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Monthly Wrap: From Stars to Moguls

With the upcoming token migration from $STARS to $MOGUL, there’s a lot to be excited about, not just as it relates to the Web3 aspect of Mogul Productions but also on the film and entertainment front. 


And we’ll get to all of that soon enough, but a little reflection on what led up to the decision to migrate is helpful context for current and future holders.


While we always wanted to have a Mogul branded token in addition to $STARS, we realized after careful deliberation that it would be best to have one token serving as the primary coin for the overall Mogul community ecosystem. 


Additionally, the Bitmart hack that essentially locked up 40 million $STARS after Bitmart wallets were compromised, has complicated the ability to develop the token as we had planned.


This was ultimately why we decided it was best for our community to migrate to $MOGUL and focus on a fresh start. This will allow us to ensure the best possible reward structure, but most importantly to ensure the health of the overall Mogul ecosystem.


It’s a decision that prioritizes the long term interests of the company and community, and one we think most will be happy with once we roll out more details about migration on June 4th, in addition to more film projects, partnerships, and of course, perks for holders.


Which leads nicely into some other news as it relates to our revamped leadership team, who we are confident bring the kind of experience and enthusiasm that will allow Mogul Productions to become a leader in the film industry for years to come.


We’re thrilled to have Matt Gigault as our new CEO. With a stellar finance background and a knack for innovation, Matt is a fantastic choice to oversee Mogul as it begins this busy next phase of our journey.


Matt is passionate about film and envisions a future where blockchain is integral to every facet of filmmaking. He believes Mogul Productions has the ability to create opportunities for creators at all points in their career, while also creating more immersive experiences for film enthusiasts and the Mogul community.


As for another upgrade to the team, and with James Pratt’s continued rise in Hollywood, we are honored that he has chosen to step up as Head of Production for Mogul. 


James is an award-winning actor and director–and as a bonus fun fact, a former four-time Australian Real Estate Auctioneer of the Year winner. He is the recipient of various international film awards including Best Actor at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Director at the 2022 Cannes Film Awards, and Best Actor at the 2022 Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival.


Having someone like James on the Mogul team has allowed for greater synergy between Mogul and the broader entertainment industry, and him taking on a bigger role will only enhance that.


Given what’s on deck project wise, the timing of this shift couldn’t have come at a better time and we are extremely excited to begin rolling out more details about what’s being built over the next couple months.


Fortunately, you don’t have to wait too long to learn about one project Mogul Productions is involved with. In fact, all you have to do is head over to our blog to read our introductory post about “Lady Samurai”, a film project by Koji Steven Sakai that we are extremely excited to be helping secure initial funding for.


Read more here: 


As for the migration from $STARS to $MOGUL, we will be dropping a post on June 4th detailing the Swap Mechanics, including the exchange ratio. We will also be providing the date for when the migration goes live.


In the meantime, make sure you are eligible for our massive $10,000 in $MOGUL giveaway by reading the contest rules here:


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