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Proof of Origin NFT Auction Details

Rob Prior Twitter | Mogul | NFT Collection

Important Details

  • The auction will start on the 27th of May at 8pm EDT
  • The auction is conducted only with STARS tokens
  • Starting price is 100,000 STARS tokens
  • If your bid is beaten or unsuccessful you will receive the bid amount back to the wallet it was sent from, minus the gas fee


Rob Prior’s Wolf of Wall Street NFT is titled “Reign of Money…. what the f$ck”. The NFT is an ERC1155 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be viewed on OpenSea here.

Paintings are difficult to make into NFTs. An artist can digitize a painting, but it’s nearly impossible to prove that the NFT will be the only instance of that painting. There’s always the question – “but what about the original?”

For the first time in history, Rob Prior and Mogul Productions will be converting a one-of-a-kind painting into a provably verifiable NFT, where it will only live as an ERC1155 token.

Inside the metadata of the token, the purchaser will be able to access the following items:

1. A full rendering of the painting

2. A video of Rob painting the original painting 

3. The animated version of the painting

So, the purchaser will be able to see the creation of the painting within the token itself! Plus, all viewers at the Proof of Origin event will see Rob burn the original painting live on camera. 

The Basics

Mogul is excited to be holding an auction for an NFT based on an original painting depicting the Wolf of Wall Street. Produced by the talented artist Rob Prior (of Marvel & DC Comics), the entire process will be livestreamed on your Mogul Dashboard after logging in. If you are unable to access Mogul for whatever reason, you can watch the full livestream on YouTube here:

Once the painting has been completed and the work memorialized in NFT format, the original work will be burned to ensure the NFT is the only remaining version of this piece! 

The auction will take place on the Mogul Productions Dashboard shortly after the Rob Prior Proof of Origin event concludes (5pm EDT – 8pm EDT). You will need to be logged into your account, and you will need a MetaMask wallet containing enough STARS to cover your bid, and enough ETH to cover the required gas fees.

You can purchase the STARS token on our website here. Or alternatively you can go ahead and use a service like Uniswap. You will likely get a better price with the second option, as STARS are sold at a fixed price on Mogul. Here’s a guide on Uniswap and how to use it.

Please be aware that due to the length of time it can take for transactions to be processed on the ETH network, any bids submitted shortly before the cutoff time may not be received in time. In this case, your funds will be returned to you minus the gas fee. To avoid this, we’d recommend you increase the gas fee to the highest level you’re comfortable with (10-20% above the current gas price potentially) as this will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for your bid to process.

Schedule / Process

Before the Auction, you will be able to watch the livestreamed Proof of Origin event (5pm – 8pm EDT) on your Mogul dashboard (you can also watch it here: Below the video player you’ll find the auction section. This will display the starting price we have set.

Once the livestream has ended, the auction will begin and run for 24 hours. As you can see in the screenshot below, you will be able to see the current bid, whether or not you are the highest bidder, and your current STARS balance.

If you decide to place a bid, a window will open where you can enter the amount you would like to bid. This must be greater than the current highest bid. The page will refresh when a new bid is entered, so you won’t need to constantly refresh the page.

Once you’ve submitted your bid, MetaMask will open for a two stage process. First, you will be asked to approve the transaction, this will incur a small gas fee.

Once that has processed, you will be asked to submit the bid itself, which again will incur a one-off gas fee. You may want to opt for a higher gas fee if it is close to the auction’s end and you’re trying to squeeze in a last minute bid.

Once the auction is over and the final bid has been accepted, the winner will be automatically announced on the Mogul Dashboard. 

More Information

You can find information about how you can view and interact with your Mogul NFTs here.



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