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Marvel & D.C. Comic Book Artist Rob Prior to Create Unique Film-Inspired NFTs to be Auctioned on the Mogul Productions Platform

Marvel & D.C. Comic Book Artist Rob Prior to Create Unique Film-Inspired NFTs to be Auctioned on the Mogul Productions Platform

Star Wars, Marvel, and Wolf of Wallstreet Artwork by Famed Movie Artist Rob Prior to Be Auctioned as NFTs on Mogul Production’s Blockchain Platform

March 18, 2021, Toronto, Canada

Mogul Productions partners with famed Marvel and D.C. Comics artist Rob Prior to create film-inspired non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will be auctioned on the decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) platform. The first three pieces will be inspired by Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, and the Wolf of Wall Street — a film that is particularly relevant today in the wake of the recent GameStop/Robinhood controversy.

Gagan Grewal, CEO of Mogul Productions, expressed, “Our aim is to support an entertainment ecosystem that brings creators, fans, and financiers together in one space to ensure more great films get made, and we see the NFT auction of film-inspired artwork as the perfect way to commemorate the merging of blockchain and entertainment worlds.”

Artist Rob Prior, who is also joining Mogul Productions as an advisor, expressed, “It’s incredible that we can now make art immortal by giving it a permanent digital life on the blockchain. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working with the Mogul team to share my creations with the members of the entertainment community, who have always been big supporters of my work.”

As a comic book artist, Rob has worked with Marvel, D.C., Todd McFarlane, Kevin Eastman and Image Comics. In television and film, his most notable credits include work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Terminator, Deep Space 9, Game of Thrones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. As a leading storyboard artist, he provided boards for advertising campaigns for corporations like Budweiser and Nikon, as well as for the gaming industry, for Titleist, 2K Games, and Buffy. Rob also created all the storyboards and animatics for video games Ghost Rider and The Darkness. Rob’s illustration credits include TSR (Dungeons and Dragons), Wizards of The Coast, Battle of The Lords of the 23rd Century, and numerous others.

Mogul Productions launched their platform earlier this year with nearly 6,000 sign-ups in the first 24 hours. Mogul is also rapidly approaching its mainnet launch, at which point participants can begin using STARS tokens to engage with filmmakers and other movie fans on the platform.

The first NFT auction of Rob Prior’s artwork will be held in late spring on the Mogul platform. The highest bidder will receive the NFT version of the artwork, with the option of watching Prior burn the original to ensure no duplicates are ever made again or retaining the physical work of art.

To be eligible to participate in the NFT auction, you must sign-up for a Mogul account and own STARS. All Access Pass holders will have advanced access to the NFT drop. To create an account visit:

For media inquiries, please contact Leila Wolf at (310) 260–7901 or Leila(at)MelrosePR(dot)com.

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