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Mogul HQ Built In the Earncraft Metaverse

A Mogul HQ has been built in Earncraft where users can visit to check Mogul out. There are different use cases inside Mogul HQ for community members to enjoy, interact and prosper together.   

Featured inside Mogul HQ is the virtual cinema, including a Mogul theatre with a functional space that showcases all of our NFTs and drops and STARS token information.  It’s a space where in the future Mogul can do special events. Community members can watch film premieres, trailers and new releases.

Mogul HQ inside Earncraft metaverse

Community members can view Mogul’s NFTs inside its rooms.  New NFT drops will be available inside the metaverse. Both current fans and visitors can bounce into the Mogul marketplace to acquire digital assets from the world of film, music, art and entertainment.

The Mogul HQ lounge gives community members opportunities to meet and converse.

Mogul HQ lounge inside Earncraft metaverse

Mogul Productions has partnered with Earncraft and their decentralized metaverse to bring a collaborative user experience.  It’s the first play-to-earn game on the Binance smartchain that integrates in-game blockchain transactions. 

The game is live and can be downloaded for free. 

The game is based in a free market economy.  Users can sell and buy resources, rent land, participate in daily competitions, promote images on land about other projects such as Mogul, play in the casino, plant crops, and more.  PLOT NFTs are the native piece of digital real-estate inside the metaverse. Holding PLOT, gives users access to build digital experiences, games, stores, social hubs and more. Digital land inside the Earncraft metaverse can be rented to other people to earn passive income. 

Mogul HQ Inside the Earncraft Metaverse

Each area within Mogul HQ showcases different use-case situations to take part in.  New games will be available for members to join in or challenge each other. 

Mogul seeks out partnerships to expand the Mogul Marketplace experience for its growing community and to introduce its film and entertainment NFT platform to other communities. 

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