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Jim Jones & Mogul discuss #DigitalMoney NFT Collection on Twitter Spaces

“You never know what might go on in the studio. You never know who might pop up in the studio. You get to see me working directly on some of my latest music and things like that. I think that if I had the opportunity to do this when I was coming up with some of my favorite artists, I would probably rob my mom’s purse to do that.”

Hip-hop legend and record executive Jim Jones went on Twitter Spaces and talked about the 1:1 NFT, part of his revolutionary NFT collection Digital Money exclusively on the Mogul Platform through the STARS token.

‍The Mogul team joined Jones 

‍Digital Money includes four NFT tiers, each providing users with access and insights into music production. 

“I hope to see everybody out there next week in LA for the grand unveiling. Have some music, have some vibes. I will be performing. This energy is definitely something different that we touch in the market with. I hope everybody definitely takes a chance out to really look at what we got going on and maybe you might pop up in the studio with me and get a chance to experience something like none ever.”

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Jim Jones Digital Money NFT Drop exclusively on Mogul

[00:06:04.330] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

‍Hey there, everyone. Earl here again from Mogul. And this is the Twitter space for the Jim Jones upcoming NFT Drop. Super excited. It’s pretty interesting with four different tiers to the NFT again. We’re just getting everybody onto the space who’s supposed to be onto the space again. We just started early to get sound check done. So if you’re here, just hang tight. We’ll be starting in a few minutes. If you know anybody who would love to hear about the It Drop that’s coming down the bike, definitely feel free to invite them. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m actually just inviting people to space, getting this up and roll and yeah, very excited to get going here. We’re starting in about six minutes.

[00:07:57.770] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Hello, everyone. This is Earl here from Mogul. Just touching base with the folks who just joined us. We’re just waiting on a few of our guests here to get all lined up. Once everybody’s here, we’re going to get up and going here. So we got a few of the artists coming in. We’ve got a few of the folks who are collaborating with on this project for the Jim Jones upcoming NFP Drop. Super excited about this. Just getting everybody on board here. So if you’re getting ready for the spaces, we’re going to get started in about four minutes.

[00:11:18.450] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Fantastic. Thank you for coming. All right, so we’re just going to get Jim Jones here himself. We can get this up and rolling. All right. For those of you just joining us, this is the Twitter spaces with Mogul Productions and Jim Jones talking about the latest NFT Drop coming up. We got four interesting peers here for the drop where you can get the music itself, access to the actual music itself from the content point of view or all the way up to the very top tier where you can actually do recordings with the artist himself. So that’s quite the spread between tier one and tier four. We’re definitely going to be talking about those things as we grow here. We got ZapTheory here now. All right, let’s get ZapTheory on the stage. How’s it going, folks over at ZapTheory, who’s representing today?

[00:12:37.580] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Cassie here representing.

[00:12:40.070] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Hey, Cassie.

[00:12:40.890] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Great, thanks. How are you?

[00:12:46.170] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Doing? Fantastic. All right. Anyone got Jim Jones on the line? Is he on his way in?

[00:12:58.820] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

I’ll check in on him now.

[00:13:00.910] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

All right, thank you. We’re just at the top of the hour here getting ready. I see one of the artists. I’m going to add you up here. All right.

[00:13:42.490] – Speaker 5 – @slimsuli

Good evening.

[00:13:43.130] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

How are you doing? Great. Thanks for jumping on the stage here.

[00:13:48.340] – Speaker 5 – @slimsuli

Most definitely. I’m here representing the creative, and people don’t really know about us. What we’re doing is going to be storage in the part that we come down with, but the metabolic needs to be in the part that we are doing. Come to us.

[00:14:19.690] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Absolutely. All right, Cassie, how are we doing on Jim Jones?

[00:14:29.830] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Any minute now.

[00:14:31.260] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

All right.

[00:14:31.840] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal


[00:14:40.150] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

All right, folks, when we get the ball rolling here, while we wait for Jim to join us here, Andy, you’re from the business development side of the Mogul team. Why don’t we just quickly just run through kind of what the offer is, what we got up here on the block talking about kind of what the NFT drop, just kind of the structure of it. What have we gotten these four tiers here? You want to chime in here and discuss that for a little bit?

[00:15:07.180] – Speaker 2  – Andy Perez

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. Yeah. So we have four tiers coming out next week that will be released during NFTLA. The fourth tier will be a digital collectible of Jim Jones new song, Digital Money. And so they’ll have access to the digital collectible of the song. And then we’ll move into tier three where it’ll give folks the opportunity to join a Metaverse studio session with Quarantine Studios, which is Jim Jones recording studio. And then we’ll have moving into tier two, we’ll have token holders will be able to go into a live in person studio session with Jim and his team, which is very exciting. And for the tier one, which will be a one of one, it’ll give the lucky token holder the opportunity to have in person studio session with Jim and also feature him on their song. So you’ll be able to get a feature from Jim for your track. And it’s very exciting.

[00:16:23.830] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Yeah, definitely. So it’s pretty interesting how we got these four different tiers here. The ideation part of that came from ZapTheory, part of that came from Jim Jones’s team and all those different pieces of the puzzle. How did the four different levels come to be? I mean, obviously with the original idea was the music drops, but then popping it into like a metaverse recording and then a real recording and then having them actually feature them in your track. This is a little different than your regular run of the mill NFT drop.

