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Partner Announcement – Luxury Artist Max Jamali

Mogul Productions Partners with Internationally Acclaimed Luxury Artist Max Jamali


Toronto, 2024-04-29: In an exciting development for the art and luxury sectors, Mogul is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with renowned luxury artist Max Jamali. This collaboration is poised to bring together the worlds of high art and opulence, signifying a new chapter in the expression of luxury.


Max Jamali, based in Toronto, is an artist with a rich, award-winning background in fashion photography. His unique mixed-media art, which has graced galleries and exclusive events in Toronto, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, and Dubai, sets him apart as a visionary in his field. Jamali is celebrated for his innovative use of luxury materials to craft his artworks, making luxury not just a theme but the medium itself. His creations, embedded with diamond dust, exotic leather, 24K gold, genuine silver, diamonds, and crystals, epitomize opulence.


The partnership with Max Jamali represents a significant milestone for Mogul. It underscores our commitment to embracing and promoting luxury in its most artistic and expressive forms. Through this collaboration, Mogul aims to explore new horizons in the luxury market, offering our clientele unparalleled experiences and exclusive access to artworks that redefine the essence of luxury.


Mogul is excited to embark on this journey with Max Jamali, anticipating the fusion of his groundbreaking art with our vision to innovate within the luxury space. This partnership affirms our dedication to bringing the extraordinary and the exquisite to the forefront of our offerings.


For more information about this partnership and to explore the exclusive collections inspired by this collaboration, please visit [Mogul’s website].





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