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Mogul Reveals Access Pass NFTs

With 5 days remaining to the Access Pass Sale, we have finally revealed the artwork for our Access Pass NFTs

March 19, 2021, Toronto, Canada

We have now revealed the artwork for our Access Pass NFTs. To view the NFTs, which have been given a watermark before the official sale starts on March 25th, visit the Mogul Platform.

These passes will be available for sale on March 25th. Only 2375 will be sold and the Sale will end when they are sold out. For the highest tier of the pass, the Red Carpet Pass, there is only 25 total available.

For full details on the Access Pass Sale, visit our Medium post.

Users can now sign into their Mogul profile and join the waitlist for a pass. If you are on the waitlist prior to March 25th, you may be randomly selected to purchase a pass prior to the official sale. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee that there will be passes left on March 25th.

For full details on the passes and their pricing can be found in your Mogul Dashboard.

CAUTION: Any offers to get any Mogul tokens or passes to you before April 8th outside of Mogul’s Platform, including on Uniswap, are NOT genuine.