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Limited Time Offer: Physical Access Pass NFTs

Toronto, Canada

For a limited time Mogul is offering Access Pass purchasers the option to receive the physical version of their NFT

Mogul Productions, the decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) platform and movie-based NFT marketplace is offering physical representations of their Access Passes for purchasers for a limited time.

From now until April 12th, all Access Pass purchasers will have the opportunity to redeem a physical version of their NFT to display in their home.

Each physical token will be linked to the digital NFT token on the blockchain and have verified authenticity.

The Access Passes have functional value within our platform, where holders can have greater access to rewards, events, and more. Now, each Access Pass holder’s NFT will also have memorabilia value, where they can be proudly displayed in their physical version.

Digital artwork has exploded in popularity, and we’re excited to provide even more utility for our NFTs to our users. Beeple is another artist who has matched his digital tokens with physical versions. If you’re curious to see an example of a physical token NFT, watch this video of a Beeple unboxing.

Pictured above is the Mogul Genesis NFT in the same frame that the Access Passes will be delivered in. The limited time offer is for the Access Passes and not the Mogul Genesis NFTs.

Click here to see our Founder & President, Lisa Sun, give a video update and show a sample of the physical NFT tokens

Users who have already purchased an Access Pass are also eligible for this promotion. Email [email protected] with your Mogul username, the type of Access Pass you purchased, and indicate that you’d like to receive the physical version.

As we all know, the global supply chain has been disrupted due to COVID-19 and, most recently, the Suez Canal blockage. Mogul is a global community with users from countries all around the world, so when we are shipping physical items across the world there is a high likelihood of shipping delays. Remain patient with our team and we will work hard to get everyone their physical packages in a timely manner.

We will be reaching out to each Access Pass purchaser individually for their shipping address via email.


The Mogul Team

About Mogul Productions (Mogul)

Mogul Productions is a decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) platform that connects creators, movie fans, and film financiers in one space to ensure the best films get made by giving everyone a voice. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs and a tokenized system, Mogul incentivizes participation and rewards engagement. Using the Mogul in-app payment and utility token (STARS), users can vote on, greenlight and participate in key decision-making aspects of production.