And then Isabella Blake Thomas, who’s in my Death Link film, recently became a creative executive there – so it was almost family from the beginning.

But as far as entering the world of NFTs, that was actually spearheaded by our executive Producer Tim Alek Mulley who is a big part of the crypto community and works with Ja Rule in this and other things. He’s really taught us to this whole world that we’re still learning about eagerly.

He’s great and he’s been educating us a lot for the past year on this. That’s why we want the sequel to take place in this world.

Ivo Raza – Tim was telling us about NFTs for a while and it’s such an interesting microcosm.

David Lipper – Not just about raising funds through NFTs but actually giving the community a voice.

Telegram: u/jbarcel

Question 3: How did the cast members react about creating NFTs with deleted scenes, were they already aware of the Nfts market or was it something totally new?

Ivo Raza – Everyone was intrigued

David Lipper – So, it depends on which one. Ja Rule is well versed in this space and you’ll be hearing from him soon about this drop

Most of the others have been approached by companies looking to use their brand and they haven’t had the right people to trust on this until now and have been learning as well

David Koechner has been approached non-stop for memes on The Office and Anchorman but has held off until now.

Because it’s such a new space working with us and mogul …there’s a trust level which is very important

Telegram: u/solmoss

Question 4: what current or past movie NFT do you wish existed?

Ivo Raza – Big Lebowski

David Lipper – I’ll have to say the Hellraiser box

Telegram: u/brenodiassn1

Question 5: How do you see the possibility that your partnership is opening the way for an unprecedented form of increased film revenue, monetizing through scenes that would not be used?

David Lipper – Let’s see how it does. To be honest, we’re less concerned about how much money we make and more about connecting with this community and hopefully find an audience here that loves the movie as much as we do. It will be nice to put funds in the actors’ pockets on this, but at the end of the day, I want you all to see the movie and get pumped for the sequel.


Question 6

Could you tell us about some of the other projects you guys are working on at the moment? Anything that could make a great NFT?

David Lipper – Well, first and foremost for Ivo and I is this sequel, but we also are developing other films together.

As for me, my film Death Link releases on Nov. 30 by gravitas, and my Christmas film, A Christmas Letter, releases Christmas. Just Swipe reunites me with Full House Jodie Sweetin and out Valentine’s day

Ivo Raza – We have a couple of stories in development besides the Reboot Camp sequel.

Telegram: u/solmoss

Question 7: What has been the reaction and uptake of mogul NFT and crypto association for different staff associated with this movie?

David Lipper – Everyone has been excited for this new world we’re being exposed to.

Ivo Raza – Most have heard about NFTs but are not intimately familiar. however, because we have jumped on this there is a genuine enthusiasm

David Lipper – You have to understand that brands like Nicole Aniston, Ja Rule, and Koechner are pitched a million things with people who want to take advantage of their status. Ja Rule has been in this space, but the others have been very cautious about entering with the right people. Now they’re here and they want to really dive into this now that they have some people they can trust


Question 8: If you could work with any actor on your next project (unlimited budget, they can’t turn you down), who would it be, and why?

David Lipper – Well, Ed Begley Jr.. I can’t say enough about him.

Working with him on Reboot Camp was a thrill. He’s just the sensei master of the mockumentary.

I want to make sure he’s back for the sequel, along with Ja Rule and Koechner.

Ivo Raza – To me, Reboot was already a dream cast. For Part 2 it’d be fun to add some new characters and cast Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray…

Telegram: u/defiapez

Question 9: To you, what makes an NFT special versus other pieces of content?

David Lipper – Well the blockchain is what makes it special and to know it’s a one of a kind that can’t be copied – that’s the coolest part to me.

That’s what got me excited about the deleted scenes cause no one else in the world will have it.

Telegram: u/defiapez

Question 10: As soon as it’s released as an NFT, everyone can see it. Why are ownership and the sale of it special to you?

David Lipper – As filmmakers, our main focus is on getting our work seen, and this is a new avenue for that, both raising awareness for the film as well as the NFTs themselves. That’s why I dig it

Telegram: u/Lavieestbelle_20

Question 11: What’s the best lesson the movie can impart to its viewers?

