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Julianne Moore and team discuss #GownsForGood Twitter Spaces

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Actress Julianne Moore joined  ZapTheory, Live Rocket, Since3000,  Mogul Productions, fans and others in entertainment and crypto pioneering to discuss the groundbreaking Gowns For Good project on Twitter Spaces.

Julianne Moore #GownsForGood

The Oscar winning actress graciously donated three amazing one-of-a-kind red carpet haute couture dresses for auction on the Mogal NFT marketplace to support the Actors Fund.  Julianne and the team share how the idea for auctioning her dresses as NFTs came to life.  She explains her involvement with the Actors Fund.

The Actors Fund provides humanitarian safety nets for performing arts and entertainment professionals; including emergency financial assistance, affordable housing, health care and insurance counseling, senior care, secondary career development and more.

Laura Eastwood, Cameron SIlver, Danielle Leslie,  Mark Bozek, Nicole Buffett and others continue the discussion about the inspirations behind the campaign, the Live Rocket show Fine Silver, the NFTs, the artwork, the future of fashion, plus a tease of upcoming actresses that could be joining the campaign.

The auction will take place on  the Mogul NFT platform beginning on Sunday, April 3rd at 3pm EST and ending April 10th 2pm EST. 

Click here to listen to the replay Julianne Moore X  Gowns For Good NFT  

For more information or to sign up to bid on a gown visit

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02:06 – ZapTheory

Hello, everyone, thank you for joining the conversation. Excited for today’s discussion around NFTs and fashion. Metaverse, where we’re headed where we are. And we’re honored to have Julianne Moore join us for this conversation, as well as a number of other exciting speakers. We’d like to begin with some “Thank you”s to a number of folks who brought this all together. We have Live Rocket who has pioneered the commerce and crypto and content creation. In a moment, we’ll hear from Live Rocket, specifically Mark Bozak, to share what Live Rocket is up to.

Of course, we have Cameron who interviewed Julianne Moore during a session at the Live Rocket studio. And both of those interviews air on a commercial live on television and of course will be airing tonight. We also have Larsa Pippen who has her own fashion line, and is an expert in the crypto and fashion industry joining us, as well as RMeta Labs. Andrew, who’s one of the co founders and will be pioneering just crypto in general, NFTs in particular. We have Daniel Leslie, the designer of Since3000, who worked together with a number of folks, including Isaac, who more specifically created the particular designs that they reimagined what the dresses will look like in the year 3000.

Of course, that will be dropped on the Mogul platform. And so we’ll hear from Mogul to share with us how the auction is going to work. We have Nicole Buffett, whose design reimagine in created in abstract interpretation of the dresses, and that will be dropped on the Drawstring NFT marketplace. All of the charity will be in benefit of the Actors Fund. So we’re excited to come together for an incredible opportunity to raise funds for such an incredible cause with the Actors Fund. We’d like to most importantly, thank Laura Eastwood, who started off the entire campaign with a vision that she and Cameron had. A conversation around what it might look like to partake,  what would normally happen in a traditional world of fundraising for the Actors Fund, Inc, and the NFT spin to it and allow more people to get their hands on it. So thank you, Laura, for being a visionary and seeing this opportunity to raise more money for the Actors Fund. And as a result, we’re here today to do just that.

We’d like to start by bringing up Mark Bozak, who was the former CEO of Home Shopping Network, and now he’s up to something even more exciting, which is Live Rocket. So Mark loves to share, if you could just share some thoughts around what Live Rocket is up to and kick off the conversation

05:50 Mark Bozak

Thank you. And thank you for this really great opportunity to be here on on Twitter spaces. We’re really excited.  Live Rocket launched about six months ago. And we are a commerce and content platform that broadcasts from the seaport down in New York City. And it’s all exclusive product. That’s both real actual product, as well as what we’re discussing today, these amazing dresses that the great Julianne Moore, an Oscar winning actress has agreed to present. We interviewed her a couple of weeks ago.  Cameron did. We’re going to introduce him in just a moment. But we’re really grateful to have this opportunity. The NFT space is one that’s incredibly exciting. The idea that Julianne has come together with Ms. Eastwood  to allow these dresses and these incredibly great reimagined NFTs to be auctioned off. And to benefit The Actors Fund is nothing but good, particularly on the day when it’s the Oscars. And it’s all very, very exciting. And and so.

So I think yes, Julianne is here. And Cameron, I think is also here. And I think we’ll turn it over to Cameron and he can have a conversation with with, Julianne. Cameron is part of a new show that we’ve launched onLive Rocket, which is on Live Rocket comm called Fine Silver. This is the first sort of segment that we’re doing with them. We’re incredibly grateful to the people at Shutterstock, who have been with us all along the way through this entire process and amazing, amazing company and an amazing team of incredible artists who put together these segments and these commercials that are running on ABC in the pre show tonight. And so without further ado,I will turn it over to Cameron and to Julianne hello to both of you.

07:46 Cameron Silver

Good morning from Palm Springs.


Welcome Cameron. How are you doing? Well, I thank you and Julianne, are you there today?

08:10 Julianne Moore

Good morning fromLong  island.

08:15 Cameron Silver 

Well, I’m in Palm Springs, it’s Oscar Sunday.

How appropriate for us to be speaking about some of your gorgeous red carpet gowns. My first question I have for you is what are you going to wear tonight for the Oscars, if you’re watching at home,

08:33 Julianne Moore

I’m probably gonna wear what I have on now, which is just a pair of yoga pants and a T-shirt. Because I am at home and I’m super excited. I always love to watch.  I love to see what people are wearing. Of course, I’m cheering for everybody involved. It’s a big night, you know, in our business. It’s a wonderful night to celebrate everybody’s work. And of course, the fashion is always you know, off the charts. So I’m excited about that, too.

And speaking of fashion, and actors, this project really came together because you were moving and, had a storage had storage of some of your spectacular red carpet gowns. And we got connected. And I wanted you to tell a little bit about The Actors Fund, because The Actors Fund has been so integral, especially for the last two years. Especially for stage actors. 

Julianne Moore

Yeah, but let me let me sort of start at the beginning. Really what happened was like everybody else heard during the pandemic I was kind of going through, going through possessions and sorting them at a certain point, we decided we were going to make it this big move. And so I went into my basement where I had a big cedar eater closet. And in that cedar closet, I had lots of these beautiful gowns. And as I was looking at them, I was thinking, I’m probably never going to wear these again and I’d like to do something with them. 

