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Mogul Roadmap: Hollywood Reimagined

Mogul Productions development roadmap, showcases its expanding NFT and DeFi reach into film, fashion and music communities worldwide. 

Mogul Roadmap

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

  • – New buy STARS modal on the Mogul dashboard for ETH and BSC
  • – STARS price button on Mogul sidebar
  • – Add STARS to Metamask prompt on Mogul platform
  • – Aggregate BSC and ETH marketplaces on one dashboard for the user
  • – Fiat to Crypto payment gateway within Mogul
  • – Release STARS staking
  • – Reintroduce Movie Project Submissions
  • – Unveil Mogies landing page
  • – NFT factory contracts deployment
  • – Mogies Dutch Auction Contract
  • – Conduct Mogies Dutch Auction Sale
  • – Reveal Mogies
  • – Reintroduce Quadratic Voting to govern on BSC
  • – Mogies STARS rebate
  • – Mogies derivative prizes

Q3 2022

  • Mogul Creator Dashboard
  • –  Custom user accounts across the Mogul platform
  • –  Launch “showcase” for film funding via NFTs into the community
  • Phase 1 of Mogieland Land Sale
  • –  User comments and engagements across the Mogul platform
  • – Comment on NFTs, engage with projects, etc.
  • –  Integrate other collections into our marketplace
  • –  Phase 2 of Mogieland Land Sale
  • –  Movie NFT Launchpads
  • –  3D Mogies Figurines Created by Chavvo Studios,, the painstakingly handcrafted 1 of 1 collectable NFTs from will be represented throughout the Mogieland Metaverse.

Q4 2022  

  • – Phase 3 of Mogieland Land Sale
  • – Additional social features on Mogul
  • – Beta-launch of Mogieland Phase 1 (Hollywood)
  • – Mogies Avatars introduced in Mogieland
  • – Launch Mogie Theatre in Mogieland

 Q1 2023

  • – Launch gasless NFT marketplace
  • – Mogieland event ticketing in STARS
  • – Mogieland Theatre, Movie screenings
  • – Mogieland P2E game
  • – NFT marketplace support within Mogieland
  • – Mogieland virtual concerts
  • – Mogieland Club and Social Room

Mogies pays homage to the top entertainers and creators that helped make Hollywood what it is today, and create a standard for the next 100 years of filmmaking that will occur within Film3.

‍Film3 is a movement spearheaded by Mogul Productions and our community to empower film and content creators to create movies and content in better fan exclusive ways using blockchain technology. 

‍Mogul is where movies meet blockchain through DeFi and NFTs, and now, the Metaverse through Mogies and their new home, Mogieland.


The Mogul Production timeline is for general purposes and guidance only. Every reasonable effort has been made, and will be made, to ensure its accuracy as of the date of its publication. But its accuracy is not guaranteed as unforeseen circumstances can change schedules.