[00:17:03.950] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Yeah, definitely. I think that one of the things Jim being involved in the space and just interacting. We had a live performance during the Central Miami during our Basil 2021. And it was really cool the way the live performance turned out. And we wanted to see what else we can do to really provide utility to fans and really in the space. It’s all about connecting and engaging with your community. And Jim, he’s been outspoken about talking more and educating more of the community about crypto and the NFT space. And so we felt like, what better way to give back to his fans than allow them the opportunity to join him in a studio session, do a meet and greet, virtual meet and greet at another level. And so this is our approach. And working with ZapTheory has been great. Cassie and her team have really been great to really take this to the next level. Cassie, I’d love to hear your feedback.

[00:18:12.410] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Yeah, this is an exciting time, definitely in crypto to just see all the creative pieces that people come up with for NFTs. It’s one of my favorite things to do is just listen into a Twitter Spaces and hear what people have come up with and imagined because it’s almost like anything you can imagine, you can put into an NFT. And so it’s been really cool to be a part of this project in particular, taking what Jim has done with his NFTs and taking it to another level with this utility. And I think the Quarantine Studios concept is incredible as well. Coming out of the pandemic and being able to have studio time virtually is pretty cool as well.

[00:18:57.870] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Yeah, definitely. And it’s going to be really cool. We’re going to have another live performance next week at NFT LA. Cassie, can you tell us more about that?

[00:19:09.430] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

So that will be on March 30 at 05:30 P.M.. Pacific. And Jim will be performing on the main stage. So, yeah, that’s going to be really exciting as well. And the NFL will be available for purchase during that time. So during all of the NFT LA, people will be able to purchase the NFT’s.

[00:19:31.720] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

That’s fantastic. So we got, like literally a live event dropping this out on concert. He’ll be performing the song, but you can get access to via a NFT. And then how many of those are coming out for that tier? How many do we have set up for that tier?

[00:19:50.400] – Speaker 2  – Andy Perez

Tier Four. The digital collectible will have 10,000 units.

[00:19:55.400] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

10,000 units. What happens after the 10,000 are sold? 10,000.

[00:20:06.820] – Speaker 2  – Andy Perez

That’s it. There’s only 10,000 available, so that’ll be exciting.

[00:20:11.890] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Okay, fair enough. I got a question from the audience here. Actually, I’m monitoring all of our different channels all at once. And some of this type in the question, the one out of one NFT. Is the Jim Jones team going to then help promote the song after it’s been produced? Wow, that’s a hell of a question. So someone buys the one to one NFT, they’re obviously on the track. So is that going to be something that is that going to be something like a fringe benefit on top of actually getting the studio session that obviously they got to promote it because he’s part of the project?

[00:20:52.730] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

We’ll have to ask him that once he gets here. But I imagine so. I imagine so.

[00:20:59.690] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

All right, folks. Well, while we’re waiting for Jim to come, why don’t we just do a quick round of introductions of everybody who’s on the team here who’s up on the stage. So I’ll start going first. My name is Earl. I’m the Chief Marketing Officer over at Mogul Productions, and Mogul is all about entertainment space and building an NFT market around that, taking that superfan level to that next level. So for folks who are really interested in the entertainment world, in this case, it’s going to be music. Right? And it’s not just your typical piece of artwork. What we’re doing with this particular drop is we’ve got four different tiers, and one of the tiers lets you actually really, truly participate with the artists live and have them as part of your music, which I thought was really cool, really interesting. Why don’t we move on to @JayGoldingArt.  I want to introduce yourself, tell us what your part is the project, and let us know what you thought.

[00:21:57.470] – Speaker 4 – Jay Golding

Yeah. Hey, everyone. I’m Jay Golding, part of the creators now. Slimsuliart.   I actually did one of the paintings. I did acrylic painting of Jim Jones. I kind of painted it. I don’t know how much I could say about it, actually. I see ZapTheory has one of the artworks showing right now, but the whole process was exciting just working with my brother SlimSuli and the rest of the team and just kind of creating that chemistry around how we were able to take all of our individual pieces and put them together. So, yes, I’m excited to see how the entire drop comes together.

[00:22:44.270] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Excellent. What are you most excited for?

[00:22:49.890] – Speaker 4 – Jay Golding

I’m excited to see how I don’t know if it’s going to be an auction, but I’m excited to just see the reception, to hear what people think about the artwork, because I definitely put a lot of love and care into a lot of thought into the artwork that I put together, even just with the theme and the references, like, kind of researching and going back to looking at some of Jim Jones’s older projects to kind of tie some of those themes into the painting. So I’m excited to see how it resonates with the audience.

[00:23:24.210] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata


[00:23:25.730] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Thank you for joining us to enter, Jay. All right, SlimSueyArt, how’s it going with you? If you want to give a quick introduction, what do you bring into the project? Just talk briefly about your piece here.

[00:23:40.090] – Speaker 5 – SlimSueyArt

So my name is SlimSueyArt and I met with all these three people here. This project right here was one of the best projects I was ever on because you have four different artists on the same project. Both of them are all, like, except for maybe one had at least three people on each of them. So you have to understand that priceless  it was a real production. All right. And the chemistry cannot be matched. And this was something that was brought to me by one of the members from ZapTheory. I’m very excited to see how far it goes because some people need to have a better lens on how art can be shown in a NFT form. And this is what we want to provide for the newness of art.

