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Twist Heavy Lies Between Us Picked Up By Mogul Productions

On track for a late 2024/early 2025 release, Lies Between Us is Mogul Productions’ newest project in partnership with Charach Productions that will demonstrate not everything (or everyone) is as they seem.


Centered around psychiatrist, Jen Palatino (Jayme Vanegas), Lies Between Us offers audiences an intimate and suspenseful story that starts innocently enough with a date, but quickly escalates after one of Jen’s patients crashes it.


Vanegas stars alongside Robert Ri’chard, who plays Jen’s love interest, Charlie, a charmer, who finds himself in a situation that gets completely out of hand. Palatino is forced to lean on her sister, a successful lawyer, to try and minimize the fallout from the actions of her patient, Liam (Jack Esformes).


With a supporting cast featuring Eric Roberts, Michael Paré, and executive producer, Randy Charach, Lies Between Us does a lot with a little, whether that’s the size of the cast or the cramped and claustrophobic setting. This is by design, forcing the suspense and interactions between characters to be front and center.


There’s no filler or fluff when it comes to the Lies Between Us, but there are plenty of surprises for the characters and the audience. With filming wrapped and post production underway, it won’t be long before audiences will be able to have their expectations flipped on their head.

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Clutch Brings High Stakes Thrill Ride to Mogul Productions

From Charach Productions and Michael Merino, Clutch will look to honor no frills action flicks with this story of a rideshare driver who finds herself caught up in the problems of her passenger.


Unfortunately for Tonya (Sadie Katz), that passenger happens to be a mob hitman trying to outmaneuver his vengeful former boss and get out of Los Angeles alive.


Kaiwi Lyman plays Xavier, the hitman and passenger who will certainly be getting a 1-star rating after taking Tonya and himself on the ride of their lives in this gritty thriller that plunges audiences into the dark underbelly of Los Angeles.


“Los Angeles feels like living in a modern-day frontier town, combining industry, recent immigrants, old 

world money, cowboys, modern day bikers, and dreamers of every shape and size,” says Clutch Writer-Director Michael Merino. “A real-world ‘Star Wars 

cantina’ spread across the landscape filled with hamlets and villages touched by every culture throughout the world. Yet, at night, the ‘ghosts and goblins’ come out to play.”


With Mogul Productions Head of Film Development, Randy Charach, serving as the Executive Producer of Clutch, Mogul is eager for audiences to see a film produced by one of their own.


“It’s terrific to see Mogul partnering on this film,” said James Pratt, Mogul’s Head of Film Production. “Clutch features solid acting from Sadie and Kaiwi, and having Randy as executive producer working with director Michael Merino again will be a real treat for the audience.”


Currently in post-production, Clutch is slated for a release date sometime in the latter part of 2024. In the build up to release there will be a variety of ways for Mogul community members to come along for the ride while earning perks and unique opportunities as part of campaigns tied to Clutch.

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