Ivo Raza – Don’t believe everything some supposed guru says…

David Lipper – The road to hell was paved with good intentions… Power corrupts.

Telegram: u/Oatmilk1

Question 12: How was it hard or easy to learn about Blockchain?

David Lipper – Still learning! But I bought my first Bitcoin and etherium about 5 years ago

Ivo Raza – I’m still learning

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Showcase AMA with Isabella Blake-Thomas Recap

This post will recap the Showcase AMA with Isabella Blake-Thomas, Mogul’s Creative Executive, that took place on the Mogul Telegram channel on Friday, July 30th.

Question 1 (@MarkFacebook) – What does your role as Creative Executive at Mogul entail?

Answer: Mogul hired me to be the bridge between the film industry and the crypto community. Based on my experience as a producer and actress and having been in the industry for 14+ years, I’m able to use that knowledge to help connect the two sides. On a task basis, I read incoming scripts (helping to decide what gets sent to Paul, Gorav, Cindy etc), I’ll be working with and liaising with each of the different groups involved with each film on the showcase and help to bring the immersive experience from the film industry to the Mogul community and Access Pass holders through all sorts of different engagement activities.

Question 2 (@defiapez) – The showcase is starting in a week today. When can we expect more details to cast our votes? 

Answer: We have a full marketing calendar with exciting things for you all that we are following in order to keep everything moving. With Mogul we’re trying to standardize a process of bringing community to filmmaking and it’s something that hasn’t, up until this point, played a role in Hollywood; which is what Mogul is trying to change and put everyone in the director’s chair! There’s a lot of coaching and working with the filmmakers to teach them and help them take part in activities that help build community. Many of the filmmakers are unfamiliar with Telegram or even how to engage with the crypto community so we are helping to educate them and bridge that gap. 

Question 3 (@defiapez) – In weighing the movies that got into the showcase, it sounds like many factors were looked at. How heavily was the production team’s willingness to engage with the community weighed in the decision making process of who gets into the showcase? 

Answer: You’re right! A lot of factors were considered for this round of the Showcase. The coverage requirements we were looking for were to have 50% of their total equity financing in place, A-List on-screen talent, experienced directors and producers, distribution deals imminent, and a commercially appealing storyline. There were a lot of projects that we reviewed and we wanted our “coming out party” in Hollywood to be with a movie that was incredibly well-respected and had a very very good chance at succeeding on a global level. We also wanted films that were ready to shoot so that the community wasn’t waiting years to see the results of their vote come to life! Part of the contractual agreement to work with Mogul and be financed through the Mogul platform is to engage and work with STARS holders, Mogul users, and Access Pass NFT holders to provide an engaging experience for everyone involved, so yes! This was certainly considered and will be happening!

Question 4 (@jbarcel) – What is the main audience that the three movies are targeting? And what will be the age restriction that may be tied to the movies?

Answer: The main genres being horror and action; the primary audiences will be the groups linked to those genres. If you look at comparable films to ours; James Bond, It, John Wick, Jason Bourne etc the audiences for those movies became a global cult following as is the hope for our projects. As for the ratings, it’s hard to say this early on because it all comes down to the final edit. What language was used, what visuals are portrayed. My guess is PG-13 or R. Mogul is a global project so it was very important to choose films that would have commercial appeal globally. 

Question 5 (@defiapez) – Why is Bungalow Media the company on every movie in the showcase? Who is Bungalow Media?

Answer: Bungalow Media is the rebranding of Phillip Goldfine’s company Hollywood Media Bridge. Collectively, the producers have made over 200 films so far. Mogul read many incoming projects for the showcase and it just so happened to be that Bungalow had the best 3 projects. They were not the only production company that sought to be included in the Mogul Showcase. A production company is the group that hires the Director, screenwriter (if not already on board), casting director to find cast etc. We think that, as a side effect, Bungalow should be able to provide a long term partnership with Mogul to ensure we have a very strong pipeline of movies available to us through their network, but of course we are (and have been) building relationships beyond just one production company. 

Question 6 (@MarkFacebook) – Is it possible for independent films to be profitable if they are solely distributed through streamers? And how do the streaming companies pay for an independent movie that they want to add to their catalogue – do they make a one-off payment upfront, or do filmmakers get paid per stream, like how Spotify pays musicians?

