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November 12th Newsletter

November 12th Newsletter Mogul Productions



Mary (@MarySpio) is the founder and CEO of the Virtual Reality platform, CEEK. CEEK provides a streaming platform for virtual events enabling live events and helping content creators reach their fans through VR headsets, gaming consoles, and other devices. The CEEK platform helps music artists, athletes, event creators, and makers create direct-to-fan experiences and drive long-term engagement while tapping new revenue streams in existing and emerging virtual worlds.

See the Official Announcement

CEEK is a virtual reality company building their own metaverse using blockchain technology. You can watch concerts and events directly within their metaverse, and now, movies and their premieres with Mogul. CEEK and Mogul will be partnering to offer a never before seen way to view, interact and experience films.


  • $STARS is now available on Pancake Swap, the biggest DEX on Binance Smart Chain! See for yourself here!
  • In the last week, the total number of $STARS holders on Binance Smart Chain increased by over 1600%!
  • $STARS is now listed on


  • With ApeSwap, $STAR holders can stake a STARS-BNB Liquidity Pair into an ApeSwap Farm to earn $BANANA.
  • With Beefy.Finance, you can instead commit the STARS-BNB Liquidity Pair from ApeSwap to a Beefy Vault. The resulting MooSTARS-BNB LP received can also be staked to earn $STARS.


  • Mogul NFT Marketplace is now deployed on BSC and is solely powered by $STARS.
  • Now, users can pay for NFTs on the Mogul NFT marketplace using $STARS. Additionally, those who pay with $STARS receive a discount on their purchase. See our Gitbook to learn the ins and outs of our marketplace!
  • We’ve added support for MetaMask mobile wallets! Now, users can interact with smart contracts on the Mogul platform through the app’s built-in browser.


Have you joined our Discord? Here is the invite link you need to get in! This is the most active space for our community and where you learn what’s happening first.

We now support a Telegram and Discord server for our Vietnamese supporters and token holders.

On Instagram? We hosted Mogul Live interviews with Mary Spio, CEO and Founder of CEEK as well as with Marc Billings, CEO of Blackdove.

On Twitter? On 11/9 Mogul Productions hosted Marc Billings, CEO of Blackdove, to discuss the Mogul X Blackdove partnership.

Poll – Would you like to see Mogul NFT marketplace on BSC? See the poll results here!

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On YouTube? Watch previous Mogul Live recordings on our channel.

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