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Telegram AMA with David Lipper and Ivo Raza of Reboot Camp

Telegram AMA with David Lipper and Ivo Raza of Reboot Camp

Telegram: u/brenodiassn1

Question 1: What was it like to shoot a mockumentary taking into account the balance between the script and the improvising scenes, and what were the other challenges you faced when shooting a film like this?

Answer: Ivo Raza – I’ll take this one. It’s a wonderful way of working. The whole film was scripted to ensure that there’s a solid structure in the story. But then both Dave and I are big fans of improv and we have many scenes we decided to play around with after we shot the script materials and just roof on the topic, especially doing the exercises. And then on top of it with a variety of the campers who came in and didn’t have written rules such as Ja Rule and David Koechner and Eric Roberts and his wife we came up with specific exercises for them for the camp and just improved all of it.

David Lipper – Yeah, the real challenge is in trying to figure out where the scene is going. Our DP – Derrick Cohan was brilliant in instinctively knowing when to zoom in on someone and when to zoom out.

Telegram: u/jbarcel
Question 2: How did this partnership start and can we expect more from it (like future films collaboration) going forward?

David Lipper – So, I first learned about Mogul from Rob Prior.

Ivo Raza – Who was also in Reboot Camp

David Lipper – Who (was) not only is in Reboot Camp but also directed me in a film called Painted Beauty.

And then Isabella Blake Thomas, who’s in my Death Link film, recently became a creative executive there – so it was almost family from the beginning.

But as far as entering the world of NFTs, that was actually spearheaded by our executive Producer Tim Alek Mulley who is a big part of the crypto community and works with Ja Rule in this and other things. He’s really taught us to this whole world that we’re still learning about eagerly.

He’s great and he’s been educating us a lot for the past year on this. That’s why we want the sequel to take place in this world.

Ivo Raza – Tim was telling us about NFTs for a while and it’s such an interesting microcosm.

David Lipper – Not just about raising funds through NFTs but actually giving the community a voice.

Telegram: u/jbarcel

Question 3: How did the cast members react about creating NFTs with deleted scenes, were they already aware of the Nfts market or was it something totally new?

Ivo Raza – Everyone was intrigued

David Lipper – So, it depends on which one. Ja Rule is well versed in this space and you’ll be hearing from him soon about this drop

Most of the others have been approached by companies looking to use their brand and they haven’t had the right people to trust on this until now and have been learning as well

David Koechner has been approached non-stop for memes on The Office and Anchorman but has held off until now.

Because it’s such a new space working with us and mogul …there’s a trust level which is very important

Telegram: u/solmoss

Question 4: what current or past movie NFT do you wish existed?

Ivo Raza – Big Lebowski

David Lipper – I’ll have to say the Hellraiser box

Telegram: u/brenodiassn1

Question 5: How do you see the possibility that your partnership is opening the way for an unprecedented form of increased film revenue, monetizing through scenes that would not be used?

David Lipper – Let’s see how it does. To be honest, we’re less concerned about how much money we make and more about connecting with this community and hopefully find an audience here that loves the movie as much as we do. It will be nice to put funds in the actors’ pockets on this, but at the end of the day, I want you all to see the movie and get pumped for the sequel.


Question 6

Could you tell us about some of the other projects you guys are working on at the moment? Anything that could make a great NFT?

David Lipper – Well, first and foremost for Ivo and I is this sequel, but we also are developing other films together.

As for me, my film Death Link releases on Nov. 30 by gravitas, and my Christmas film, A Christmas Letter, releases Christmas. Just Swipe reunites me with Full House Jodie Sweetin and out Valentine’s day

Ivo Raza – We have a couple of stories in development besides the Reboot Camp sequel.

Telegram: u/solmoss

Question 7: What has been the reaction and uptake of mogul NFT and crypto association for different staff associated with this movie?

David Lipper – Everyone has been excited for this new world we’re being exposed to.

Ivo Raza – Most have heard about NFTs but are not intimately familiar. however, because we have jumped on this there is a genuine enthusiasm

David Lipper – You have to understand that brands like Nicole Aniston, Ja Rule, and Koechner are pitched a million things with people who want to take advantage of their status. Ja Rule has been in this space, but the others have been very cautious about entering with the right people. Now they’re here and they want to really dive into this now that they have some people they can trust


Question 8: If you could work with any actor on your next project (unlimited budget, they can’t turn you down), who would it be, and why?

David Lipper – Well, Ed Begley Jr.. I can’t say enough about him.

Working with him on Reboot Camp was a thrill. He’s just the sensei master of the mockumentary.

I want to make sure he’s back for the sequel, along with Ja Rule and Koechner.

Ivo Raza – To me, Reboot was already a dream cast. For Part 2 it’d be fun to add some new characters and cast Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray…

Telegram: u/defiapez

Question 9: To you, what makes an NFT special versus other pieces of content?

David Lipper – Well the blockchain is what makes it special and to know it’s a one of a kind that can’t be copied – that’s the coolest part to me.

That’s what got me excited about the deleted scenes cause no one else in the world will have it.

Telegram: u/defiapez

Question 10: As soon as it’s released as an NFT, everyone can see it. Why are ownership and the sale of it special to you?

David Lipper – As filmmakers, our main focus is on getting our work seen, and this is a new avenue for that, both raising awareness for the film as well as the NFTs themselves. That’s why I dig it

Telegram: u/Lavieestbelle_20

Question 11: What’s the best lesson the movie can impart to its viewers?

Ivo Raza – Don’t believe everything some supposed guru says…

David Lipper – The road to hell was paved with good intentions… Power corrupts.

Telegram: u/Oatmilk1

Question 12: How was it hard or easy to learn about Blockchain?

David Lipper – Still learning! But I bought my first Bitcoin and etherium about 5 years ago

Ivo Raza – I’m still learning



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