I’d like to do something meaningful. And of course, it was at a time when a lot of people were really struggling, particularly people who depended on on audiences and live work.  Nobody in that in that world was working at all. And there were people who kind of forced to leave their homes and move back home who had to change careers. It was a really, really tough time for people. So when I was thinking about what to do with these dresses, I thought, well, wouldn’t it be great if I could auction them somehow, and then donate the money to The Actors Fund, which is this tremendous organization that provides a safety net for everybody in theater and television, music and radio, dance and film for people who are really affected.  And in times of economic strife. You know. So I was kind of looking around trying to figure out how to do this.  I connected with you, and you very, very graciously said that you would help me and so now here we are.

10:48 Cameron Silver 

Exactly and into the Metaverse also.. Because, in addition to these red carpet gowns that we’ll describe a little bit in detail, there will be an opportunity to raise additional money through NFTs of your gown. I think I can confidently say that neither of us are NFT Experts. 

Julianne Moore

No, we are not.

11:13 Cameron Silver 

But we’re very lucky that my friend, Laurie Eastwood made the introduction to N***  and now we have this wonderful opportunity to scale the fundraising for The Actors Fund. And we’ve chosen three of your gowns to turn into NFTs. How did you initially make the edit of the gown? So then let’s discuss why these particular three ones are, are so important in terms of of fashion and collectability.

Julianne Moore

Well, they’re there. First of all, I mean, their gowns that I was really, I was just thrilled to have the opportunity to wear. And they’re, they’re designed by two really important designers by Riccardo Tisci, who was designing at Givench. That’s where he made these gowns. 

And Nicolas Ghesquière, who was a Balenciaga at the time and, and the pink Balenciaga was one that I wore to the Paris premiere of A Single Man in 2010.  

And of the Riccardo dresses, one was a dress that I wore the SAG Awards when I when I went to SAG Award for Still Alice and the other one was a snake embellishment that I wore in the red carpet opening night of the Cannes Film Festival. So they’re all gowns that I wore to really important events in my life. And they were gowns that made me feel fantastic. There’s really really special beautiful fabrics.  Each of these gowns are one of a kind. They’re couture,  so people will be able to bid on them. But the idea that we were able to as you said scale these with NFTs and give everybody else an opportunity to experience them and an opportunity to ….

13:35  Mark Bozak

… let me say this Cameron. This is Mark Bozak again.  For a lot of us, it’s the first time that we’re doing this Twitter Spaces audio thing. And she’s way out on Long Island. So perhaps there’s an issue with that but I mean, the idea of these dresses that she looks so spectacular in.  And even it all happened really quickly. That she got together with ZapTheory and mogul and took to create these of these dresses and it’s just it’s really nice. ..

14:30  Cameron Silver 

I have one question. I and we had a wonderful discussion with Amy Fine Collins for Fine Silver. And one of the questions I had meant to ask you was… Are there any gowns you will keep forever?

Such as like the one won your first Oscar? 

Julianne Moore

Thank you my first Oscar. That was very that was very generous of you, Cameron . Thank you.

14:56 Cameron Silver 

I’m cautiously optimistic.

15:00 Julianne Moore

Well, I definitely still have that one. And I imagine now I will keep it and maybe I’ll donate it to the Academy museum or something at some point.  You know, because obviously I will not be wearing

it again. I actually do have a dress, a couture dress that was made made for me by Miuccia Prada years ago that she wanted me to wear it to an award show.  And I ended up not wearing it to just keep the dress anyway.  And then I was married in it so I kept that one too. 

Yeah, it was lucky.

So I mean as I love, I mean I love fashion, I love clothes, but I’m not a real collector of pieces because I feel like they need to be worn and appreciated or to live somewhere to be seen. I hate the idea of them being kind of like stuffed away like in a closet somewhere.

15:52 Cameron Silver 

And will you have a thrill when you might see the jewel couture serpent gown going up the stairs, possibly the next costume it’s worn worn by worn by an actress or a fashion collector or, or it could even be a virtual personality.

Julianne Moore

That would make me feel great.

You know, I mean things are when when things are made like this, they’re they’re made to be worn. They’re made to be seen and to be enjoyed. So it’s wonderful. I think it’s a certainly sustainable, I think that that idea that we used to have that something was supposed to be only worn once  is an out of date idea. I think it’s wonderful for things to continue to have life on other people.

16:38  Cameron Silver 

Exactly. And you have such extraordinary taste.And you’re such an outstanding talent. So I’m excited to see how your style evolution continues.  Because now that you’ve done a closet edit, there’s so many nice person new things and…

And I do want to point out for everyone who’s listening that this is an auction that starts on Sunday, April 3, and ultimately ends on the 10th. And there are so many ways to participate in the fundraising. There, there are the NFTs.   There are more affordable options with the mugs that are inspired by the dresses, and Warren Buffett’s granddaughter, Nicole designed those mugs. So there’s so many different ways that… 

One of the I think the most interesting things I find about NFTs is that it really does democratize fashion, high fashion and couture. So, you know, for those who may not be as aware of the process about couture, these are gowns that are completely handmade.  They’re one of a kind, and they’re price prohibitive. And it is just such a small population that will ever be able to afford. So I love that the NFTs are making them a more virtually accessible way. 

Julianne Moore

Yeah, accessible. Absolutely. I mean, and also know that, you know, I’m not of that population that can afford to buy a Couture dress, you know, when one of one of the kind of fortunate things about being an actor is that we have access to these fashion houses and that people dress us to these to these, you know, award ceremonies. So to have to have that experience of being in a couture house, to to work with these people who are making clothes, designed and making them by hand. And when you say made by hand, you can turn a Couture dress inside out and actually look at the stitches that somebody has made, you know, one by one by one.  I mean they really are spectacular. So you’re right, because so few people have access to something like that. Number one, it’s exciting for me to then offer this piece to somebody who might be able to buy the dress.  And number two, the NFTs suddenly make it easy to allow you have a piece of this experience in your own life. 

Cameron Silver 

And regardless of your size or age or shape. Everyone can have that red carpet experience, which I’m sure the reel of going up the step at the Cannes Film Festival or holding your SAG Award in these gowns. I would imagine these gowns have so much emotion in them because they were born in such joyful times. 

Julianne Moore

Yeah, they really do. You know, I mean they, you know, they…I think the experience of wearing the dress goes hand in hand with the experience that evening of that particular point in your life.

It’s It’s kind and I think that’s why we love material things sometimes. You know, it’s not because of the object itself. It’s because of the feelings that It elicits in you.

Maybe that’s why we even love the red carpet. You know, we love, we love the beauty and we love the glamour. But also we’re experiencing the excitement of the people. As they’re participating, as I know, that’s why I love to watch the Oscars. Like I said, I’m happy to be sitting on my couch and my, my yoga pants and T shirt, and I’m still having that experience along with them. So, it is an emotional experience. And it’s fun to participate in.

