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Mogies Public Sale October 21

Mogies public sale goes live on the Mogul platform on October 21st

Brought to you by the animators of the Simpsons, the Mogies public sale will start next week! With loads of perks and bonuses in store we are over the moon with excitement for this monumental moment in Mogul history.

This process has been a whole year in the making. Last October we partnered with the animators of the Simpsons at Chavvo Studios to bring Mogies to life. One year later, we’ve released the trailer, created the NFTs, sold out the pre-sale, developed the animatic for the pilot episode, and now we’re releasing the creative to the public. What a ride!

Sale Details

There are only 1923 Mogies that exist – all of which play a key role in the animated series.

250 Mogies are SOLD OUT from the pre-sale.

Starting October 21st, only 600 Mogies will be sold via a dutch auction starting at 1 ETH. The price decreases by 0.2 ETH every 24 hrs to 0.2 ETH if they’re not sold out

Buyers above 0.2 ETH are eligible for a rebate in ERC20 $STARS up to 1.5x the premium paid. That means if you purchase at 1 ETH and the auction ends at 0.2 ETH, you will not only get all of the perks slated for DA purchasers (bonus Access Pass, Mogieland plot, golden & silver embossed Mogies & more), but you will also receive 1.6 ETH worth of STARS tokens after the sale ends!!

All Mogies buyers who purchase in $STARS get 10% off as well!

Benefits for buying on Oct 21: 

  • A bonus collectors’ edition gold or silver embossed Mogie
  • Up to 1.5x rebate on your purchase in $STARS tokens 
  • Bonus Mogieland Metaverse plot of land
  • Bonus Access Pass NFT
  • Bonus mint (if unsold, the remaining Mogies will be distributed to those who buy in the dutch auction)

Dates to bookmark in your calendar: 

Aug 8-10 Pre Sale: SOLD OUT
Oct 21-25: Public Sale via Dutch Auction
Oct 26-Nov 2: Whitelist Sale
Nov 2 onwards: Public sale, rebates, bonus mint & art reveal

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Please practice best security practices during your purchasing process and make sure you are only following official links. Mogies are only purchasable directly from the Mogul platform. No Mogul email addresses other than [email protected] will email you.