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What a month for Mogul!

From amazing guests on Mogul Live, lots of action in the press, to one of our advisors winning an Emmy award — this month had it all!

Mogul Live Season 1 ended as a smashing success and we had interviews with a top Hollywood actor, concept artist, TV studio, manager and PR agent! Such an amazing first season.

But….. great news! We announced Mogul Live Season 2 guests. Tune in this month to listen to top producers and casting agents in the industry, including:

If you missed Season 1, head to our website or YouTube channel to watch all of the episodes.

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Mogul Official Statement

In light of recent events in Minnesota, please read Mogul’s official statement:

“Mogul stands with the black community and people of color, and recognizes that until they can truly live without fear, silence is simply not an option.
We must hold ourselves accountable and interrupt the cycle of systemic racism that exists in our world through our daily actions and in the words we choose. We must seek to understand and strive for justice and respect, and to make each day less racist than the one before.
Mogul continues to remain committed to create more transparency, inclusion and diversity in storytelling!”

Next month we will be featuring Mogul team member, Lyriq Bent, as a special guest on Mogul Live. Lyriq will speaking about his career and experience, and what he feels is missing in the industry. This will be an incredibly timely event for our community and we’re ecstatic to have Lyriq speak about his experiences as a Canadian BIPOC creator.

Mogul in the Press!

Check out these articles that featured Mogul this month:

Plus more!

Monthly Mogul

If you know of another member of the Mogul community who is accomplishing great things in the industry and deserves to be recognized by their peers, let us know! We’re always looking to celebrate and highlight the successes of outstanding Moguls!

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This month’s Monthly Mogul is Cindy Cowan! Cindy is an advisor for Mogul and part of the Mogul community. Cindy had two big celebrations in May — her birthday, PLUS an Emmy Award for her role in producing Miracle on 42nd Street. Congrats Cindy!

Community Spotlight

Take a look at what members of the Mogul community have been up to:

Piers Tempest, Mogul advisor and producer of Love Wedding Repeat, has seen great reviews from the British rom com which recently launched on Netflix globally.
Dane Hallett’s work has been on display in a huge way. Extraction was one of the top films on Netflix last month. Dane was the concept artist for the film.
Congratulations to Mogul advisor David Cormican who is now guest lecturing at OCAD University on Advanced Cinematic Production.
And finally this month, a big shout out to community member Sarah Louise Collidge who signed with Play Management, a top Canadian talent agency and management company. Give her a follow on Instagram!

Shoot us a message if there are others in our community who have been Moguls this past month for a shoutout!

Industry Reads

Top, curated industry reads directly from our team:

  1. The dark side of the film industry and making sure film workers get PAID
    2. Mogul Interview with Jessica Ross
    3. Using the Power of the Crowd in film
    4. How Tik Tok is exploding in Hollywood
    5. How Hollywood is coping with COVID-19

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