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All You Need to Know About the Migration to $MOGUL



The migration from $STARS to $MOGUL will be taking place on June 18th, an important next phase for Mogul Productions and Film3 generally.


Two weeks from today a new era in film and entertainment begins when $STARS holders will be able to swap their tokens for $MOGUL via a portal on the Mogul Productions website.


The migration period will last for a month, with only 100 million out of the total 1 billion supply being unlocked for migration at a 3:1 conversion rate. Additional tokens will be sent to early contributors to the new Mogul token, launchpads, and exchanges, with vesting period that occurs over 24 month timeline.


This strategy will ensure maximum stability for the initial unlocked supply of $MOGUL, in addition to growing the Mogul network and user base while giving token holders more utility and options in the crypto landscape.


Those who participate in the migration will also have an opportunity to earn more $MOGUL by choosing to stake their tokens for predetermined periods of time. The more holders who choose to stake, the less unlocked supply of tokens will be available publicly, which is why we decided to give better staking bonuses based on time staked.


Breakdown on the staking windows and reward percentages, beginning after the month-long migration window closes, are as follows:


30 days earns 5% $MOGUL Bonus

60 days – 11% Bonus

90 days – 20% Bonus

180 days – 50% Bonus


While only 10% of the total supply will be available publicly during the initial migration period, 8.6% more of the 1 billion $MOGUL supply will be unlocked after the first month post migration, with 6.9% of that going to exchanges.


With the focus on a measured and steady release of the overall token supply, around a third of the overall supply will be unlocked during the first three month period after the migration period closes.


All of these steps, including the conversion ratio and the rewards for loyal holders, are being implemented to provide stability and allow for maximizing value over time for $MOGUL holders.


Setting up $MOGUL for long term success is a vital step to developing the overall Mogul ecosystem, which will allow our community to make their mark on the film and entertainment industry. Integrating blockchain technology into the film industry will prove to be an innovative union at a time when both are at a unique and challenging turning point.


But to become a Mogul, you have to be willing to cut your own path and embrace challenges head on. We look forward to using collaboration with our community and partners to bring substantive and beneficial change to all things entertainment.


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If you have any questions or need help prior to the migration, please don’t hesitate to join the Mogul Productions Telegram or Discord.


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