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Chang Fangs NFT AMA

Jake: Hey everyone! We are about to kick off our AMA with Aubrey from the Chain Fangs team.

Chain Fangs: Hey Everyone!

Jake: How are you doing today @Chain Fangs?

Chain Fangs: We are doing great over here! 

Jake: Nice to hear! So for those tuning in – Chain Fangs have an NFT collection dropping on Mogul this coming Monday. We’re excited to discuss the collection and how people can get involved. Firstly, can you please explain what Chain Fangs is and what was the inspiration behind starting this?

Chain Fangs: So basically during COVID our founder spent a lot of time hiking and out in the limited nature space within Hollywood…and she began to notice that developers have started to come in and build mega-mansions that are being used to host parties for the rich and famous. They aren’t even being lived in! So she found out that there is one plot left in this area that a developer is trying to squeeze a giant house onto. We realized it was such a shame and a terrible use of the natural resources and homes of many animals, so we decided to do something to stop them and that’s when we launched this project.

The house being built would completely cut off an entire corridor and a very clear deer trail. It’s such a shame so we are hoping to start with this piece of land and then once we finish this piece, we want our community to bring more ideas, more pieces of land we can save, or even different resources we can begin to tackle.

Jake: Thanks for providing that context and background info! I think when most people think of Hollywood it reminds them of all the entertainment and development although it is interesting to hear it is also a diverse place for a bunch of different animal species that live there too.

What are some of the Animals you can typically find within Hollywood?

Chain Fangs: Its actually super interesting! LA is actually one of the most diverse areas in all of the United states. The main animals around here are deer, squirrels, and a lot of big cats!

Jake: So cool! Although definitely wouldn’t want to run into a big mountain Lion lol!

Chain Fangs: For our collection, we have actually had photos donated by our partners at Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife. They have had trailcams set up on the land right next to the piece of property we are looking to purchase and they have captures images of all these animals out in the wild.

Yeah definitely! There are so many types of big cats living in and around the Hollywood area. There are a lot of stories of them grabbing fish out of people ponds in their back yards or rolling around in the grass. They are really the kings out here and we want to do everything we can to protect them.

Jake: That’s fantastic that you have aligned with other conservancy groups to shine a light on the work you guys are doing! Quite clever creatively how you can tie in the actual images of the Animals that are living on the land you are helping save.

What has been the reaction from Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife and other conservancy groups that you have been chatting or partnering with?

Chain Fangs: Yeah it was a really great opportunity for us to boost other organizations who work so hard day-in and day-out doing this work.

So we have actually also partnered with the official Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy and we will be allowing them an easement onto this land from their adjoining lot. For those not familiar- that basically means that this land is always going to be protected by the conservancy and no one will be able to build on it without their permission.

We have also had some great fireside chats with others in this space over on our Youtube channel as well:

Jake: That sounds like you have put a lot of thought into how to establish this for a long term strategy to ensure the land remains not developed. Thanks for sharing the fireside chats video.

Chain Fangs: Yeah we definitely want to keep this going and launch more drops and do our part in the conservation space.

Jake: I’m sure when you are chatting to your partners, NFTs and blockchain must seem quite foreign to most of them. What are you guys most excited about with leveraging NFTs to drive your mission and why did you pick that as the vehicle to help drive your fundraising?

Chain Fangs: Definitely very foreign to many in the conservation space. What excites us most is being able to really start a movement here. We have a fireside chat with a really interesting project called on our Youtube channel….and “tldr” obviously means “too long. didn’t read ” which I think is so fitting for the conservation face. Sadly it’s almost comical how long it takes for “official” conservation organizations to drudge through red tape and bureaucracy in order to get one tiny thing done. We don’t need to do all of that! We are cutting out all of that stuff and saving physical land and real animals way faster than any of these other projects could do by using the power of crypto. The power of community really.