[00:25:01.090] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Fantastic. Yeah. It’s really interesting seeing, like, the team that’s being brought together here, everybody coming together to help this project move forward. And we really appreciate we need everybody as part of this piece, right? We need the artists because that’s what’s going to represent the NFP in the wallet. Obviously, we need Jim Jones because he’s the one producing, creating the music, and then we need all the different people who are up here on stage right now who are part of the project assembling this together, everyone from the artists to the developers to everyone in between. So it’s definitely a collaborative effort. All right. When we move over to ZapTheory. Cassie.

[00:25:42.910] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Hi. My name is Cassie. Yes, I’m Cassie. I’m the CEO of ZapTheory, a social token platform. And we also help a number of NFT projects launch. So we’re working with a number of groups and Mogul collaborating with Mogul on a number of jobs as well. So it’s again, a very exciting time. I’ve been in this space since 2017 and got paid in Bitcoin one time and never looked back. So it just kept going on. Went to the first NFT NYC Conference, and it was so much smaller than it was this past year. And so I’m looking forward to New York as well. And hopefully with this NFT drop, we’ll be able to tie something in for the NFT holders in New York as well.

[00:26:34.570] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Fantastic. Awesome. And then definitely thank you for helping assemble this project and letting us be part of it. This is going to be exciting on everybody’s side. I think that’s fantastic. Why don’t we bring up the next Tokenoma? Want to say hello and introduce yourself?

[00:26:52.030] – Speaker 6 – @tokenoma_

Hi, everyone. Yeah, this is, like, so amazing to be here on stage with everyone and just being a part of this amazing collaborative effort. I was the one that made the coin, the token, and I stared at Jim Jones’s face quite a lot. Could be dreaming about him right now. But anyway, yeah, it was a lot of fun just creating the reverse and the obverse and coming up with a concept on the obverse side with the hand. And when you see the NFP, the hand, it represents speak. And because he’s a rapper and he speaks the truth, he’s just amazing and he loves to help people. So I chose that symbol. But no, I loved working with the team, the creators, working with SlimSuli and Jay and Raul. It was such a great vibe we had going on, and I would love to do it again. And literally, Raul was like the superglue. He took all of our pieces and just meshed them together and created something really amazing from it. But yes, enough of my rambling. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

[00:28:26.630] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

I appreciate it. Thank you for jumping and joining us on stage here. Andy, do you want to say hello quick?

[00:28:33.210] – Speaker 2  – Andy Perez

Hi. Yeah, thanks, Earl. My name is Andy. I’m business development manager at Mogul Productions and together with ZapTheory, we put this drop together. I’m very excited for it because having a passion for music and the recording process and being involved around studio sessions, I thought it was great that Jim was open to bringing this experience to the fans. And so I think it’s going to be very unique for that one token holder to be able to observe Jim’s process and his team’s process and creating a song and the whole production process as well. And yeah, we’re very excited. We have also some news that one of the pieces, the one of one, will be coming with the actual art piece. Is that right, Cassie?

[00:29:33.570] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Yes, that’s right. There’s a mural that was created, and that will go to the person who purchases the NFT as well. So thank you to the artist.

[00:29:46.290] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

How big is the mural?

[00:29:52.390] – Speaker 3

Can the creator speak to that, please?

[00:29:56.930] – Speaker 5- @Slimsuli

How are you? How are you I will be doing that mural.  We didn’t come up with the size yet. It depends on the spot. But it wouldn’t be something that’s too massive maybe like

 10 X 10.  Some of these celebrities or someone who really likes art, I’m putting that as a utility. I’m willing to bring my expertise and skillset to beautify.  Possibly we can do the image with  ZapTheory logo piece right here.

[00:31:00.210] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

That’s a pretty unique addition to one on one piece as well. So not only do they get the session. I’m actually just reading the questions here coming in. I got another one coming in about the In-studio session. Is it just the show, or is it learning about the music production process as well? Kind of inclusive and part of that process? That Unto itself would be like a priceless piece, right. To be able to learn from someone like Jim, to understand this process, to understand how he records things. I mean, that unto itself would be super valuable. So not only you’re getting that and you’re getting the artwork, but yeah, just learning from someone who’s got so much experience would be something really interesting there as well. Cassie, you want to weigh in on that?

[00:31:51.610] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Absolutely. I think anytime you you’re able to get with someone that you look up to,  any mentor to benefit from learning. So if you already believe that you’re going to benefit from learning from them, then that puts you ten times ahead anyway. And I think it’s really great to just be able to be around people that inspire you as well. On all fronts, I think it’s really powerful.

[00:32:32.430] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Definitely. Now, beyond just the utility of the actual token itself, being able to own the music, listen to the music and consume that content, is there the possibility of the token holders also being able to attend other live events or any other perks to the equation here?

[00:32:56.950] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Right. So I can say if anything ZapTheory is involved with, if we’re hosting the event, then that’s certainly something that we can include as well. And right now, it’s still a little bit… logistics haven’t been worked out right. for concerts and things like that. So there are just too many other parties involved, but certainly any ZapTheory events that we host. When we do host events, we host some pretty cool events. So I think that’s an awesome utility as well.

[00:33:30.130] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Fantastic. That would be really cool. So not only do you get the music, I mean, you’d be part of a community that’s invited to further events. And that just makes it more interesting, too. You’ve got your groups there. So another question is coming in is,  what does it logistically mean they collect a copy of Digital Money? So when they get a copy of digital money and they buy this NFT, what does that mean when they collect a copy of Digital Money?

