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Mogul Partners with Bubble Maps to Offer STARS Holders Unique Data Visualization Experience

Mogul partners with Bubble Maps

Mogul Productions, a DeFi and NFT marketplace platform for the entertainment industry, has partnered with Bubble Maps, a crypto data company. Bubble Maps helps the DeFi ecosystem become a safer place for token holders. Bubble Maps, their flagship product, provides users with an interactive way to explore on-chain data, including transfers and wallet connections. As of today, Bubble Maps supports over 200 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

By listing STARS on Bubble Maps, Mogul is becoming more transparent and helping users access deeper information on the health of the ecosystem. Mogul will enable its community to conduct deeper research on STARS, which can be staked again, beginning from May.

Bubble Maps data analytics tool is compatible with BSC, letting BEP20 STARS holders better visualize transactions.

On Bubble Maps, each token has a unique map that displays the way top holders interact with each other, revealing deeper connections between wallets. Specifically, every wallet is represented by a bubble, whose size is proportionate to its holdings. Only the top wallets are displayed, and every interaction between them is shown on the map.

For example, here is what the map of MoonLight’s native token looks like:

While Bubble Maps lets users visualize wallet interactions in a fun way, the data analytics tool is more than just about visualizing transactions. It highlights any potential red flags related to price manipulations, suspicious large transactions, and attacks.

As a rule, the simpler the map, the healthier is the token distribution. If there are large clusters of interactions, it can be related to private sales, centralized exchanges, or suspicious activities.

Bubblemaps is a new way of exploring on-chain data through accessible and playful visuals. “Thank you Mogul for getting listed, you are showing a high level of transparency to your community.  Everyone can now analyze the distribution for your $STARS tokens!” Said Nick, CEO of Bubble Maps

The service is trusted by high-profile entities in the crypto industry, including Coinmarketcap, Coinbase, CoinGecko, and TechRate, among others.

Mogul Launches Longest Staking Program

The partnership with MoonLight comes at the right time, as Mogul launched a staking program starting on May 15. According to the program, 14 million STARS tokens will be rewarded to the community until May 2023. The staking program supports BEP20 tokens only, and users are encouraged to swap their STARS from Ethereum to BSC if they want to take part in it.

Token holders can lock their STARS for specified periods of time in order to earn a STARS reward rate, which is defined by the pool they are entering. Specifically, the rewards increase with the lockup period.

For DeFi enthusiasts, this enables token holders to lock an amount of their tokens to accumulate rewards. This creates liquidity within the ecosystem, while providing yield opportunities for stakers. On Mogul, staking rewards are received in the form of STARS tokens, and users can withdraw their rewards at any given point in time. However, if withdrawals are conducted before the predetermined lockup period requirement, users will not be eligible to claim the rewards.

Mogul hosts four reward pools for its staking program, each having a different number of STARS allocated for rewards. The reward rate per pool will vary over time. The pools are as follows: ‍

  • VIP Pool (accepted tokens: STARS) – 1,000,000 STARS are allocated for rewards. The minimum lockup period is one month, and the reward benefits will go on for three months.
  • Backstage Pool (accepted tokens: STARS) – 3,000,000 STARS are put aside for rewards. Users have to lock their STARS for no less than two months in order to be eligible for rewards, which will be given for six months.
  • Oscar’s Pool (accepted tokens: Pancake Swap STARS_BNB LP Tokens) – this pool accepts Pancake Swap LP tokens only. It has 4 million STARS allocated for rewards. The minimum lockup period is three months, and the rewards will be given for nine months.
  • Red Carpet Pool (A-List Pool; accepted tokens: STARS) – 6,000,000 STARS are reserved for this pool, which has a lockup requirement of three months at least. The rewards will be given for a period of one year.

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is where movies meet blockchain. They offer DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse product lines to help bring fans closer to the big screen. It is currently the only global NFT marketplace and DeFi platform focused on the film and entertainment industry. Mogul accelerates NFTs adoption in film, music, and television, providing unique experiences to fans and helping artists leverage the best features of blockchain.

The platform is backed by a professional team of producers who have created 95 feature films that have generated $425+ million in box office revenue.



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