Jake: Love that answer. Definitely speed and efficiency is crucial to getting things done before things get worse – i.e someone buying this vacant land to build on and destroying more local habitat. It’s great seeing NFTs being used as a force for good with all these new use cases.

Chain Fangs: Yeah we are really battling a clock at pretty much all times! 

Jake: In terms of the NFT collection – How is this constructed? I know you guys have created puzzle pieces, would you be able to expand on why you chose to do this? 

Chain Fangs: So basically, we have taken the full trail cam shots that were donated to us by CLAW and we have broken those images up into various sizes of puzzle pieces. So the buyer’s goal is to collect all they can of the pieces in the same puzzle to create the full image. Additionally, we would really love all of our members to display their piece in all of their profiles as a badge of honor as being a part of the project.

Once you have a piece, you will be a part of our community and be able to vote on anything we would like to do with the land and even bring suggestions of ways we can improve our project. For example: if we wanted to put up a bird feeder with a live stream and what kinds of seed we would like to use to attach which birds.

Jake: Awesome – Thanks for that info. For those wanting to know the exact # of pieces in the collection etc, here it is:

Tier 2: 25 images x 140 individual pieces in each = 3,500 pieces.

Tier 1: 5 images x 36 individual pieces in each = 180 pieces. 

Total = 3,680 pieces.

I understand you guys are doing a “Lazy Mint” structure, which is where everyone who buys an NFT, it is done completely at random – so no one knows what piece they will have until after the reveal (Similar to how we ran our Mogies sale)

Chain Fangs: Yes! So our members will get to mix and match and trade amongst other users to get the pieces they would like. 

Jake: Fantastic! 

And the drop will take place on the Ethereum blockchain with the price being 0.07ETH per NFT (Also purchasable in ERC-20 STARS)

For those wanting to check out some more info, here is the landing page on Mogul: 

Chain Fangs: We are very excited to be launching! All profits are going towards the purchase and maintenance of a real piece of property in the Hollywood Hills.

Jake: So exciting! Are there any other pieces of info you would like to share with the community or additional reasons for them to get involved etc? Also any additional links you would like to share?

Chain Fangs: All of our socials are @Chain_Fangs. We are most active on twitter so feel free to contact us on there whenever. We have a discord here: where we are going to be keeping our community updated. Always feel free to reach out to us whenever! 

Jake: Perfect – thanks for sharing that info. Appreciate you coming in to talk with us and looking forward to mint day. Chat soon!

Chain Fangs: Of course! We are really excited about being able to launch!

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Billionaire Bunnies Club AMA

Jake: Hey guys, Julian Bonilla  is now joining us for a text AMA here from the Billionaire Bunnies Club which is a NFT collection dropping on Mogul soon. Hey Julian, welcome! How’s it going?

Julian: Hello Everyone! Pleasure to meet you all

Jake: Thanks for joining and excited to have you here today! Firstly, can you please give the audience a snapshot into what TBBC is and what you are looking to achieve with the NFT collection?

Julian: Yes, of course! We are currently in pre production of an animated crime drama series that will be utilizing NFT art and Blockchain Technology. We also hope to spread awareness in the Emotional Support Animal therapy community as we believe in proven fundamentals of therapy methods that work! The series is currently being produced in-house by our team here at Bunny Labs 

Jake: Very cool! Love the aspect of you tying in the animated series and philanthropic side too! Take us back to the idea of the IP and what spurred you to want to use NFTs from the start?

Julian: For sure! Thanks Jake we appreciate that. We believe in fundamental methods and programs when it comes to the recovery phase of mental health and mental disabilities. 

The idea of the IP came from the artist of the project as we both believed Bunnies were animals that everyone loves! We also saw a correlation where Bunnies are one of the animals used as Emotional support animals. Both the artist and I are crypto enthusiasts and saw the NFT market become a great way to reach consumers for new and upcoming brands or collections!