[00:34:13.090] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

So they’re now then the owner of this song and there are only going to be 10,000 people who can own the music. So it’s not like it’s on Spotify and everyone’s downloading it. And then there’s the different ownership of it when you have it as an NFT. And then you also, of course, have the beautiful art piece with it.

[00:34:45.030] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Fair enough. Okay, so here’s a couple of questions that I have got actually just myself in terms of the how do I explain this? Let me think my way through the question here. When people are just looking at how music is being, I guess, distributed nowadays. Right. Have you guys been paying attention to the news and what’s been happening? Like, Snoop Dogg just took a bunch of the old school records, old school songs, and it took them off of all the other platforms. We’re just talking about Spotify. We’re just talking about Alpha Music and all the other ones. Right. And when we got these, they’re taking them away and then they’re republishing them again as NFTs. So now, like you were just saying it was only 10,000 of these. So when the music industry starts to take a bit of a shift, this is not like a small record company that’s fricken Snoop Dog, right? He took them all off all the other platforms. So there’s no way for us to just jump on Spotify like before. I listen to some of these older pieces of music. Right. And the only way to get access to them now is via NFT, why don’t we do a quick roundtable around that and just chat briefly?

[00:36:03.850] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

What are you guys thoughts on it? Why don’t we move it over to Tokenoma? What do you think about that? What do you think about them taking it off of the major platforms? The only way to get access is now via NFT.

[00:36:15.150] – Speaker 6 – @tokenoma_

I think it’s amazing. It’s like the artists, they’re standing up for themselves and they’re taking back their creation because Spotify, Apple Music, all those streaming platforms, they pay so little to the artists who actually created the music. Right. So they’re just reclaiming their power. That’s how I see it. And I think it’s such a beautiful thing. And you need to learn from it. I’m definitely inspired from it. It’s great.

[00:36:55.910] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Thank you. Tokenoma. Jay, why don’t you wait on that? What do you think? Are you for it or are you against it? Do you like the fact that they’re taking it off of all the other regular platforms? And I mean, she’s absolutely right. They don’t pay them as much on other platforms, whereas if you can kind of can take control of it as an NFT, now the artist kind of has a little more strength in that spot. What are your thoughts on that?

[00:37:20.690] – Speaker 4 – Jay Golding

Yeah, I absolutely agree. And I also think it’s a good way to gauge and see who your core fans and listeners are as well, especially for tying utilities to it’s a way to really reward your supporters for really supporting your music.

[00:37:45.210] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Absolutely. Thanks for weighing in on that. So I have to call another deeper question would be, though, what about on the other side of the equation. If there’s only 10,000 of the NFT and they got more than 10,000 fans and more than 10,000 fans want to own the music and be able to consume the music? What about the other side about being able to get distribution out there and have more and more people listen to the actual music? There’s going to be both sides of the equation here. Yes. I’m super happy that the artist is taking control, getting more of a fair share per se of that equation. But what about the fan side? I’m just being devil’s advocate thinking. What about both sides of the equation?

[00:38:34.530] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

To me, I just imagine a world where people come together to listen to music. Imagine that, whether it’s in virtual spaces or in real life. Like, I know I’ve seen in other countries where people all gather together and watch soccer games. Right. Because there’s one TV in town and so everybody goes to it. So imagine just these 10,000 fans. Hopefully they’re all over the world. Right. Would be able to be that emphasis for listening to it and bringing these people together. These are all people who have the same love for the same person, and so they already have something in common. So imagine the communities that could be built around that.

[00:39:19.230] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

That’s a really interesting take around it.

[00:39:22.410] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

I also think that some people that might get that NFT and they might turn into the apples and Spotify. People will eventually be able to either resell them or allow people to listen to it. So that actually opens up.

[00:40:10.410] – Speaker 6 – @tokenoma_

Also, it opens up the opportunity for sync licensing deals and just good old school, like going to a concert. I miss concerts. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. I think it’s great.

[00:40:28.330] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Fantastic. That’s a really good spin on it, too. That’s rebuilding the whole community around it where folks get the opportunity to then play the music. So I wonder what will happen when people are like, for example, want to be DJs. Right if a DJ wants to be able to play the song, but they have to have the NFT, they have to have a license off of the NFT. That just opens up to a bit of an interesting piece here. I got actually,  – @MikeCryptoBull who wants to pop on stage. I’m going to ask you as a speaker if you got any questions of the team that’s online so far, happy to get you on the stage here. So why don’t you get a question for me?

[00:41:18.530] – Speaker 7 – @MikeCryptoBull

So there’s always the ability, if they’re going to release music through NFT, which seems like it’s going to be something that’s going to happen more and more as time goes on, go down a different route of there’s only going to be 5000, 8000, 10,000 limited edition tracks. So it could be an extended version, it could be a different version, it could be some kind of little twist on the track that’s already going to be produced. So they still produce what you would classes like a radio edit. But then the only people that have access to the extended version or the one that has the little bit extra, that could be the play on the NFT, which would give artists the ability to raise capital in a way they’ve never had before. Supporting the fans that really support that, really follow them and support them. That’s just a different take on there.

