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Mogul Productions Partners with Globally Acclaimed Actor, Filmmaker & Poet David Bianchi

Mogul Community to be given early access to David Bianchi’s latest NFT drop “SENSES”

Mogul Productions partners with David Bianchi and his new NFT collection, SENSES, to help shine a light on his latest masterpiece which bridges spoken word poetry and generative fine art. This will allow Mogul’s core community of film lovers the chance to get early access to one of the most anticipated NFT drops of 2022.

David Bianchi is a multi-hyphenate artist. Globally known as an actor, filmmaker, and spoken word poet. He seamlessly blends together these passions in his very own art genre he calls Spinema™ (Spinning cinema through spoken word).  These poetic-cinematic experiences are currently taking the NFT art space by storm, leading to tens of thousands of dollars being donated to charity.

As an actor/filmmaker, David has over 100 professional credits and can be seen in studio films and major network TV. His work in front of the camera has earned him membership into the very prestigious Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

His latest collection, SENSES, is centered around 100 philosophical poems (written by David) on the human experience inspired by the five human senses. PLS&TY strategically produced the music to fit the Solfeggio frequencies, (Hz frequencies that are proven to heal the mind-body and elevate the chakras). The generative psychedelic art by technologist Dogan Demir is coded from mathematical data informed by recordings of David’s voice.  Each NFT layer is owned by the collector including a hidden layer of the poetry signed by David including global sales and publishing rights of the written poetry.

David says, “The work has a cinematic energy about it, through massive collaboration of over 20 people, original score, conceptual art and epic sound scapes. Holders will have access to an exclusive sound bath experience in Spatial plus IRL activations in major markets.”

The Mogul community will be granted 60 “Allow list” spots which will enable them to secure the SENSES NFT prior to the public sale on June 9th for 0.15 ETH, with one mint per wallet. Full info on the collection can be found here.

The allow list spots will be on a first come basis and the Mogul community will need to do the following to secure a spot:

Send a DM on Twitter to the official SENSES account and include the following information

  1. Write “Mogul List”
  2. Provide ETH wallet address
  3. Provide Name
  4. Provide Email 

The SENSES team will then be in touch to arrange mint information for the NFT.

“Mogul stands for more than just cinema in Film3. They stand for good art and a strong community with bold intentions. Which is why we’re certain SENSES will speak to the Mogul Community! It is my pleasure to collaborate with such trailblazers, now and in the future to come.” – David Bianchi

We are excited to align with David to help support his amazing new collection SENSES, and provide our community access to some really unique NFTs. David is one of the leaders within the Film3 movement and this is an exciting first step as we continue to develop our partnership with him moving forward! Jake Fraser, Head of Business Development, Mogul Productions

As Mogul and David Bianchi continue to help pioneer the Film3 movement and bring entertainment fans into the world of Crypto, there will no doubt be some more exciting news between both parties in the near future.

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