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Chang Fangs NFT AMA


Jake: Hey everyone! We are about to kick off our AMA with Aubrey from the Chain Fangs team.

Chain Fangs: Hey Everyone!

Jake: How are you doing today @Chain Fangs?

Chain Fangs: We are doing great over here! 

Jake: Nice to hear! So for those tuning in – Chain Fangs have an NFT collection dropping on Mogul this coming Monday. We’re excited to discuss the collection and how people can get involved. Firstly, can you please explain what Chain Fangs is and what was the inspiration behind starting this?

Chain Fangs: So basically during COVID our founder spent a lot of time hiking and out in the limited nature space within Hollywood…and she began to notice that developers have started to come in and build mega-mansions that are being used to host parties for the rich and famous. They aren’t even being lived in! So she found out that there is one plot left in this area that a developer is trying to squeeze a giant house onto. We realized it was such a shame and a terrible use of the natural resources and homes of many animals, so we decided to do something to stop them and that’s when we launched this project.

The house being built would completely cut off an entire corridor and a very clear deer trail. It’s such a shame so we are hoping to start with this piece of land and then once we finish this piece, we want our community to bring more ideas, more pieces of land we can save, or even different resources we can begin to tackle.

Jake: Thanks for providing that context and background info! I think when most people think of Hollywood it reminds them of all the entertainment and development although it is interesting to hear it is also a diverse place for a bunch of different animal species that live there too.

What are some of the Animals you can typically find within Hollywood?

Chain Fangs: Its actually super interesting! LA is actually one of the most diverse areas in all of the United states. The main animals around here are deer, squirrels, and a lot of big cats!

Jake: So cool! Although definitely wouldn’t want to run into a big mountain Lion lol!

Chain Fangs: For our collection, we have actually had photos donated by our partners at Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife. They have had trailcams set up on the land right next to the piece of property we are looking to purchase and they have captures images of all these animals out in the wild.

Yeah definitely! There are so many types of big cats living in and around the Hollywood area. There are a lot of stories of them grabbing fish out of people ponds in their back yards or rolling around in the grass. They are really the kings out here and we want to do everything we can to protect them.

Jake: That’s fantastic that you have aligned with other conservancy groups to shine a light on the work you guys are doing! Quite clever creatively how you can tie in the actual images of the Animals that are living on the land you are helping save.

What has been the reaction from Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife and other conservancy groups that you have been chatting or partnering with?

Chain Fangs: Yeah it was a really great opportunity for us to boost other organizations who work so hard day-in and day-out doing this work.

So we have actually also partnered with the official Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy and we will be allowing them an easement onto this land from their adjoining lot. For those not familiar- that basically means that this land is always going to be protected by the conservancy and no one will be able to build on it without their permission.

We have also had some great fireside chats with others in this space over on our Youtube channel as well:

Jake: That sounds like you have put a lot of thought into how to establish this for a long term strategy to ensure the land remains not developed. Thanks for sharing the fireside chats video.

Chain Fangs: Yeah we definitely want to keep this going and launch more drops and do our part in the conservation space.

Jake: I’m sure when you are chatting to your partners, NFTs and blockchain must seem quite foreign to most of them. What are you guys most excited about with leveraging NFTs to drive your mission and why did you pick that as the vehicle to help drive your fundraising?

Chain Fangs: Definitely very foreign to many in the conservation space. What excites us most is being able to really start a movement here. We have a fireside chat with a really interesting project called on our Youtube channel….and “tldr” obviously means “too long. didn’t read ” which I think is so fitting for the conservation face. Sadly it’s almost comical how long it takes for “official” conservation organizations to drudge through red tape and bureaucracy in order to get one tiny thing done. We don’t need to do all of that! We are cutting out all of that stuff and saving physical land and real animals way faster than any of these other projects could do by using the power of crypto. The power of community really.

Jake: Love that answer. Definitely speed and efficiency is crucial to getting things done before things get worse – i.e someone buying this vacant land to build on and destroying more local habitat. It’s great seeing NFTs being used as a force for good with all these new use cases.

Chain Fangs: Yeah we are really battling a clock at pretty much all times! 

Jake: In terms of the NFT collection – How is this constructed? I know you guys have created puzzle pieces, would you be able to expand on why you chose to do this? 

Chain Fangs: So basically, we have taken the full trail cam shots that were donated to us by CLAW and we have broken those images up into various sizes of puzzle pieces. So the buyer’s goal is to collect all they can of the pieces in the same puzzle to create the full image. Additionally, we would really love all of our members to display their piece in all of their profiles as a badge of honor as being a part of the project.

Once you have a piece, you will be a part of our community and be able to vote on anything we would like to do with the land and even bring suggestions of ways we can improve our project. For example: if we wanted to put up a bird feeder with a live stream and what kinds of seed we would like to use to attach which birds.

Jake: Awesome – Thanks for that info. For those wanting to know the exact # of pieces in the collection etc, here it is:

Tier 2: 25 images x 140 individual pieces in each = 3,500 pieces.

Tier 1: 5 images x 36 individual pieces in each = 180 pieces. 

Total = 3,680 pieces.

I understand you guys are doing a “Lazy Mint” structure, which is where everyone who buys an NFT, it is done completely at random – so no one knows what piece they will have until after the reveal (Similar to how we ran our Mogies sale)

Chain Fangs: Yes! So our members will get to mix and match and trade amongst other users to get the pieces they would like. 

Jake: Fantastic! 

And the drop will take place on the Ethereum blockchain with the price being 0.07ETH per NFT (Also purchasable in ERC-20 STARS)

For those wanting to check out some more info, here is the landing page on Mogul: 

Chain Fangs: We are very excited to be launching! All profits are going towards the purchase and maintenance of a real piece of property in the Hollywood Hills.

Jake: So exciting! Are there any other pieces of info you would like to share with the community or additional reasons for them to get involved etc? Also any additional links you would like to share?

Chain Fangs: All of our socials are @Chain_Fangs. We are most active on twitter so feel free to contact us on there whenever. We have a discord here: where we are going to be keeping our community updated. Always feel free to reach out to us whenever! 

Jake: Perfect – thanks for sharing that info. Appreciate you coming in to talk with us and looking forward to mint day. Chat soon!

Chain Fangs: Of course! We are really excited about being able to launch!



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