[00:42:22.010] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

That’s an excellent take. Definitely. Even if you look at. Let’s take a look at other industries, right. If you take a look at the gaming industry, because Mogul is all about entertainment. Right. So in the gaming industry, you’ve got folks who buy like me. I’m a big fan of Blizzard from back in the day. I think I have the collectors edition book Warcraft, the collector’s edition of Diablo and the other game, it’s the same game, but you had all these extra little pieces to it that kind of add up to that whole collector’s edition piece. So maybe that’s where kind of the NFT kind of comes into play. It’s almost like the evolution of Kickstarter, right? Where you’ve got these crowdfunded campaigns and these structures in place where people who really believe in the project, they give that much extra just to have that little extra piece that makes it special and that becomes the collector’s edition and those end up becoming the more rarer pieces. I like where your heads are.

[00:43:19.560] – Speaker 7 – @MikeCryptoBull

Yeah. That’s 100% how I think that individual music artists will kick off their career. I think you’re going to see a massive kick on of that where they’re almost crowdfunding themselves. But then with the power of NFT’s and the digital contractors been put in with them, I think that these kind of crowdfunded artists or businesses, this isn’t just the music space you can use. It’s really anything. They’ll be actually able to give a percentage loyalty of their business if you like, or their song or their album. And I think that’s the real power in NFTs moving forward. And what that’s doing is that’s supporting no, sorry. That’s the creator or the business owner or whoever that is actually giving back to the people who believed in them first. And there’s so much power in that. It’s going to be the power of community that drives new businesses forward in the next five to ten years.

[00:44:30.170] – Speaker 2  – Andy Perez


[00:44:31.310] – Speaker 7 – @MikeCryptoBull

That’s going to happen away.

[00:44:33.350] – Speaker 2  – Andy Perez

And this is ultimately giving the power back to the artist and not letting the bigger corporations take advantage and take the majority of all the profits that the artists are generating. And so for me, ultimately, I love NFTs for art because you’re giving the artists the opportunity to make the majority of the profits. And now they’re able to then determine if they want to extend that to their fans. And so I think that’s like Mike was saying, you’re giving them the opportunity to also make something off of this, which I think is good. You’re giving back to your fan base, you’re giving back to the fans that brought you to this point to eventually be able to give back.

[00:45:27.590] – Speaker 7 – @MikeCryptoBull

That is 100% where the NFT space in the short term to medium term is going to benefit, cutting out that middleman and really connecting the end creator with the actual user. And that’s where the real benefit is from my point of view.

[00:45:49.010] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Absolutely. Thanks, definitely for sharing the point of view.



[00:45:53.100] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

I see Jim inside the audience here. So, Jim, I’ve invited you up on stage if you’d like to jump in here.

[00:46:00.330] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

All right. So actually, Jim is going to please bring up Jim to the stage and Poem is actually going to be the speaker. So Jim is on Pone’s account right now. Sorry for the next step, but you can keep Jim up here as well.

[00:46:17.870] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

No worries. All right. So if you want a couple of months, totally feel free to hit request. This is an open conversation, guys. So it’s just really talking about the opportunity, talking about the upcoming NFT drop, talking about all the technology that’s behind it all, and just the excitement that’s coming up for this drop. It’s definitely an interesting shift in the way music is working here. Somebody posted here. They actually made some really good observations and it’s from Leslie here. Actually, Metallica had major issues with both Pirating music and how it’s sold. And then ten years later we’ve got the Wutang Clan producing an album to just one buyer. Right. So this is kind of in the middle where you don’t just have people pirating stuff and you don’t have people just making one album for one buyer. You got 10,000 buyers potential to come on board here for the NFP and to own the music and to own the art. Right? That’s pretty interesting pieces. So where does it all end up becoming in the future? So let’s see here. I am going to bring up I do have a request bring you on up here, Michael.

[00:47:41.890] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

I see Pone’s is on as well.

[00:47:50.870] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

So if you could just hit Request and I’ll bring you up on Steve as well.

[00:47:55.850] – Speaker 8  – 
So this is a new NFT project I’m hearing about, huh?

[00:48:01.130] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Absolutely. So this is a drop that’s happening next week. Did you have any particular questions around? So obviously it’s around the music space, but it’s also going to be inclusive of art. It’s going to be inclusive of being able to make some music on the Metaverse and also being able to get some studio time live in real life. So there’s going to be a little more to it than just here’s the piece of artwork. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s really interesting because it’s multifaceted.

[00:48:31.430] – Speaker 8 Is there a specific genre of music it is kind of leaning towards.

[00:48:41.310] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

If I can get the Pone account up here, just hit Request Pone and I can get you up here so I can’t find you in the list right now. But if you can hit request, I’ll bring you up here and you guys, you can answer for yourself. Oh, there it is. There’s phone, I found you. Okay, hang on a second here waiting to speak. I’m inviting you on up and Jim can speak for himself.

[00:49:07.510] – Speaker 8

So is this kind of geared towards more rap music is what I’m saying.



[00:49:14.890] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

For this particular drop? Absolutely, yes. But the neat part about the technology is it can be definitely used for anything, right? So it’s just because of his understanding and knowledge of crypto, knowledge of blockchain, knowledge of NFPs, this particular artist is coming on board to make his next drop on this platform, which makes it really interesting. I have invited you, so you have to accept the invite. Phone.

[00:49:53.030] – Speaker 5 – @slimsuli

I just want to say it’s an honor to have you come through here as well and also do it all through Pre Kelly.

