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Weekly STARS Stats Roundup

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As you may know, there are many benefits to being a STARS token holder on the Mogul platform.

The STARS Stats Round-up gives you the most recent breakdown of exactly what’s happening inside of Mogul growth farming pools.

You can vote on movies you would like to see get made, send and receive STARS between other users, acquire Access Passes, buy rare NFTs to add to your own personal digital movie memorabilia collection and benefit from all kinds of interesting promotions, contests, and giveaways that could get you an Executive Producer credit for a movie and all kinds of once-in-a-lifetime behind the scenes experiences.

This first round-up features some very impressive totals. No fewer than 115 million STARS tokens out of 297,375,326 are currently locked in our growth farming program.

That includes more than 35 million STARS tokens being pooled for our growth farming program on Uniswap and an additional 75 million tokens locked up through Mogul’s own Master Chef contract. 

That means a whopping 38.6% of all STARS tokens are helping grow the Mogul community!!

Learn more about growth farming and support feature films that deserve to get made.


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