20:31 Laura Eastwood

I wanted to jump in and say something, if I may. I think these gowns are works of art. I mean, having my relationship in the fashion industry over the years, they are true pieces of art worn by artists. And I think Cameron understands this very well. I’m a firm believer in recycling. I’ve been wearing vintage since I was 19. So there’s nothing for me more thrilling to be able to go into a vintage store and pick up something gorgeous, that I can afford.

I think your idea Julianne was absolutely genius. And I was very touched. Because The Actors Fund is a stellar organization. And as you pointed out very eloquently, it’s  much needed. And I thought it was extremely generous. And I was thrilled to be able to, you know, with Cameron over lunch, say, wait a minute, why don’t we generate even more money for The Actors Fund by creating an NFT which is, again, a new art form, it’s a baby art form, it’s brand new. And as you said, it allows other people in a different context to be part of it and to have that. So I think it’s very exciting to be say something 

Mark Bozak

This is Mark again. Probably something that I don’t know if Julianne I was wanting to after she noticed but the reimagined NFTs are sort of what these dresses may have looked like in the year 3000. But one thing that we wanted to make sure that they all had a certain homage to you. And can you tell what part of that might be in these in these new dresses? It might have something to do with? 

Laura Eastwood

You can see it? You can see I could see it. 

Julianne Moore

You mean, my I mean my hair. 

Laura Eastwood

And in those great sunglasses or whatever…. I just watched something recently that somebody asked me to see.. The virtual classes? So yeah, I thought that was very cool. And there was definitely a Julianne in the images. It was very obvious. 

Julianne Moore

I loved it. I loved it. And honestly, I’m so touched by everyone’s generosity. I mean, this is really, it’s it’s so special to have like, gone down in your basement one day and start pulling things out of dress bags and think what I do and suddenly find yourself in a community of people all working to raise money for The Actors Fund you know, through this gesture. So to me, I’m just I’m blown away by all of you. And by all of this, this enthusiasm. And I’m so excited about this auction.  And it feels really good. It feels like you’re able to make it make you know, make a difference. 

Mark Bozak

Julianne for a startup company like like Live Rocket, we can’t tell you how honored we were to have you in our studio that just had opened two months before you cam. In there that very cold day we were shooting.  But it was a really true honor that, you do this and that you agreed to do it. And it’s come together.

23:46 Julianne Moore

It’s wonderful. Thank you so much for including me, it really it’s been so terrific with this experience. And I just I couldn’t be happier about it. Honestly. Thank you.,

Laura Eastwood

I’m very excited more to the fact that it’s going to continue on we’re going to be doing the challenge with and the next three and the next three. I’m looking to the future here. And I’m very, very, very excited about it. 

Julianne Moore

That’s right, we have a lot of dresses.

24:19 Cameron Silver 

And this is Cameron again, I will be curious. Which nominees are presenters or attendees will participate in what are the future incarnations of of this program of dresses that are seen on the red carpet, the Oscars are Vanity Fair, Elton John.  So  I think Julianne will have inspired a lot of your tremendously talented colleagues to recognize the power of fashion for change. 

Mark Bozak

And you’ll be able to watch the red carpet shows now and in the future. Julianne on in camera, where you can actually watch the previous and just click on a screen and actually have the dress remade for you as an NFT or as a dress while you’re watching the actual red carpet. So the thing may take on a whole, entirely new meaning.

25:13 Julianne Moore 

So it’s exciting. It’s really exciting to think that this week could have launched something like that I’m, I’m, I’m thrilled.

Cameron Silver 

Well, my NFT of my red carpet look, tonight will be a pair of sweats and T shirts.

So, I don’t think I’ll raise a lot of money in my house.

But I’m looking forward to watching the Oscars. And I’m looking forward to the success that will bring to The Actors Fund through your generous contribution and vision. Because you are an artist who’s also participating in a new form of art with NFTs. So it’s so cutting edge and exciting. And I still don’t really understand any of it. But, if we raise a lot of money for The Actors Fund, I’m okay. I’m okay playing dumb.

26:00  Julianne Moore

Yeah, that’s right. Is that raising? Yeah, contributing the actor Spanish really? Isn’t that the best part? Right. It’s just it’s wonderful. 

Cameron Silver

Yeah. Is there anything else you wanted to ask of Julianne? Or I’d begin to get into hair and makeup for our virtual red carpet. As you watch the Oscars at home.

26:20 Mark Bozak

Cameron let me say thank you and to everybody that know to thank previously.  Especially to N*** and Mogul. And certainly to Julianne.  You’ve been really generous on this Sunday afternoon to spend time with us on this Twitter Space discussion. And we’re wildly grateful for  all you’ve done. And we’ll see in the next week or so here, what comes of the actual auction, which is the next exciting part after all the awards are given out tonight.

26:48  Julianne Moore

Wonderful, thank you so much. Thank you for having me. 

Very good. Thank you so much.

26:54  Julianne Moore


26:56 – ZapTheory

For everyone else listening and thank you, Julianne, I’m really going to continue the conversation about this, in particular, as well as the NFT space in general, fashion in general.  We’d love to provide more context and add more color to these particular gowns that were created.  Rather the reimagination. So I’d love to start off by bringing to the conversation,  Danielle Leslie, who reimagined the first tier, which is the one of one of the dresses with her latest projects Since3000. 

And so, Danielle, if you wouldn’t mind just sharing some thoughts around what Since3000 entails. How did you go about reimagining working hand in hand with Isaac the designer to create the magical piece of art that will be auctioned off.  So if you could share some thoughts here, we’d appreciate it.

27:49 Danielle Leslie

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. This is my first Twitter Spaces. So it’s really an honor to be here. And the first of many, so thank you so much. We had the opportunity to come in and, you know, play, I think, a small role, you guys all laid a great foundation for us to come in and kind of do what we saw. And so the inspiration for Since3000, is just thinking about kind of my personal journey last year. You know, really being faced with the question of who am I?  After coming out of a seven year relationship. And through that journey, I realized the power of integrating the lessons of the past, the awareness of the present and the promise of the future. And so Since3000, is inspired by all of that work and facing that question of who am I.  Clap if you can relate. If you’ve been faced with that question, especially post COVID. And so with these, through that journey, I realized I’ve always been fascinated just by identity. So my previous life was in web 2, helping people turn their stories into, you know, teachable frameworks online courses. Now entering web 3, I’m seeing this opportunity to use web 3as a platform to get closer to who we are. And so these designs, I, I found Isaac, who is an amazing designer, who you’ll get a chance to hear more specifically what he created. But when I spoke with him about the designs, I said, can we reimagine them for this place Since3000. And this is a place you can access at any time to connect with your past, present and future self simultaneously. Be in conversation with them, be in proximity with them, and really be the fullest self most self expressed version of you. So if you look at the designs, one of the things I offered to him was, you know, can we reimagine the gowns as oversized gowns, you know, because women today more than ever are taking up more space in the conversation in the world. Julianne Moore is an example of that, you know, she’s had this tremendous career. If you look…

Got her feet, she has all these causes she’s giving a voice to. So I wanted the garments to reflect how we as women are taking up more space. And we also are really driven to combine everything with physical fashion, digital fashion. So this was an opportunity to do that. Yeah, so I think those are those were kind of the initial thoughts we have with these designs.

