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Randy Charach, Mogul Head of Film Development Q&A

Please introduce yourself, your role with Mogul, and some of the things you’re most proud of as it relates to your career.

Randy: I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and currently spend most of my time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. My background is in business and entertainment. I’ve been in show business my entire working life. I’m really excited about my new role as Head of Film Development at Mogul Productions.

This is an amazing opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience in film making while increasing my knowledge and experience in the crypto, blockchain, crowdfunding, and NFT space. I also have a great amount of experience in marketing. Being able to work with Mogul in all these areas of interest is really exciting.

I’m blushing while admitting there are several things I’m proud of in my career. As a live comedy magical entertainer, I’ve performed for over 5000 audiences all over the world. I’ve authored dozens of audio programs, books, and courses on self-help topics and online marketing. I’ve also produced over 50 feature films and have worked as an actor alongside many movie stars including several Academy award nominated actors. In addition to this, I have created, built and exited several multi-million dollar businesses. 

Can you tell us about your early days in the entertainment industry? What inspired you to pursue a career in acting?

Randy: I wanted to be an actor ever since I was a young boy. Watching movies and television shows was something I did a lot of, and still do. I pictured myself in various roles and thought it would be fun to be a character actor. I hardly pursued it though, as I started performing magic shows as a business at the age of 12.

For the next several decades I was in high demand as a magician, mentalist, and stage hypnotist. Additionally, I started, operated, and eventually sold several businesses. These businesses ranged from an entertainment booking agency to a specialty toy company. I just didn’t have time to audition for roles as an actor.

However, for six years I did act as Ronald McDonald the clown in Canada. I was hired through the advertising agency that handled the McDonald’s account and performed shows and made public appearances. 

You started out performing as a magician, eventually playing one on the original MacGyver TV series. Could you explain how you got into performing magic and what ways that helped you transition into acting?

Randy: I started performing magic at the age of five. My Uncle was a Las Vegas magician who taught me my first few magic tricks. In addition to performing, I consulted for TV and Film productions shooting in Vancouver. MacGyver was one of the first series to come to Vancouver, in the late 80’s. Paramount Studios hired me as the magic consultant for several of the episodes. I also appeared as an actor/magician on the show.

I’ve consulted for many TV shows when they had magic involved in the story. I found opportunities to work as an actor and become an executive producer as a result of my exposure to the industry. One contact led to another as I networked my way through the Vancouver and Hollywood film communities. 

I attended full-time acting school for a year, around 25 years ago. It’s been a slow and gradual transition from magician to actor. One which has spanned decades and has only come to full fruition around seven years ago. This is when I decided to pursue the childhood dream of acting and put live performing aside. I auditioned for a rather large role in the film Zombie Tidal Wave and eventually won the role. We shot in Thailand and the producers were great to work with and offered me opportunities to produce. From there I started acting and producing full-speed ahead. 

As for Mogul, what attracted you to the Head of Film Development role and what are the aspects of the position that you’re most excited about?

Randy: I love how Mogul is a crypto based crowdfunding platform for film; among other things. It combines elements of show and business that greatly appeal to me. I was mining bitcoin back when it was at $300. So, I’m not brand new to that space, but I’ve just been HODL’ing for several years (and will continue), and I’m excited to learn more.

The success of Mogul also relies on marketing and that’s another passion of mine. Now, my main passion and focus is on film production and as I’ve mentioned, it’s been this way for a few years now.

I’m most excited about bringing films to our Mogul community that will entertain people and see commercial success. My role is to bring new projects to Mogul and screen submitted projects and shortlist viable candidates for the platform. I’ll then consult with our team to determine which projects to develop programs for and offer participation to $MOGUL token holders. 

What are some Mogul projects you’re looking forward to seeing on the screen?

Randy: I just wrapped my third feature film this year and have two more in pre-production right now. To kick things off, we’ll be bringing these five films onto the platform and creating incentives and perks around them.

Two of the films already shot are urban thrillers. They are titled “Homicide Suicide” and “Lies Between Us”. We just wrapped on an action film called “Clutch”. And, next to go to camera are two horror films called “Texas Nightmare” and “Harvester of Eyes”. These, and other films will kick things off at Mogul and are just the beginning. 

Are there any types of projects in particular that you hope to see Mogul help develop?

Randy: I’m really excited to see what people submit to us. In addition to films, we are open to documentaries, series, and even short films. While I will have no shortage of projects I personally bring to the table, it’s what the community pitches to us at Mogul I’m most excited to help develop and promote. 

In 5 years, where do you envision yourself and Mogul Productions? What would you like to see happen in that time?

Randy: I would like to see dozens of successful projects come to fruition through the Mogul platform. In five years, with the anticipated growth of our platform, token, and company, I imagine there will be many more film experts working with the current team on the film side of the company.  

If there’s anything I missed or anything you’d like to add, do so here:

Randy: I encourage people to submit their projects through our website. Before doing so, please know that in most cases in addition to a solid script and a realistic budget, there should be some valuable attachment(s) to the project. Having star actors and/or a director and some equity attached to your project will help you stand out and get noticed. 

We’re looking for viable projects and not just “naked” scripts. We’re here to help filmmakers who have already put in some work and have something to show for it.