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October 22nd Newsletter

The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee from Rob Prior

‍It’s with great enthusiasm that we introduce to you our rarest NFT collection to date: The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee from Marvel & DC Comics artist Rob Prior. Here’s a quick overview:

  • A total of ten NFT paintings memorializing Stan Lee in some of the most iconic Marvel covers ever drawn will be auctioned exclusively via Mogul starting on October 27th for 48 hours
  • The Legacy Collection uniquely captures the life and work of Stan and serves as a tribute to the icons he helped forge. Each original, 1/1 NFT will be sold with the accompanying physical artwork that was signed by Stan before his passing in 2018.
  • This collection is one of Prior’s proudest works. His hope is that on blockchain, these pieces will live forever, along with Stan’s memory and the Marvel Universe. NFTs are the best way for the world to see one of the last projects Stan Lee ever touched.
  • Rob hides a chicken head in all of his original paintings. Make sure to visit our Instagram page to find the chicken heads in these pieces for a chance to win $250 in STARS

You don’t want to miss Rob’s exclusive interview with Mogul about the collection, which premieres Monday on our Youtube channel!

View the Collection

Mogul Weekly Recap (ICYMI)

Every week, Mogul Productions hosts several events across our platforms, including AMAs, live interviews, giveaways, and more, with high-profile figures in the movie, blockchain, and NFT industry! Here’s the rundown of what’s gone down this week, so that you’re in the know.

  • Mogul Live Interview with Rob Prior
  • Rob joined our host James Pratt to discuss the Legacy Collection and what it was like to work with Stan Lee.
  • Twitter Spaces with Rob Prior, Comics and Crypto, and @thecomicway
  • This week’s feature in Mogul’s Twitter Spaces were special guests Marvel and DC comics artist, Rob Prior, comic book writer, @thecomicway, and Comics and Crypto founders, @SpencerVogel3 & @bayareaproducer!
  • #MogulxBoneWorld Giveaway Contest
  • We partnered with Boneworld, a 3D NFT Avatar project hosted on the Solana blockchain, for an NFT giveaway over on our Twitter account. The winner received a Skelly AND $400 in $STARS! Be sure you’re following us so you don’t miss another giveaway!

Be sure to check our blog and press pages on our website to read all that we have been up to!

Mogul in the Media

Mogul Productions, Rob Prior, and The Legacy Collection: Portraits of Stan Lee were featured in the press this week by Decrypt Media and Check them out here:


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