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STARS Staking Begins

STARS Staking Begins_Mogul Productions

$STARS Staking is a go!  

Lights. Camera. Action!  Starting Sunday May 15th, Mogul launches its longest staking program to date! 

14 Million STARS tokens are to be rewarded to the Mogul community 

Mogul Productions strives to drive extra value to our loyal STARS holders. 

The program will last for an entire calendar year – giving STARS holders another way to use their tokens as we execute on our 2022/2023 roadmap!

STARS token holders can lock their tokens for specified periods of time in order to receive a STARS reward rate, which is defined by the pool they are entering. The longer the lockup, the more rewards!

STARS Staking Begins_Mogul Productions

Staking means to lock your tokens to earn rewards. Rewards are accumulated passively for locking your STARS tokens for defined periods of time. Staking rewards are received in the form of STARS tokens.

Reward Pools

Each reward pool has a different number of STARS allocated to reward the users in the pool.

The reward rate per pool will vary over time.  It is calculated each block according to the STARS allocated to the pool, and the number of STARS the users have put into the reward pool. Rewards are issued proportionally according to the number of STARS a user stakes.

Reward pools starts on May 15th. Users can withdraw their STARS at any given point in time. But to be eligible to claim pending rewards, users must meet the minimum lockup requirement in the pool.

If a user withdraws before the minimum lockup requirement, they will not be able to claim their rewards.

VIP Pool

Token: STARS

# of Rewards: 1,000,000 STARS

Min. Lockup: 1 month

Reward Payment: 3 months


Backstage Pool

Token: STARS

# of Rewards: 3,000,000 STARS

Min. Lockup: 2 months

Reward Payment: 6 months


Oscar’s Pool

Token: Pancake Swap STARS_BNB LP Tokens

# of Rewards: 4,000,000 STARS

Min. Lockup: 3 months

Reward Payment: 9 months


Red Carpet Pool (A-List Pool)

Token: STARS

# of Rewards: 6,000,000 STARS

Min. Lockup: 3 months

Reward Payment: 12 months

Scroll down further for staking instructions.

How to Stake

Go to

or go to the Mogul NFT Marketplace and click on Staking.

This user interface on the  Mogul NFT Marketplace will be available during the year-long staking time slots, where STARS token holders will be able to APPROVE and  STAKE their STARS to enter the pool of their choosing.  It will show stakeholders their profitability in their dashboard.

The STARS staking program is for BEP20 STARS

This way users do not have to pay as high of a gas fee to enter the pool and claim their rewards; fewer fees and more rewards for our community!

For  users which need to swap their tokens from ETH to BSC in order to take part in the STARS staking, we suggest using AnySwap.

AnySwap Bridge:

For more information on swapping STARS click here

Select the pool that you wish to stake your STARS tokens in.

Your wallet will display how much STARS you have available on the BSC Network. 

Enter the amount or percentage of STARS you wish to stake for this pool and click on the “APPROVE STARS” button. 

This will take the user to their crypto wallet. Confirm you want to make this transaction.  Once confirmed the “Approve Stars” button will change to “STAKE”

Click on STAKE.

Confirm the transaction on your crypto wallet.

Once confirmed, this message will appear and you have successfully staked your STARS.

The pool rewards are issued every BSC block. This means that the pool end dates are approximated according to the average block time on BSC. Therefore, the pool end dates may not be exact.

* It is important to note that users must meet the minimum lockup threshold to be eligible to claim their pending rewards. Rewards can be claimed after the reward payment period ends. This period differs for each pool. There is no minimum or maximum amount that a user must stake.

Sit back, grab your popcorn, and get ready for the STARS Staking. Program begins Sunday, May 15th!

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