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This post recaps the AMA with Eugen Nussbaum, Business Director of MILC that took place on the Mogul Official Discord Server on Monday, December 27th.

Intro: I鈥檇 like to welcome @Eugen to the channel. It would be great if you could introduce yourself and tell the community a bit about what you do at MILC

Eugen Nussbaum: Yes sure, thanks for having me here today!聽

My name is Eugen Nussbaum, based in Munich, Germany. I have been Business Director at Welt der Wunder, the brand and company behind the MILC project, since 2013. During this time I have seen pretty much all facets of the media and broadcast industry, from production, to buying/selling and broadcasting, especially video content.

I came in touch with blockchain technology and crypto in 2016/2017, when we have been working intensively on the opportunities that blockchain and crypto offer in our industry and are convinced that this technology is a game changer in this sector and for this reason we have opened up the project to the crypto world.

The MILC platform aims to provide the industry with an open new marketplace for every professional and non-professional content provider and buyer that incorporates cutting-edge broadcast, blockchain and AI-technology which can become a game-changer for the entire media content industry.

Meanwhile the platform became way more than this marketplace as we entered the metaverse space, but let me tell more about that later 馃檪

Nice to meet you! I’m Naj, social media manager of Mogul Productions and I will be your host for today.聽

Q1 (Sol), Can you talk about how MLC makes it easier for consumers to find content they want? How does MLC help with licensing?

Eugen Nussbaum: Sure, glad to do so!

So on the one hand, we offer the classic trade between professional buyers and sellers, for example producers and broadcasters worldwide, based on state of the art user-interfaces and technology like ai. On the other hand, we want to make it possible for producers to create their own channels and participate directly in the sales. Behind this is a very well-developed broadcast technology. And last but not least, we are very much focusing on the financing of new projects by the community and investment by individuals. Until now, this was basically not possible, but technologies such as blockchain or token models based on it, such as nfts.

Just a one-stop-shop when it comes to content 馃檪

Q2: That’s awesome! What social media platforms are your content creators from? Are they mostly from YouTube or Tiktok? or Is it movies and/or short films?

Eugen Nussbaum: Right now we have opened the marketplace for professionals, user generated content will follow, but needs more attention 馃槈

But we see the creativity in user generated content and how the platforms profit from that without sharing with the community. We will change that 馃槈

Q3 (Sol): What value does MLC add for the consumer and the content creators?

Eugen Nussbaum: Well, customers should have freer access to curated and high-quality content, but the creators should also be able to profit from it and make a living. This is not the case on the current platforms, although it is certainly being collected. It’s just that this revenue is not being shared fairly. That’s what we’re changing. So a Win-Win for both parties 馃檪

Q4: That’s great news for creators! Let’s move on to a question that involves the metaverse. Can you tell us a bit about how you plan to grow the MILC Metaverse and some of the different use cases for your community?

Eugen Nussbaum: We see our project as a versatile platform with different projects and partners. Some projects we can push through ourselves, some projects we can offer a platform, like a kind of window into another world. E.g like with Mogul we see both short-term opportunities and long-term ones.聽

And another very important step we are working right now is our community platform to onboard users in our metaverse and participate

Q5: A few days before the end of 2021, can you share a little bit about your plans in the next few months of 2022?

Eugen Nussbaum: We recently closed the first content deal on the platform and of course marketing is one big topic for us as the platform is live now. Another focus is the community platform. And the other one is growing the city to provide more experiences for the users, e.g. the music palace and more partners.

Q6 (Gi谩o X瓢 Tr岷 Ti岷縩 S末): How could I utilize this platform to create passive income from digital assets? And how will you maintain the stability of the token so that token holders will not suffer from huge profit loss?

Eugen Nussbaum: Registered users will profit from the platform advertisement users to engage in activity. Therefore different models will be offered

Stability of the token will come exactly with the usage. Different to many other projects we already have a running platform which is a big advantage in our eyes聽

Q7 (Sol): Can you elaborate on potential partnership with Mogul?

Eugen Nussbaum: Both projects are in the same industrial environment and we see the future in the exchange of experiences and skills. As said, we are about building bridges instead of walls. We offer the open platform to share the idea of Mogul and in return we can definitely learn from each other when it comes to financing projects e.g. with NFTs

Q8 (Arru): Will it be possible to buy some Land/buildings in the metaverse?

Eugen Nussbaum:We have a different approach on that as we want to engage activity in the platform for users and reward them e.g. with some presents. But everyone will have a the equal small house for the beginning. But industrial partners will have the possibility to build their buildings and as said, this revenues will be shared with the community

Q9 (champions.eth): As a filmmaker that partners with notable stars to produce their documentaries, what opportunities are there to begin financing films through Web 3.0, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers and tapping into the large audience of our doc stars?

Eugen Nussbaum: Well, this is the whole philosophy of blockchain technology, enabling p2p communication and participation. We already experienced the power of community when it comes to communication, but this effort should be valued. So your fans and community are already the best ambassadors, but technology makes it possible that they can be investors as well, regardless of the amount you can invest. blockchain and smart contracts take the administration out of it

Feel free to get in touch on Telegram to exchange ideas how this can work, as we already have similar projects in the pipeline!

Danke! Please let us know all your socials so the community can follow you and MILC

Eugen Nussbaum: Check out ! There you will find all the links!

Our Metaverse URL is



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