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Performance Upgrades in Mogul’s Marketplace V3

Mogul Productions - Performance Upgrades in Mogul’s Marketplace V3

Mogul Development Update #2

The Mogul development team is as always hard at work assembling the newest features for the Mogul NFT Marketplace and ecosystem.  Let’s peek inside a few of Mogul’s new and upcoming upgrades to the NFT Marketplace experience.

Mogul Development Update #2

NFT and blockchain marketplaces in general have an enormous impact on the Technology Age.  Marketplaces are critical elements of the entire decentralized token ecosystem that incentivizes data to be collected, shared and used.

Mogul’s Marketplace V3 is the latest iteration of its Internet technology developed to deliver a faster and more focused user experience. 

Performance Upgrades 

Mogul’s Marketplace V3

Mogul uses lazy loading, which is to only load components that are needed. Fans who enjoyed previous features will enjoy an even better user experience, with higher performance optimization.  

Search Filters

Mogul’s Marketplace V3 - Search Bar

With multiple exciting NFT drops on Mogul’s platform  scheduled for each month from the film and entertainment industry, the marketplace catalog is going to get a lot bigger. This means a lot of decentralized digital data needs to be brought into search engine algorithms faster for users to enjoy the experience.  Search filters will need to be quick and robust. 

Whether you are searching for specific NFTs, or window browsing a certain range, Mogul’s filters are fast in producing desired search outcomes. 

Mogul’s Marketplace V3 - Search Bar - Most Recent
Mogul’s Marketplace V3 - Search Bar - All Range
Mogul’s Marketplace V3 - Search Bar - All

Searches can be performed by alphabetical order and price order.  They can be further filtered for price ranges, listed sales and auctions. 

Faster Image Speed 

Mogul’s Marketplace V3 - Faster Image Speed

With so much data to filter through, performance speed is paramount for an enjoyable user experience.  Large files cannot be efficiently stored on blockchains. They become bloated and a lot of storage space is required.

OpenSea, and popular decentralized peer-to-peer marketplaces, store their NFT data visuals where outside  marketplaces which need to scrape their sites  to visually display visual material on their own sites.  Mogul mitigates the  time and data delays by keeping that data more often in its own site.  

Mogul’s Marketplace V3 is transitioning to further use NFT data and images from its own web marketplace, rather than outside sources.  That means faster image speeds.

Mogul’s Marketplace V3 - Web

NFTs ownership and details can be viewed on either the Etherscan, the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer, or IPFS, the InterPlanetary File System

Navigating New Frontiers

Mogul Productions is capable of leveraging these advanced technological innovations to give artists and buyers alike an more robust user experience.

Toward The Future

Mogul Productions - Mogul NFT Marketplace Towards The Future

The Mogul NFT Marketplace V3 is the marketplace where film & entertainment meet blockchain.  The development team keeps up and is often ahead of technological advancements within the blockchain community.  

Mogul’s community-oriented system is specifically built for the entertainment industry,  making its partnerships with moviemakers, music makers, content creators, and intellectual property owners winners.

Stay tuned next week when we discuss another of the newest features to the Mogul marketplace.

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