Jake: I personally haven’t seen any Bunny PFP collections, so it is nice to see something unique and creative! Plus who can not like bunnies lol. Would you be able to give the audience some insight into the storyline of TBBC and how this is tied into the animated series?

Julian: Yes! Lol that was our thought exactly. But of course! We are super excited to introduce everyone to the main family of the series very soon but,

The Billionaire Bunnies Club is a visionary animated crime drama that straddles the glamorous South Beach (Bunny Island) lifestyles of the rich and infamous and the underworld international drug (Karats) trade.

Bottom line? The Billionaire Bunnies Club is about La Familia and the quest for territorial control of other Billionaire Bunnies on Bunny Island. What makes it interesting and compelling for viewers is that there is no road to redemption. Everyone’s like a stranger on the subway, just trying to find their way home…

Jake: Sounds like an interesting storyline! The trailer you guys put together to showcase the look and feel of the brand was pretty cool. Will have to post that in the channel for the community soon.

Are you able to tell us more about the charity component you guys are working on around Emotional support animals and why you chose to go this route?

Here is a link to the trailer: 

Julian: Thank you! Our series opening scene will relate to that team trailer we shot so definitely give that a look so you can feel the mood we are chasing for our series!

I would love to dive a little deeper into that. We are driven by bringing awareness to Emotional Support Animal therapy. We got the idea to focus on a method of therapy that can serve and help a large mass of people. More than half of people in America own at least one dog in their household. And the number for pets outside of dogs is even higher than that, almost in the 70% range. 

There are steps in order to qualify for an ESA:

First, you must see a certified psychologist, psychotherapist, or social worker who has the proper mental health credentials.

Secondly, you must undergo a detailed mental health diagnosis.

Lastly, ASKING for an ESA Letter that certifies an emotional disability.

There is no special training required for an ESA. That means that if you already have a pet, you can get it certified as an ESA. Any domesticated animal may be considered as an ESA and they can be any age. If you don’t already have a pet, getting an ESA is pretty much the same as getting any other pet! You’ll need to decide what kind of pet is best for you and look up local places to adopt. 

Of course, before getting any kind of pet, it is important to seriously consider the responsibilities that come along with it.

We know the ESA community is large with different categories so we want to really focus a lot of our support efforts on mental health, mental disabilities, and stroke recovery. 

That’s our team and our community’s mission is to really offer helping hands to those in need through dialing in on methods of therapy that statistically prove they work. Again, we believe in the fundamentals as we believe it is the main foundation of therapy programs.

Jake: That’s fantastic – thanks for providing that context and info around why you went into the ESA route. Shows you guys have done a lot of research and are here for the right reasons!

How did you go about getting Marcus your artist attached? What was the creative process like creating a PFP collection?

Julian: Marcus and I were actually old college roommates as well as football teammates at Pace University for a semester. Marcus displayed his art abilities to me by helping me pass my college art class with flying colors, no pun intended. Marcus and I had a barter system that worked in both of our favors but, it was on two specific pieces he did for me that I knew he was on a different kind of level with Art. It was an amazing replica Picasso piece and a Bob Marley portrait. Fast forward to now, it was about a year ago that I reached out to him with this idea of bringing his art skills into blockchain technology. What made us go down the Bunny hole in our creative process was that we saw cute harmless animals that we can give a cool edge to and turn them into Billionaires.

Jake: Love the backstory! Nice how you guys can come together and provide your own skill sets to develop the project. Interesting dichotomy around the Bunnies too

Can you explain the collection composition, rarity, traits etc?

Julian: Yes! Marcus is a sweetheart and it has been nothing but an absolute pleasure for me to say the least to have the opportunity to come back together and work with an artist as talented as him. 

And yes!

The collection composition is based on a soft and simplistic style but, still keeping the integrity of Billionaires in regards to the Bunnies clothing and characteristics. We really wanted to pick a variety of different Billionaires from celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, different artists, etc.