Answer: Yes, it is definitely more than “possible” –  in fact you do make profit from films being released on streaming platforms regardless of the movie’s size. It’s all dependent on what the contract is. In some cases, the streamer will purchase the film for a flat fee, in others, the streamer would pay for the film as it’s being watched. If the contract states that the production company will earn as it’s being watched, then the streamers tend to pay on a monthly/bi annually basis. It’s all dependent on the contract. At a time when there are so many streamers competing for eyeballs, independent films can often have an even better chance at profitability by selling to a streamer. Streamers really want to have more titles on their platform that are appealing to a global audience; especially a film that is generating buzz even well before being sold commercially, which is certainly one of the goals with Mogul’s process!

Question 7 (@jbarcel) – What are the steps today that a film director (or other position more appropriate for that role) should take to finance their film in the traditional market and what would be the steps today with mogul ? How could Mogul bring gains for both sides ?

Answer: On a standard film where the director is not a producer, the producers are the ones looking for financing. The steps change depending on the project. It can be different each time. Generally there are specific companies that make money in order to finance films. In other cases, it might be one singular person who just happens to have that money. As for Mogul we are another form of financing that is available to projects. We can work with other financiers as long as the productions meet our criteria (previously mentioned), but also for community engagement for STARS holders and Mogul users. Equally important to us are the benefits that a film can have for our community.

Question 8 (@defiapez) – When the showcase ends, what is the next step for each of the films? What is the plan to bring access pass holders into an immersive experience? Will there be unique NFTs? How do NFTs play into the strategy of choosing the films that will come into the showcase?

Answer: After the showcase we will be going into production. This includes finalizing locations, cast, final script changes etc. Throughout the process we will be getting content to bring to you all so you can stay up to date with everything. The NFTs from production have yet to be finalized, but the expectation is that movies we are in production with will be working with us to launch exclusive NFTs. Each movie we work with knows about the core values of Mogul and they’re all aware that NFTs play an important part in the Mogul ecosystem. NFTs are an important part of these conversations with filmmakers coming to Mogul! We’ll soon be announcing more

Question 9 (Niche) – Hi Isabella. Just out of curiosity. What do you think will be the biggest challenge in your career being Mogul’s Creative Director?

Answer: I’m all for challenges, but the biggest one I’d say will be helping to decide which scripts get sent on to Gorav, Paul, Cindy etc. I have to take into consideration all of the requirements from Mogul but also the ability and knowledge of the writer

Question 10 (@jbarcel)- Hi Isabella, with your experience in the film industry and also having been an actress, what could Mogul do or improve to awaken the interest of famous directors and actors to be part of it ? And would that be something you intend to do?

Answer: ​​​​One of my goals at Mogul is to help establish more relationships with film industry professionals, therefore bridging the gap between film and crypto. As I work more with Gorav and Paul, we’ll be diving deep into ways we can strengthen the bond between both sides

Question 11 (@AbiWimalaweera) – Do you tell us more about the film that received the most votes on Blockchain? How can we get ahold of a copy of the movie? What made you decide to invest in a project like this? What kind of preparation is the Mogul team putting in to ensure the success of this film? What other film genres can we expect from Mogul productions aside than this one?

Answer: As for watching the movie, once it has been completed and the distribution deals have been done, we will be announcing to the community where they can be watched. Mogul takes into consideration a lot of factors when choosing the projects for the showcase, as previously mentioned. We are not pigeonholed into one genre so you can expect to see a variety of genres in the future

Question 12 (@Shabbir30260554) – What are the ways in which MOGUL ensures project transparency? Will it be made public, and will a third-party audit of the project’s progress be conducted? So, how far has the group progressed? Could you tell the rest of us a little about yourself?

Answer: To answer the second half of your question, I’ve been in the film industry for over 14 years. I started as an actress and added in producing shortly after. I’ve worked with companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, Showtime etc and have knowledge from both sides of the camera

Question 13 (@Safalkhan11) – Apart from the movie industry, any plan to go for the music industry and video?

