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Serious People x Mogul Productions Partnership Announcement

With the migration from $STARS to $MOGUL only weeks away, we figure now is a great time to introduce one of our partners who has been crucial in the design and execution of it.


Serious People has partnered with Mogul Productions to ensure the migration to $MOGUL is a smooth process, and that $MOGUL is primed for success far into the future. Specializing in building and designing healthy token economies, Serious People have helped ensure that not only is the infrastructure for migration sound, but that the tokenomics and staking periods manage inflation in a measured way.


We are excited to collaborate with Serious People to ensure our Web3 products and services function so well that even unserious people can manage to interact with our Film3 dashboard. After all, a simple UI improves the quality of experience for everyone, and most importantly, it makes it possible for every Mogul member to engage with ease and unlock entire cinematic universes worth of potential.


About Serious People:


“Serious People is committed to driving positive change in the crypto industry by addressing common pitfalls like rushed token launches, hyperinflation, and inefficient liquidity strategies. As passionate DeFi builders, we provide tailored support for business model optimization, healthy token economies, and efficient cross-chain expansions. By leveraging our expertise and vetted partners, we save projects time and resources, enabling founders to focus on innovation. Join us to challenge the status quo and achieve sustainable success in the Web3 space.”


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