Jake: Awesome! Can’t wait to see them all 🙂 

Do you have any favorite animated series you’ve seen produced so far whether through mainstream distribution or in the NFT world? 

Julian: Yes! Our artist is a huge fan of a variety of different anime ranging from bleach, yu-yu haku show and American classics like Boondocks and Rick & Morty. We also share passion for gangster films where we know the crime drama will be great to see in full animation.

Jake: Awesome! Interesting to see how the different creative influences inspire you to help craft your own stories 

What’s your take on the NFT market at the moment and how do Billionaire bunnies intend on growing their brand and users? What are you most excited about?

Julian: Yes we have a great running storyline in our episodes coming for our club members! 

But, to be honest I am really excited for the future of the NFT market even though we are weathering this current bear market. The opportunities are what we are most excited about as we know NFTs are a great way to grow a community that is proud of the brand they are involved with. We intend to lead with a community-driven development approach and transparency so we know that our members firstly know what they are buying which is the art and are ultimately satisfied with their purchase. We are excited to build through the bear market and see it fully through to the next bull run!

Jake: Awesome! Nice to see you guys have a long term viewpoint and are approaching this to develop the IP from a few different angles. 

Lastly, Are you able to explain the project roadmap and some of the main perks/utility offered to holders? 

Julian: Our roadmap will give holders access to member perks only. Holders can look forward to us creating and developing items that will offer them luxury and once in a lifetime experiences. We believe the current NFT market is one where we can be open and transparent about the different obstacles creators can face but collectively there are opportunities to grow and create a safe and secure environment for those who may be new or those who do have a passion for Art & NFTs. It is exciting to be able to share knowledge with others and also deliver impactful art to a global audience. We look forward to collaborating and partnering with those who can see our team’s vision.

Jake: Amazing – thanks for providing that detailed insight and appreciate your time joining us today to explain what you guys are doing! 

Link to Official Channels: 

Link to NFT page on Mogul: 

Julian: Thank you so much Jake and the entire Mogul Productions Family! We will be launching on their Marketplace soon. Be on the lookout for The Billionaire Bunnies Club Collection and while you’re here.. Go and grab a few Mogies while you can! 

Jake: Thanks again! Chat with you soon 🙂
Julian: Talk soon! Have a great day everyone

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Babel Universe AMA

Jake: Hey everyone, today we are joined by Handuo, Co-Founder of The Babel Universe – a new NFT collection dropping on the Mogul platform soon! Handuo –  would you please start by giving the audience a bit of background info on Babel and how you went about creating the IP?

Handuo: Great! Nice meeting you everyone.

The Babel Universe is a Sci-Fi IP I’ve been developing for the past 3 years.

It started as an academic thesis called “The Concept of Universal Language” where I researched the history of a trend of thought – the willingness to break through the linguistic communication barrier between individuals. In other words, connect our minds.

You may be thinking about telepathy or some other “pseudo-science” now but it actually has become quite technological these days, ever since Elon Musk’s Neuralink and the whole brain-computer interfaces movement.

So I wrote the thesis into a Sci-fi short story. Which you can read here:

Then three writers heard the story at the Cologne film festival in 2020. We then worked together to develop this into an Animated Series Bible and a Pilot Script.

Since the story is about a collective intelligence (formed by 10,000 connected minds) against an AI totalitarian world, we believe that such a story should also be made by a collective intelligence.

So I partnered up with crypto veteran Yanko at the beginning of this year and developed Babel into a Collaborative Sci-Fi Project.

way of working”, and that is BabelDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization consisting of 8 autonomous Guilds. 

Jake: Wow, lots to unpack here! The story sounds fascinating.

Handuo: Yeah, a lot of stuff.

Jake: Congrats on your success with the development of the story so far, It’s evident how much thought has gone into it.

What spurred you to want to use NFTs/web3 from the start when going about developing the story and vision?