[00:50:19.170] – Speaker 6 – @tokenoma_

You got to get to Pre Kelly to buy some of these NFPs.

[00:50:29.830] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

There you go. He accepted. Welcome to the stage.

[00:50:34.270] – Speaker 5 – @slimsuli

How are you doing the market?

[00:50:39.130] – Speaker 1  – Earl Flormata

Well, you’re on one of the marketing pieces right now. Part of this is doing the Twitter spaces. We record this. You can see the spaces are being recorded. We’ll then take the recording and disseminate it. We’ve got our following us on Twitter. We’ve got Jim Jones following us on Twitter. We’ve got ZapTheory backing us up. We’ve got the artists backing us all up. We got the bit of the community here all together that’s working together to make it all happen. So there you go.

[00:51:04.820] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

I’m right here.

[00:51:07.990] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Welcome, Jim. Thanks for being on the speakers that we have up here, Jim, are the artists who created the pieces for the NFP. So great honor to have all of users.

[00:51:36.250] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

I think everyone got excited and started speaking at the same time. So. Hey, Jim, how are you doing? I wanted to ask the question, what are you most excited about? About your NFT drop here?

[00:51:46.470] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

I’m really excited about the drop in general. I’ve been in this space for a minute now, probably a little bit before most people. It’s an incredible space. I’m glad to see how many people are starting to get on board. And I encourage more people from my culture to really take that step forward and invest some time into definitely doing their research on how to get into the NFT game. It is a beautiful thing to be able to put your artistic value out there in a way that nobody can take it still, because you retain all the ownership for you and all the utilities are pretty dope people get to really get up and close and personal with me, probably in a way that they would never, ever hear the truth without this NFT opportunity happening.

[00:52:32.570] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Absolutely. So one of the questions that we had prior to you jumping on board here was four tiers, and you got that fourth tier where the highest one is, where they get to actually have a studio session with you. Part of that was, I guess, really just in that studio session. I think what excited a lot of people was that they’re going to get to learn from you directly.

[00:52:58.820] – Speaker 8 – Jim Jones


[00:52:59.020] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Like some of your experience, some of your stature, being able to learn from you directly, is that something that’s exciting to you pass towards the next person passing down the ropes?

[00:53:09.230] – Speaker 8 – Jim Jones

I will hope they learn as much as they can. While I’ve been around me in this experience, that’s pretty much what it is to give you experience that you never would be able to have without being able to have this energy. And if you are a real fanatic of music, this should be something that you should put on your checking off your bucket list. You never know what might go on the studio. You never know who might pop up in the studio. You get to see me working directly on some of my latest music and things like that. I think that if I had the opportunity to do this when I was coming up with some of my favorite artists, I would probably rob my mom’s purse to do that.

[00:53:48.650] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

That’s amazing, actually. So there’s a really good question. If we had this technology 10-20 years ago and you had the opportunity to buy the fourth tier from one of your heroes, who would that hero be?

[00:54:04.250] – Speaker 8

It’d be Tupac. I would probably go crazy to get to a Tupac session.

[00:54:12.470] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Yeah, absolutely. Oh, my God. Right.

[00:54:32.790] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

Me and my team for the creators. Can’t wait for you to see the art pieces. 

[00:54:50.090] – Speaker 8 – Jim Jones

I appreciate you for you and your team for putting that art together for us.

[00:55:03.150] – Speaker 6 – @tokenoma_

I’m one of the artists, too, and it’s a pleasure to work on the NFT for you. Let us know how you like it, how you like the art.

[00:55:15.330] – Speaker 8 – Jim Jones

I sure will. Next week. I definitely going to see it firsthand. So I’m looking forward to it. Looking forward to next week period. It sounds like it’s going to be a great.

[00:55:32.770] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

All right.

[00:55:35.230] – Speaker 8

Yes, sir.

[00:55:36.670] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

We’re going to open up the four to more questions here. I’m just going to open up the floor here. I’m going to take folks who are already asked questions off the stage, and I’m going to open it up to more folks who have got questions. If anybody listening on the discord has got questions, if anyone listening on Twitter has got questions, put your questions out there and I’ll ask them for you.

[00:55:59.630] – Speaker 2  – Andy Perez

Yeah. I just want to point out that I don’t know if your fans heard what Jim said, but that fortunate  Token Holder may be in a studio session with Jim and there may be a guest appearance there. So you never know. Like Jim said, you never know what’s going to happen in the studio session. You don’t know who’s going to come by. So I hope everybody heard that. That’s a life changing opportunity right there.

[00:56:50.050] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

All right, Jim. So you’re going to be releasing this. You got 10,000 folks will be buying up the song. Here a couple of questions. Are you going to be releasing the music on any other platform after the NFT drop, or if so, which platform is? What are you thinking about that?

[00:57:10.990] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

It depends on the terms on how we actually do the NFT. I think it’s great to release it as NFT because you have so many people that has value ownership in it and we release it on other distribution platforms. I think that they make more money for the actual holders and things like that, but we’ll see how we negotiate the terms of actually how to end up goes and works out.

[00:57:37.090] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Definitely an interesting play. So one other good question. I’d love to kind of just hear your thoughts on was if there’s only 10,000 of the NFTs and obviously you have a huge fan base and you got more fans than 10,000, what about the other people who would love to own it above and beyond the 10,000? What happens to them? What happens to the distribution around that? Like Cassie had this really crazy story about community and then people come together for the music, but I want to hear shape from your mouth. What do you think? What about the other folks who don’t make it in time?