Answer: ​​That’s a great question! I don’t know as of right now about the exact plans for music but it’s something the team and I will be talking about as another way to bring the entertainment industry closer to the crypto community

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Proof of Origin – Original Painting Burn and NFT Auction

Rob Prior’s first-ever NFT sets art world on fire

When Mogul Productions and Rob Prior first met to discuss a potential project together, neither knew at the time that it would end this way. And by “this way” we mean with Rob burning his original painting live on camera, unveiling a unique NFT based on the painting, and then watching that NFT sell for 5,500,000 STARS tokens on the Mogul platform.

That’s ~$182,050 USD for those keeping score at home. 

Yes, May 27, 2021 marked an historic day not just for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but for the art world as a whole. 

At around 4:30pm PDT, live on Mogul Productions’ YouTube channel, famed Marvel & DC Comics artist Rob Prior unveiled and then burned an original painting of his, so that it could live on forever as a single ERC-1155 NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Mogul calls this the Proof of Origin.

The painting, titled “Reign of Money…. what the f$ck,” was inspired by Wolf of Wall Street.

The event began with the audience watching Prior do what he does best, paint. Known for his live painting shows, he and his brushes (multiple) moved seamlessly to the sounds of classic rock, which grew heavier and louder as he found his groove throughout the night.

Host James Pratt, a globally recognized voice best known for his work in the Australian luxury home auction scene, flawlessly led the audience between several speaker panels and quick updates from Rob.

The esteemed panel of special guest speakers included popular YouTuber Jesse Wellens, Ted Farnsworth of ZASH Global and ex of MoviePass, Jon Karas of Akoin, Joel Comm of Bad Crypto Podcast, and many more. You can read about all the speakers here.

When he wasn’t painting a Deadpool piece for the camera, Rob was unveiling even more of his creations. First up was a Star Wars piece, during which he name-dropped his friend Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, the subject of the painting.

Next came a special painting depicting Elon Musk, CZ from Binance, and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum. Why these three specifically? The subject matter of the painting was voted on by holders of Mogul’s STARS token.

Deadpool, Skywalker, and the community-voted painting will all be turned into NFTs and auctioned in the near future. Whether or not the original is burnt to a crisp will be up to the purchaser next time!

On May 28, 2021, just before the clock hit 5:00pm PDT, the final bid came through for 5,500,000 STARS tokens, or ~$182,050 USD. The final selling price for the first ever NFT sold on Mogul’s platform

Immediately after completing the auction, Mogul burned 50% of the total STARS tokens that the NFT sold for. That’s 2,750,000 STARS tokens burned. You can view the transaction here

Speaking of “burned,” at the beginning of the event Prior appeared both nervous and excited about what he was going to do. So, how did the world-famous artist feel after destroying one of his paintings for the first time in his life?

“It was kind of cathartic,” he said.

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Proof of Origin NFT Auction Details

Important Details

  • The auction will start on the 27th of May at 8pm EDT
  • The auction is conducted only with STARS tokens
  • Starting price is 100,000 STARS tokens
  • If your bid is beaten or unsuccessful you will receive the bid amount back to the wallet it was sent from, minus the gas fee


Rob Prior’s Wolf of Wall Street NFT is titled “Reign of Money…. what the f$ck”. The NFT is an ERC1155 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be viewed on OpenSea here.

Paintings are difficult to make into NFTs. An artist can digitize a painting, but it’s nearly impossible to prove that the NFT will be the only instance of that painting. There’s always the question – “but what about the original?”

For the first time in history, Rob Prior and Mogul Productions will be converting a one-of-a-kind painting into a provably verifiable NFT, where it will only live as an ERC1155 token.

Inside the metadata of the token, the purchaser will be able to access the following items:

1. A full rendering of the painting

2. A video of Rob painting the original painting 

3. The animated version of the painting

So, the purchaser will be able to see the creation of the painting within the token itself! Plus, all viewers at the Proof of Origin event will see Rob burn the original painting live on camera. 