Handuo: So, on one hand, like I mentioned, having a collective intelligence to create a story universe centering a collective intelligence is the way we stay true to the story’s spirit.

On the other hand, our mission is to build an Inclusive, Engaging, and Ever-expanding Sci-fi Universe. To make an IP “Ever-expanding”, we believe we have to let others own it so it can live even when we’re not here.

We focus on three things in this IP’s co-creation, “Co-create, Co-govern, and Co-own”. While the first two you maybe able to achieve in Web2, the Co-ownership can be better implemented with Web3 technology.

Jake: The story and vision completely embody the whole Web3 ethos, so definitely seems fitting that you have decided to go down this route for it to have a life of its own! Really collaborative stuff.

Handuo: Thanks:

Jake: I personally also really like the art you guys have attached to the different NFTs – how did you go about designing these? Where did you pull the inspiration from? I hear you’re an artist too – did you design them?

Handuo: Haha, great to hear that!

My background is in film and media art. But 3D stuff isn’t my specialty XD

I gave the original concept for the NFTs to be “growable” from a Seed to a Sapling, then to a Tree.

Because in the original short story, people found the “universal language” through planting trees on a virtual planet for 10 years.

One of our designers Marco designed the shape of the NFTs. Then our 3D artist Nico made them into the badges they are now.

Nico used Houdini and Cinema 4D to simulate wind in nature to turbulent particles and recorded the paths they took.

Jake: Very cool! Quite aesthetically pleasing how you guys decided to turn them into GIFs, the movement gives off the feeling of something living for sure.

Handuo: The seemingly chaotic intertwined threads form a shape that makes sense. It’s also how we imagine a collective intelligence will be creative.

Jake: Here is also the Eco Negative which will be available soon for those that are curious

Handuo: Yeah, there. Eco is the active energy to power the growth of our badge. For example, forging a Seed with 10 Ecos will give you a Sapling.

Jake: Interesting – would you be able to dive into this a bit further to explain to the audience how all the badges work synergistically and what they mean?

Handuo: This is the Eco you can claim on Galxe. If you hold an Eco Negative that you buy from Mogul, you can redeem 10 Ecos with it.

Imagine you’re immigrating to a new universe, the Babel Universe.

The Seed badge is your Visa which you can claim for free after completing two simple tasks: follow our twitter, enter our Discord. 

Then the Sapling is like your permanent residency. You can receive better benefits, participate deeper into the co-creation.

The Tree badge is your Citizenship. You can now create tasks and bounties and earn our native ERC-20 token. While becoming a Tree usually means the person has a really deep understanding of the Babel Universe, these are the members who we want to hold our token.

All of these can be found on our campaign page on Galxe. Our PR team worked very hard to make thing easy to follow.

Jake: Fantastic – thank you for breaking that down for us!

Handuo: My pleasure!

Jake: Building a brand around a new piece of IP from the ground up is really exciting, how do you plan on tying in the animated series?

Handuo: Great question. While many forms of work can be derived from a universe, we plan to have the animated series be the one work that brings the whole IP to the public. The animated series bible is written and so is the pilot episode script. We plan to fund the pilot episode production and connect with networks (i.e. Netflix) to produce the animated series. In a way, it is to be a high-quality series with an engaging story and high-standard art. We’re to do this with an animation studio. 

On the other hand, it has promotional value to our universe IP and so it is to our native token. Think about characters spending $BABEL between each other on Netflix XD

And most importantly, all the artworks created during the series production (i.e. concept arts, sketches, music) can all be listed for internal auctions within the community. It does not only support the production, but give the community members access of valuable artworks that may go up in value once the series is released.

Jake: That’s really creative – also a great way to help scale the awareness of the IP by having a high quality piece of content to drive people back towards the stories Babel is developing collectively.

Handuo: Yeah, that’s the idea!

Jake: I know how much work goes into developing the animated series bible + pilot episode script etc as we went through that process recently with Mogies, so kudos to you guys!