[00:58:13.870] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

That’s why we have an NFT. This is a sacred thing. So the people who were smart enough to buy it to the NFT that’s something that they own, that they can create value from and sell it for a higher price point if they choose to. Now this is why we bring into other distribution platforms. So we still give other people a chance to stream it or a chance to download it. The ownership won’t amount to nothing, but just for them to listen to the great music that they love, but it still adds value to the NFT owners.

[00:58:42.250] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata


[00:58:43.230] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Absolutely. Jim, I have a question for you. I’m not sure if you’ve seen with Snoop Dogg taking control of Death Row, and Earl mentioned this earlier in the talk. He’s pulled his albums. All the classic Row albums have been pulled from the streaming services. Is this something that you potentially see yourself doing in the future? Maybe pulling your albums off of the streaming services and then possibly re-releasing them as NFPs and for your own albums? And are there any thoughts in doing something with all the Dipset albums?

[00:59:22.390] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

Well, Dipset albums. I don’t have ownership of the Dipset albums. As for myself, I don’t think I’ll be doing that with any of my older albums. I don’t see the need for me to do that. As for right now, moving forward, I plan on creating just for NFP purposes and things like that.

[00:59:41.510] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Absolutely. I love that your whole thing is giving back to the fans and doing it through NFTs and giving them that opportunity to engage with you. I think it’s huge and it’s opening up a lot of opportunities for everybody.

[00:59:58.730] – Speaker 8 – Jim Jones

Well, I think this would be a unique way to push an NFT initiative out, especially when it comes to music and for fans that love music. Like I said, if I could get close to some of my paper arts when I was coming up, that would be definitely something  I want to definitely invest my time and invest my money, and I think it’s a great thing overall.

[01:00:19.310] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Definitely. I have another question for you, Jim. You mentioned the artist that you would want to do a collaboration with would be Tupac. I’m a huge Tupac fan. He’s my favorite rapper personally.

If you can be featured on one of his songs, which song would that be?

[01:00:39.950] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

So many Tupac  songs. That’s a hard question to ask me, but I’m definitely had an Tupac to help shape my childhood when I was coming up, and if it was a chance for us to do those things when I was coming up, I definitely would have did everything possible to try to get that done.

[01:00:59.110] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

After this conversation, I play a little bit of piano, but you guys have inspired me. I’m going to go learn the chord to Changes.

[01:01:11.530] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

I remember one of the first chords I learned was Ambitions as a Writer class song. And just the way the album starts. Perfect.

[01:01:27.810] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

Is there any more questions? I get ready to bust a move, man. I hope to see everybody out there next week in LA for the grand unveiling. Have some music, have some vibes. I will be performing. This energy is definitely something different that we touch in the market with. I hope everybody definitely takes a chance out to really look at what we got going on and maybe you might pop up in the studio with me and get a chance to experience something like none ever.

[01:01:57.250] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

I just want to let you know that the top tier that I’m going to be doing.

[01:02:12.710] – Speaker 8 – Jim Jones

That sounds good, man. Look forward to next week and having some fun.

[01:02:18.890] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Absolutely. So thank you so much for joining our show, guys. We’re getting close to the top of the hour here. Jim, side of respect for your time. Thank you so much for coming, man. You just dropped some major wisdom bombs on us. That’s huge. And the ability to work with an artist that you want to work with, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. So folks who are learning about the NFT, learning about the crypto space, learning about blockchain space, take this opportunity definitely to take a look at that one of one. You’re getting that studio time with Jim. You’re getting that, you’re getting the artwork. You’re getting that recognition and that ownership. Jim, thank you so much. Any parting words before you get ready to go?

[01:03:00.370] – Speaker 8  – Jim Jones

Oh, man, I appreciate everybody. Next week we dropping come on now or get on the computer and try to get some of this NFT that we got going.  Shout out to ZapTheory and everybody who helped me bring this thing possible and enjoy yourself.

[01:03:21.810] – Speaker 6 – @tokenoma_

Thank you, Jim. All right, now, take care.

[01:03:25.010] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

All right, Jim, thanks.

[01:03:26.790] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Take care. All right, folks, just to wrap up the show here, just to talk through again the opportunity for the NFP drop that’s coming up. And then we’ll bring up some other questions we got going here. Andy, do you want to just wrap up here with the talking through what the four tiers are again? And if they want more information, how do they get more information?

[01:03:52.170] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Absolutely. So we’re going to have four tiers. Tier four is going to be a digital collectible of the song digital money that’ll be available there’s 10,000 units. They’re going to be priced in the $20 range. It is going to be available for purchase with STARS tokens, which is the native token to Mogul Productions Marketplace. Next, from tier four, we got the tier three, which will have Metaverse studio session with Quarantine Studios, which is Jim Jones studio and production team. So there’ll be 40 opportunities for token holders to get in on that. And then we have tier two, which will be an in person studio session with Jim’s production team, which there will be five units available for that one. And the one on one, which is going to be really amazing. You get that one on one studio session with Jim. You’ll get a feature verse from Jim. You get the one on one art piece as well, the mural that was created by the talented artists that we have here on the stage. And like Jim said earlier, I hope everybody caught it. You never know what’s going to happen in a studio session.