The Basics

Mogul is excited to be holding an auction for an NFT based on an original painting depicting the Wolf of Wall Street. Produced by the talented artist Rob Prior (of Marvel & DC Comics), the entire process will be livestreamed on your Mogul Dashboard after logging in. If you are unable to access Mogul for whatever reason, you can watch the full livestream on YouTube here:

Once the painting has been completed and the work memorialized in NFT format, the original work will be burned to ensure the NFT is the only remaining version of this piece! 

The auction will take place on the Mogul Productions Dashboard shortly after the Rob Prior Proof of Origin event concludes (5pm EDT – 8pm EDT). You will need to be logged into your account, and you will need a MetaMask wallet containing enough STARS to cover your bid, and enough ETH to cover the required gas fees.

You can purchase the STARS token on our website here. Or alternatively you can go ahead and use a service like Uniswap. You will likely get a better price with the second option, as STARS are sold at a fixed price on Mogul. Here’s a guide on Uniswap and how to use it.

Please be aware that due to the length of time it can take for transactions to be processed on the ETH network, any bids submitted shortly before the cutoff time may not be received in time. In this case, your funds will be returned to you minus the gas fee. To avoid this, we’d recommend you increase the gas fee to the highest level you’re comfortable with (10-20% above the current gas price potentially) as this will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for your bid to process.

Schedule / Process

Before the Auction, you will be able to watch the livestreamed Proof of Origin event (5pm – 8pm EDT) on your Mogul dashboard (you can also watch it here: Below the video player you’ll find the auction section. This will display the starting price we have set.

Once the livestream has ended, the auction will begin and run for 24 hours. As you can see in the screenshot below, you will be able to see the current bid, whether or not you are the highest bidder, and your current STARS balance.

If you decide to place a bid, a window will open where you can enter the amount you would like to bid. This must be greater than the current highest bid. The page will refresh when a new bid is entered, so you won’t need to constantly refresh the page.

Once you’ve submitted your bid, MetaMask will open for a two stage process. First, you will be asked to approve the transaction, this will incur a small gas fee.

Once that has processed, you will be asked to submit the bid itself, which again will incur a one-off gas fee. You may want to opt for a higher gas fee if it is close to the auction’s end and you’re trying to squeeze in a last minute bid.

Once the auction is over and the final bid has been accepted, the winner will be automatically announced on the Mogul Dashboard. 

More Information

You can find information about how you can view and interact with your Mogul NFTs here.

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Official Statement on Bitmart

Overview and Background

STARS is a utility token that powers the Mogul ecosystem on our platform. It is used to buy NFTs, earn rewards, gain access to unique content, and more. STARS is a user’s gateway to where Hollywood and blockchain meet. To make that gateway more accessible to the world, STARS is available on the largest blockchain in the world (Ethereum) and the fastest growing blockchain (Binance Smart Chain).

The STARS token is critical to the Mogul ecosystem, where our mission is rooted in the decentralization and inclusion in Hollywood through NFTs, DeFi and the Metaverse.

STARS ERC20 token was listed on the Bitmart exchange by their team this past April. Since then, we have worked well with the Bitmart team. Last week, we had correspondence with the Bitmart team to support BEP20 STARS due to the increasing demand for it.

The community has independently given additional utility to STARS outside of the Mogul platform on decentralized, community-run platforms such as ApeSwap, UniSwap and Pancake Swap. Each of these platforms support STARS and have liquidity on them, provided from the community, required to swap tokens and earn rewards.

The Incident

On Saturday at 7:45pm EST a member of the Mogul team noticed an abnormal transaction come from Bitmart where 19 million ARS tokens were withdrawn to the Ethereum blockchain.

Our team was alerted, and shortly found there was a security breach on Bitmart where their hot wallets had been compromised, allowing a nefarious actor to take 21 million STARS tokens from the exchange into their own wallet. At this time, the Bitmart team had not made any statement.

Mogul took quick action. We knew that the hacker had tokens on Ethereum, and that Uniswap only had ~ 15 ETH of liquidity (versus $2m+ on BSC), so we worked with the AnySwap team to immediately pause the bridge from ERC > BEP to corner the attacker and prevent them from accessing any cross-chain liquidity to sell their tokens. This isolated the problem immediately and gave assurances to our users.