Can you explain how you guys are forming a creator economy via a DAO where people can help have a say in the story / future development? Perhaps touching on the guilds people can be apart of too

Handuo: Sure thing.


These are the Guilds. They each work autonomously led by a Guild committee.

The Guild Committee representatives from the DAO committee and are in charge of allocating funds and grants to Guilds according to their proposals.

The Guild committee is elected by the Guild members, as the Guild representatives are chosen by the Guild committees. In a way, we are a DAO with 8 small DAOs in it. Here is a diagram that explains it all;


Jake: The visuals really help absorb the structure of it, thanks!

Cool how you’ve created the 8 guilds as there are so many different types of creative people, so I’m sure someone will at least fall into one of these buckets.

Handuo: So far, yeah. We received around 4.5k members on our Discord last week. We’re working on channeling them into Guilds. This week guild members are creating symbols for their guilds to be made into NFTs by the end of the week.

Jake: Nice work – that’s awesome! I know you’ve been developing this for a while now – like any new venture, nothing is usually a smooth road – what would you say have been some of your biggest learning experiences launching this as a new Web3 project?

Handuo: I guess…Web3 doesn’t wait until you’re ready…you just go and learn on the road.

Jake: That’s for sure … best way to learn is by doing

Handuo: Like we haven’t had a chance to celebrate since we only launched recently. It’s just all of a sudden you are in this trend that pushes you forward.

Jake: Absolutely – well said

Are you able to explain some of the main upcoming milestones in the short to medium term that people in the Babel Universe can look forward to as community members?

Handuo: Yeah, we have a roadmap,

Jake: Perfect – thanks for sharing this

Handuo: Other than these, each guild is doing different things. Like the writing guild may begin expanding the story and create a Babel Universe Fandom page.

The visual art guild will be creating images for the story, while the PR guild are seeking for more channels to promote the project at the moment.

Jake: Got it – that makes sense. Cool how the different guilds are helping shine a light on what is going on within Babel. I know we are at the end of the hour so we will wrap this up – thank you so much for your time and we are looking forward to having the NFTs live on the Mogul platform, a little birdy told me it may be within the next week or so, more to come on that soon!

Handuo: So looking forward to that and happy to be here!

Jake: For those curious on anything further around the Babel Universe, here are some links with further information;

Link to website: 

Link to landing page on Mogul:

Thanks again Handuo – chat with you again soon

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Lazarus: Reign of the Underdog AMA with Mogul


Hey @Lazarus Guidry Welcome to Mogul Productions discord server, thank you for taking your time to make your way over here 😄

Lazarus Guidry:

Thank you for having me




I know discord can be a bit of a minefield if you’re new so it’s great that you found your way 🙂

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes, sir I am new to Discord thank you for having me again @Mogul Productions


Of course, it’s our honour!


So, let’s begin the AMA! I’m Josh, the Community Manager at Mogul Productions. And I will be fielding you the questions 😄

Would you like to introduce yourself to anyone who is unaware of who you are and what you’re doing?

Lazarus Guidry:

My name is Lazarus Guidry I am an actor-writer comic book writer of the comic book @ReignofteUnderdog I started out in the industry of a while ago I had done a few short films prior to getting out of the role in Straight Outta Compton and then from there I booked another TV series and other different TV shows including them unsolved stories of 2Pac and biggie smalls I’ve been in the industry as an artist the musician rapper a first score of the music soundtrack on the alpha dog movie and the song is called enemy and I m. It started to open up more doors in my entertainment journey that has been very interesting it has been a wild ride at this point and now I’m here launching an NFT with MOGUL productions and I’m excited to share with the world


Oh, that’s an awesome story. And I am a huge fan of Straight Outta Compton. The sound of a generation for some for sure.


The film was, dare I say, a masterpiece!

