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Mogul Goes BANANAs


Access Pass Holders to Get Share of $10,000 BANANA Giveaway in Partnership with ApeSwap.

Mogul is going BANANAs!

What does that mean for you, the STARS token holder?

It means if you’re the owner if a numbered Access Pass, you’re going to get your share of the $10,000 in BANANA tokens we’re gifting to celebrate Mogul’s new partnership with ApeSwap, a decentralized, community owned protocol that makes it cheaper for frequent users of decentralized exchanges to transact with STARS tokens due to the fact that it lives on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Eligibility for the BANANA 

When we first launched the Mogul platform and developed Access Passes in the form of NFTs, our vision was to provide Access Pass holders with exclusive benefits that added to their experience within the Mogul community.

We have taken a snapshot to confirm the current status of numbered Access Pass holders at 22:00 UTC time on July 18, 2021 to determine who is eligible for their share of the $10,000 BANANA token giveaway.

How to Claim Your BANANA Tokens

If you’re the owner of a numbered Access Pass and receive the BANANA token giveaway, your BANANA tokens will be sent to your BSC address automatically. No need to do anything specific to claim them.

That said, with so many BANANAs flying around, you probably want to check to make sure your gifted tokens are indeed in your BSC wallet.

How do you do that?

Simply navigate your way to the main interface of your MetaMask wallet.

Click the drop-down menu at the top of the interface where you see the name of the blockchain network your wallet defaults to.

If you don’t see your BANANA tokens on the main interface, it means you need to change the network to Smart Chain.

Your BANANA balance will be right there alongside a list of any other BSC tokens you may be holding in your wallet!

See the screenshot below:


How to Do Everything Else Related to the BANANA Giveaway

If you didn’t see Smart Chain after following the directions displayed in the above screenshot, it probably means you don’t have BSC added as a network on your MetaMask wallet. MetaMask was originally intended for use on the Ethereum blockchain, so BSC isn’t there by default.

Don’t worry!

To add BSC to your MetaMask wallet so that you can change your network to Smart Chain, simply follow this guide, Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain.

If you love the idea of holding BANANA tokens on BSC and want to move your Ethereum-friendly STARS tokens over to BSC, you can do that too!

Mogul officially launched on BSC on July 15, 2021. The easiest and most cost-effective way to bridge your STARS over to BSC is to use

The AnySwap interface is really easy to use. If you need added help to navigate it, check out our guide, How to Bridge Your STARS Tokens.

By following the steps outlined above, you can enjoy the benefits that come with your numbered Access Pass NFT, which in this case includes a share of $10,000 in BANANA tokens.

Look out BELOW! Mogul and ApeSwap are about to make it rain BANANA style!



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