30:24- ZapTheory

Amazing. Thank you for that. I certainly want to go deeper in a moment, I want to first just give an opportunity for a few others to speak. But I want to circle back to the craftsmanship, or the craft woman ship in creating this magical piece of art. 

The next speaker I’d love to bring up is Nicole Buffett, who is not only top 50, Fortune NFT artists, also the granddaughter of Warren Buffett, she reinterpreted, rather and created an abstract interpretation of the pieces. So Nicole, if you wouldn’t mind just here with some thoughts about how you were able to see the dresses and how you as an artist, were able to reinterpret it in your abstract fashion. 

Nicole Buffett

Hi, thank you so much. 

First, I just I really want to thank Laura, for introducing me to Zap Theory. And this has just been such an amazing adventure. So yeah, so these paintings I selected. I just you know what fascinates me so much about the metaverse is that it’s really a space of generosity and collaboration. So, to me, this is such a futuristic ac.  You know, we’re all like really joining together as artists and collaborators and moving into the future. So these paintings are these orbs of space.  Where it’s kind of earthy, it’s celestial, there’s color. And it’s really about this like, kind of galactic function. And I love what Julianne was saying about really, it’s about the feeling. And that everything that we create the object, the physical object, whether it’s a digital image, a dress, meta fashion.  It’s really about a feeling and having access to that feeling. And I just love that this place is creating access for all of us to feel into new a new world of connection. So I’m just so honored that I can contribute my work to the actress.

32:26 – ZapTheory

Amazing, thank you. I love it.  So Danielle since 3000 reimagine dresses will drop on mogul platform, and Nicole buffets abstract interpretation will drop on Drawstring platform. So let’s start with Mogul. If you can just share with us how the auction works. And then we’ll bring up Drawstring after 

Earl Flormata

Hey everyone, this is Earl Flormata here from Mogul. I’m the chief marketing officer.  Very honored to have been a part of this project and very excited about the opportunity to be able to raise money for the charity.

For the Mogul platform, we’re the ones putting up the the NFTs for the dress themselves. And in regards to for folks who are unfamiliar with NFTs, we’ve got a really good community out here do that help support and help educate people on how to participate in the auction itself. So if you go over to, click on our marketplace, you can actually view the collection for #GownsForGood which is what  we ended up calling the the structure here. 

And you can actually see when the auction is going to be going to be dropped.  You can see that there’s a countdown timer on there. And you can even pop in there and actually have a reminder sent to you for your email. But yeah, I’m really encouraging everybody to come on board, jump into the Mogul.  I guess, structure.  Jump into our Mogul Discord channel, jump into our Twitter. And let us support you guys and educate you on how to purchase the NFTs and how to be a part of this, and how to make a bid in the auction.

34:01- ZapTheory

Amazing. Thank you. 

So thank you Mogul for helping.  We provide the tech in all of the structure for the one on ones. And just to add a little more color around how that works.  When you purchase the NFT, or rather you bid on it. And the bidding actually begins next Sunday. So we have the next week to kind of just put your information in.  You can go either go to , and there you’ll be able to get the listing.  Or you can go directly to Mogull to submit your information to receive an update for when the bidding begins, which will start next Sunday.  The starting price will begin at $20,000. And when you purchase the NFT you not only receive the Since3000 NFT, which is part of the Since3000 collection that Danielle recently spoke about.  But you’ll also receive the actual gown itself.  And two of the gowns are Givenchy. One of them’s Balenciaga. And so imagine having a gown worn by none other than Julianne Moore. How incredible that is.

So that’s a gift. And of course, you can always potentially resell your NFT down the line if you chose to do so and keep the gown. So that’s an incredible opportunity that we’re excited about.

Then we have the tier two NFT which are, which include a mug.  The mug is for soul for sale $100. And the of course, the funding goes to The Actors Fund. And on the mug, you’ll get not only a Live Rocket logo, but more importantly  you will receive an image of Nicole Buffett’s abstract interpretation of the dresses. And if you go to , you’ll see all of the artwork that was created. And not only do you receive the mug to enjoy their coffee every morning, and be graced by Nicole’s magic.  You’ll also receive her NFT. And that will live on the near blockchain on specifically the Drawstring marketplace. I’d love to invite the Drawstring marketplace to the stage to share how that works and how folks who purchase the mug will be able to redeem their NFT.

36:11 Drawstring: Kenny

Awesome. Awesome. Great to be up here. Love to be able to help out for The Actors Fund. This is awesome. So what we bring to the table and kind of the problem that we solve is I’m sure a lot of people just like Julianne was saying they’re not, NFT experts or having to figure out how to get a wallet, all that. So we’ve completely eliminated the barrier of entry and the signup process. So when you actually do purchase the mug, the NFT will come to you in an email.  You will literally get a claim link. You click the link. The NFT part of the NFT that you purchase will pop up and it says create a wallet to get it.  You essentially put in your email and password and you have a wallet with an NFT that you can now take back to the platform, buy, sell and trade, all that kind of good stuff. So  we’ve really tried to make it easy for users and really bring NFTs at scale. We’re really trying to push global adoption of NFTs and also highlight, you know, utility and other things that these NFT’s can give you in real world. So that’s, you know, that’s really the problem, you know, the master problem that we are solving here.

37:19- ZapTheory

Awesome. Thank you, Kenny.   Kenny’s the fearless leader, Drawstring marketplace. And what I’m also excited about is that it’s on the NEAR protocol blockchain, which allows it to be essentially almost gasless on the marketplace itself. And so once you purchase the mug for $100, and can easily swipe your card and get a hold of the mug, you receive the NFT and the easy, seamless fashion. So you don’t need to be a crypto guru you. It’s easy step, click the link and you’ll redeem it. And by the way, for perspective, all of Nicole’s pieces start off at least at 025 ETHh, which, if you’re calculating in US dollars, that’s something around $500- $600- $700 depending on the price of Ethereum. And, you know, Nicole has done so much incredible work. She’s known for more specifically her Spirit Coins, which the floor price is around 2 ETH. So to be able to get your hands on a Nicole Buffett  NFT is absolutely incredible. And the fact that it’s only $100, is a steal. And so that’s fantastic, as well. Thank you, Kenny at Drawstring

Live Rocket

Our quick question here.  Of all the things that you just said which I now understand more than I did six months ago… The one thing that I find really interesting that I’d love for you to just explained from any of the anyone on here that doesn’t understand… 

What does gasless mean?