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes, the experience changed my life


It actually leads me nicely into the first question that I had prepared,

What was your experience like with your breakout role in the film world on “Straight Outta Compton”? Must have been eye opening to be involved in such a powerful film!

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes, it was very eye-opening

Lazarus Guidry:

My experience was not just eye-opening it was life-changing I got a chance to experience working with a well-known Director F Gary Gray and to watch everyone on sat perform and do the very best and really just give stellar performances oh yeah I realized that I was in the company of really great actors and their production was just phenomenal I had never seen a set built in a matter of hrs. Everyone from the Stunt team down to the crafty were on their A  game it was a very high intense set and everyone was very serious about the job it made me step my game up as an actor and not only want to be an actor and a writer but enjoyed embellish as a creator of the story and they were telling it just really changed my life


That’s incredible. And so good that you were able to appreciate the talents of all the people around you in all aspects of filmmaking 😊

Lazarus Guidry:

I did, it reminded Well I’m an actor a writer and most of all the comic book writer I love comic books


So, getting to the writing aspect of your career – What spurred the initial development of the graphic novel? Are you able to go into the story of why you created this and how your life experiences help shape the storyline?

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes I started to create Reign of the Underdog as a niche for a record I was about to release during as an independent artist rapper and as I started to create the character I started to realize that I not only wanted to create the music but also a full story and so that niche turned from an Ashkan to a full series of comic books and from there it evolved into the Launching the first issue at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Con.

Lazarus Guidry:

I didn’t know that character development was going to be so involved and require a lot of thought it wasn’t like writing a song I had to really go in deep and define all the characters and solidify who they were and make sure that they were very solid. down to creating their shoes to the way the eyes were shaped to color of their hair it was very detailed and who they were had to be very detailed and still allowing you to love the character and even the villain and still dislike them but still find that balance and so I was really fortunate to be able to collaborate with Arvell Jones. we got down to the nitty-gritty and sorry creating the comic book


That’s awesome and the details you went to! I know comic book fans are probably the most invested in the characters that they love, can you tell us a bit about your experience at Comic Con when you first brought this to market before Covid and how well it was received by fans?

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes I had initially created a Ashkan the first Con experience was in 2010 when we first released the reign of the underdog Ashkan those sold out completely just got devoured by the fans, they Loved them and so that propelled me to keep pushing forward with the story and working towards the next cons and so I was really excited about it we did a huge 50th anniversary release at San Diego ComiCon and added an addition to the comic book was an augmented reality demo of the characters so I wanted to constantly take the project to the vision of the animated series which is what ultimately I wanted to share with the world and the fans about what was coming next reign of the underdog in 2019 released a few hundred copies you and that 50 edition was sold out and the crowd response to it was phenomenal I just knew we were going to the  next level. As the Creator of Reign of the Underdog it got me excited. Also, Covid and other things slowed us down but we’re right back at it again and so now we are releasing the NFTs and more things to come


Wow you’ve been doing these for over a decade already. That’s fantastic.

It is quite incredible that you have been working with the likes of DC & Marvel artists to help bring this to life, what was it like working with OGs of the industry and see this come to fruition?

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes, it’s not as easy to create a character and storylines overnight

Lazarus Guidry:

Definitely working with Arvell Jones Bob Wiacek Tom Orsekowski these guys are well known and famous as illustrator inker and letterer in the industry made it a lot easier to bring the story to life, I was very honoured because I was in the company collaborating with these great artist I mean they were creating comic books before I could even think about a comic book


That’s great to be able to work with such talent


So, onto the NFT’s then, which is one of the main reasons you’re here 🙂


Do you have a favourite image of the 3 NFT tiers that are minted? I guess must be hard to beat the original cover from the comic book!

Lazarus Guidry:

Wow that’s a very difficult question to answer all of the NFTs are my favourite but if I had to pick one if you come down to life and death, I’m gonna have to go with the cover


For sure. I would have to agree. but I guess that’s why its Tier 1!