[01:05:11.370] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

You never know who’s going to pop up. And so you might have your second favorite star in the studio session with you. And these are opportunities of a lifetime. And one lucky token holder will get that feature from Jim. We’ll have a total of six people that will have the opportunity to have this very unique opportunity to be in a session with him and his team. So we’re very excited to be able to put this together.

[01:05:45.670] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Absolutely. It’s not every day you get the chance to work with some of this caliber. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to then learn from some of this caliber. And not only that, but then to have them really collaborate with you and be part of your track. And like you were saying, you never know who’s going to be at the studio. You never know who might walk in that unto itself is like a life changing, career changing, trajectory changing opportunity. So if you’re really interested in the music space and this is your genre, this is your space, this is definitely an opportunity not to be wasted. Definitely. Thank you so much for everybody for coming on board. The artists. ZapTheory. Andy from Business Dev. I appreciate you coming on board and helping out with the show. Jim has already said hello and goodbye, so that’s fantastic. We are looking forward to the drop next week. Thank you to all the listeners who are out here coming to listen to us. I appreciate you all for coming to the show. We’re getting close to the top of the hour. We got about six minutes left.

[01:06:49.250] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

If anyone has any further questions or parting remarks or anything else you’d want to bring to the stage.

[01:06:59.810] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Next week, Jim will be performing on Wednesday, March 30 at NFT LA at 05:30 P.m.. At this time, the Mint will go live. So you will have the opportunity to Mint Digital Money at 530 Pacific Time on the Mogul Productions website or Marketplace. If anybody has any questions about Mogul Productions, visit our link is in our bio. We have videos explaining how to acquire STARS tokens. Feel free to engage with the community. We’re on Discord. We’re in Telegram. You can message us on Twitter or on Instagram. We’re available to answer any questions and we definitely want to open the floor up to anybody else who has any questions about getting Digital Money next week.

[01:07:57.590] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

I wanted to just make a statement as well as the art that we have. It’s a snippet of Digital Money on there. So all of this is we have collaboration of it, but it’s all on every something that you definitely have to get. Make sure you tell people about it because it’s like priceless to go viral. So help us take it to the place where it needs to be.

[01:08:33.090] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Collect all four.

[01:08:41.110] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

All right, folks, we definitely appreciate you all look out for us. We’ll be around.

[01:08:53.950] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata


[01:08:55.690] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Definitely. We’d like everybody that’s in the room to follow the artists behind the artwork. For these NFTS because they really put together some really beautiful art. I’ve been able to get a sneak peek just being on the business side. So I’ve gotten a sneak peek of the art of the artwork and it’s really amazing work. And so I just want to give it up to all the artists that got together to put these four pieces together.

[01:09:26.170] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Thanks, everybody.

[01:09:29.690] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

If you look at the ZapTheory icon, that’s one of the pieces that we call the mural Capo mural, that you acquire. So that’s the top prize right there.

[01:09:54.190] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Slim, how long did it take for that mural to be completed?

[01:09:59.170] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

This graphic?

[01:09:59.990] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata


[01:10:04.130] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

The graphic for me to do an actual mural for that actual well, this right here is a different graphic, but a mural can take anywhere to three weeks, depending on the size. Something small to be two weeks.

[01:10:32.410] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

That’s a long time. That’s a long time. That’s amazing.

[01:10:35.710] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

That’s a lot of hard work. Blood sweat and of tears

[01:10:38.950] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

Oh, yeah. We do this. Jay golden, he’s also a mural as well.

[01:10:46.010] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

Where can we find your murals?

[01:10:48.950] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

Well, most of my murals live in North, New Jersey, brick city, but I’m working on a mural in a Plainfield at Church for, Well Impact Church, and that’s my latest mural. I have murals inside of school, like five Academy,. We has murals all over. We travel the world, so we have a great team, but he’s one of the best animators on the planet. He helped us put this stuff together. Came together like Wu Tang.

[01:11:39.310] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

I was about to say. Came together like Ultron.

[01:11:42.190] – Speaker 4 – Jay Golding

Yeah, definitely.

[01:11:44.990] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli

The lion is not the card.

[01:11:51.810] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

All right, folks, we’re at the top of the hour here. I appreciate you all for coming to the show. Thank you so much for all of your time. Respect every single one of you guys who added to this project. We definitely are honored to be working with all you guys together. Appreciate you all for coming up to the show. Thank you for supporting the project. Thank you for being part of this. Thank you to all the listeners. So, folks, we’ve got a bunch of these Twitter spaces coming up for the upcoming drops that we’ve got coming down the pipe. Tune into mogul productions on our Twitter here and definitely join us. Join us on our discord. Join us in our conversations here and yeah, we’re definitely looking forward to the drop happening next week. Thanks so much, everybody. And I’m going to end the show.

[01:12:34.120] – Speaker 3 – Cassie Hinnen-Neal

Take care. Thank you.

[01:12:37.610] – Speaker 6 – @tokenoma_

Appreciate you.

[01:12:39.730] – Speaker 2 – Andy Perez

And if anybody’s in the la early next week, make sure you make it over to nftla.

[01:12:48.770] – Speaker 7

Yeah, definitely.

[01:12:49.460] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Go see it live.

[01:12:50.340] – Speaker 7

All right.

[01:12:50.720] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Cheers, everybody.

[01:12:53.750] – Speaker 5 – @Slimsuli


[01:12:54.360] – Speaker 1 – Earl Flormata

Peace. Peace.

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