Drawstring: Kenny

Yeah, so GASLESS means that there’s no charge to buy, sell or trade NTFs. Rright now on Ethereum they have something called gas fees, which is pretty much  a surcharge on using their network. The NEAR protocol on your blockchain, which is a blockchain that we built on, is really all about scalability and allowing users to buy, sell, even create their own collections. You know, right on our platform you’ll be able to mnt NFTs for free,  create your own collections, use the technology cleanly  and everything that we’re using for everybody as well. And that’s that’s essentially what you know, it’s not charging to use.

Sure, yeah. I mean, check out the you guys if you would.  Check out the Drawstring platform or we’re launching our marketplace live next week.  And you’ll be able to mint your first NFT for free. 

Laura Eastwood

Now that’s just amazing. I think that’s fabulous. Thank you. 

– ZapTheory

And by the way, Follow Drawstring.  They have a number of exciting drops. This is one of many exciting celebrities and personalities that will be dropping on the platform in similarity with Mogul.  Mogul is known for being a NFT marketplace for film in particular, but also a number of celebrities in general.

There’s another drop Moguls we’re collaborating with on.  With Jim Jones. Which will take place at NFT LA. So if any of the folks here are going to be in LA and NFTLA, not only are we going to be there , you’ll be able to see Jim Jones perform. 

More specifically, you’ll see the dresses on display at our booth. So if you’re at NFTLA, make sure to stop by the ZapTheory booth. And check out the physical dresses itself. Danielle will be at NFTLA. So will Laura, Nicole Buffett.  You’ll be able to meet Nicole in person. Everyone who everyone who’s speaking here, will be present. So for sure, stop by. 

We love to invite a few other prominent personalities to speak.

So we have Andrew, RMeta Labs, who assists with this marketing campaign. So we’d love to hear your thoughts, Andrew. And I know you have a few other folks on the call.  We’d love to hear some thoughts on just overall what this project in particular. But the crypto space fashion and FTEs in how does the world look from your lens? 

RMeta Labs

Yeah, thank you very much, Noel. And this is Andrew Rosen, the CEO of  RMeta Labs. And I’m happy to be up here on Oscar Sunday. And I appreciate being included in this revolutionary drop for a great cause The Actors Fund But also importantly, as the first NFT specific commercial going to be aired on TV. So I think we’re all making history here. And we know how important in first is in the NFT space. So I think there’s a congratulations in order for everybody.

But what RMeta Labs  is is we’re a web 3 integration and media production organization. So we really like to focus on real world utility. And what I mean by utility is, such as this drop, where it’s for charity, and it comes with a real world asset. And it’s not just a NFT drop, that builds out unrealistic roadmap and builds up the utility afterwards. It’s a copycat industry. So staking or farming or building out these video games after successful drop is what the industry is sort of focusing on as utility. 

But I think this Julianne Moore dropped really exemplifies how real world utility, and how this NFT technology can interact with sort of a human interface, and affect real world behavior. And I’ll give you a couple of examples that we’re working on in this space. Sort of mirrors what’s happening with this drop. So this year, Pride NYC is actually be co funded by the people. The largest LGBTQ community, called Vix Trillions is our NFT drop. And no longer will it just be large organizations, as the presenting sponsor or representing that  community. It  will actually be the people buying the NFTs who will be invited onto the floats. If you’re a 14 or 15 year old kid in school and you’re being bullied and you have this NFT you can come into the discord you can come into the community can speak to celebrities are thought leaders in the industry. And they can talk to you about sort of where the future lies when you’re just in high school and you’ll get through this. Other projects we’re working on sort of where utility matters a lot is PIA, so players inc. authentication. Historically, with sports memorabilia, you would get a card as a certificate of authenticity. Now with PIA which is dropping in three months, you’ll actually see the celebrity or the athlete, signing with a piece of memorabilia. airdropped for free as a NFT for you. So that’s what I mean by real world utility affecting behavior versus building in utility afterwards.

If I digress back to the fashion industry, I think it’s inevitable that fashion, and wearables are the future. You can look at some of the largest companies like K** just made an announcement with invisible friends. Talking to the metaverse and what that looks like. People obviously for the same reason they wear high end fashion in the real world. They’re gonna want that representation in the metaverse and a drop like V***Miami’s a great example where my **** all came together to put wearables are one of the most famous NFT PFP drops, the V*** collective. I hope I gave a little bit of insight and sort of where I believe NFP space is going if anyone has any questions. Are you happy to address them? 

– ZapTheory

Yeah, thank you. I know RMeta Labs is at the forefront of a lot of projects in NFT . So we’re honored to have your support and for this drop, in particular in many to come. I love to if we can bring certainly want to invite more conversation around that before doing so. I want to circle back to Since3000 So Danielle, if you wouldn’t mind introducing the incredible artists who you collaborated on. To design these dresses, Isaac.

45:00 Daniel Leslie

Yeah, absolutely. So we were looking for the perfect set of eyes for this project. And I’d like to bring on Isaac Udogwu. He had an amazing portfolio. And I’ll have him you know, speak to how you’ll when you see the NFTs if you’ve seen them, you’ll see the the fabric and how he really makes them sing. So I’d love to bring you on Isaac to just explain your vision and your creations.

45:26 Isaac Udogwu

Hello, everyone. How’s everybody doing on this fine Sunday. Let me introduce myself. I am Isaac Udogwu. I’m a digital artist and martial artists brought on to redesign these three dresses. And I have to say it was a very dope experience. Sorry  if there’s noise in the background,  driving at the moment. But I’m gonna start with how I did the process. And my vision was for this project, Danielle came to me with the idea. And it was synchronized. And we we both saw the vision.

Futurism and ideas of the futures is my type of… is one of my favorite genres in my favorite areas to explore. So it was almost second nature to me to develop these dresses the way I did. I love textures and fabrics. And seeing how well these dresses were put together. I was like, wow, I just have to be able to I have to do this. Yeah, I can speak a little bit more about the process. But I’ll leave it open for everybody to ask questions or anything like, 

Laura Eastwood

Thank you so much for being part of this. I just have to say I’m getting goosebumps. Thank you so much, everybody on this call for being a part of this. It’s just it’s just such a wonderful thing that we’ve pulled this all together. And you’re also talented. And I for  one am very, very grateful for all of you.

