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Jim Jones “Digital Money” Drops on Mogul

Mogul Productions teams up with hip-hop legend and record executive Jim Jones for a revolutionary NFT collection drop, which takes place live on stage during one of the biggest crypto events of the year.  Jones’ NFT Drop is the latest initiative to blend entertainment with blockchain.  He will perform in front of thousands of music fans and NFT enthusiasts at the 2022 NFT LA Conference, to be held March 28-31. 

Jim Jones is a leading name in the American music industry and co-CEO of Diplomat Records with Cam’ron, the founding members of the rap collective The Diplomats.  Three of his five released studio albums reached #1 on the US Rap Chart.   Along with producing popular songs like ‘We Fly High’ and ‘We Set the Trends,’ Jones is a crypto-enthusiast who created the social token, $CapoCoin. 

The upcoming collection from Jim Jones comes out under the banner “Digital Money”.  This collection will be powered by Mogul’s native token, STARS exclusively on the Mogul NFT marketplace.  

Jim Jones’ ‘Digital Money’ collection will include the world’s first ‘Crypto song.’

The Digital Money series includes four tiers of NFTs.  Various tiers will provide holders with one-of-a-kind access and insight into how music is made. 

One tier will let holders attend a virtual studio session in the metaverse, and another offers the chance to meet up with Jones and his production team for an in-person studio session in the USA. One up-and-coming artist who snags the collection’s 1:1 NFT will receive the unprecedented songwriting opportunity to collaborate with Jones, who will provide a verse for their next song.

Mogul partners with some of the biggest names in entertainment, helping artists connect with their most loyal fans on a different level while giving fans innovative new ways to engage with their favorite performers.  Mogul makes the process of connecting artists with fans more exciting, by equipping fans with innovative ways to engage and co-create with them. 

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