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Mogul Marketing AMA Recap (2/3)

Mogul Marketing AMA Recap (1/3)

Welcome to part 2/3 of the Mogul Marketing AMA. You can catch up on part 1 here.

Q6) Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about Mogul current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

A6) We’re partnered with some of the best companies in blockchain, including Chainlink, Polygon, Biconomy, GD10 Ventures, Blocksync Ventures, Moonwhale Ventures, Avisa Ventures, ChainGuardians, and more. Their role in partnering ranges from key infrastructure partners to advisory and incubation and marketing services to help Mogul reach its goal of onboarding the masses of the film industry to blockchain technology.

From the film industry, we’ve partnered with film festivals, software companies, and a bond agent to make sure that we have the support to make films more transparently. We have some other key partners in the works from the film industry, but the reality is that we’re working to get the film industry to work at the incredible pace of the blockchain industry, and there are more checks and balances that need to happen at a corporate level to sign partners from the film space. 

We’re working on partners to assist with promotion, procurement, and distribution right now. We have a handful of major film partners in the pipeline, but unfortunately sometimes we’re playing by Hollywood’s rules to announce things and need to piggyback off the official press releases that go out.

But we also have our marketing partners, such as Rogers & Cowan PMK, which you all know about. Media partners like them and others help us get into amazing publications such as Variety and Forbes, and when big time names like that are talking to you, it’s no wonder someone like Ivan on Tech would then write a big piece about us on his own! And yes, we would also love it if they did a video of Mogul!

(@ Ivan, we’d like to talk to you after our call with Ryan Reynolds)

Q7) Gorav mentioned in a previous AMA that he thinks the Asian market is a bigger opportunity than the North American market. Does that mean that more marketing dollars will go towards attracting film fans based in Asia to Mogul’s platform, and promoting Mogul-produced movies to audiences in Asia?

A7) Short answer, yes. But we don’t want to exclude the crypto side when looking at this. This can be looked at two different ways – the crypto side and the film side – and the short answer is basically the same for both, because we don’t want to exclude any aspect of Mogul when targeting different regions of the world.

Hollywood has long seen the Chinese market, for example, as a major growth area for film revenue, and we’ve even seen major sports leagues like the NBA see massive growth there. It’ll be no different for Mogul. 

In general, when we’re looking at what films to include in our showcases, one of the criteria the selection committee uses is mass market appeal. And part of mass market appeal is global appeal, so yes, in this case we absolutely look at what will be appealing to Asian audiences, be it the story, the actors, etc.

Lastly, we talked about partners a few times already, and we do have marketing partners based around Asia that help get Mogul seen by people we wouldn’t be able to reach on our own. This includes translating our press releases, articles, and tweets, but also introducing Mogul to various online publications and other potential partners.

Q8) It was…. somewhat…. leaked by Gorav that Mogul would be using BSC… (talked about in unofficial channel). It is different to just go on BSC and to do a launch campaign on BSC. Can we expect a full marketing campaign with influencer promotion to go on BSC and Pancake? Why, as a token holder, should we migrate our tokens there?

A8) This is another thing that we’re obviously very excited about! We all know the reach and mass market appeal that Binance has, including the Binance Smart Chain. Tokens that perform well on BSC often make the migration onto Binance.

So yes, I’m happy to announce that the STARS token will be migrated onto the Binance Smart Chain! We are currently working with a lot of partners in order to make the most of this launch. 

You’re right, there’s a difference between just saying “hey we’re on BSC” and having a full campaign to draw the interest of current BSC users and BNB holders to participate in the Mogul ecosystem. We are planning a global, event-driven, influencer and organic marketing campaign to celebrate our token migration onto BSC and will have a full-fledged plan in place before an official announcement is made. 

There’s also something to be said about market timing – we want to have the marketing and plan ready to go, so that when it’s executed, we have broader market euphoria to help amplify our marketing rather than market depression, if that makes sense. I would expect to hear a lot more about STARS and BSC in the very near future. This is a big priority for us, but as of this second, we can’t really say much more than what’s already been leaked, so to speak 🙂

I have to imagine that STARS will be one of the first projects, especially in the “ranking” range that we’re in on CoinMarketCap, to ever launch on the 3 most popular blockchains: Polygon, BSC and Ethereum. How about I ask YOU all a question now: Does anyone else know of a project, outside of the blue chips, to do this?

Q9) Once a film has been selected for funding, how will the marketing team leverage the community that voted for the film to help promote it?

A9) Well, our hope is that when a movie wins the fan vote to get funded, that our ENTIRE community will want to help promote the film! You might own Apple stock even if you don’t have an iPhone 🙂

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this conversation right now, then you’re probably interested in the success of Mogul as a whole. You want to see the company succeed, but you’ve also purchased some STARS tokens (or are considering doing so) and want to extract as much value from that as possible.

When a Mogul produced film starts making money – whether through ticket sales or by selling it to an online streamer – STARS token holders will benefit from that to the tune of 50% of any profit we make goes to purchasing STARS tokens on the open market, and YOU the token holder will decide what gets done with those. That could be a burn, ecosystem development plan, or another campaign that you all will decide.

So, just as you all already do now, please continue sharing, retweeting, writing about us, introducing us to your friends and family, and spreading the word about Mogul! This is how our movies will succeed.

We will be sure to leverage our ambassador program more formally when the time is right, as well.

Q10) Will there be a dashboard available in the Mogul Production website to show the details and progress of each film script selection process (e.g. submission phase, initial evaluation phase, community voting phase, funding, completion etc)? Can you elaborate?

A10) The answer is… well, yes AND no.

I’m going to be a little nit-picky for a moment… with ~200 scripts received (by my estimation), that’s a lot to work from. There will not be a dashboard for EVERY submission, only those that pass our selection process, which itself exists to ensure that every film that eventually makes it onto the showcase meets the strict standards put forth by us on behalf of YOU. 

As mentioned before, we want movies with the best scripts, best directors, best cast, best producers.. Etc, etc. But also movies that can be made NOW! So you guys get the benefits ASAP! This all plays a role in deciding which movies make it to the showcase and, to tie it back to your question, make it to the dashboard.

Once they have passed this process, every movie will be easy to follow on our platform, and you can login and check out the updates from the project you voted for, from vote all the way to release…

Within the dashboard, after a movie is voted in, we want to work directly with the project owners to provide (hopefully) weekly updates about what’s going on with the project and keep you all notified of all ongoing campaigns and milestones for the movie, including ways that you can get involved!

Throughout the voting process, there will be informational pages to get you all of the info about the movie that you’ll need to make an informed vote, including the producer, director, A-list talent, etc. But also, what is the movie about? Why did Mogul’s team like the movie and put it in the showcase? Why does the cast and crew want to be involved in the project? What else are people saying about the movie?

All these data points will give you information as a voter and can help decide what you’ll vote for. Will it be because of the great script? Or is your favorite actor attached? Maybe it’s a director you’ve been waiting on a next picture from. Whatever your reason for wanting to vote on a particular project, you’ll find it in the showcase details page.

You see why we’re always encouraging your participation? It’s because we want YOU to see YOUR favorite movie get made with help from the Mogul community!

You might never meet Ryan Reynolds (or even Terry Crews…) in person (why do I keep coming back to this name?!) but maybe one day you can say “I played a role in getting a Ryan Reynolds movie made!” And no one will be able to take that away from you!

Seriously. Ryan. Let’s meet up.

(Editor’s note: Ryan Reynolds is NOT currently attached to a Mogul production, this is just wishful thinking from one of our employees)



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