46:53 Live Rocket

Thank you. That’s great.  Just hearing him describe it. It’s like a pitch when I used to run the Home Shopping Network of designing the dresses. But has there ever been something where a real dress has been reimagined as an NFT and then the NFT is actually reversed back into an actual gown?

47:13 Laura Eastwood

Danielle yells onto that. Interesting.


Are we  jumping the gun here? Are they revealing?

47:22 Daniel Leslie 

I mean, yes. That that is definitely coming. So that’s um why this these three gowns were a great start to our collection. And it was interesting, because you’re right. In this case, we took real life gowns, reimagine them for digital, and for the metaverse and in the summer, we’ll actually be launching a collection that is designed for web 3 first. So they will be web 3 natively, digital designed with digital in mind. 

And then those handful of those will be turned into one of one’s real life garments that we will auction off for, for our collectors. And I think what I love about doing it in this order is and we’re working with a fashion designer who already has a line. But she talks about how just the limitations of when you’re creating something and you’re designing it for the 3d physical world. You have limits, whether it’s gravity, you know, all the different elements, functionality. And so what I love about this approach is our artists will have no limits when they are imagining what these garments can look like in 5D you know, where there is no gravity, it’s just space, there is no time. And it’s all about the fullest expression of you. So it’ll be so fun to see that process and then see those translated into designs that we can we’re rock in the real world.


 I love it. And you will find it on the Home Shopping Network. You might find it definitely on Live Rocket. I love it. Thank you Live Rocket. There we go.

We also have on as the speaker I think she might have left. Andrew if you bring on Larsa.  I know Larsa is also done some incredible work on… she was on a moment ago and I want to hear from her when we get a moment. 

So to recap on where we are. If you bid and it starts at $20,000 for the one on one NFT that’s designed by Since3000, which is a collection is dropping in June. These are the first three of the collection and is created and launched by Daniel Leslie and the artwork itself was created by Isaac. Those dresses come with the physical, real world NFT gaps are real world gown worn by Julianne Moore. And two of them are Givenchi, one is Balenciaga if I’m not mistaken. And that will take place on the Mogul platform where you’ll it’s on the Ethereum blockchain. And then there are the tier two. And that’s the more affordable option. And that’s only 100 bucks. You can receive a physical mug, where you’ll have a Nicole Buffett’s abstract interpretation of the dresses displayed on the mug. You will also receive her NFT. And that takes place on and you’ll receive it on Drawstring platform, and that’s on the Near blockchain.

So while that’s happening, I love to have invite Nicole.  I know, you’ve done a number of projects. And this is one of which you’re doing for charity. And so part of this conversation is web three philanthropy. So I’d love to just hear you know, some of the other projects we’re up to, in the space spirit days we call Spirit rounds, which is a nod to your Spirit coins. So if you don’t mind just sharing some thoughts around and Spirit coins and all of your web 3 philanthropic endeavors. 

Nicole Buffett

Sure. Thank you so much. Yeah, just coming into the space very early on I, I realized that the just the ability and the abundance of this space. I love how, I guess for my family being so involved in philanthropy, I like really expanding the understanding of what it means to be a philanthropist and how, you know, we all can be and we all are philanthropists in nature by just being generous, even being a creator in and of itself is such a gift that we give our artwork and our vision to the world. So when I first got into this space, I created my Genesis collection, which is our, which are my Spirit coins. That’s my avatar, you see. And so I guess one of the first major philanthropic endeavors I did with my work was working with Open Earth foundation, I created a NFT. That was the first hologram of my painting of some dolphins that then turned into a NFT, which then protected the dolphins off the Cocos Islands. And we raised quite a bit of money. And I collaborated with a lot of other artists in the space, including ****, and just some amazing other artists. And we worked on that for about a year. And I just love how you know it all it really is about bringing in the human real life connection into the impact. And so it’s really opening up that scope. Another amazing collaboration I’ve been involved with, and working with my Spirit coin collection is the Blankets of Hope campaign, which is amazing, which basically teaches empathy in the classrooms. And then has children delivering blankets to homeless people in the city of New York, and connecting in real life, the feeling of empathy and connection and caring with an actual physical object. So it’s, I really love how the space is weaving those worlds of  like Julianne was talking about, a feeling is very real. And it’s very much a valuable thing just as much as any object we possess. And when we start kind of making that connection, the sacred object. Art being a sacred object. And if NFT’s being a sacred object, I think we’re just opening up who we are as human beings, you we talk about utility, and it’s really about the utility of who we are, and, you know, transforming our identity. We are all artists. And that’s what I love about this. And that’s why the pieces that you see, my paintings are really about a deep space of understanding who we are.

53:49 Drawstring

The NFTs are really a technology and an outlet for artists like Nicole to, you know, bring their art to, at scale to you know, to the masses to people and really get another revenue stream for their causes and you know, for themselves as well. So the technology is just so incredible all around. And yeah, I just love it. I love everything. So Nicole for sure.

54:27 ZapTheory 

The one piece Nicole reference, which was collected, we end up creating a hologram NFT that was displayed on the portal hologram,, and that went up for auction for the Open Earth foundation and none other than Snoop Dogg’s collected the piece so that was incredible. So collecting one of the Nicole Buffett’s entities are among many incredible collectors, including Snoop Dogg himself. So that’s exciting. Andrew if you don’t mind just introducing Larsa and getting her thoughts on NFTs and fashion.


 Yeah, of course. So we’ve got Larsa Pippen here, who’s a fashionista in her own right. And the star of Real Housewives of Miami, she has a jewelry line at Saks, and a whole bunch of other really cool fashion related products. We’re coming out with a really interesting NFT. And she spent a lot of time really curating the fashion on the ***  Squirrel collection and in the video game as well. So I’ll let Larsa speak a little bit about fashion and NFTs and, and her thoughts around that. 

Larsa Pippen

Hi, guys.  I will say having these conversations on a Sunday feels really good. You know, I think anytime you get a bunch of people that want to collaborate, and bring, you know, their, you know, their backgrounds together for a good cause. I just love that. And I feel like it’s very empowering for all of us, because we all can help we can all do our part and giving back. When Andrew reached out to me and said, Hey, do you want to, you know, help promote Julianne Moore’s, you know, NFT and her charity, and I was like, Yeah, send me the information. But being on this call, I just feel like, it’s, it’s pretty amazing that, you know, we all have, you know, can make time and do whatever we can to help such an amazing cause. And I feel like, I mean, what’s cooler than fashion, charity, and NFTs? I mean, this is like, where we are today. This is where we’re going to be shopping. And I just feel like it is it’s super cool. And the gowns like, just the thing she was saying about you know, they’re like works of art, you know, these gowns, the artist spends hours and hours designing these dresses.  And to be able to purchase something like that. And it’s just like such it’s great content for people like, you know, I collect art. I love even like buying tables and having like, content about “oh, I bought this table here.” “I bought this table in Paris”  and the story behind it. So I do feel like that. I mean, it’s just amazing. I love this. It’s really cool. And I’m super excited about  NFT Andrew, I think that’s gonna be amazing. We spent so much time on the art because I wanted it to be kind of a reflection about like, what I’m into as far as fashion. So it was like sporty but cool. Edgy. 


