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How Supernovas preserve the value of STARS token holders

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Mogul is always thinking of new ways to reward STARS token holders and preserve its purchasing power. 

STARS tokens are used to buy NFTs on the Mogul Marketplace, redeem exclusive rewards, gain early access to new NFTs, and shape the Mogul community and metaverse.

Buying Mogul NFTs with STARS also rewards buyers with discounts and lower gas rates. 

Every time STARS are used for in-app activities, Mogul destroys a portion of the STARS used to complete the action.  

That includes:

Purchasing limited-edition NFTs that are only made available to STARS holders

Purchasing rewards with STARS

Submitting scripts for Mogul’s review

Here at Mogul, we call it a Supernova when a portion of STARS are permanently taken out of circulation, or burned.  

Supernovas help maintain the value and quantity of the STARS currency in circulation, as well as protect and reward our community of token holders.  It’s a credit cancellation process. Supernovas are scheduled to occur on the third Friday of every month and more may be added as circumstances allow.

Fun fact:  A supernova is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. It’s a transition stage of a star’s life cycle where the astronomical event occurs at the last stage of the star’s life. At Mogul, a supernova means we’re removing STARS tokens from circulation permanently 🔥

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