Our next course of action was to have a development meeting with our team, which included our team members that wrote and tested our token contracts. We needed to rule out that there was no ability to blacklist the hacker’s address via our token contract and to determine any potential adverse effects of pausing our token through the contract. Unfortunately, our token does not have a “blacklist” option. Adding this type of token functionality within a token contract is a divisive topic among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The audited contracts for STARS can be found in our Github here.

Due to the fact that we had cornered the attacker to a (relatively) small amount of liquidity to sell their tokens into, we decided against pausing the tokens and our team created an action plan of the steps we would need to promptly follow in order to deploy a new STARS token contract, where we would blacklist the hacker’s address and compensate all of our holders with a snapshot of the token holders without the attacker’s address. We contacted our partners to make sure our action plan was comprehensive, and if initiated, it would cause the smallest amount of inconvenience for our users.

Several hours after closing the bridge, BitMart contacted us to tell us there was a security breach and asked if we could assist them in blacklisting the hacker’s wallet address. They alerted us that they’d be contacting other exchanges to recover tokens and that BitMart would cover all losses of our users and create an action plan to resolve this issue. They asked us if a contract migration was possible, and we were able to share our action plan that had been put together.

The Aftermath

Our team has been monitoring the situation closely and have set alerts on the hacker’s addresses so that we can act promptly if any tokens are moved. We have action plans created for a wide number of scenarios to make sure that we’re able to act quickly and diligently as a team so that the impact of this situation is remedied as quick as possible.

We have read all communication put out publicly about the incident and are happy to hear that Bitmart has partnered with globally respected exchanges, asset managers, and security companies to rectify the situation for all of the 45 impacted tokens and their users.

Next Steps

Mogul is waiting on accurate information directly from the Bitmart team. Until then, we have incomplete information to decide on a next step.

As it stands right now, all ERC20 STARS supported exchanges will be able to intercept the hacker’s STARS if they were to move them to one of their exchanges to return the coins to the user, and there is only 15 ETH in liquidity on Uniswap. If you have liquidity on Uniswap. we suggest removing the liquidity.

The hacker’s only options are to sell on Uniswap for the amount of liquidity that remains there or abandon the tokens for no return. We will make a move forward that benefits our community in the short and long term, and Bitmart has committed to compensating users who were impacted.

The AnySwap bridge is still paused. If you have used the bridge while it has been paused, the AnySwap team has informed us that these are recoverable and we will address this situation once we hear back from Bitmart.

The decision-making process will be made transparent with our community to give confidence to our users that Mogul will act in their best interests during times of third-party error and crisis.

We commit to working with Bitmart for the best interests of our users to help in this situation where we can.

Learning Opportunities

As an industry, we need to normalize double audits and encourage exchanges to publish more accurate information on their cold storage solutions as well as their “disaster plan” for how they will move forward in the event of a hack.

Mogul will only partner with organizations that commit to publicly displaying their contract and token audits to the world for the safety of our users. We commit to using best-in-class security processes internally for password and private key protection and expect that our partners do the same so that these incidents do not impact the end users. Every project has a responsibility to make sure that we’re building our ecosystem in a sustainable manner and we thank the community for their understanding.

We commend BitMart for taking action and committing to compensating all losses.

Blog Posts

October 29th Newsletter



This magnificent collection uniquely captures the life and work of Stan Lee, memorializing his likeness on some of the most iconic Marvel covers ever drawn. A tribute to his friend Stan, and the icons he helped forge, this collection is one of Rob’s proudest works. For the initial sale, each auction winner will also receive the physical piece of art, signed by Stan, which could be over 6 feet tall!

Stan Lee is a registered trademark of Stan Lee Universe, LLC, and these portraits and NFTs are offered under a special arrangement with Stan Lee Universe, LLC. Domestic (US) shipping is included with the purchase. International will be arranged with the creator and their team.



  • A limited collection of NFTs memorializing Stan Lee.
  • Each NFT is original 1/1 and will be sold with the accompanying artwork signed by Stan Lee before his passing in 2018.



Like to Listen? Gorav Seth, co-chair of Film Financing at Mogul Productions, was featured on the podcast Off the Ledger with Jason Butcher to talk about Mogul Productions, DeFi and filmmaking, empowering film fans, NFTs, and more.

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