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Jancroon AMA Recap

This post recaps the AMA with the JANCROON team that took place on the Mogul Official Discord Server on Monday February 21st.

Intro: Welcome to the AMA @everyone! 

Today we’re going to be joined by @Cinemo Galactic. He’ll be answering questions regarding Jancroon and the SEYTANICROON collection 

I’d like to welcome Louie to the channel. It would be great if you could introduce yourself and tell the community a bit about what you do at Jancroon ⭐️

Cinemo Galactic : Hi guys!  Great to be here!

I’m a writer/producer, and the Jancroon storyworld is based on an original screenplay.

Q1:  Tell us about how Jancroon originated and how you came to write the scripts and develop the IP?

Cinemo Galactic: When I was in film school is when I really started getting the writing bug, so when I left I focused on screenwriting.  I eventually sent the script to concept designer Terryl Whitlatch, who was George Lucas’ creature designer on the Star Wars prequels.  

From there I really started focusing on creative ways to get this storyworld launched.  Last year we hired more artists for previz development, which came out awesome.  Imery Watson designed the Jancroon Galactiport, and he is from the Lord of The Rings trilogy.  Sarah Dahlinger, who was Terryl’s understudy, did the most recent concepts of the Croon.

Q2: It’s like the dream team working on this project! It’s awesome to see you had the likes of Imery Watson (LOTR) who designed the Galactiport for Jancroon and Terryl Whitlach (Star Wars) who is world renowned for creating Sci Fi creatures! How was your experience working with them and also Sarah Dahlinger who was Terryl’s understudy and did the latest designs?

Cinemo Galactic: They were all great.  Just unbelievably easy to work with.  When you are working with top artists they just deliver exactly what you envision.  It’s surreal.

Q3: I can imagine! That’s like a dream of every artist. Working with the best people in the industry. 

I heard that iLogos recently came on as your game developer to help bring a full throttle RPG game to life – What are the plans around this? It must be a nice feeling to know someone as credentialed as iLogos is putting their name behind the project!

Cinemo Galactic: Yes!  We’re super excited to be partnering with them.  As you mentioned, the Jancroon storyworld lends itself perfectly for a Role Playing Game.  So as we move forward into the year with our roadmap, iLogos will be starting pre production on the game.

Q4: That’s great news! These past few months there have been a lot of apes, penguins, and other animal variations of NFTs. Seeing the Seytani croon collection is like a breath of fresh air. 

For the audience, can you give a bit of a background on the history of iLogos in gaming?

Cinemo Galactic: Thank you for the kind words of the Croon.  We are eager for everyone to see them and agree that they will be a breath of fresh air.  iLogos has been around for about 15 years and has 1.5 billion downloads, so they are a very successful game developer.  They are super stoked and passionate about Jancroon.

Q5: You have a great team working with you and I’m sure everyone’s excited to see not just the collection but also the game. Can you tell us a bit more about the Galactiport and how that will be involved in the project moving forward? and how does it connect with the game?

Cinemo Galactic: So the Galactiport Jancroon is an enormous, 800 mile long city.  It has a huge entertainment dome in the center, which easily holds millions of Humans/Croon.  This city is the perfect fantastic setting for virtual real estate.  The NFTs will double as a passport into the city, so owners will have first dibs on exploring the city and owning penthouses, condos, and even bars, night clubs, restaurants, and museums.

Q6: Wow! All the possibilities that you can do with that! 

Now that we talked about the game, when is the graphic novel estimated to be launched and what does the process for that look like?

Cinemo Galactic: The graphic novel is something we want to get to nft owners as soon as possible.  It will be a six month production phase which we’re hoping to start in a few weeks.  We will be designing the overall storyworld while also having illustrators produce the graphic novel.

Q7: So the first collection will be the Seytani croon, can you shed any light on potential other collections you guys are looking to release in the future?

Cinemo Galactic: The second collection is the Urchaid Croon. Third is the Porpra Croon, and last will be the giant Fornjotr Croon.  The Croon are as diverse as Humanity with four distinct “clans” or cultures.

Q8: This is really exciting! Do you or the team have any personal favorite clan?

Cinemo Galactic: They’re all really cool looking, but the Fornjotr clan is the most rare, so that makes them most unique. Plus they’re much bigger than the others, so in a cinematic sense they’re going to be stunning to look at.

Q9: Who and when will the digital landscape of the galactic port get created?

Cinemo Galactic: We plan on hiring ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) for total storyworld design.  They’re an Oscar winning vfx company that was founded by George Lucas, so we can’t tell you how excited we are to be working with them.

Q10 : Will there be any unique versions of the digital comic? Any hidden treasures

Cinemo Galactic: We’re considering having a motion graphic novel version, but nothing’s decided yet. First thing that needs to be done is full concept designs of the entire storyworld and key frames. 

Q11: Looking forward to the digital comic. Maybe you can do a special edition in a few years and print a few out 

Cinemo Galactic: Absolutely,  many things we can do.  We also want the video game and graphic novel ported together.  So if you’re playing the game you can visit the place in the graphic novel where that scene is , and vice versa.

Q12: What other use will the Nfts have?

Cinemo Galactic: They will double as your passport into the city of Jancroon.  So only the first 7,777 people will gain entry.

Q13 : So if you don’t buy them on presale they’ll cost doble after, is that what you are saying?

Cinemo Galactic: Actually after the presale and public sale, the price of these nfts is out of our control.  But the presale and public sale will be .05 ETH.

Q14: one more question regarding the minting, my question is.. just 0.05 eth. NO package discount if I buy 5?

JakeF29: Correct, flat rate of 0.05 eth. We priced them quite low as we want to create a low barrier to entry, so as many people can get involved as possible and we are creating lots of value for everyone.

Q15: what would be the currency in the game? Stars?

JakeF29: The Role Playing Game which is being developed with iLogos does not yet have confirmed currency within the game. Further development will be over the next few months where we can provide updates

Q16: Any Staking platform for NFTs?

JakeF29: No staking currently although we will be implementing new features with our partner IQ Protocol where you will be able to rent out your NFTs for a $ amount set by the NFT owner

Q17 : Thank you so much @Cinemo Galactic for joining us this afternoon/evening.  

Can you please send us all the links of all your socials so the community can follow you as well. 

Cinemo Galactic: IG is @jancroon


Twitter: @jancroonmeta

Discord :

Conclusion : Again, thank you @Cinemo Galactic

Cinemo Galactic: Thank you for having me!!