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Navigating The Mogul NFT Interface

The Mogul development team is assembling the newest features for Mogul’s NFT Marketplace and ecosystem.  Ten major features have been or are about to be onboarded. A new feature will be reviewed each week over the course of ten weeks.  

Mogul Development Update #7   

Mogul’s NFT Marketplace and ecosystem

An interface is generally a surface regarded as the common boundary of two bodies, spaces, or phases.  

In this case we are talking about interfacing the Mogul NFT Marketplace with specific NFT Collections or projects.  The Mogul NFT interface for public drops, whether they be specific partnership arrangements or automated public sales will link to a landing page with a banner and artist information section.  NFT drops often have “Showcase” pages as well. 

Mogul Productions - #GownsforGood

Collectors, fans and inquirers can go directly to the landing page  where they can gather more information about specific NFT or DeFi projects.  The landing page is created and launched by the artists, or the Mogul production team, depending on the project arrangement. It will allow fans and collectors to buy the NFTs right then and there.  

Mogul Productions - #GownsforGood 2

General information should…

  • include a graphic banner that characterizes the NFT drop.  
  • allow fans to view the entire collection on either ETH or BSC
 Mogul NFT Collection
  • A graphic or video is generally included for each NFT available for minting, rebuy or auctions
Mogul Productions - #GownsforGood 3
  • Each NFT detail page should allow fans and collectors to buy the NFTs right then and there.
Mogul Productions - NFT  Marketplace
  • Buyers, inquisitors and collectors can view the transaction history

Navigating New Frontiers

Mogul Productions is capable of leveraging these advanced technological innovations to give artists and buyers alike a more robust user experience.

Mogul Productions - Mogul NFT Marketplace

Mogul is where movies meet blockchain. Mogul partners with some of the biggest names in entertainment, helping artists of all sorts connect with their most loyal fans on different levels, while giving them innovative ways to engage with their favorite performers.  

Toward The Future

Mogul Productions - Mogul NFT Marketplace Towards The Future

The Mogul NFT Marketplace is the marketplace where film & entertainment meet blockchain.  The development and marketing team keeps up and is often ahead of technological advancements within the blockchain community.  

Mogul’s community-oriented system is specifically built for the entertainment industry,  making its partnerships with moviemakers, music makers, content creators, and intellectual property owners winners .

Stay tuned next week when we discuss another of the newest features to the Mogul marketplace.

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