Diving into NFT utility and perks for the fans and what they can look forward to. What aspect of the NFT utility are you most excited about? The shoe collection you are developing to accompany the NFTs sounds quite interesting!

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes you’re quite correct in that I would say I am most excited about the shoe even though you gave it away which is OK I am excited about it. The design that I come up I think   the fans and crowd will be really happy with the development of the characters wardrobe


haha sorry. did I spoil it a bit there lol


Well, before I open up to the community for their questions if they have any, Any last comments you would like to tell the fans?

Lazarus Guidry:

No not at all.

Lazarus Guidry:

You didn’t spoil it, it was inevitable oh yeah I’m really happy to be able to contribute this art and tell the story to the world. I am really appreciative and honoured I have this opportunity while I’m here and I hope that the fans and the community of collectors will embrace and also feel the same way about the project


Excellent. Well I have opened up the channel to the rest of the community now. I know we have overrun on time a little. But if there are any questions from the community please ask away and @Lazarus Guidry will be happy to answer I’m sure


Oh I can speak! Hehe

I was just wondering about the Lazarus Graphic novel. Is it a just a novel or is it a film series. I guess I am a little confused


What’s up Lazarus?

Amazing work!

Since you are involved in different creative forms of expression, do you have any plans to combine them?

NFTs are great for mixed media and I’d love to see what you can do with it

Lazarus Guidry:

It’s a graphic novel with an animated series in development

Lazarus Guidry:

What’s up man. To answer your question yes.  I am working to combine the different creative forms that with excite the fans


Will the series only get made if all of the NFTs sell?


If you still need clarification @Cr8zyCryptoCat please check the website here for full information about the project and the animated series.

Lazarus Guidry:

Well. I ultimately would love the NFT to sell out that would definitely push the completion forward


@LAzraps on Twitter is you?

Your site gives a 503 error by the way, think it’s some server issues.

Where can I find your music? (sorry if a bit off topic)


What other types of promotions are you doing to gain awareness for your NFTs on Mogul to get them to sell out?


The graphics look 🔥🔥🔥 really excited to follow the progression of this project


And when can we expect a Mogie anthem supported by your awesome graphics? 😄

Lazarus Guidry:

Thank much.


Regarding the character shoes, will there be any irl wearable aspect to it? 🤔

Lazarus Guidry:

Mogul and I are working side by side to give you guys the greatest experience in the art form

Lazarus Guidry:

Absolutely the shoes Is wearable.

Lazarus Guidry:

As fat promotions we’ll be at the San Diego Comic Con and other Cons through 2023.

Lazarus Guidry:

You can also follow on my Instagram page. @Reignoftheunderdog


Nice. Are there any social media campaigns that prospective community members can be part of?

Lazarus Guidry:

Yes as we working to build those campaigns at this moment we can follow or add to the reignoftheunderdog Facebook page Twitter to stay connected with the progress of REIGNOFTHEUNDERDOG


What is the current progress / status of the project?

if someone were to ask in the community coming into this Discord channel and you’re not here to answer, what is the 1 sentence pitch as to why they should purchase a Lazarus NFT?


What can holders expect to get after they purchase? What type of access and experiences will they be exposed to?

Lazarus Guidry:

The Reignoftheunderdog script and multiple spin-offs are completed. The first issue is ready for release the second issue is 80 in. Completion. The animated series has an introduction to an AR version at the moment. The shoes have already been designed.


Is this something that we can see or read?

Lazarus Guidry:


Lazarus Guidry:

Yes. It’s a comic book series.


Excellent. Well, we have unfortunately ran out of time for today. But I am sure @Lazarus Guidry will be hanging around in the discord if you want to ask him anything.

Once again, thank you for your time, Lazarus, its been great to have you on to pick your brains 🙂

If you have any links to your socials, please feel free to drop them here.

Lazarus Guidry:

Thank you, Josh, for having me