 And I think I think Larsa  I think we should leak some of the alpha on that art this week, especially the clothing specific ones, and no Larsa’s very, very passionate about giving back as well. And we have some announcements about a portion of the NFT drop, that’s going back to a favorite charity. So we can’t wait just to share that with everybody. 

Larsa Pippen

Yeah, I love that you guys, I’ve always kind of helped charities that have been focused somehow in fashion, like, in Miami, I’ve always worked with Style Saves. And it basically helps women get back on their feet and helps them be able to afford suits for their interviews, you know, you know, dress for the part for the interview and help little girls get dresses for, you know, homecoming, or prom and stuff like that. And then recently, I raised money for a foundation called No More Tears. And that helped individuals that dealt with like, you know, sex trafficking, you know, abuse at home and stuff like that. And we were able to get a lot of money in a two hour dinner that I hosted. So I do feel like it’s, it’s amazing to be able to give back and make time and especially when it’s fun, and you’re doing it because you know you you love it. And I feel like all of us have passion, you know, a passion for giving back. And I’m excited about our NFT also, Andrew

But the charity aspect to me is like, I’m very passionate about that. Because I do feel like, you know, I want my kids to be able to give back. And it’s just very important to live a life of purpose. And that’s what we’re all supposed to be doing. So when you can integrate fashion, you know, NFTs charity, it’s like a win win for everyone. So I love that ecosystem. 

59:13 Andrew

trumping up to Leaking  alpha, can you explain that one as well. So we think alpha means giving out some secrets about a specific NFT drop, or the art or what aspect of it is for charity. So I’ll give you a little alpha on this. For instance, we have one of the top artificial intelligence scientists in LA working on a hangry squirrels game. So there’ll be a mobile game attributed to the NFT. And it’ll be very, very well connected where when you buy the specific NFT and you play the game, you can have different types of awards in there. So that’s a little Alpha I’m going to release and then the larger alpha will probably be in the next week or two, but the drop I can officially say is called Hangry. Squirrels and And Larsa’s entire friend group and community is going to be involved with it as well. And I’m sure no well and ZapTeory will have an opportunity to contribute with it.

1:00:10 ZapTheory 

Absolutely, we’re excited. Larsa’is contributing, not just on her drop in particular, but sharing, you know, with her social following the project here. So the connection is charity in general and appreciate you Larson helping to promote and get the word out on this Julianne Moore drop and how it connects in unions and not just anyone in general, it’s you in particular, who you have your hand on the pulse finger on the pulse when it comes to the intersection of fashion and NFTs. And I know you have a jewelry line as Saks, who knows, maybe we might have a window a special line down the line on  Live Rocket, perhaps. So we have this opportunity where at the seaport in downloads, or during NFT NYC, we’ll have some satellite events. So we’re all invite folks for in person IRL experiences at the sea port. So Live Rocket has two spaces are really large at the sea port. One is 6000 square feet other than 17,000 square feet. So we’ll be able to see some exciting events in person hanging out talking crypto, learning about a number of these projects, including *** Since3000, Nicole Buffett, everything Andrew and Rmeta Labs is up to and of course, all of Larsa Pippin’s visionary creations. 


Yeah, there’s nothing better than having sort of Larsa Saks. jewelry line as not only physicals in the real world. But wearables both on NFTs and in the metaverse. And who knows you might see in Sandbox or decentraland. This year, you might see some of those wearables. Much like you saw what happened. We’d like to do an arm that allows families so within the Vogu Miami drop. I don’t know if everyone saw the decentraland fashion how, or they had the Vogu heads. So we’d like to integrate everybody. So I think you might be seeing some some Larsa Pippen jewelry in the metaverse in the not too distant future. 

Larsa Pippen

I mean, how easy is it to shop these days?

Never gonna leave my house again. You know, it’s just I don’t know if \… Seriously, I feel like it’s, it’s the way to shop these days, even shopping. Yeah, I love that aspect of it.

You guys know, and I love the community of people that are on here. I just was really excited to be a part of this. And like I said, it was I think we should start doing this every Sunday, guys. I feel like I need this for my soul.

1:02:34 Zap Theory

Absolutely. And thank you for sharing. And so I just folks will soon need to not only get their hands on Snce3000 NFT, which will then be turned into a real world gown or rather all clothing you can wear. And eventually I imagine it’ll be in the metaverse, so there’ll be the a triplet where you get the NFT for the digital art, you’ll receive the physical piece you can wear in real life. And then you’ll have the triplet that you can wear and in the metaverse and then accompany that with one of Larsa’s wearable jewelry line. So that that’s exciting to see.


Just want to add one last thing, obviously, Rmeta labs, you don’t usually do this for such a large audience. But everyone here has been amazing. And it’s such it’s just such a good cause we do a lot of work with these groups in the future. So if anybody here wants a whitelist for one of RMeta Lab future projects, they can sign up at And we’ll make sure their choice of which project if they want it to work, we’ll give them a whitelist.




That’s exciting. Thank you.

1:03:44 Andrew

And anyone who doesn’t know what a whitelist is, because I know there might be some questions about that in this group. And I can access its access to a NFT drop a for anybody else to guaranteed get it in usually at a cheaper price. Oh, good. That’s good.


If you use Polygon network, there’ll be no gas at all. So more near or Near 


And I just just to jump off of what you were saying to as far as utility. I mean, NFT is a technology, right? It’s really a key to things in the metaverse if I own this entity, it gives me access to x, y and z is we access to music, it gives me access to gated content and gated webpage, right. It allows you to access things in the metaverse and that’s something that I think that you know, this is really where this technology is going and it goes far from our projects. And you know,Definitely spot on with the utility aspect and that’s something that we’re pushing for to add scale obviously. So everybody on this call has been absolutely brilliant in everything they’ve been saying. So love to be a part of it. 


Absolutely. And I think was also pretty cool is that not only do we have this drop with Julianne Moore’s gowns being reimagined in the year 3000, and then another tier where it’s being interpreted in an abstract way/  What we should point out is that the to both Nicole Buffett and Danielle Leslie, the two visionaries who worked on this piece are women and reimagining a real world gown, and donated by Julianne Moore, another woman. So the idea of women just leading the charge in the celebrity world is fascinating. I know Danielle, she’s she, if we look at her avatar, we can see that she’s in her collection, check out a very exciting collection includes a number of different projects, one of which is World of Women . And so I can see the flavor kind of embedded and imbued within this 3000 collection. And maybe you can speak to that. And let’s point out that part of this piece of this items in collection.

