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Texas Nightmare Showcases Fragility of the Mind Through Writer’s Block and a Murderous Cult

When a case of writer’s block sends an author to a remote cabin in the Texas hill country, she quickly learns that there are worse things than being uninspired.


Texas Nightmare, a horror film from Charach Productions and Michael Merino, plays with many of the elements that have served the genre well: isolation, remote cabins, and of course, a murderous cult.


As our author confines herself to a cabin to force herself to finish her novel, her plan to find creation through solitude is undone by the realization she is not alone. Meeting a deadline takes on new meaning for her as her sole focus becomes that of survival instead of turning out pages.


The cast features horror veterans Felissa Rose and Sadie Katz (who stars in another upcoming Randy Charach and Mogul film, Clutch), as well as an exciting cast of characters. 

With production set to wrap for Texas Nightmare around the end of summer 2024, Mogul Productions in partnership with MCM Productions and Charach Productions is eyeing a possible late 2025 release. As a result, the Mogul community can expect unique reward and support opportunities to go live really soon. From a role in the film, to collecting props to producer credits, there will be a variety of ways to support the release of Texas Nightmare.