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Guide to Buying Stars on MEXC

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Welcome everyone to Mogul’s ecosystem.  We are the NFT marketplace platform for the film and entertainment industry.  Over the years Mogul has cultivated its team and technology to give you the best experience.  Each day Mogul develops exciting products infused with a strong community spirit.

‍With so many exciting products from film and entertainment in Mogul’s marketplace, new fans and collectors join our ecosystem daily.

The STARS token is our native cryptocurrency.  STARS allows users to take part in our NFT drops and get involved in the community.  Fans and collectors who wish to buy NFTs on the Mogul platform will need STARS to do so.   It’s used for staking, voting, governance and ownership.

STARS is acquired in two ways. First, by buying/swapping them. Second is by earning them in your smart wallet for staking during voting periods.

This guide is to help get you on your way to attaining STARS through MEXC so you can participate in upcoming NFT drops.

For these walkthroughs, we are using a web browser, not a smart phone.

Let’s go buy STARS!

Go to Mogul’s STARS page

Buying STARS with USDT on MEXC

Click on the MEXC button.

For this, you will need an account with MEXC and be logged in.

If you don’t have a MEXC login account you will need to create one by clicking on the “Sign Up” button on the top left corner.

Enter your email address and password.

MEXC will not allow you to finish signing up until you request a verification code.

Click on “Get Code”  and complete the automated verification test by clicking on the pictures in the proper order and then click “ok”.

The website may ask you to do this task twice.

Once it accepts your verification test, go to your email where MEXC has now sent you a registration code.  Copy it and enter it into the “Verification Code” area.

Click on the User Agreement check box.

Then click on “Sign Up”

You are now signed up and should receive an email confirmation.

You should see the following Login Option

Select the Email option and enter your email address and password.

Once again, complete the automated verification test you will be prompted with by clicking on the pictures in the proper order and then click “ok”.

The system will probably ask you to enter an anti-phishing verification code.  MEXC will send you another email titled 【MEXC】Email Captcha.  Copy and paste within the 60 second time period.

MEXC will automatically take you to the user setup page after the code is entered.

Be sure to change your username by clicking on the below button on the top right hand side of the main portion of the page.

Security is a serious issue in the ecommerce world and we recommend you take it seriously as well.  There are several security measures MEXC has taken to protect your assets.

Click on “Security Recommendations” to better secure your account from thieves and phishers.

Click the “Mobile Verification” button and enter your mobile phone number with the proper country of origin.

Click “Get it now”.  Your mobile phone will receive a text message with the SMS verification code to enter into the field.

Enter the SMS verification code and click the “Confirm” button.

Next click on the “Get it now” button for the email verification code.

Check your email for the subject 【MEXC】Email Captcha.

Copy the verification code in the email and paste it.

Click “Confirm”.

This should set your account to Medium risk.  It will recommend you enable Google Authenticator which you may choose to do so on your own.


In order to buy STARS, you must have USDT in your MEXC wallet.

Navigate to the STARS webpage on Mogul and click on the MEXC option. This will bring you to the token page with charts and token details.

Click on the “Deposit” button underneath the STARS

Select USDT and click on “Buy Crypto”

Enter the payment option that works best for you between

P2P Markets / Credit / Debit Card / PUSH

Some options like P2P Markets require you to provide KYC (Know Your Client) information such as name, birthdate and Passport/Drivers License #.

For this example we are going to pay for USDT with Credit / Debit Card

Select the proper currency that will be used to pay for the crypto currency.

Set the “Get≈” to USDT.

Enter the amount of dollars or USDT you wish to purchase and MEXC will automatically convert the amounts.

Then click on “Buy USDT”

Check Accept and Continue and click “Confirm”

Click “Continue”

Enter the proper information from your credit card.

Accept or decline the three options at the bottom.

Click “Next”


After you have USDT in your MEXC wallet, navigate to the STARS webpage  on Mogul and click on the MEXC option. This will bring you to the token page with charts and token details.

Click on the green “Buy” button located underneath the STARS price chart. The default pairing (or token if you’re selling for STARS) will be USDT. However you can change this to any compatible token.

Make certain you have enough USDT to buy the amount of STARS you wish to buy. If you don’t have enough USDT to buy all the STARS you want, click the Deposit button and go through the deposit process previously described.

If you want to purchase STARS at the most recent token price, set the buying option to “Market” and enter the quantity you’d like to purchase.  Click “Buy STARS”

Your available STARS balance should increase, and you now have STARS tokens in your wallet!

For additional information on our STARS token, visit our gitbook at


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