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Mogul soft launches our Beta platform!

Mogul soft launches our Beta platform!

Its Here.

We have launched the Beta of the Mogul platform. Thank you all for being early adopters and helping us to test, refine, and improve Mogul as we develop best-in-class blockchain technology to improve and support the independent film industry.
The feedback thus far has been phenomenal and we encourage you all to continue reaching out on social media and within the platform as we gather feedback from you all and continue to make Mogul a digital space for all in the film industry.

What does this mean for you?

You can now:
✅Submit your film projects! Sign up as an industry user and unlock the ability to submit your film idea. Our team of professionals will review your project and evaluate it for potential financing
✅Build your profile and connect your social media channels for more exposure, including your IMDb profile!
✅Engage in the community! Make a post and create conversation, ask questions, or post film events you would like the Mogul community to be part of!
✅Send your ideas, project updates, and more. Tell other Moguls what you’re working on.

What is all this blockchain stuff?

Every user that signs up has their own blockchain smart wallet generated for them. You are the only one with access to this and it is encrypted with your password. We take care of the technicalities.

The Mogul Smart Wallet is the next generation of blockchain technology, no more worrying about complicated seed phrases or losing your password. This wallet is where you will store your rewards, fund your wallet, send & receive digital assets, and soon invest in the Mogul Film Fund.

What is next from here?

We’re currently working on taking in user feedback for a revamp of the platform. When we launch that revamp, we will have functionalities built-in where users can:
✨Contribute in movies featured in the ✨Mogul Showcase
✨Vote on movies you want Mogul to contribute in
✨Engage in enhanced community events directly on the platform

We encourage everyone to share all of their ideas. Internally we are taking all community members’ opinions into consideration on how we can build a platform that caters specifically to the film industry providing more transparency, accessibility, and community around investing in and producing independent films more successfully.

Together. We are Mogul!

Let’s celebrate this soft launch together.

Stay tuned for some community events our team will be organizing in the near future.

Until next time,

– The Mogul Team



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