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Mogul Marketing AMA Recap (3/3)

Welcome to the final post recapping Mogul’s Marketing AMA. You can catch up on part 1 here & part 2 here! This post contains all of the questions that were asked during the live Q&A period.

#1 (Answered by Cory)

Question:  Asides from Indie films,  how is the team pushing forward to make Mogul versatile to other movie genres and locations? How can movie producers from around the world (Africa)connect to this project, or is it streamlined to a particular audience or region

Answer: Hey Eva, first let me preface this by saying I am not one of the great movie producers on our team. But keep in mind that indie doesn’t always mean small, and it also doesn’t always mean Hollywood! In fact, you may have previously seen that our movie Bonded was filmed in Mexico! Maybe one of our lovely admins can find the article on our blog???

As for African projects, or anywhere else in the world, keep an eye on the mogul dashboard when we do calls for submissions. Qualifying projects from anywhere in the world will be considered.

#2 (Answered by Nathan)

Question: As Mogul is duly the first organization model to bring DeFi to film,what’s is the next phase of evolution Mogul is preparing in the future that will seem acute and beneficial

Answer: I can hopefully answer this one! We’re working hard on the benefits that come along with the Mogul Access Passes and STARS holding. There will a huge range of these that are unique to Mogul and the high level of access we have to hollywood decision makers. For example, meeting / chatting with the movie stars, getting involved in filming, and much more. 

We’re also working on an NFT marketplace and Smart Wallet, so expect lots of other innovations from Mogul making use of our film industry background, and innovative blockchain teh

#3 (Answered by Cory)

Question: When can we expect to see a detailed guide of how the vote will work for token holders? I remember reading before (maybe litepaper?) that people will be rewarded for voting. When can we expect to see the details on that? Rewarded with an NFT? STARS?

Answer: Voters are rewarded with STARS tokens for staking their tokens to vote. We’re also considering an NFT, but it’s not official yet. We’re cognizant not to over inflate our NFT marketplace with NFTs and to continue driving value for them. 

Also, with STARS, many users have expressed that they would like to actually wait to have more farming / rewards tokens distributed. So for this first vote, there won’t be that many STARS distributed through the voting module to respect these wishes

Maybe someone else can jump in for the second half of your question. But the way it’ll work is STARS holders will benefit from 50% of profits earned from sales of the movie – so theatrical or streaming distribution deals, among other things – and it’ll involve using those profits to buy back STARS from the open market and having the STARS holders actually govern what happens next

#4 (Answered by Nathan)

Question: What is the value of each access pass? Will the owner of the Red Capet Pass actually visit Hollywood?

Answer: We cannot speak to the value of the Access Pass, that’s up for the market to decide. All we can do is work as hard as we can to ensure that Red Carpet Pass holders (and everyone else) is getting genuinely desirable services / rewards. 

And in terms of rewards, yes, the Red Carpet Pass rewards will include access to premieres, screenings, red carpet events, and more!

#5 (Answered by Nathan)

Question: When will the migration to BSC happen?

Answer: Not got an exact launch date for you at this moment. Suffice to say it’s coming soon, keep your eyes out for a specific date being announced! We’ll make sure it’s hard to miss 

#6 (Answered by Cory and Nathan)

Question: You mentioned marketing partners. When did these partners come on? There were many announcements about PMK. I think a lot of people expected price increases from that. I am sure you cannot comment on price, but I wonder from a token holders perspective, are these marketing companies marketing the business or the token? I am sure they go hand in hand in some ways, but I would like to hear that these marketing companies (if they are not crypto centric) understand the importance of token price when it comes to marketing. 

A rising token price is probably likely to be your best piece of marketing…. People will feel the fomo all over the world

Cory’s Answer: Well, you nailed it, can’t speak on price or anything pertaining to it.

However, we do have partners aside from PMK working on every aspect of the business. They were a big announcement because they are one of the biggest and best in their field! Remember that article in Variety? You can guess who helped with that 🙂 

All of our partners are doing equally great work, but obviously in different ways and different arenas. Collectively, we all expect positive effects all around!

Nathan’s Answer: We are not just partnering with traditional media firms. We also have contracts with a number of crypto specific engagement / marketing teams. They have tons of experience and they are preparing to boost awareness on what we’ve  got going on with a focused crypto-first methodology.

#7 (Answered by Cory)

Question: How is Mogul using the article in Variety to help STARS holders?

Answer: Variety is one of the top 2 or 3 entertainment publications in the world! Mogul has now been seen by every actor, producer, director, and crew member in the film industry. If Mogul is trusted by the most trusted people in the film industry, EVERYONE wins

#8 (Answered by Cory)

Question: Marketing team seems like doing great work. Lots of exciting things. Now let’s get the token up and going and lots of crypto marketing!

Answer: As I mentioned in one of the answers, might’ve been Q1, we have lots going on that we can tell you about, and just as much happening behind the scenes! We’ll just say… stay tuned

#9 (Answered by Cory)

Question: What are your key metrics as you execute marketing strategies?

Answer: Hey JP, thanks for the Q! It really all depends on the campaign – for instance the BSC launch will have a different metric as compared to other campaigns, such as the upcoming vote on the film showcase.

More broadly speaking, for a more traditional campaign we’ll take into consideration stats like site traffic, impressions, engagements (RTs, comments, etc), organic posts like Ivan on Tech and others, how many STARS holders participate in the campaign for the vote…

There’s a lot to consider, clearly, and we’ll always consider everything. Not just when we’re starting or doing a campaign, but also after the fact. What worked, what didn’t, whcih marketing partner is providing the most value (by helping to hit everything I just listed) and so on.

#10 (Answered by Lisa)

Question: Is the maximum number allowed for staking (voting) still 100 Stars / movie (per lightpaper) –  and  would it be per address or per access pass?  


*The more Stars will be staked – the more it will help stabilize Stars price.

*The longer Stars will be staked – the more it could help stabilize Stars price

* More attractive rewards –  means more community participation (although, not necessarily for loyal members).

Answer: Hey Niche, there is no maximum. Cory has started a weekly series lately where he is summarizing the STARS stats each week and has found that currently, 40% of our total tokens are locked into our smart contracts, which is an incredible metric. With the voting, it’s a similar system, where a user can lock their tokens into vote. And if they lock them for the full vote, they get a reward, but if they withdraw early, they do not. 

I know it might sound confusing when I explain it (our marketing team will do a much better job) but you get the square root number of votes (rounded down) according to the number of tokens you have. For example, if you have 100,000 tokens, you’d have 316 votes. If you have 10,000 tokens, you’d have 100 votes. So you can see that proportionally, the smaller token holder has more votes. But they can still lock all of their STARS