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Mogul Wins LATOKEN Listing Competition

Mogul Wins LATOKEN Listing Competition

It’s official!

Mogul’s STARS token is going to be listed on LATOKEN, a crypto exchange that regularly sees an estimated $200 million in trading volume run through its platform every 24 hours.

This is our way of sending out a special thanks to you, the members of the Mogul community. You’ve clearly proven that Mogul is one of the strongest communities in all of crypto.

Three other great projects were in the running for the opportunity to get listed, yet Mogul managed to run away with 65% of the votes, earning the opportunity to get listed on LATOKEN FREE!

What’s more exciting is that the official listing will include a competition that is going to give users the opportunity to get their hands on even more STARS tokens.

Why Mogul Won the LA Token Listing

Numbers don’t lie.

LATOKEN ultimately gave Mogul the green light for getting listed on the exchange because of our strong community. Our user base includes more than 50,000 people dedicated to helping decentralize the financing of movies.

We currently have more than 26,000 Mogul fans subscribed to our Telegram channel and 30,000 more followers on Twitter.

Thanks again to all the moviegoers, financiers, and creators that believe in the future of film and participate passionately in the Mogul community.

Here’s to a great partnership between Mogul and LATOKEN.



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