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The Rise of Comics in Crypto

What defines the true worth of a comic book? To some, a comic book is worth nothing more than its ink and bound pieces of paper. But comic lovers, just like cryptocurrency enthusiasts, understand that the value of something isn’t derived from what can be touched and held, but rather, what brings joy.

This is exactly why our team at Mogul Productions is working to bridge the gap between comics, entertainment collectibles and cryptocurrency. By bringing these worlds together comic lovers will get exclusive, new content, and a new breed of comic enthusiasts will emerge. 

Especially with our latest NFT collection in collaboration with Rob Prior, which can be viewed here.

From paper books to NFTs

For decades, comics have been stuck in a loop. While comic creators have ventured into new characters and content, the art has been limited by its distribution on paper. While other areas of art have modernized into the digital world, comics remain a relic of the past. And while that nostalgia is what many comic book fans enjoy, it’s a net negative for the entire industry. In today’s digital world, comic book lovers are looking for something to replace the paper comics of their youth. Fortunately, that’s where Mogul can step in and provide new ways to engage fans through meaningful collectibles in film, entertainment, and even comics!

Non-fungible tokens — or NFTs — are unique digital assets that exist on blockchain networks. NFTs can represent everything from digital art to real-world assets like real estate. The blockchain holds the underlying ownership information for an NFT which can be used as a pseudo-certificate of authenticity.  

Turning comics into NFTs allows the distribution of comic books (and their collective derivatives) to be wider and more vast than ever imaginable. 

Immense benefits for comics

In the old world of comics, innovation and creativity were limited to what could be put to paper, mass-produced, and easily sold. But in today’s digital world of comics, innovation is limitless, and NFTs can drive the industry to even bigger heights.

Merging real world and digital

The lines between the real and digital worlds continue to be blurred. So much so that real-world objects are being digitized and made available as NFT collectibles on blockchain networks. This is exactly what renowned artist Rob Prior did when he partnered with us at Mogul on an ingenious way to display the merging of these two worlds.

The painter created a Wolf of Wall Street-inspired painting, digitized it on the Ethereum blockchain, and burned the original in a public display. The result was a digital collectible that is based on a real-world creation. And lest you think this idea wasn’t seen as revolutionary, the NFT sold for $182,050 in an auction on the Mogul platform. But this was only the first in the beginning of more digital collectibles, with the next two to be inspired by Star Wars and the Marvel Universe. 

NFT creativity

Mogul has teamed up with painter Rob Prior once again to release portraits of the great comic book creator Stan Lee signed by Lee himself. This set of 95 portraits will only exist as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Prior views this opportunity to create a new type of art as revolutionary. “It’s incredible that we can now make art immortal by giving it a permanent digital life on the blockchain. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working with the Mogul team to share my creations with the members of the entertainment community, who have always been big supporters of my work.”

Fractional ownership

Imagine owning a piece of the 1938 release of Action Comics #1, featuring the first appearance of Superman. In its current form, the comic and its $4+ million price tag are all but a pipedream for most. But converted into an NFT and ownership of this, and other highly sought-after comics becomes a reality. That’s because NFTs can be broken down into fractional ownership, with multiple people owning a piece of a highly valuable and desired digital asset. Allowing for fractional ownership 

Crypto is growing the comic world

In many ways, comic book creators like Stan Lee were at the forefront of innovation. They saw the future before anyone else was able to conceive of it. Today. Lee would likely be proud to know that companies like Mogul Productions are partnering with artists like Rob Prior to take contributions to the comic book world and immortalize them in new ways using cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. With NFTs serving as the backbone to create new ideas, generate community-driven content, and sell fractional shares of new and old work alike, Mogul can give the comic book industry a new lease on life.