1:06:00 Danielle Leslie

Yeah, absolutely. Um, so it’s, um, and what I’ll say is, Nicole, when I learned that you were also going to be designing for this. I was like, Oh, my goodness, because I actually own one of your Metamorpho pieces. The integrating. 

Nicole Buffett

Yeah, wow. You have such an exciting, small collection of animated Spirit coins that I just love. And that thank you so much. I’m so honored to contribute to this. 

Danielle Leslie

Yeah, I just read what it was about, I resonated with with it a lot. And I think and as I said, my word for this year was integration. So I’m like, please be one called integrating in there. There. It was, it was for me.  Yeah. But yeah, I guess it has been really exciting, frankly, coming into this space. I was just speaking with friends yesterday about how there is a narrative out there that says it’s too late to get into NFTs you know, it’s too late. I think there was a New York Times article that’s like the the late comers guide to crypto, that’s been making circles. And I just love how.  I just love how what I’ve seen is a lot of women led women founded projects. And I think what I’ve seen, starting in web two, tech and now into , web 3, is us as women. I mean, if you think about us, traditionally, we are the storytellers in the family, you know.  It’s we are the child bears, you know, sharing our lessons, passing them to the next generation, historically, are like the storytellers of the family. And so I think that, what I see the opportunity for the NFT space for web 3, is for women to just translate our storytelling abilities, and our lessons, our vision or identity into a new medium. So I’ve just been so excited about getting involved in other women’s projects, including Nicole’s, you know, becoming a collector of her peice. And yeah, and I encourage everyone here to definitely, like dive in. And if you haven’t yet, and see what’s out there for you and see what you resonate with. And I’ll just finish it with, you know, I know that it’s, it was important for me, my very first piece that I got excited about was the World of Woman peace, because I saw something that I was represented in. And so I hope that as we collect as we create this Since3000 collection and launch it this summer, you know that we can do the same and welcome a lot more people in the space and have them see themselves represented.

1:08:35 ZapTHeory

Well, thank you for that. And your storytelling makes the idea of collecting a piece even more exciting. And not only do you get the physical one of one with the worn by Julianne Moore, you get to be part of this Since 3000. Collection, which is one of the 3000. And these pieces are the one on ones and I know it’s a generative art piece. And so when we think about rarity, for folks who are, you know, deep in the crypto space, and we look at the idea of how rare is one of those pieces, so maybe we could speak about that. I think for folks who are deep in that’s… it’s a language we all understand. But anyone who’s just joining the crypto space in we’re using terms like rarity and generative art. What does that even mean?

1:09:19 Danielle Leslie

Yeah, sure. So yeah.  So generative art is you have a set of features. So World of Women is probably one of the most popular projects right now that demonstrates this. But you have a set of features, whether it’s hair, background jewelry, accessory, and you have a set number of features. So you might have curly hair, big hair, etc, etc. And the original designer will design each of these individual features. And then it’s put into a program that runs and it will produce a random combination of all the different features, and it will produce one of ones that each piece has all the features, just in different combinations of them. So what I love about generative art, is that it goes back to that point that you know, as different as we are, we are all made of the same matter. So, all the pieces, you know, came from the common vision share a lot of the same features and a lot of the same spirit. And then, one thing I’ll also touch on is just the profile photo, the PFP collections. What’s really special about these is, you have avatars in these collections, that a lot of times you identify with and you end up being drawn to a piece I remember shopping for my first, you know, World of Women piece and looking for the woman who looked like me, and it’s my profile photo right now. And that excitement of finding someone who looks like you. And then being able to change your profile photo, because you’re like, This is me, you know, as my highest self for most Express self. So here’s all of that, to me is very exciting. And we’re really excited, excited to bring that excitement with our collection as well.

1:11:19 ZapTheory

Well, thank you for the knowledge and breaking down, generative apart and by the way, it turns out that Roseville conservation is actually listening in on the cause of R***is the organization that had purchased the Nicole Buffet piece. And it was collected by Danielle Leslie. So you purchasing that piece was actually a contribution to  R***. So I thought wow. 

I love to open up for two Oh, for anyone else who wants to share thoughts on the crypto space in general NFTs fashion. And then let’s wrap up the conversation if there’s anyone in the audience who wants to share some thoughts, and we’ll have to open up the floor for questions.


Awesome. So I’ll make one final plug for anyone who just joined. And as we wrap up, make sure to share with friends this incredible opportunity where you can purchase a one on one NFT Since3000 NFC that’s reimagination of the Julianne Moore gown that was worn on the red carpet. And that’ll live and be auctioned off on the Mogul Productions platform. So you can sign up to receive that notification. It begins on Wednesday, I’m sorry, next Sunday at 3pm. So you want to be one of the first to make a bed and share with your friends to do so as well. And that starts at $20,000. If that’s not in your price range, and you will still love to get your hands and support not only to act as fun, but also will love to get your hands on an NFT by Nicole Buffett. While you can do so for $100 You’ll be able to purchase a physical mug shipped to you and created by Live Rocket Studios, which is in the seaport or Live Rocket As Mark would say, and on the mug, you’ll see Nicole Buffett’s artwork displayed, and you’ll also receive her NFT on the drawstring marketplace on the near blockchain. So we’re all excited for these incredible opportunities. I have one other


Amazing, thank you. And so we’re all excited to continue to promote this incredible opportunity, the proceeds will benefit the Actors Fund, which supports everyone in entertainment. So thank you all again, for making this possible, beginning with Laura Eastwood, who sat down with Cameron. And together they thought how can they reimagine and created an opportunity to raise more funds for the Actors Fund. And through that will put us in touch with Live Rocket studios. And that’s where it all began. And all of these various parties came together to meet this happen. So thank you all for joining this conversation on the Sunday afternoon and excited for this auction excited for what this project will entail and many more to come. No. We have to


One last question. Who’s your pick for tonight? That’s


my pick for tonight. Yes, of course Julianne Moore. No, no, she’s not in a movie that’s nominated for Best Picture. I mean, this is a real actual movie not Academy Award. This is like the regular Academy watch. Have you seen any of the movies? I need to phone a friend him or


something by tripped on my answer.




I was gonna say Yacht Club or world of woman. Yes. There we go.


I like driving my car, the Japanese movie the best. So thank you, everyone very much. This has really been fascinating.


Great, guys. Thanks so much for having us. Thank you. Thank you, everybody, everyone.



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